A Lucky Man


Knock… Knock… Knock…The door opens and I am pulled inside. It’s dim, but there is a beautiful young blonde who is wearing next to nothing holding my hand. I start to speak when she puts her finger across my lips urging silence.With practiced grace, she drops kaçak iddaa to her knees and has my fly opened in no time at all. Looking up mischievously she pulls my flaccid cock free and takes me into her mouth. Almost immediately I am as hard as a rock. She is kaçak bahis giving me the best blow job I have ever experienced. Her urgency is creating massive need for relief for me. My cock has never felt such a talented mouth. After what seems like an eternity, I illegal bahis explode into her mouth. She swallows almost my entire load. As she stands, she licks the small amount of cum that oozed out of the side of her mouth.”Where’s my cash?” She asked.”What cash?”I replied.”Aren’t you my ten-thirty blow-and-go?” She answered.”No,” I replied. “I’m here to fix the dishwasher.””Shit!” she said.The awkward silence between us was suddenly broken.Knock… Knock… Knock…    

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