A New Beginning


Jill was 27 when it happened. The crash had caused many changes in her life. Some were good some were not. If one must have their leg severed in a car wreck, money is a small consolation. The elderly gentleman who had run his car into hers pushing it off the road and down into a ditch was remarkably wealthy and extremely remorseful. Money would never be a concern for Jill again.

One day she was co-captain of Team USA water polo and the next day she was a woman missing her leg just below the knee. Her world turned upside down.

In the rough months that followed, Jill was feeling sorry for herself. Brad, her boyfriend of two years, could no longer handle the stress. They decided to end their relationship. He had barely touched her since the accident. Which may have been partially her fault. She could not bear to look at the ugly scars where her leg had once been. She was sure she would never find a man to love her with her damaged body. She settled on the thought that she would be alone for the rest of her life.

Being a pragmatic woman, Jill decided if she couldn’t pursue her love for sports, she would explore the other areas she had only let herself imagine in her deepest dreams. It had been twenty-one years now since the accident and masturbation had become her only source of sexual pleasure. Her nature was conservative so over the years she would only nibble at the edges of the hedonistic lifestyle.

Jill’s once tan and taut body had slowly become that of a nearly fifty year old woman. Her life had become monotonous. She decided to buy an old estate in dire need of care. She thought having something new to focus on would lift her spirits. Since her new home was near Tulane University, her alma mater, she interviewed several students to find an acceptable handyman type boarder. Louisiana summers are brutally hot, humid periods full of sweaty activities. Jim was the one chosen to fill all of Jill’s needs. He was average in most ways, blurring with all the other applicants except for his eyes. He had the warmest deep, dark blue eyes she had ever seen. He was tall and tan with sandy blonde wavy hair. He was a senior needing a place to finish up his final year. She guessed he was about 23 years old. He also had a great, welcoming smile. She had instantly felt comfortable with him during their interview. They decided he would move in right away even though school wouldn’t start for another two weeks. He figured he could get a jump on the work that needed to be done before he was burdened with schoolwork.

The house trim was in desperate need of painting so they decided that would be Jim’s first task. The sun was brutal; it had been in the high nineties all day. Jim had been painting for almost three hours, when he heard Jill call his name. “Jim are you thirsty?” Jill asked, as she struck a sensual pose near the ladder. At 48 she was still stacked, just in a slightly Escort looser fashion. ” I could really use some Ice water!” Jim said. Jill shuffled toward the kitchen to get a pitcher of ice water. He admired the way she jiggled because of her prosthetic leg. Jim was thinking how nice it would be to lie down with this woman who was most likely older then his mother. He felt a swell in his pants.

Jill suggested they take a dip in the pool to cool off. Jim couldn’t wait to see her in a bathing suit. He was perfectly comfortable even after she had removed her prosthetic leg and slid into the pool. Jill had been floating on her favorite raft for about 20 minutes when she turned and caught Jim staring at her and could feel her face immediately turning flush. Jim was embarrassed. He gave her a quick, shy smile and then suggested they get back to work. Jim prayed she wouldn’t see the bulge in his pants as he quickly reached for his towel.

Jill could not shake the feelings that had risen up inside of her for the rest of the day. It had been so long since her body had reacted to any man in the intimate way she had only dreamed she would ever experience again. Masturbation was the only form of sexual pleasure she had received since the accident. She longed for the pleasure of having someone deep down inside her and to feel loved again.

That night Jill lay awake in her bed listening to the crickets chirp and the familiar hum of her fan. It was so hot she had gone to bed naked. She could not get Jim off of her mind. What was she thinking? He was half of her age. All of these thoughts about him had left her clit swollen and in dire need of attention. She played with her special spot. Today she came almost instantly. Her body shivered. It was the most powerful orgasm she had been able to achieve herself.

She went to bed dreaming of lying naked in Jim’s young muscular arms. Staring into his deep blue eyes after a long passionate night of making love.

Jill awoke the next morning to the sound of birds chirping and the sun shining bright .She couldn’t believe she had slept past ten. That was so unusual for her. As she began to roll out of bed she suddenly remembered the thoughts she was having last night when she was trying to fall asleep. Her face began to feel warm again and she immediately felt her nipples becoming fully erect. She gently rolled them between her fingers sending tingles throughout her body. Jill was suddenly flustered and afraid to face Jim’s sweet smiling face this morning.

She hopped in the shower to try and settle down. Instead she was overwhelmed by thoughts of Jim’s naked body again. She reached down and felt her swollen lips and the warmth from the juice that had already begun trickling from her most intimate spot. This time she used the firm pulsing from the shower massage to satisfy her throbbing clit. After letting the hot water run over her naked Escort Bayan body for what seemed like hours, she finally forced herself to get dressed and march downstairs. She was secretly hoping Jim had already begun today’s task of painting the fence.

