A Genny Story…. Ann

Asa Akira

  I was so happy to get all the nice mail about Melly’s and my adventurewith her new strap-on. I was asked to send in some more of my stories soI thought I would start at the beginning. I am GennyI was always a very sensual kid. My mom tells me that when I was veryyoung I would rub myself on her leg when I sat on her lap to get a storyread, and when I was a little older there was a hand rail for thestairway that was just crotch high I remember spending long minutes onthe old wall phone talking with my girl friends and lazily rubbing mylittle puss against it. I discovered the joys of a vibrating washingmachine early and still volunteer to do the laundry. I startedmasturbating when I was 12 I had heard some of the girls in schooltalking about it and I was very interested. I asked my sister Janet aboutit and she gave me the basics. I started out slow but by the time i was13 I was hooked. I masturbated almost every day (still do).By the time I was 14 I had a number of favorite fantasies. I wouldpicture lovers and all the nice things they would do to me. I neverreally put a face on these lovers or for that matter even a sex. I justyearned for someone to touch and excite me.My sister Janet had a girlfriend named Ann. They were both 16 and myheroes. Both were very pretty and very popular in school. My sister wasdark haired and Ann was a natural blonde. They were the two stars of thesoftball team, and I never missed one of their games (following aroundsoftball players is a happy habit I still have today). Ann was always atour house. After school she was there eating and after practice she wasthere to shower before they went out. On weekends she was either stayingat our house or Janet was staying at hers.One Friday night our folks were out and my older brother was still atcollege. Ann and Janet were in Janet’s room talking when I came in to seewhat was going on. Janet güvenilir bahis took one look at me and said “Get out squirtwe’re talking.”I just stood defiantly in the door way and Ann said “No Jan. Let herstay. She is old enough for this.”  I took another little step in theroom and my sister just hunched her shoulders as if to say it was ok.They went back to their conversation. They were talking about boys andpretty soon they forgot about me curled up listening in the big chair. They were telling gossip about who was doing what with whom. Ann askedJanet about a boy she had dated the weekend before. Janet laughed andstarted telling about how they had gone out to the edge of town andparked. This sounded like the stuff I wanted to hear. I picked up apillow and put it across my lap. I slipped my hand under the pillow andjust laid it across my sex. Janet started describing how they were makingout. She said the the boy kept trying to touch her. I was surprised tohear her tell Ann that she had let him slip his hand up under her shirtand touch her breasts. She said he was getting really excited, and kepttrying to get his other hand into her pants. She kept stopping him andtelling him no. Ann kept giggling and calling my sister a tease. Janetsaid that after a little while he gave up on getting into her pants and hetook her hand and put it on his dick, outside of his pants. They keptmaking out and he was moaning like he was dying. Janet took her hand offof him and they kept kissing. She then heard his zipper go down and shelooked down to see him take out his dick. Now I was really interested. My fingers had crept around the band of my panties and I was gently rubbing myself while listening to the story. Janet said the boy (Tom) then tookher hand and put it back on his dick. Janet said this was the first oneshe had ever really touched. She said it was very hard güvenilir bahis siteleri yet soft at thesame time, and she said it felt really hot. Tom held her hand and startedto stroke it up and down. After only a minute he let go of her hand andshe gave him a couple of more strokes on her own. That was all it tookfor Tom. Janet said he started shaking and gasping and then shot his cumout all over the dash and steering wheel of his car. Ann said “Isn’t thatjust the way, a couple of strokes and they squirt all over.” We allstarted laughing but i think I was the only one that didn’t get the joke.Then Ann started talking about a boy that lived down the street. I knewthis guy. He always seemed like a nice fella, played all the sports. Annwas telling us that He had stopped by one night when her parents were outand she was alone. They were on the couch and they started making out.Ann was describing him laying on top of her while they were kissing andhow excited she was getting. He pulled up her top and she let him feelher tits. She said that she could feel his lump rubbing against her legand she let him slip his hand up her skirt and touch her pussy. The airin our room was getting thick with our own excitement. Janet broke themood by throwing a small pillow at Ann and saying “You are such a slut.”Ann just laughed and said “Better a slut than a horny virgin like some”.The both broke out in giggles. Janet looked over at me and my eyes mustof been glazed over. She said “Ok I think you have heard enough. It istime for you to go to bed”.Hiding behind the pillow I slipped my finger tips out of my little pussand shakily got to my feet. With out even saying  g’night I staggered outof Janet’s room and down the hall to mine. As soon as I cleared the doormy fingers were back in my panties. I flopped down on my bed and closedmy eyes. I was picturing what Ann iddaa siteleri had described. Kissing, and touching,and someone laying on top of her. In my fantasy I could see Ann layingthere but it was not the boy that was on top of her. It was me. It onlytook me a minute and I was cumming as hard as I ever had in my shortlife. I fell asleep with my hand deep in my panties and Ann in my dreams.A few days later I hurried home after school. I knew I was going to bethe only one home and I was planning on playing with myself till myhearts content. I came in and dropped my books on the table. I ran upstairs and changed into a tee shirt and shorts. I was just going to get alittle snack and then go back up to my room when I heard someone comingup the drive. I looked out and it was Ann. She came up to the back doorand knocked. As soon as she seen me heading down the hall towards her sheopened the door and came in. “Janet is not here Ann””She’s not?   Where is she?””She had some study thing for her math class.”Ann kept right on coming and was now well in the house.”Oh yea. I forgot. What are you doing?””Nothing. Just got home”Ann looked at me and gave me a nice smile. “Maybe I will stay awhile andsee if she gets home early.”I just shrugged and sat on the end of the couch. Ann sat on the chairacross from me and we talked about school stuff. After a few minutes theconversation dried up and I could feel her looking at me. I glanced up ather and said “What?Ann smiled again and said “Did you like my story the other night?’I felt my face redden. “What story?”Ann leaned in a little towards me. “The one about me and Jerry on thecouch”I was trying desperately to be cool. “Yea that was ok.””Did it get you hot?”Now I was confused. “No. It was just ok.””Liar!  I know what you did in your room. I followed you out into thehall and I could see you in your room playing with yourself.”Now I was caught. My eyes were on the floor. My face burning up. Annmoved over to sit next to me on the couch. She was close enough for me tofeel the heat coming off of her. “It’s all right you know. If sexystories make you feel like that, It’s ok.

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