a life of service

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Hey first time posting here so let me know what u think i have a few more chapters to this if your interested. Its also my first story. I want feed back so please message me. i am also willing to write stories for people, name the characters and the theme and we r off. enjoy

There would be little time for hesitation. In order for this to go as planned he would need to be inside and in control as quickly as possible. He put out his smoke in the astray of his Chevy and grabbed is tool bag.
It takes will power to organize something like this, he thought to himself as he locked up the car and crossed the street to his destination. It was rainy, cold and gloomy outside as day became evening. He climbed the stairs to the second storey apartment where his plan was going to unfold. He took a deep breath and flipped the collar up on his leather coat that he bought at a trendy little shop on the main. With confidence he rang the door bell and dropped his hand to his pocket. He waited a moment and then saw the hall way light flicked on and a shape take form behind the window of the entrance door. The door cracks open …
“Hey … wow what a surprise … I wasn’t expecting you” she said
“Hi … sorry about the unexpected thing, but I was in the neighborhood wanted to see you but my phone died so figured I‘d just pop by and knock see if you where there “he lied
“No that’s fine …come in “she step back from the door to let him in” I don’t have a lot of time but …ahh… you know” she said with a wink.
Sandra was tall and slim. With dark wildly wavy hair that was long and passed her shoulders but was tied up now in a quick ponytail which was rare for her. She had on her dark rimmed glasses that made her look severe but very attractive.

He closed the entrance door behind as he entered. She leaned sideways on to the wall of the hallway as he took off his wet shoes.
“You look good I see you’ve been going to the gym” she says in an honest way.
“Yeah well you know “he said as he slipped out of his coat
She started back down the hall and said “can I get you any thing … coffee… beer”
“Whatever you’re having” he said as he watches her walk away from him. He could never get enough of that ass.
He walked down the hall checking the rooms as he went.
“Is what’s her name here” he asked.
“Annie” she giggled … “no I don’t know where she is … why “
“Whatever just asking” he replied
shit!!! He thought to himself and doubled back to lock the front door.
“What do you got planned tonight” he asked as he entered the living room.
She was in the kitchen getting a drink for them “some stupid work thing I don’t want to go to but that I have to”
“That sucks “he coughed.
He placed his bag on the couch and opened it. He took out the hand cuffs and the gag ball and placed them under the pillow of the couch, and turned to enter the kitchen. The rest he would need for later.
“Listen … I was thinking of a project or hobby thing for the winter that I need your help with “he said as she turned from the fridge with his favorite beer, which she still had leftover from the those days
“Okay” she said sort of sarcastically
“I’m putting together a group and I want you to lead it… I think you would be perfect” he asked as he looked her in the eyes.
“Oh that’s great … now that we broke up you want to include me in your life’” she poked at him with a smile on her face.
“Hah ha … real funny”
“What kind of group” she asked.
“Slaves “he smiled
She rolled her eyes and poked him in the ribs “jerk”
She turned to the stereo to in the living room which was next to the couch and headed over to put in a cd. He walked over to the couch
“I’m very serious” he answered
“Stop being an ass” she shot at him while she put in the cd

He grabbed the handcuffs from under the pillow and thought to himself … its go time
He moved to her. Sandra had her back turned to him. He was now inches from her. Just as she reach to turn up the volume on the stereo is when he came down on her wrist with the handcuffs.
“What the fu…..” she said in a daze state not fully comprehending what was going on. His free hand came around and over her mouth as he pulled her close to him. Sandra didn’t even understand what was happening to her yet, which was to his advantage. She only began to struggle as he pulled her to the couch her cries muffled by his hand. He threw her to the couch, face down so he could cuff her other hand.
‘What the fucks wrong with you “she said angrily to him as she struggled to get up. He climbed on top of her and handcuffed her other free hand.
Sandra started to realize there was no joke happening here and panic began to set it. Thoughts raced through her mind she began to scream for help but he was quick and silenced her with his hand.
He must act quick he thought and grabbed the gag ball and forced it over head and into her mouth which silenced her hysteria considerably. He adjusted the tightness of the collar on the gag ball so as not to have her Escort spit it out.
