A Family Fucked


A Family Fucked

It had all started off with an innocent question from an innocent boy really. Or I suppose fate started it off a couple of years before that.

Carly and Jason had moved in next door. Both were in high paying jobs so could afford the high mortgage for the luxury home and the cost of child care for their three young children while they were at work. Two years later fate dealt them, or Carly anyway, a bitter blow. Jason had a heart attack and died. Leaving Carly to take care of Mathew, Megan and Martin on her own. Jason’s life insurance had done a lot to pay off the mortgage but it still left Carly with so much debt she had to keep working.

With good financial management she would scrape through. Her main problem was child care. And that is where my wife Marge and I came in. When Carly told us of her problem Marge immediately stepped in, “Well don’t worry dear.” She said, “George and I would love to take care of them for you. We could never have any children of our own so it would be a pleasure. And anyway we have nothing to do all day and would be glad to help. Of course Carly put up her protest but Marge would have none of it so that is what happened. The kids would come round to us until school time, I would take them to school and pick them up at the end of the day and we all got on really well.

Then three years ago Marge took really ill and within two weeks she died. I was heartbroken, we all were. But as Marge said at the end, ‘Life goes on’

Carly took a week off work giving me time to mourn but it was just too lonely with an empty house and I convinced her that I was ready and more than willing for things to get back to normal. So that’s what happened. Then came that innocent question from that innocent boy.

I had always had this problem when swimming. For some reason I would always come out of the water with a raging hard on. I had lived with it for so long that I had become immune to it and when swimming in my own pool I just completely ignored it.

By this time Mathew was sixteen, Megan was fifteen and growing into a really sexy young lady and Martin was fourteen. Due to a total lack of social activity they were fairly quiet and maybe a little nerdy for their ages, as the only thing in their lives was school and, well me really. Mum usually came home from work too tired to spend any time with them.

Anyway school holidays had started and we were having a really hot summer so me and the kids would spend a lot of time in the pool. Suddenly one day as I got out of the pool Mathew looked at my erection, “Why does that always happen when you go swimming?” He asked. The other two sniggered and covered their mouths. Obviously it had been a point of discussion at some point.

Keeping my cool I smile, “It’s always happened.” I replied, “I don’t know why so I just ignore it.”

“Does it hurt?” Megan asked not hiding her fascination with my erection which was now throbbing slightly with the attention it was getting.

“Well it can do sometimes.” I replied.

“So do you…you know.” Martin asked. Deciding it was safe to take part in the conversation.

I on the other hand was getting decidedly edgy about where this was leading. And I have to be honest excited as the three of them stared at my throbbing cock.

“What he means is do you masturbate to get rid of it?” Mathew said smiling broadly at his bravery.

“What’s masturbate?” Megan asked.

The boys sniggered and Martin said, “When a man gets excited he uses his hand on his cock to relieve the pain.”

“I think that is enough for now.” I said.

“I’ve never seen a grown mans cock.” Martin said, “It looks so big. Can we see it?”

“Oh yes can we please.” Megan begged.

I looked to Mathew for some support. “I can rub it for you if you like.” He offered, a bit sheepishly. But his grin told me he was sincere.

That was just too much for me to believe. But when Martin and Megan excitedly urged me on I broke. “Ok.” I said, “But it’s unfair for Mathew to do all the work so you can help him. And nobody ever gets to hear about anything that happens here not even your mum.”

“Ok.” they agreed excitedly.

“Well lets go inside.” I wasn’t worried about anyone seeing anything in the garden as my house was isolated and nobody could see into the garden or house. But it just seemed more sensible to be indoors for this. “Megan bring the towel.”

They followed me inside and by now my erection was seriously painful. It had always been Marge’s job, as she put it, to give me relief if things got too bad but now it looked like I had some new volunteers for the job. “Martin pull down my trunks.” He did as instructed and as soon as my throbbing cock appeared they stood glaring at it with mouths wide open.

“Megan dry it and be gentle.” I said still standing. I almost come there and then. Just the thought of those young eager hands wrapped around my phallus brought me right to the edge but I pushed it down.

