A different day

Big Dicks

Hello, name’s Tate!A little about me, I am a 13 year old boy, kinda small, I got blue eyes and dirty-blode straight hair.

It happened sometime around the summer vacations, I had just woke up from my good sleep to find out that I had a morning boner, I never really cared about it until these days, where my brother would wake up with the same as I got…a morning boner…

Kain is a lot older than me…he is 19, blond and blue eyes, he has a big athletic body and he sword wields just like me since we were taught by dad. That particular boner Kain had made me shiver, I didn’t know what happened to my body that specific moment but I was feeling that my little dick was getting even harder. When Kain broke the silence as I woke up from my ecstasy state…

-Morning…- he said stretching, he would always strentch closing his eyes, so I kept staring at that big bulge he had, but when I notice he was stoping his strentch, I turned away.
-Morning bro…- I said.
-Listen…it’s hot today, so I’ll take a shower k?if you wanna use the bathroom…now’s the time.- He would always ask me if I wanted to use the bathroom before he did, I dunno why, but he always did.
-Nah I’m fine, you can go in
-Don’t say I didn’t warn you – he said
-Fiiiine…- I walked past him as he was taking off his shirt, I could see his muscular chest, I was feeling like exploding and wank off in the bathroom but I contained myself and went downstairs to have my breakfast.

I greeted my mom and dad, they are cool, and started putting my cereal in the bowl with milk, I always enjoyed the cracking noises it made in my mouth, my mom was like the best woman in the world, and Dad was really cool as well, we were figured as a perfect family, then I saw Kain coming down the stairs…I had seen that scene everyday ever since I was 4, but it never pulled my attention until that day…he had taken a bath, his hair was soaked and he was shirtless as he came to the kitchen and also grabbed a bowl, I was shaking in the spot…each time he passed through me, he seemed like to be taunting me, and I felt my dick getting hard once again…

-Hey creep-He said giving me a playful punch on my arm-I’m going out with Vaan and Kim today in the afternoon, wanna come?Vaan is bringing Yaji…
-Sure- I said, Yajirushi, Yaji for short was one of my best friends and he was of my age so…no problem, I was just a bit nervous because I would be around his best friend Vaan and his girlfriend, Kim, they have been dating…well…as far as I can remember, since always…so I was used to having them around but for some reason, after I saw Kain’s bulge..I got nervous out of a sudden…I didn’t want to forget that sensation…

In the afternoon, I was waiting impatiently to see what would happen…Mom and Dad had left to my uncle’s house, since I was going to hangout with Kain, they let me stay at home with him.I could only hear Kain talking on the phone and then he hang up.

-Change of plans bro…-he said all ready to leave as he started changing his clothes-They are not going anymore so since I can’t leave you here by yourself because mom might impale my heart, I’m gonna have to babysit you…

He put a lot of emphasis on the BABY part, I simply narrowed my eyes at him as I was not paying attention to his body this time because I was with clouded thoughts over the “baby” word…I always hated when escorts in london people called me a baby, simply because ever since I was 4, I didn’t change my appearance a bit, I was the kid of boy that uses a red long shirt under a blue t-shirt with jeans and sneakers.As I heard the news, I finally snaped and noticed that I was alone with my hot big brother in a house with not so many neighbors, so I rushed to our room and started changing clothes but then I decided to stay in my shorts, because of the heat, obviously…

-Ya hungry? – he asked from downstairs
-of course! – I screamed, Kain was also an awsome cook, his dishes were delicious! And I had in mind that I was alone with my hot big brother at home, and mom and dad would mostly not come back because my uncle lives far away…so it was the perfect opportunity to act.

At night, after we ate our meal(which was delicious by the way), we got a call from Mom and Dad warning us that they were not coming back, so we started playing Xbox and chatting until he turned to me with a different look…

-So…what were you staring at this morning…?- He asked.

I was scared…Kain was strong, he could basically break me in half, and somehow he knew I stared at his bulge in the morning, this, made me remember that moment…and I instantly got hard…I tried to hide it as much as I could, but he already saw I was hard…that made me blush…a lot…Kain simply lifted his eyebrow
staring at my little hard on.

-oh…I see…don’t worry about it…- he said as he started getting near…and near…nearly touching his lips on mines…-I understand…-he said before giving me one sweet kiss and touching my lil’ dick, I could not believe what was happening…there I was, with my brother kissing me and playing with my penis while all I could do was accept it until he broke the kiss and unbuttoned his pants as I could see his big bulge…I got scared for a moment but I wanted it….I knew I wanted it…

-That’s what you wanted to see in the morning?-he asked.
-I…I…-I couldn’t talk….as I was nervous over what had just happened…
-Here…let me help you with it…-he said slowly taking off my shorts revealing my white briefs as my penis was pulsing, with a little of pre-cum wetness where the tip of my penis was.Kain simply looked and took off his pants as well staying only in his black boxers, he was hard as…I don’t know what…but was harder than a rock…and under it’s cover, his dick seemed to have around 7,5 inches…I was ashamed…as mine would only reach 4…nearly 5…

-Come on…feel it…-he said placing my hand over his boxers as I easily accepted it, it didn’t take long before I was stroking him from outside of his boxers…I could hear his moans, as he was enjoying it, I knew he was, and I just wanted to see him happy, with a snap, he took my briefs out and said:

-My turn now…-he got on his knees as he started licking my chest as he stroke me, and it felt really good, he kept himself licking until he reached my penis licking it up and down, massaging my little nuts with his tongue, I felt really good and closed my eyes enjoying the moment, he knew I wouldn’t last longer, that’s when he stopped…and started sucking me, I let out a big moan, it echoed around the empty house as I knew I was on the edge.