Tears where know pouring down Sandra’s face as she imagined all the things that where going to be performed on her. As she felt betrayed by someone she had love so deeply once. She struggled and kicked with her legs but she knew that he was strong and would have his way with her.
He flipped her over and sat her on the couch in front of him. His face an inch from hers ….
“This will be hard on you.”He said to her in a calm soothing voice.” It will hurt and you will be scared. This will take time but when we are done you will thank me. You will have purpose in your life. Like a nun you will live your life dedicated to another, every action will be in servitude of your better. “He reached over and gently caressed her face. He reaches down to the couch and picked up her glasses which had come of in the struggle. He placed them on her face and asked “is this better “.
Sandra was mortified …frozen … could not believe what was happening to her…. purpose … dedication … what the fuck was he on about.
He lit a smoke and turned from her to get the ashtray. Sandra took her chance and got to her feet to run for the door. But he was too quick and grabbed her by the elbow and stopped her dead in her tracks. He pulled her close to him. With one arm around her waist. He pressed her tightly to him. She felt his breathing on the back of her neck. His free had came up her belly and cupped her firm large breast. He squeezed and bounced them in his hand
“You will learn that this no way to behave around your master” he whispered into her ear.
He brought her back to the couch and bent her over its arm. He stood behind her admiring the view. Sandra bent over the arm of the couch face down with her hands behind her back. He reached between her legs and began to fondle her snatch through her jeans. Sandra moaned and struggled but he pressed down on the back of her head assuring she would go nowhere.
He squeezed her ass and rubbed her snatch.
“We should do something about the jeans “he said to her.
The intruder slid his hand under her and unbuckled her jean button with ease. He removed his hand from her head and Sandra turned to face him. Her eyes where big with fear and red from the crying. Her hair was all in her face. She tried to speak but it was all muffled by the gag ball.
He soothed her and said “this is where you are at your most beautiful… precious and powerful…ready to give yourself to servitude”. He knelt next to her to be face to face with is slave. He could decipher some of her muffling to be along the lines of “go fuck yourself’. She was tough. He liked that about her that is why she had to be first.
“Soon you will learn what it is to be my property… to be owned … you will love this. It will make you into who you are meant to be. Remember always that master loves you. But first you must learn…”
He stood and walked behind her and began to remove her jeans. Sandra began to scream and struggle. He reached down and yanked her head up hard by her pony tail. He could hear her angrily breathing through her nose and could see the look of hate in her eyes. Her face was red from the excretion he put on her neck. “Silence… animal” he yelled. Holding her in that position he reached down and grabbed her pants and began to pull them off. Sandra could feel his nails scratch her back as he pulled at her jeans. Soon her pants where around her ankles.
He caressed her long legs with his free hand, it slid up to her panties and he began to rub her pussy with his fingers. He could hear the whimpering, her neck still contorted in his grip. He began to rub her asshole through her panties with his thumb while still rubbing her hole with his fingers.
“First the master must break down the person in front of him till she is his slave.”
With strength and anger he tore off her panties in one tug. Sandra cried and struggled but to no avail. He pulled harder now on her hair and leaned over her so he was looking down at her face. her naked crouch press to his hard dick in his pants. She could feel it hard and large pressed into her ass despite the commotion.
Pulling hard on her hair he said “Silence whore “and he spit into her face on to her glasses
He leaned back off her and jammed two fingers roughly into her ass. Sandra screamed her muffled scream. He forced them in hard and without mercy. He could feel her anal walls clenching in pain and panic. he pulled on her hair
“This is my fuck whole animal… This is master’s property”
If Sandra had a knife at that moment she would have killed him… but she didn’t so she couldn’t, all she could do was suffer his will
He fingered her hole roughly and with out pity. He slid his two remaining fingers into he pussy and began to finger fuck both of her holes. Her tight and beautiful trimmed snatch quivered under the impact. Sandra moaned with pain. He relished in her suffering.