“OK Mathew.” I said sitting on the settee with my legs spread wide. “Kneel down here and you two sit either side of me and watch as I guide your brother in the art of wanking a mans cock.” They all sat where told and looked on fascinated as Mathew took hold of my erection. Slowly he started to rub his hand up and down. “You have done this before young man.”

“Only on myself.” He smiled, “But yours feels so much stronger.”

“Ok you two I want you to put your mouths over my cock,” I said as my orgasm quickly approached. “When I shoot I want you to put your tongues out and taste my come. Matt you can lick it off your hand.”

This was a last minute thought and I wasn’t sure how it would go. They took there position and then I said “Now.”

They both poked their tongue out and licked in some of my copious fluid. Matt licked his share off his hand but I was still ejaculating. Megan said “Mmmm tasty” and started licking it off my belly then she moved up to the tip of my cock and licked it.

“Slip it right in your mouth Megan.” I gasped, “Get it all.”

“No leave some for me” Martin called as she took my cock into her mouth. That just made me come all over again.

“Let the boys have some greedy.” I said as light heartedly as I could. After that they all took turns of taking my cock into their mouths and licking off an ever decreasing amount of juice. But they didn’t seem to be worried about that, they just kept sucking on my cock till I couldn’t take any more.

“Ok that’s enough for now. Lets go upstairs to my bedroom so we can all have a lick of each other.”

“Yes I wanna taste Matt.” Megan said cheerily as she skipped up the stairs.

“Ok clothes off.” I said as we entered the bedroom. As they stripped I couldn’t help being surprised at just how big and firm Megan’s tits were. The bra her mum had got her must have been flattening them because at a guess I would say she was good 34b cup and with much more growing to do. Mathew was pretty well endowed and Martin was about average. I positioned them on the bed so that Megan could suck on Matt and Martin was on his back with his face being straddled by Megan. This left Martins cock ready for me to suck on once I had guided these eager kids in the art of oral sex. Something they all took to very quickly. “And Martin you can slide a finger or two in there as well and if she say’s she is going to pee she isn’t. So do not stop what your doing.”

I pulled Martins legs right up so his anus was right in front of me. I started by licking that bud and moving up the full length of his little cock and taking it into my mouth. I did this a few times till he started bucking slightly then took his cock deep into my mouth and used a finger on his bum crack. The more I sucked on his cock the more of my finger slipped into his shit hole till I was right inside him. I would have to push my cock in but I knew it was way to early for that. This was going to be a patient game but in the end I knew I would be fucking all the holes that were now available. And I knew without any doubt that it would be me who took Megan’s virginity.

Martins reaction to my efforts had increased his movements on Megan’s slippery hole and she was now moaning close to orgasm, this in turn was vibrating down Matt’s cock and he to was moaning loudly. As I slipped a second finger into Martins bum hole he gyrated on them and then spat his load into my mouth, sweet, young come juice trickled over my tongue. Megan’s hips were jumping up and down on Martins face now as she too came, spitting her juice over his face and Matt took Megan’s Escort head and pushed it down onto his cock almost chocking her as he spat his seed deep into her throat. Finally they collapsed in a heap on the bed.

After a while I looked down at them and smiled. “Ok we have an hour before your mum picks you up so take your clothes, dive in the pool then get dried and dressed.”

“Oh no we were having so much fun.” Megan said.

“Yes we were, so as soon as you are dressed meet me in the kitchen and we will make plans for tomorrow.” They all dashed downstairs and once they were all cleaned and dressed, met me in the kitchen where they sat and quietly waited to hear what I had to say.

“First off.” I said smiling, “Did you all enjoy everything that we did today?” Of course there was a cacophony of yes’s.

“Wow what you did to my bum hole drove me nuts.” Martin said. He went on to tell them about the fingers up his arse and how it made him feel and they all wanted to try it.

“Shush.” I said. “We will all do everything to each other in good time but first there is one hole that cannot have a cock in it yet. Megan’s pussy is out of bounds till she is on the pill. Secondly you cannot do anything at your house. Not till we can get your mum into this as well.” That of course brought on a million more questions. Followed by excited discussion what they wanted to do to each other and to their mum.