-K-Kain!Stop!I’m gonna come!- I asked him 3 times but that Escort in dubai just made him go faster until I couldn’t take it anymore and I came inside of his mouth, it was only a little, but he seemed to have liked as he kept my penis inside his mouth sucking until the last drop when he left it out as it got soft again…

-you sure came a lot- he said with a smirk. -now, would you help me with it too?

He pulled down his boxers revealing his big, enormous dick, I could say it had around 7,5 inches, and he confirmed it with me later.He started placing its head near my mouth and said:


I opened my mouth to accept it but instead, I grabbed it with my hand and licked it, just the way he did to me before enveloping it in my mouth, he was leaking precum, it was a bit salty, but nothing that terrible, and he smelled good…he simply caressed my hair as I sucked my big brother’s big dick, I felt fantastic, a simple glare at it in the morning had lead to that we were doing, in the living room. I could feel his dick getting harder and harder inside my mouth, I could tell he was enjoying my blowjob as he finally said:

-You are pretty good at this you know…-he said pulling my head closer to his dick, I had to open my throat as I could feel his dick touching the back of my throat, by that time he was basically fucking my mouth with his big dick then I finally got a confirmation…

-You better be ready, ’cause I’m gonna cum! – I got nervous out of a sudden as I could feel his dick pulsing as his hips were moving back and forth faster and faster until he came, shot after shot inside my mouth, I couldn’t spit it out so I just kept swallowing everything, but the same quantity I swallowed was always replaced by a new quantity of cum, flooding my mouth as his moves were slowing down and I drank every single drop he shot…and he finally pulled his still hard dick from my mouth.

-Let’s try something different, come with me…-He said grabbing his clothes and walking to our room walking up the stairs with me right behind him, he threw me on the bed as told me to wait, I had no idea of what to do, but I was getting hard again just from thinking about what he could do to me there, then he came back with a little pot of lube, I was weird…I was a brave little boy but that time just of thinking in what he could possibly do to me made me shake in bed as I was lying on the bed, looking at him as he approached over me kissing my neck and my chest.

-Its gonna me ok….just stay calm…-he said while rubbing our dicks togheter, that made my face get amazingly red, but it was good feeling him so near to me.
-Wanna know a secret?-he started getting near my ear as he whispered- I love you…

Those words made me feel much more safer around him as he started kissing my lips again and I could feel his hand moving to my dick as he stroke me, I was moaning with pleasure then I felt his hand moving to my butt, I do have a bubble butt and some people always said I was the cutie of the family, I could feel his finger near my little hole as he was pushing it in, it hurt a little but then I felt him putting in a second finger and then a third, eventually hitting my prostate, I moaned much louder, I felt pain and pleasure with his fingers inside me, but then he took them off.

-now’s the real deal Tatey…get on your hands and knees please…- he said Dubai Escorts as I obediently did it, he took the lube and put it all around his dick and a little on my butthole, it felt cold but good as well, then he slowly started putting himself into me, I could feel his hips slowly approaching my buttcheeks as his dick was entering my ass, I was hurting, as if my butt was burning from inside.
-Ow!ow!ow!It hurts!- I said
-Just stay calm and relax your butt, you’ll see how it feels…-he pushed himself in finally past the glans as now the body of his dick was slowly sliding inside me, I screamed in shock but Kain conforted me kissing my neck from behind as he inserted more and more of himself inside me, I felt like I was going to pass out until he started jacking me off and I moaned again, this time, louder.

-How do you like it?-He asked.
-It’s…good…I’ve never….felt…this…good…-I could feel Kain’s hips touching my buttcheeks, he was completely inside and I knew it so he started moving back and forth slowly, and that felt really good
-How about if I move a little faster?-He asked.
-Do it…-I was in pure ecstasy, and he was moving faster now, the only sounds that could be heard that night were our pleasure moans and the noise of his balls hitting mines.
-It’s…really tight inside of you…you really are hot Tate!-He said as he moved faster and faster, I knew he was going to cum soon, I was also almost there…
-K-Kain!I’m gonna….I’m gonna cum!-I said during his fast thrusts
-Me too!Here it..comes!

We came togheter at the same time, I could feel my butt being filled with a warm sensation of his cum entering my butt, at that moment I had cummed the sheets on the bed, that must have been the best orgasm I have ever had, of course I had jacked off in the bathroom during baths but that was nothing compared to this…He pulled his now softing dick out of my butthole and laid by my side, we both naked as he looked at me with those deep blue eyes…

-You are just the best little brother someone could have wished for…-he said with a smile on his face, Kain when he was younger would smile all the time, but ever since something strange happened when he grew up, he only smiled in special occasions…that time was one…I felt really special and important to him.
-You too are the best big bro…-I started getting sleepy, before he would kiss my lips again.
-but of course…we can keep doing this if you’d like..as long as you don’t tell anyone about it…if things work out…we can even be…boyfriends…so…what do you think?
-O-Of course…no telling!it’s a promise…-I said with a smile on my face, I knew he actually loved me and would never hurt me.
-Good to hear that…here…let’s take a bath…-he got up and grabbed some clean clothes for both me and him and carried me to the bathroom where we took a nice bath, we were used to bathing togheter, as my family took on the japanese culture, so mom and dad never saw a problem, but of course, we had our limits. After that we chat a little more and went to sleep after we changed the cummed sheets.

Mom and Dad came back on by the morning, and by the time we woke up, they asked how was the night, we simply looked at eachother and smiled, then I broke the silence.

-Yeah!It was realy cool!Kain could stay with me some more days!- Dad just laughed as he hugged mom, they were really confortable with Kain taking care of me, and I couldn’t imagine any better way for spending the night…

More stories yet to come!This is just the beggining!Rate and comment!

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