Suddenly he pulled out his fingers and pulled her up off the couch by her hair. Sandra felt the Escort Bayan pain of some of her hair being pulled out of her head. They where once again face to face .he still had her by her hair faces inches from each other when he reach around to her bottom with his hand and once again jammed two fingers in her ass hole . He began to pull up with his fingers inside her, she winced he looked her deep in the eyes
“Animal must learn to obey masters will” he said calmly. He began to pull harder know both on her hair and her ass. Sandra whimpered as he pulled. She felt her asshole could not stretch more. She began to rise on to the tips of her toes
“Good…you are already beginning to bend to my will” he said to her with a smile
She sneered at him. He pulled down hard on her hair. She winced
“Cunt….you will be punished for this defiance….you will learn.”
Before she could even react she was on the ground, lying on her back with her hands underneath her.
He stood over her. Looking down on her
“Soon you will live for what I tell you to do. You will even help me perform this training on others “
Sandra’s mind raced ….Others ….
“Yes… there will be others, but that is why I have chosen you first my love, because you are strong and intelligent and will obey my every whim and will bring my word to the others I have chosen”
Sandra knew that he was for real. she had learned this when they were a young couple, knew that he meant what he said .She could see him looking her over, She could see him lusting for her firm young breasts
“Oh “he said “I can’t believe I forgot” and walks over to his bag. Sandra could hear him rummaging through his bag. Soon he was over her again but now he had a digital camera in his hands. Sandra’s heart froze…..he wouldn’t…. She began to plead through her gag ball tears streaming down her face
“How could we not record this moment? So beautiful “
She could see the red light that meant record was on… She could see the auto-zoom of the camera moving as he surveyed her disgraceful state through it.
He began to undo his belt buckle, and pull down his fly. He reaches in and pulls out his package. She looks at his cock, large and proud, and remembers what it was like to have it inside her, how it gave her such pleasure then, how it made her sick now
“humiliating isn’t it” he asks” our little escapade on tape for all to see. Well let’s give you something to be really humiliated about”
He stands over her with either foot at each hip fondling his cock
“The animal must be cleansed”
His urine begins to shower down on her…First on her belly then her breasts. The smell makes her gag. She tries to move away but he steps to her side and holds her down with a foot on her belly
“Animal stay’ he says to her like a dog. He resumes his pissing but this time it cascades down on her face .she feels it burn her eyes even though they are closed shut. She tastes it as it enters her mouth though the holes in the gag ball
He chuckles and calls her “piss mop” and proceeds to urinate in her hair soaking her curls.
The only thing Sandra can do is lay there helpless and cry. Shame burns her more then the urine in her eyes what if someone where to see this…
“Fuck … you stink animal. You made a mess of yourself in the living room ….bad slave…we must clean you”
With his camera in hand he walks over to where he left his beer and he grabs it takes a big sip
“Here we go animal” he says before he dumps the bottles content onto her face. Sandra begins to choke on his beer and urine
“On your knees” he tells her. She struggles to her knees. He brings the camera down to her face so that all there is to see is her beer and piss soaked face
“Know that if you ever disobey me or do anything to harm me, this video will be everywhere before you know it, the internet, your work even your parents.” He pause to let the shock set in. the camera recording her sniveling face, tear streaming down her cheeks, urine in her hair
“Imagine all your friends knowing how disgusting you are, even your poor daddy watching, ashamed at how dirty his little animal is”
Panic strikes her now …. She knows he would … she knows now that she will do anything he asks. He knows it to
He pulls the camera away from her face.
“Now you will service the master… rise”
Sandra rises to her feet
He walks over to the TV. and places the camera on it facing the couch. He then walks over to the couch and sits on it his empty beer bottle still in his hand. He places himself in front of the camera so as to get the perfect shot
Sandra stands still in the middle of the room, handcuffed and covered in beer and urine. She shivers and cries.
“Come now, ride the master like he knows you can”
She walks over to him obediently; she steps over his legs with her leg so as to be facing the camera and over him. She lowers herself slowly on to him till she feels the tip of his cock on her pussy
“No animal …I want my hole” He says to her
Remembering what he said to her earlier she Bayan Escort freezes
“Now animal” he says forcefully and slaps her ass
She slides her hips forward till she feels his rod on her tiny asshole still aching from the night’s events. She freezes in fear .He grabs her by the hair and pulls down. She collapses on top of him. She screams through the gag ball. Her legs shake uncontrollably the pain is unbearable. His massive cock rams into her tiny ass. Stretching it out till it almost rips. He begins to pump her ass from underneath she moans and cries. he pulls her hair to force her down ,she tries to get away shock and pain on her face her eyes wide, tears streaming down her face, drool pouring out from the holes in her gag ball all the away down on to his balls in long strings. He fucks her ass violently.