When Carly arrived I took her to one side, “Is Megan on the pill?” I asked.

“No.” she answered, shocked.

“Well she is a young woman and I caught her looking at Matt as he came out of the pool today, and I think she may have been getting a bit, you know, excited. Not that Matt would do anything of course but it means she has noticed boys.”

“Oh god my little girl is growing up.” She gasped, “I hadn’t even given it a thought. Thank you George I will sort it out tomorrow first thing.” And then she was gone. Plan in place and another great day to look forward to.

The following morning the boys arrived, excited and eager to get started. Megan was at the doctors and would be dropped off by taxi later.

“Ok boys.” I said with a smile, “Whenever you’re here you will be naked. We will discuss all the rules and guidelines once Megan arrives. For now you can strip and I will show you how to suck cock properly.” What surprised me the most the previous day, was there total lack of any inhibitions regarding sex. None of them had any problem doing anything I asked, or even thought it strange to wank or suck another mans cock or even their sisters cunt. As soon as I said strip they stripped, and eagerly moved towards my erection. I sat on the settee, legs spread wide.

“OK Martin it’s you turn.” I said, “Start off by kneeling between my legs and wanking my cock like your brother did yesterday. Mathew you can lick and finger your brothers bum hole. Take it slowly and try and get 2 fingers in without hurting him.”

I found it both strange and thrilling how eager they were to take part in this mini orgy of man on man sex. A moment later and Martins soft warm young lips surrounded my cock and slowly took it deep into his mouth. He gagged as it went in too far so he adjusted, I guided him on how to give real pleasure with his tongue and lips, at the same time to guiding Mathew on the art of finger fucking a bum hole. Martins responses told me that Mathew was hitting the right spot, and my rising orgasm told me that Martin was getting to be a really good cock sucker.

“I’m going to come Martin.” I said, “Poke your tongue out and finish with your hand then when you feel it on your tongue take my cock as deep as you can and finish me off. Mathew try and get another finger up his bum hole and speed it up a little, maybe you will make him come.”

Martin moaned and jerked slightly as the third finger entered his arse then he pulled back and waited for my juice to spill onto his tongue. “Ohh yes, fuck that’s good Martin, “ I moaned as my seed shot up my cock and onto his tongue, then he wrapped his mouth round my shaft again and, moaned loudly as his brother finger fucked his shit hole, he raped my cock with his face till I told him to stop.

“Wow.” I gasped, “That was one of the best blow jobs I have ever had Martin.” The boy beamed with pride. “How does your arse feel?”

“It keeps pulsing,” He replied, “Like it’s trying to grab Matt’s fingers back in.”

“Then well done Matt.” I said. “Now this is what I want you to do.”

I told them to lay down in the 69 position with Matt on top. Matt was going to suck on Martins cock while Martin sucked on Matt’s cock and fingered his arse pretty much like Matt had done to him. Matt was to try and finger fuck Martin again but in that position it wasn’t so easy. Much to my surprise they managed it though by pulling Martins legs up as high as they could. The site of them in that position eagerly finger fucking and sucking each other almost made me come right on the spot.

Even more so when a short time later, bucking and pushing back on each other they both shot there loads into eagerly waiting brotherly mouths. Finally they came to a stop and breathlessly rolled onto the floor laughing.

“That was awesome.” Matt said, breathlessly.

“Well I am glad you enjoyed it because the next step is having a nice hard cock up your arse, and maybe in a couple of days up your sisters cu..pussy and arse. Get cleaned up and we will have a break. Your sister will be here soon.”

Ten minutes later I sat in the kitchen drinking coffee and the boys were in the garden taking in the morning sun, naked, and sipping coke. I was still naked as Megan walked in the side door and she could see my flaccid cock. Her gaze seemed fixed on it. “I thought you might have changed your mind.” She said.

“About what?” I asked.

“What happened yesterday.”

“No chance.” I laughed, “The chance to have sex with three young people is too good an opportunity to miss. I thought you might have been frightened off though. All these waving cocks coming your way.”

