A Night To End The Week

Double Penetration

It was late, closing time to be precise; the Bar staff began to clean away the day’s business as the final punters finished their drinks. Couples began to retire for the night and drunks stumbled off into the great beyond (sleep).

It was only a short walk from the bar to Susan’s house, which she walked with her friend Jon, they had known each other for over a year and they had become friends, though a different kind of friendship, lived in computers this was the first time they had met. Jon had been staying with her for nearly a week, this night had been a goodbye for him from Susan, they wined and dined and talked for a long time, tomorrow he flew home.

They arrived shortly after. Susan’s apartment was dark, lit only by the moon that shone through the window into the main room. They both settled in for the night, doing all the things normal people do before bed, brushing teeth, all that kind of stuff. Jon was staying in the spare room; Susan didn’t have a roommate so there was plenty of room in the apartment she retired to her room.

Jon had a hard time sleeping, he had always had strong feelings for Susan, he had been there for 2 weeks and his heart had hoped something would happen between them. He felt it was too late, but another force began to drive him, was it love? or lust.. he couldn’t tell, all he knew was that he wanted to feel her body next to his, he wanted to know her taste and hear her moan.

As if by desire his body lifted from the bed and made its way to the door, his PJ bottoms slumped to the floor, he careened naked from his room toward hers. Her door was open slightly, almost inviting, a sweet smell hit his nose and it made him desire her even more. He was caught between himself, a part of him said “go, you’ve been waiting for too long, take her for your lover and never look back” but another part pushed him back from the door, a feeling of doom clouding him, that he may loose her forever. He bit his lip and slowly pushed the door open. Susan lay facing away from him; the moonlight silhouetted her shape against the darkness shining on her cheek and arm. Jon moved slowly toward her, standing over her completely naked, unsure where to go next, still pure himself, his virgin body aching for hers.

Susan was awake, faking sleep to draw him to her she knew that the thin sheet which covered her body showed him her shape, she knew he would try for her tonight kolej escort she had been preparing for days, hoping that he would make a move for her sooner. Her eye opened slowly looking into a carefully placed mirror so she could see him. She didn’t expect him to be naked and hard which came as a pleasant surprise for her and made her tingle between her legs. For a moment, which seemed like eternity they both waited, she waited for him to take her, while he waited for his heart to shout ‘go’. He warily made his way to her bedside and knelt down beside her, his cock throbbed at the thoughts and fantasy’s which had rushed through his mind the past fortnight and the desires that drove him now.

His hand slid down his body to his member, which he gripped in his fingers and gently began to work it with his fingers. Susan began to feel her heart throb as she watched him masturbate only inches from her head, working a steady rhythm in the quiet of the room all she could hear was his heavy breathing and his movements on his cock, his breathing was so deep that it hid her now hardening breathing from his ears. She watched intently as his body began to react to his excitement, his head fell back and his chest was pushed out, she could see the pleasure he was bringing himself. He stopped suddenly as his body began to climax, he didn’t want to do this, he wanted make love to her, what ever had held him back was now gone and he lifted up Susan’s bed sheets and peered under.

She lay naked and still, her wetness was not visible to him, and she could now feel it running onto her leg and thigh. He uneasily entered her bed and pulled the sheets over them both, his body kept a distance from hers, but she could still feel his heat and shortly she could feel fingers wandering on her skin.

Jon almost melted into her, he loved the feel of her soft skin, he loved the sound of her breathing and he loved the smell of her body, he now found himself pressed into her and Susan let out a faint gasp as she felt his hot throbbing cock against the small of her back. Her cover was broken, she was wide awake now and she rolled to face him, as if by instinct their lips locked and they kissed deeply and passionately, their tongues danced between their mouths, waltzing together in a sweet embrace of passion, they both savoured the other, neither willing to give up the kiss.