Instead, as she opened her bedroom door she was greeted with the smell of freshly brewed hazelnut coffee. Her favorite! When she finally made it to the kitchen she was shocked to find Jim preparing a wonderful breakfast for her. The table was set with fresh flowers from the garden. There were hot biscuits on the table, fresh sliced tomatoes and he was just sliding the western omelet onto a plate. Jill was at a loss for words, but her body was reacting fiercely. She felt a charge run through her as he pushed in her chair. She tried to eat, but couldn’t. Her heart was pounding in her chest. She wasn’t anticipating what happened next. Without saying a word Jim was gently sweeping her long, golden hair off the back of her neck. He slowly began massaging her back and shoulders.

She was taken aback by the shock she was feeling every time his warm, callused hands changed position on her neck. She began to experience feelings she hadn’t felt in years. Her body was suddenly coming back to life. Jill’s’ nipples had now swelled to a point inside of her black lacy bra.

Jim slowly lowered his hand and began massaging her back as he tenderly kissed her neck. She smelled so sweet. He had yearned to touch her naked flesh. His cock was now rock hard and bulging out of his shorts. He was wondering how far she would let him go. Her wanted her – all of her.

Jill thought she was dreaming. This young, attractive man with piercing blue eyes could probably have any young college girl in town. Here he was caressing her tired body – the one she thought no man would ever find attractive again.

Jim’s hands slowly traced down Jill’s back then he slipped his arms through hers and softly grasped her breasts in both hands flicking his thumbs on her fully erect nipples sending shock waves through her body. She knew she should stop him but her mind could not override the intense feelings that were rippling through her body.

As she turned to speak to him he quickly placed a finger over her lips and stared at her lovingly with those gorgeous eyes. She had totally lost control. He bent down and kissed her with his sweet, tender lips. He kissed her gently at first, tasting her lips. Then he couldn’t hold off any longer and slipped his tongue into her warm mouth to explore. Jim’s cock was throbbing now he needed to explode.

Jim gently grabbed Jill by the hand and led her to his room. He carefully unbuttoned her shirt, slid it off of her shoulders and watched it fall to the floor. He let out a groan when he saw her nipples poking through her bra and quickly removed it. He watched her breasts rise and fall with her rapid breathing. Bayan Escort He opened his mouth wide and immediately began sucking on her sweet pink nipples rapidly rolling his tongue and taking as much of her tit in to his mouth that he could.

He slowly pushed her back and guided her to the bed. There were pre cum drops glistening from the head of his swollen cock which was still tucked inside of his shorts, aching to be released. Jill was soaking wet with anticipation. There was warm sweet juice dripping from her cunt. Her clit was throbbing. She wanted to grab his head and push his face into her pussy.

Jim began tenderly kissing down her stomach as his hand slowly glided up her thigh. He barely got his hands near her sweet spot and could feel her warm juice. He spread her legs wide open and hungrily licked her clit with the tip of his warm tongue. He thought he was going to cum with the first taste of her sweet cream. He began flicking his tongue in circles over her sweet spot. She was moaning and squirming with pleasure. He had to have more. He eagerly slipped his tongue through her swollen lips deep inside of her tight hole as the warm juice slowly slid down towards her sweet ass. He began nibbling lightly on her clit. Jill’s body stiffened and she lifted her ass up in the air and screamed with pleasure. She had been without for so long her body just exploded! He was slurping up every sweet drop of juice that was pouring out of her cunt.

Every nerve in Jill’s body was dancing excitedly. She had just reached the most powerful orgasm of her entire life.

Jim had finally torn himself from her sweet pussy and with his chin dripping with cum he rolled her over and pushed the pillows up by her prosthetic leg to help give her some more balance. His cock was throbbing like it never had before .He had to feel her warmth before he exploded. He dropped his now damp shorts to the floor. His bulging cock was finally able to protrude fully from his lean body.

He grabbed her sweet ass and teased her clit with the head of his big cock. He held her tender ass steady and slid his cock into her tight warm pussy. She let out a scream as she felt him go deeper inside of her. He began pounding faster his belly slamming against her ass. He had never felt such pleasure. She was moaning now and pushing hard against him every time he slid in.

Jim was aching now and couldn’t hold out any longer. He plunged hard and deep and let out a moan as he shot his hot, creamy load deep in her cunt. She let out a whimper as she collapsed into her second orgasm. He gently slid his cock in and out of her until he had released every drop of his sperm and his now soft cock slipped out of her. He watched as his cum slowly poured out of her swollen pussy.

Jill lay on the bed unable to move until her thumping heart slowed down and body no longer quivered. Jim grabbed her by the hand and pulled her up. She had tears in her eyes. He kissed her tenderly, thanked her and said that was the best sex he had ever had. He also told her she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

Jill had once again felt loved.

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