“Oh no.” She said grabbing a coke from the fridge. “I want them all. And not just the three of you. There must be so many different cocks out there. I find the thought of them fascinating”

“Well lets take it one step at a time. Take your clothes off and bring the boys in. We need to lay down some rules.”

The boys came in and we all sat around the kitchen table. I couldn’t keep my eyes off Megan’s tits. I find it so hard to believe that she was sitting there with three cocks around her, knowing that she was going to get well and truly fucked and not have a single moment of worry about it.

“Ok.” I said shaking myself away from the urge to just bend her over the table and fuck her. “I think if we are going to take part in this then we should be grown up about it. Firstly the golden rule is ‘No means No’ And there will be no argument about that. If you want to do something with anyone, whoever they are, and they say no then you will stop. As far as sexual terms are concerned cock cunt fuck and all those other so called dirty sex words are the norm. Willy pussy and such are out. Megan’s cunt is out of bounds to any cock, including mine for 2 days so that her pill gets time to work. Her arse of course will be as readily available as you boys“ Megan flushed a little but her smile told of her approval.

“One of the most important things to remember is that this is about giving pleasure as well as getting it. While in this house you will be naked all the time. But you will need some clothes to wear, just in case there is a knock on the door or someone comes round. And of course other clothes that your mum will be ok with. Megan do you have any really sexy clothes like short skirts and thin tops that will show off your body but cover it as well. Maybe an old school uniform.

“I think I have last years uniform but it will be very tight.” She said, “And I might be able to find some stuff in mums wardrobe as well.”

“Good girl we will have a look around together tomorrow and see what we can find. I want to have a look at her pc and see if she is as hot as I suspect she is.”

“Well I know mum has a vibrator.” Matt said, laughing” “I hear it 2 or 3 times a week sometimes.”

“Well the last thing is we have no secrets from each other. But what happens here between us, stays between us till we get your mother involved, which I fully intend doing with your help. Now go and swim and play, because in ten minutes we are going to drive Megan insane with orgasmic pleasure.”

It Escort Bayan wasn’t even ten minutes before they all appeared back in the kitchen. The eager look on their faces said it all so I took them into the lounge. “This is going to be a lot for you Megan, so if you want us to stop at anytime, or slow down then just say so ok?”

“Ok” she replied.

I had thought about things a lot after they went home the previous day and decide that the best route to fucking all these virgin arses was by age and therefore by size. Martin, being the youngest and with the smallest cock would be the first up Matt’s and Megan’s arse. Then Matt would be next and finally it would be me. So I lay Matt on the floor in front of the armchair with his head right up to the seat. Megan straddled his face and sucked, with guidance on my cock. Martin licked and fingered her arse till he could safely get 3 fingers in her. By this time she was on the verge of her first cunt licked orgasm. Then as she peaked and screamed in her climax I told Martin to slide his cock into her arse slowly. She moaned louder but made no effort to stop him. Slowly he picked up speed and fucked his sisters arse like he had been doing it for years.

I lay there totally relaxed as I watched, and enjoyed the scene before me. “Fuck me your arse is so fucking tight sis.” Martin moaned, “I am going to come already, I can’t hold it off. Ohhhh fuck mmmmeeeeee.” He screamed out loud.

As he stopped he pulled out of that tight hole. “Swap places with Matt.” I instructed. “Get ready Megan I am going to come down your throat.”

She jerked and groaned loudly as her older larger brother entered her arse. Then she was bobbing up and down on my cock like a real pro.” I don’t think any amount of effort on my part could have stopped me from coming, and I shot a painfully huge amount of spunk into her mouth. She did her best to swallow it all but some seeped out of her mouth and ran down her chin as she smiled up at me.

A moment later she was again in the throws of another orgasm which sent Matt into his. Thrusting harder and harder into her she just soaked it all up as she was lost in a world of her own. This time her orgasm just wouldn’t stop so as Matt pulled out she kept screaming loudly. “Oh fuck me Matt, fuck my bum hole, oh no don’t go. I need cock please.”

