A Different Type of Alarm Call


Stirring from the depths of a very deep sleep, I became aware of very pleasant sensations, from within and without, pervading the lower areas of my body.. Involuntarily, I thrust forward with hips and heard a muffled noise, something along the lines of “oooph”. It was only then I fully appreciated that my erection was fully encased in her mouth and that her hand was quite firmly gripping the base of my shaft. Now fully awake, I also realised she was doing this to hold my foreskin back to increase the sensations from her tongue and lips.I normally sleep on my left side so it was easy for me to see the gentle curve of her buttocks, their muscles clenching and relaxing with each movement of her bobbing head. Reaching down, I went to stroke that tempting curve only to have my hand batted away. Taking the hint, I relaxed into enjoying the rapidly building feelings.I said I took the hint as early in our sexual relationship, I’d kissed my way down Sue’s body, starting at her bahis siteleri mouth, across the soft skin of her neck, nibbling the softness of her delightfully small breasts, nipping and sucking at her very sensitive nipples. Then I went in a straight line, giving another very gentle nibble near her navel, whilst still teasing those erect nipples with my fingers. Soon, I arrived at my destination – the top of her labia. At this point, I felt some tensing in her and one of her hands came down to pull me back up her body so that we could continue in the well known missionary position. I batted that away at the same time as my tongue found her clitoris. She relaxed.Soon, my tongue was buried within her folds, my nose was teasing her, by now, even harder clitoris and I’d released her nipples to use one of my fingers to work its way inside her, curving it upwards to find that soft special ‘spot’ and my other hand to lift her bottom, slightly.It didn’t take long for her first canlı bahis siteleri orgasm to run through her but I hadn’t been prepared for its intensity. So much so that I stopped what I was doing, moved up the bed and cuddled her close as the tremors subsided. As Sue recovered her breathing, she panted out : “No-one has ever done that before.” With that, she turned and gave me a deep, passionate kiss, her body so entwined with mine, I could feel the fast heartbeat still rushing her blood around.We cuddled, not even kissing as her heart rate and breathing settled. She must have been very aware of my very hard erection trapped between us as her hand reached down, clasping the ‘precum’ soaked tip and using that to lubricate the sensuous ministrations she applied all along its length. Of course, this soon had my hips working back and forth in response and though I rarely cum that way, after her so recent display, it wasn’t long before more fluids were added to the canlı bahis already deliciously soggy mass sticking us together !Back to the present, though, and this time I wanted more than that. Perhaps I’m greedy but whenever sexual activity occurs, I enjoy nothing more than having my shaft buried deep within her. For me there is only one thing more erotic than enjoying that hot, velvety tunnel and feeling the ridges and irregularities which seem unique to each woman. In my limited experience, anyway ! Also, I can find the precise angle to massage my rigid cock against her pubic bone. This never fails  to start my internal muscles, deep in the perineum, spewing what often seems like a flood of semen coupled with that almost interminable clenching of my buttocks which feels like it will last forever. Ah, such delicious release. And the other happening I mentioned ? Watching my sexual partner ramping up the sensations within her until they overwhelm any possible constraint and she orgasms utterly and entirely, head to vagina and thence down to her twitching possibly flailing feet. Then, I get to caress and stroke her whilst the storm passes, leaving her relaxed and sated – until the next time !   

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