Subject: A HOT HOLIDAY IN AUSTRALIA – PART 2 A HOT HOLIDAY IN AUSTRALIA – PART 2 Sydney Tuesday Once I’d made the decision to go, the day of departure came around very quickly. Alex had not managed another visit, unfortunately, and it was now Tuesday morning about 7.30am. The car was packed and I was ready to leave. One last check around the apartment and I closed the door and walked down the stairs, swinging my keys. My neighbour, Christine, had promised to come down and see me off but there was no sign of her. She never was a morning person. I started the car and negotiated the narrow driveway uphill to the street and then turned left. My street was quiet but there was plenty of traffic on the Expressway with people heading to work. There were no traffic holdups but it took me the usual hour to get out of Sydney and onto the Hume Highway heading south west. The air was cool but the sun was shining and it looked like a beautiful day for travelling. I put some classical music on and settled in for a pleasant drive. I had a vague plan of getting as far as the city of Wagga Wagga, about a five hour drive from home in Sydney if you did it non-stop. It was a distance of about 470km or 292 miles. I had not made any accommodation reservations as I wanted to be free to just stop wherever and whenever I felt like it. I enjoyed the drive through the picturesque hilly section of the southern highlands area, by-passing the pretty towns of Bowral and Mittagong that are popular with tourists. By the time I was close to the city of Goulburn, I had been driving for over two hours and thought a cup of coffee might be a good reason for a break. Goulburn is a very attractive city. Proclaimed as Australia’s first inland city in 1863, it’s a centre for the surrounding pastoral area and has lots of old and substantial buildings. I turned off the highway into Goulburn and headed for the centre of town, parking at Belmore Park with its ornate bandstand and fountain. I walked across the road and bought a take-away coffee in a small, cheerfully decorated and busy caf�. Then I walked back to the park and found a garden bench to sit on. I drank my coffee slowly and people-watched. I checked for messages on my phone but there weren’t any and when I looked up, I noticed that a white mobile home had parked over the road from my car and two rather good-looking men in their late thirties were getting out. One of them walked away towards the shops while the other one came over to a nearby picnic table. He nodded politely at me and sat down, getting his phone out and looking intently at the screen. After a couple of minutes, he put the phone away with a deep sigh and, looking up, caught my eye. ‘Wouldn’t you know there’s only one message and, of course, it’s from my mother’, he said, rolling his eyes. I gave an understanding nod. ‘Where are you heading for?’ I asked, pointing to his mobile home. ‘We’ll stop in Canberra tonight,’ he said, ‘but we’re in no hurry. We’ve just started off from Sydney’. ‘Same here but I’m heading for Wagga tonight’, I said. He explained that they had decided to do a road trip around Australia and had both taken six months off from work. ‘You don’t look like grey nomads to me’, I said. That’s the name we usually give the many retirees who embark kocaeli escort on a round Australia trip in a mobile home. ‘My parents had just come back from their retirement trip around the country so we decided to use the mobile home ourselves before it gets sold’, he said. ‘Sounds great’, I replied. ‘My partner, Jerry’, he indicated his friend returning with coffees and something to eat, ‘isn’t so keen but I talked him into it’. ‘Hope it goes OK, then’, I said. He rolled his eyes again. Jerry arrived, looking at me a bit suspiciously, I thought. ‘This is Jerry and I’m Tom’, said Tom. I instantly thought of certain cartoon characters. I introduced myself and we chatted for about ten minutes about our travel plans. Jerry relaxed and was quite pleasant and easy to talk to as well. After a short time, I judged that it was time to leave them to their food. I got up and wished them well on their journey. ‘Maybe we’ll see you on the road’, said Jerry. ‘I hope so’. I noticed that Tom quietly nudged him, which was interesting. ‘Yes, I’ll definitely look out for you’, I said. They both smiled, leaving me wondering if I was interpreting their meaning correctly. I got back in the car and drove for another hour. It was now time for lunch and I needed petrol so I pulled in to the roadhouse on the highway outside the town of Yass. I filled up and then went into the McDonalds for a burger. It was very busy in there and it took a while to get my food. After I finished eating, I checked my phone again on the way out to the car. I noticed a new message in one of the dating apps. It was a local guy calling himself Aaron who looked quite hot – forties, tall, dark hair, moustache and a very hairy chest, kind of Italian-looking. His message said, ‘Hope you’re not just passing through’. I replied that I could easily change my plans if it was worth my while. He explained that he lived just outside of Yass. He was married and couldn’t host but if I was staying in a motel in town for the night, he would definitely make sure it was a memorable evening. Well, he was a hot looking man and I reminded myself that I was in no hurry. I told him I would stay and would message him back when I had found accommodation. He sounded very happy. I had no trouble finding a motel and, after checking in, I went for a walk along the main street, looking into the shops and admiring the old 19th century buildings, including the grand Post Office with its clock tower, the beautiful Court House and the many old buildings still with veranda posts. A light breeze was stirring the leaves on the trees. It was a very restful sound. . I easily filled in the afternoon getting to know the town and spent quite a bit of time in the nicely presented Yass Museum. About 4pm, I went back to my motel room for a rest before dinner. The motel had a restaurant that looked inviting so I gave that a try. The food was excellent, as was the service. When I got back to my room, I messaged the guy who wanted to meet. He came back to me immediately and said he would call in about 9pm. I spent the time reading on the comfortable bed as well as watching a little television. It was a small room but functional and nicely decorated. I showered at 8.30 and got ready to meet Aaron. Right on 9pm there was a quiet knock kocaeli escort bayan on my door. I opened it and Aaron was standing there smiling. He was taller than I expected and was even more handsome than his online photos. I invited him in and shut the door. ‘This is nice’, he said, looking around the room. He sat down at the round table in the corner and put a small day bag and his keys on the wide window sill next to him. He seemed quite relaxed and I offered to make coffee but he said he had just had one. We then chatted for a while. He was easy to talk to and very nice to look at, too. He told me he had lived in Yass from about the age of six. He had been born in Melbourne and now commuted to his Government day job in Canberra, a fifty minute drive away. ‘Well, now you’ve seen me, do you still want to have some fun?’ he said. ‘Oh yes!’ I replied. ‘You’re a hot man’. Surprisingly, he looked relieved. We got up from the table and he came over and embraced me, kissing me gently and then more deeply. He had me instantly aroused, being such a good kisser. He started undoing the buttons of my shirt and I put my hands up under his T-shirt, finding a chest heavily matted with hair, which was exciting. ‘Let’s get these clothes off’, he said, stepping away. We were out of them in seconds and he started kissing me again, guiding me back towards the bed. I lay down on the bed on my back and he climbed on top of me and continued kissing me with increasing passion. I could feel his sizeable hard cock sandwiched between our bodies. While kissing me he was running his hands all over my body and eventually sat up and pointed his cock at me. ‘Okay with this?’ he said. It was alarmingly thick and about eight inches long. The head peeping out of a thick foreskin was looking very wet. I nodded and he inched forward and put his cock in my mouth. His precum tasted sweet and I sucked it greedily, enjoying hearing him moan while his hands gripped my arms tightly. It was a beautiful cock to suck and looking up at this handsome man with his very hairy chest was very exciting. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and turned around into a 69 position and put my hard cock into his mouth. I grasped his cock and opened my mouth wide. His cock slid surprisingly easily down my throat even though it was so thick. I started using my throat muscles on the head and enjoyed his fast rhythmic sucking of mine. He was very good at it. Then he stopped sucking and lifted himself off me and turned around. ‘I’d like to fuck you now’, he said. ‘You’re a hell of a cock sucker by the way. I nearly came’. I reached for the lube on the bedside table and handed it to him. ‘Are you OK without a condom?’ he asked. ‘I hate using them but I will if you want me to’. ‘You’re in luck’, I said. ‘I’m on PrEP. Go for it!’ He looked especially delighted at that good news. He put some lube on his cock and then lifted my legs back and put some on my asshole. ‘That looks so hot’, he said, fingering it gently. ‘Just enough hair there to make it even more interesting’. He leaned forward and I felt the hot head on his cock touching my hole. Then he started pushing gently but firmly and the big head suddenly slipped inside. I gasped. ‘Okay?’ he asked, looking yahya kaptan escort worried. ‘Not too big for you, I hope?’ ‘No, I’ll be OK. Just take it slow to start’, I said. OK, here we go’, he said and, as he pushed his cock into me, my hole started to stretch quite wide. It was a very exciting feeling and I made every effort to relax on it. It was getting quite a stretching! ‘Fuck, it’s all in’, he said, looking down. ‘I thought I might have difficulties. Your ass is so tight.’ ‘With a thick cock like yours, I imagine most asses would feel tight to you’, I said, tensing and relaxing my ass muscles on his big cock. ‘I’ll be right now’, I said. ‘Fuck me as hard as you like, I can take it’. He smiled and started moving gently but steadily. It felt so hot and I could feel the outline of the big head all the way up inside me. ‘Faster?’ he said. I nodded and he pulled his cock almost right out of me and plunged back in full-length again and started fucking me harder. I could hear myself moaning with pleasure. ‘That feels awesome’, he gasped. ‘You’re so tight. How do you do it?’ I smiled back and concentrated on this big cock pounding my ass. It got easier as I relaxed on it and he fucked even harder. It felt wonderful. I noticed he was starting to perspire. It made his skin glisten under the light, making him look even sexier. No-one looks as good as an aroused Italian! He suddenly pulled his cock out of me and got me to turn around and get up on my knees. Then, standing behind me, he plunged his cock back into my hole and fucked even harder, really hammering it in. Each stroke was forcing the breath out of me. ‘Oh, shit, here it goes!’ he said, slamming his cock deeply inside me, gripping my hips and not moving. Immediately, I felt the first big squirt of cum deep inside my hole, followed by a few more strong ones. It took a while to stop and he groaned with each one. Then he collapsed forward on top of me and continued to hold me tight as his cock still jerked inside me. ‘Fuck that almost kills me’, he said, gasping. ‘I have really strong orgasms’. ‘Yes, I can tell’, I said. “It feels superb’. Eventually he pulled out and sat on the edge of the bed, his wet cock gleaming. I turned and around and lay on my back. ‘Now what can I do for you?’ he said, looking at my hard cock. ‘Just work the nipples’, I said. I put some lube on my cock and jerked off as he expertly squeezed first my left nipple and then my right. I shot my load very quickly all over my belly. ‘You’re pretty impressive yourself’, he said. I smiled, still gasping a bit. He lay down alongside me and we chatted some more. Eventually he got up and showered. He’d brought his own towel with him in his day bag, which was thoughtful of him. ‘They’ve only given you one towel’, he said, indicating the bathroom when he came out. ‘Glad I brought this one with me’. He dressed and said he hoped I’d contact him if I stayed here on my way back. He gave me his Whatsapp number for easier contact. Then he put his towel in his day pack, picked up his car keys and headed off. I showered and got ready for bed, feeling surprisingly tired, even though it was only 10.30pm. I didn’t remember a thing after I put the light out. To be continued…. Comments welcome at ail. 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