She was shaking wildly. I put her into a 69 with Mathew so she could clean his shit covered cock and then I settled behind her. Now it was my turn to partake of this wonderfully rounded arse. With two lots of come leaking from it my huge cock slid in without any problem. I pushed in slowly a few times and when her moans told me she was fine, I started to thrust deeper and faster. Then I told Matt to stand in front of me so he planted his feet astride his sister with his cock in my face. I could smell his sisters shit on it and knowing where it had been drove my face onto that phallus. As I fucked his sisters arse I encouraged Matt to fuck my face. This had been a dream of mine for many years. One of many that in the very near future were going to come true.

Despite all of us having come several times already, it didn’t take long before there was a cacophony of cries and screams as we all blew our loads together. Finally we all collapsed on the floor in silent satisfaction. And all of this before midday.

I made some lunch and almost before they had finished eating food they were eating each other. And that’s how it was for the rest of the day. All cocks were sucked several times and all arses were fucked, including mine. Matt must have got lost in the moment, or just couldn’t make out who’s arse was who’s as he just walked up to the group on the floor and shoved his cock into the nearest arse. It had been a long time since I had been fucked and I must admit, I loved it.

At my age exhaustion could only be held back for so long, so I sat and watched these three for a while. The one thing that became obvious was that they were all totally insatiable once they got started. And it wasn’t just lusty sex. This was generic, this to me looked like an addiction to pleasure, sexual pleasure.

The following day the kids arrived as usual and were instantly onto one another. I gave them an hour to get some release then told them we were going to look for some clothes for Megan and I wanted to take a look at Carly’s pc.

While Megan looked for her old uniform, with help from the boys. I took a look at Carly’s pc. Not protected it was easy to sort out her photo files and what I found confirmed what I suspected. At some point in her life Carly had been as bad, if not worse than her children. I took a copy of the folder and joined the kids in Megan’s bedroom where I found them once again in an arse fucking line. Martin up Megan and Matt up Martin. I watched them till they had finished and then told Megan to put on her old uniform which was on the bed. I have to say the site of her in that way too small uniform would have got me rock hard if I wasn’t that hard already. The skirt just about covered her bum and the blouse was so tight she could only do up the bottom two buttons which meant the top half literally came down the sides of her tits just about covering her nipples.

I looked out of her bedroom window which faced the front of the house and saw old Mr Thomas working in his garden. Everyone called him ‘old’ as he lived with his son who was at work. “Megan go and have a nice chat with old Mr Thomas. Let him have a good look at you then go back to mine. We will meet you there. And be sexy.”

“How sexy?” She smiled, “Slutty sexy?”

“Yes go for it sis.” Matt said excitedly. So off she went.

We saw her as she stepped out of the front porch. We couldn’t hear what was being said as the windows were close. But the minute he saw her he was twitching, or maybe it was shaking. One thing is for certain his eyes were glued to her tits. She played her part very well. As she spoke she walked past him and bent over to pick one of the carnations from the flower bed. Her naked pussy on full display. Then she placed the flower between her tits and went back to him. She said something and his hand came up slowly. He took the flower from it’s resting place, but not before he had brushed those titties and let his finger slip down to her nipple. She gave him her girly smile and then kissed him on the cheek and ran round to mine. The poor man had the biggest stiffy he had probably had for many years and a smile to match.

What we didn’t know till we got back to mine was when she kissed him she had brushed his cock with her hand, and not softly. “I told him I would like to go round his one day and take care of it for him.” She said with an embarrassed smile.

“Well I have to say you really looked the part.” I said.

“Yes sis we are going to have so much fun with you teasing all the boys.” Martin said.

“I don’t just want boys.” She replied.

“She wants men.” Matt said, “In fact I think she just wants cock. And lots of it. Which is good for us bro.”

“Ok I am going to have a look at these photos of your mum.” I said, “There are a couple of videos as well.”