He stops and tells her “now ride animal and ride good because we know what happens when you upset master”
The pain is in every part of her body now but she obeys for fear of retribution. She rides the whole length of his shaft up and down dozen and dozens of times over. Her legs burn from the effort she feels his dick in her gut moving her organs around. Every now and again he slaps her ass or pulls her hair and says faster… she complies. Soon she uses her handcuffed hands on his abs to help her weakened legs. When will this be over she thinks to herself, she can’t take this anymore.
“Faster” he slaps her but she cannot comply
“Faster animal” he tugs hard on her hair bringing her down hard on his cock, drool pouring out of her mouth more and more her face covered in mascara and piss. She stops she can’t take anymore.
“I warned you “is all he says
He grabs her inner left thigh and pulls her legs open even more and he laughs as he jams the empty beer bottle in to her pussy three quarters in.
Sandra sees stars the shock and pain are too much she goes limp on top of him as he plows her. She looks like a rag doll on him
“DP is too much for you slave? He laughs. He nails her ass painfully with his rod. He reaches up and tears her piss soaked blouse off and grabs at her d cup breast. She gets a flash of how he used to fondle them. He’s fucking her ass so hard it feels like her tits are going to tear off.
Suddenly he pulls her off of him and places her on her knees before him. He grabs her in both hands and lowers his face to her
“Animal, Master is pleased with you”
She fells a flood of relief … this might end soon .drool has made a mess of her. He stands again and begins to wipe his cock on her face. Quickly it is covered in spit
“Animal has her own shit on her face “
Sandra trembles with shame. Her ass throbs, the bottle stretching her hole
He reaches to his bag on the couch and pulls out a funny “U” shaped device
“This is going to keep your mouth opened as big as possible.” He says to her with a smile
He pulls out the gag ball she begins to plead “please don’t … no more “
He ignores her blabbering and forces the tool in to her mouth. Soon her mouth is stretch beyond its limits. Spit pours out like a faucet.
He stands up right and begins to slap her in the face with his dick ….”Remember “he tells her” it’s all on tape”
He slides his fat dick in her mouth she chokes and gags. He forces it all the way down into her throat. In and out she gags and spews spit from her mouth. He begins to fuck her face like fucked her ass .hard! He pulls her hair and fucks even harder
Sandra cannot breathe from the choking and gagging on cock her eyes water. Mascara pours down from her eyes. He looks down at her
“What a mess” he laughs
He grabs her hair with both hands and forces his full length down her throat and holds it there…. She begins to choke and gag and tries to pull away but to no avail. Her face pressed into his belly.
She pukes on to his balls. Vomit comes through her nose and out the sides of her mouth he holds his cock there she pukes again she is covered in it. On her legs on her tits her face is full… she passes out from asphyxiation.
She awakes to find she is on her back, the tool still in her mouth and the bottle still in her cunt. He’s is sitting on top of her fucking her large tits. Gripping them roughly, bruising them. She knows he’s going to cum. She’s seen this face before. He stops and leans forward till his cock is over her face.
“Look at me whore “is all he says as he reaches down with his free hand and grabs her eyelids and holds them open
Cum flies out of his cock onto her face in her mouth and hair and into her eyes. Squirt after squirt into her eyes. It burns and blinds her. She tastes its saltiness. She hears his grunts. He shakes his rod at her to make sure he dumps all his foulness on her.
He rises and walks over to get the camera. When he returns he films her from head to toe
“You look like a circus freak. A bottle in your hole, covered in piss and puke, your ass torn to shreds and blinded by cum”
He pauses
“Now you are broken … we can begin to make a slave out of you”
The only thing she can think of as he drags her by her hair to the closet is
“Yes master”

He looks down at her on the floor in the closet and says to her….
“This is where animals sleep”……..

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