As kurtuluş escort they kissed their hands became familiar with the other, Jon found her wetness and Susan stroked his cock the way she wanted to as she watched him touch himself. Their bodies’ ground together, their nipples met and pushed into each other and their hands stroked up their backs. She hugged him tightly as he rolled on top of her, their kiss still continued, neither looked to the other; their eyes were firmly closed. Jon’s fear had vanished and he didn’t even care, he knew what he wanted as be began to kiss her, he knew what he needed as he began to mount her and he knew what he wanted to feel as be pressed into her.

Susan gasped again as his long firm cock slid deeply into her cunt, moistened by the wetness which lathered all over her sex, her body bucked as he hit a spot inside her which send shivers through her spine and forced her to his cock for another thrust. Jon began to build up a rhythm thrusting deeply into her, allowing her to take him in completely and she met him for every thrust, each time she would squeeze her thighs together, tightening her cunt around him, squeezing every drop of his precum into her hungry hole. His lips met her neck as his body began to ride in rhythm with hers; his balls began to slap against her arse as his powerful thrusts met her want. Her mouth moved to his neck too, they kissed and licked each other until all they had left was a pleasurable bite, raw and animalistic.

Susan moaned loudly as she orgasmed, he kept going pounding her body for everything it was worth, almost naturally her body hit a second orgasm and she screamed loudly as she came against him; her moans pushed him to his limit and he shot his load deep into her cunt, his hips held against hers as she sucked up every drop into her dripping hole.

They lay for a few minutes, regaining their breath; Jon lay in Susan’s arms and kissed her neck. She smirked for a second and then turned, placing her lips by his ear “is that all you’ve got?”, he turned to look at her, “you made me wait a whole week for that?”

She pushed him to the side and then climbed on top of him, her hungry mouth headed straight for his cock which still dripped with his desire, she positioned her body over him as she touched the tip of his cock with her tongue, her hole pressed into his face as if to demand maltepe escort that he clean up the mess he made when he fucked her last, he obeyed.. like a good boy.

She moaned lightly against his cock, which now started to harden against her lips, his tongue pressed hungrily into her throbbing mound, licking and sucking the juices which flowed from her aching sex, he buried his tongue into her hole, digging deeply for her want, she moaned loudly as he explored her. She was having enough fun, her hole was being licked and she was sucking on something else that she liked, her lips slid up and down and she worked the tip with her tongue, she tasted his precum, and she knew she wanted more.

Susan sat up on his face, Jon still licked hungrily under her, the sounds of his slurping filled the room, joined by her moans. She slowly climbed off his face and knelt over on her elbows and knees, her butt was firm before him, in the air, he knew she wanted to be fucked again.

Jon knelt up on his knees and guided his throbbing cock to her cunt his hands rested on her thighs as he pushed powerfully into her moist clit, she moaned with pleasure and began to meet his thrusts as he mounted her. His pace began to grow and he arched over her body, kissing her back and her neck, his hands found her breasts and he squeezed them in his fingers.

They both moaned and groaned as they pounded powerfully and loudly at each other “fuck me” Susan demanded, Jon complied, his rhythm got as fast as he could and he was literally riding her, he moaned as he felt himself building inside her.

Susan just enjoyed the experience, she lay her head on her arms and pushed her arse into the air for Jon to fuck it she knew he was building and she squeezed her thighs around him to make him cum inside her. The man couldn’t hold anymore, he thrust deeply into her as he did she could feel his hot cum spurt deep inside her, Susan climaxed hard against his throbbing member, still stuck inside her; then she collapsed exhausted under him. She turned her head to find his lips, and he came in to kiss her deeply.

There they lay, exhausted, they had fucked for the first time, and they had both been satisfied, he still lay on top of her, the dwindling feeling of wet love juices seeping from her body and onto her bed caused him to shudder, he loved her more then life, but he didn’t know if he would get to keep her. The morning came and he left her sleeping, by the time she had awoken to tell him her love he was gone, but on her bedside table lay a small note, addressed from him to his true love. She read it slowly and a tear run down her cheek, she knew she would see him again, but she didn’t know when.

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