My pc was connected to a large wide screen tv so we all sat comfortably to watch. The kids were shocked to say the least. I was not so shocked, but pretty amazed to see the woman on the screen, and try to put that woman as my neighbour. One of the videos must have been in her uni days with her husband, and several other men and girls. The second one was at an orgy where Carly seemed to be the centre of attention, as she lay on her back getting fucked, sucking cock and having her cunt eaten by men and women. The third one was a dogging video with Carly doing basically anything that was asked of her, and it must have been her husband doing the filming. On more than one occasion she would have two or even three men on her at once. The kids got so turned on they were sucking and fucking in time with their mother. But it did answer a question for me. The kids definitely got their sex drive from her. All we needed to do now was wake it up again.

The still photos confirmed what the videos showed. Cock sucking, pussy eating, one man two men three men and one even showed six men. As good as things were right now with the kids. Things were going to get a lot better when mum woke up. And that opportunity arrived a lot sooner than I expected.

Luckily the kids were in the back garden when Carly knocked on the door. She had been sent home early with a really bad fever. I showed her into the kitchen and told her to help herself to Bayan Escort some coffee while I called the kids. “Your mums here kids.” I shouted hoping they didn’t just walk in naked. “I have some medication you can use if you like.” I said, “It’s pretty strong and will make you very drowsy.”

“Oh that sounds perfect.” Carly said quietly, “I can see the doctor tomorrow.”

“Well there shouldn’t be any need.” I said handing her the box, “That is full. Take one when you get home and then one about midnight if your awake. The kids can stay with me till bedtime and then I will come round early in the morning and get them up so you can concentrate on your recovery.”

“Oh George where on earth would I be without you.” she said almost in tears, “I really can’t ever repay you for what you have done for us.”

“Oh don’t worry my dear, I am more than happy to help, and I know you will repay me when you can.” He replied thinking of those wonderful tits bouncing above his face as she rode his cock while her sons took turns up her arse.

“Ok well you have a key so I will leave them with you while I get some sleep.”

“Well you go and get into bed while I bring you a hot toddy.”

Carly went home and got into bed and a few minutes later I arrived with her hot toddy. (hot diluted orange with a dash of whisky.).

She was almost asleep as I walked in and my curiosity was satisfied. The main reason I brought the drink was to see if she slept naked. Her clothes including bra and panties were stacked on a chair, and I could see no sign of any night clothes so thought it most likely she was naked. Especially as she pulled the sheets right up to her chin. “I will leave that there.” I said placing it on the bedside cabinet, “Drink it if you can. It will help with the fever, and I will put the kids to bed later and wake them in the morning. You sleep tight.” And with that I left her to get better.

When I got back to mine however leaving her to sleep in the morning was the last thing on my mind. The medication I had given her was very strong and if she took the midnight tablet as I instructed, she would be very drowsy most of the following morning. That lucky cunt of hers was going to have a very very wet dream. And as an added bonus, she would be the one to put my cock into her daughter. I told the kids my plan and they went off into another bum fucking and sucking session.

Before I took them home that night I sat Megan on my cock as I sat in my armchair. In this position I could freely play with her wonderful tits and the boys took turns in fucking her face. None of them seemed to ever want to stop fucking. They took short breaks and then were at it again like rabbits. With Megan’s tits in my hand and my cock up her arse I was in total heaven. But tomorrow I would be in in paradise. Once I shot my toad up her arse Megan dismounted and without any instruction turned and cleaned up my cock like she had been taught. Then i took them home and told them to quietly go to bed while I checked on there mother.

I walked into Carly’s bedroom. Half of her body was uncovered and I was happy to see that she was indeed naked. The temptation to just fuck her right there and then was strong, but in the end I just checked the medication, and was glad to see that she had taken another tablet.

6am the following morning we stood in Carly’s bedroom looking at a most wonderful sight. She was completely uncovered. Laying on her back, her legs slightly spread with her arms up to her head like she was blocking her ears from any sound. Her breathing was soft and even.

The kids of course were naked but I had dressed in a t shirt and joggers just in case she woke up and started fighting. The kids would run off and I would pretend that I had come in to cover her up. If she did what I expected then she would inadvertently take a slow but full part in what was about to happened.

The boys moved either side of the bed while I stood with Megan, running my hands over her body as we watched the boys slowly start to play with Carly’s huge 38” tits. As Carly started to respond I looked at Mega. “Are you ready for this?” I asked.

“Oh yes.” She replied eagerly and then slowly she moved to the bed and between Carly’s legs. Gently Megan licked at that open pussy. I guided her towards her mothers clit and after a few minutes you would never have believed it was her very first time eating pussy. Carly’s arms moved down slowly to lay on the heads of her sons as they licked more and ore on her swollen nipples.

Carly let out a soft moan of pleasure and started moving her hips, pushing up to Megan’s active tongue. Megan had inserted a finger in to her mothers now wet pussy as she licked and sucked on her clit. Now it was my turn. I stripped of my clothes and moved towards the bed. The boys continued but Megan moved aside. She smiled as she saw my throbbing cock. It felt like it was larger than it had ever been.

I knelt between Carly’s legs taking my weight on my arms, not wanting to smother Carly in her sleep. Megan took my cock and placed it at the entrance to that wet cunt. Slowly I pushed in. I had decided that I would need to take it slowly to get her really truly ready for a full on fucking, so in effect I was getting her ready for her boys to ravish. Slowly o pushed into her, and then out and she moaned with each entry. The boys still working on her tits but harder now as Carly pushed their heads down more and more each time I pushed in to her. Like it or not I had to speed up as I could feel my orgasm rising. Much to my amazement Cary to seemed to be approaching her own orgasm, as she started moaning loudly and thrusting up at me. Even though she seemed to be still asleep. “Oh yes.” I moaned loudly as I shot my load into her thrusting cunt. A loud moan escaped her lips and her eyes flickered open for a second then closed as her mouth let out a silent scream.

I pulled out and Megan took my cock into her mouth and cleaned it up as Martin took my place between his mothers legs. The poor boy only lasted a minute before he shot his load and then Matt took his place while Megan cleaned Martins cock.

This was where I wanted things to expand. I hoped that Carly’s sexual instincts would take, over so I told Martin to kneel by his mums head and feed his cock into her mouth. It took a few tries but in the then end Carly took hold of that cock and guided it into her mouth. Again she was moaning and pushing her hips back at Matt who was thrusting harder and harder now.

Then, suddenly her eyes flew open. “Oh fuck.” She gasped, “Oh Matt fuck…this is…oh fuck Matt…harder. “Fuck me harder yes, do it Matt fuck mummy, oh fucking hellllllllll, mmmmmmmmm”

She was in orgasm and she knew who was fucking her. Martin turned her head back to his cock and with a quick look into his eyes she eagerly took his cock back into her mouth. Megan meanwhile was sucking on her mothers tits.

“I’m gonna come mum.” Matt said, straining to hold on to his juice.

“Do it Matt, come in mummy, fill me with your boy juice. Oh fuck do it now Matt do it nowwwww.” She was almost screaming. Matt let out a cry of agonising pleasure as he shot his seed in to the very hole he had born from. As he came to a stop Martin pulled his mum on top of him and after giving him a smile she began to ride his young cock. Megan went to the head of the bed and spread her legs either side of Martins head. Because of the height difference Megan’s pussy was in just the right place for her mum to eat it. And she didn’t hesitate.

I stepped forward and started licking and fingering Carly’s shit hole. I knew from the photos that she took it up her arse but it had also been a long time so I took it easy to begin with. Once I had two fingers in I fingered her cock filled pussy a few times to get some lube, and then slid my cock into that surprisingly eager hole. Carly was now actually fucking all three of us. She pushed back on me, and then as she pulled off me, she took Martin, and her tongue slid into Megan’s cunt. It was obvious she had done this before.

None of us lasted long. Martin was the first to come and then Megan. Once they had finished I rammed harder and harder in to Carly’s shit hole. And she thrust back on me just as hard. Finally we both exploded in orgasm to gasps and applause from the kids who, without me even realising had just stood back and watched. Finally Carly fell forward on the bed.

“Oh fuck.” She moaned, “What just happened?”

I brushed my hand over her back. “Take a shower, or bath and when your ready come over to mine.” I said softly,” We will be waiting for you.” And we still needed to take Megans virginity. Together.

The end

Not sure if I will do a chapter 2. It depends on the feedback

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