A Si ster’s Lust chapter 2


A Si ster’s Lust chapter 2“I think I need a little exercise to work off that big meal,” Jerry grinned, helping thebeautiful girl wipe the last dish. “How about going down to the swimming pool andtaking a dip with me?”“Mmmmm . . . sounds good,” she agreed, forcing a smile on her lips. She couldn’t letJerry know how upset she was that Gail was going to visit. Of course Jerry knew thatshe was upset but she was dwelling on it and she had to get in a better mood. If shecould only get her prudish sister out of her mind, things would be just fine. It wouldonly be for a few days anyway and Jerry had agreed to stay with a friend and avoidthe apartment when Gail was here. Jerry was being sweet and understanding aboutthe whole thing and Crystal knew that she should reward him for being such awonderful man. If Jerry wanted to swim in the pool, she’d go with him gladly. Nightswimming was always fun anyway.“Hey . . . there’s nobody here,” Jerry remarked, gazing around the deserted pool.“I’ve got an idea, honey. Why don’t we go skinny-dipping? That’s the kind ofswimming I really enjoy.”Crystal nodded, not wanting to be a spoilsport. She just hoped that no one wouldcome along when they were swimming. You could get kicked out of the apartmentcomplex for doing something wild like skinny-dipping!A few moments later, she was swimming through the clear blue water, feeling likethe wildest woman alive. Jerry had been right, as usual. Skinny-dipping was a treatand it had completely lifted her spirits. Gail’s visit didn’t seem nearly that alarmingnow and Crystal giggled a little as she thought of her prudish sister’s shocked face ifGail should see her skinny-dipping with Jerry! Gail would curl up and die, eventhinking about swimming nude with a man!“Mmmmm . . . I love it!” she laughed, diving like a fish and swimming underwater withher hair streaming out behind her. She surfaced a moment later and tossed her wethair back, grinning at Jerry. “This is great, honey . . . I’m in a really good mood now!”Jerry grinned. He knew how to get Crystal in even a better mood. He gave a quickglance to make sure there were no other tenants around and called out to her.“Stand right there, let’s see if I can swim all the way to you underwater.”Nodding, she stood exactly where she was, nipple-deep in water. She didn’t havethe slightest premonition that anything out of the ordinary was going to happen untilshe looked down and saw Jerry’s head coming toward her legs. At first the surprisedgirl thought that he was going to try to swim through her legs but then she gave asputtering gasp as he grabbed both her ankles and moved up by handholds to herthighs. Bubbles came to the surface of the lighted pool as Jerry started to come upslowly until his head was level with her fluffy cuntal mound.“Wh . . . what are you. . . 00000H!” Crystal gasped as a blazing warmth slipped overher shivering labia. Jerry was still under the water and he was licking her shiveringcuntal groove with his tongue!At first she was so startled she almost squealed right out loud. Then she grinnedmischievously and shivered a little as she enjoyed the blazing, mind-spinningcaresses. He was going to have to come up for air soon and when he did, she wasgoing to have her fun with him. He wasn’t the only one who could play this sexy littleunderwater game!Her eyes widened as Jerry lapped and lapped. He hadn’t told her that he was thebest underwater swimmer on his swim team. She had no idea that Jerry could holdhis breath for so long underwater. Crystal was almost worried about him when hesurfaced at last, red-faced and laughing.Before he could manage to catch his breath, she was diving beneath the surface ofthe water. She might not be able to hold her breath for as long as Jerry but she couldcertainly make every underwater second count! And she knew exactly what Jerryloved. When it came to cocksucking, Crystal had been well Escort trained by her handsomeroommate!Jerry yelped but quickly stifled his loud cry as her heated lips enfolded him. Hermouth was like a burning oven, bathing his cock in a heated glow. She was suckinghim in, drawing strongly on his prick, just like she was starving for the taste of histurgid masculinity. Even though Jerry tried to keep quiet, he groaned loudly as shelapped and sucked, twirling her tongue expertly around the soft, swollen velvetyhead of his prick.“HEY! WHAT’S GOING ON DOWN THERE?” an irate voice boomed out from asecond floor apartment. “KEEP IT QUIET, WILL YOU? I’M TRYING TO GET SOMEsleep!”Just as soon as she came up for air, Jerry grabbed her. “I think we’re going to be inbig trouble if we don’t hurry back to the apartment right away,” he whispered. “Thetenants are already complaining about the noise.”Crystal giggled seductively. “We could always move the party indoors,” shewhispered back. “Let’s streak back to the apartment. We’ll run so fast nobody’llrecognize us.”.No more than thirty seconds later, she and Jerry were back in their apartment withthe door safely shut behind them. Both of them collapsed, laughing on the sofaignoring their wet bodies.“I’m cold!” Crystal complained and a second later Jerry’s head was between herlegs, lapping at the creamy pink lips of her pussy again. A shiver of pure lust rippledthrough her and Crystal forgot completely about being cold. It was impossible for herto be cold now, with Jerry’s tongue sending flickers of fire through her creamy pinkcuntal tunnel.“Sooooo hot!” the beautiful girl moaned, tossing her head back and forth on thescratchy sofa cushions. “Ooooooh, Jerry! I’m soooo fucking hot!”He didn’t find anything contradictory about what she had said. He could tell that shewas hot now. Her pretty pink pussy was practically steaming and he was going tomake her hotter still, but first he had to get over his own chill and Crystal could do alot to make him much warmer if she’d simply wrap her lips around his cock and suckhim a little like she’d been doing in the pool.Crystal let out another giggle when Jerry turned around so they were in the classicsixty-nine position. She knew exactly what Jerry wanted but it wouldn’t hurt to teasehim a little first. He had almost gotten them in trouble for starting his sexy little gameat the pool. Crystal blushed as she realized that they would have gotten evicted ifany of the tenants had recognized them. They’d have to be more careful but itcertainly had been fun.“You almost got us in trouble!” Crystal accused, laughter in her voice. It wasimpossible to be angry at Jerry’s impulsiveness when his tongue was licking sodeliciously over her shuddering cuntal tissues. How could she be mad at the manwho was making her feel so wonderful? It just wasn’t possible.Still grinning, Crystal touched the very tip of her heated tip to Jerry’s testicles, lickingthem and tickling the heavy full globes at the same time. She heard Jerry’s groan ofpleasure and she smiled happily. This was going to be a wild night! It was starting offwild already and they’d only begun.Her hot tongue flicked to the tip of his huge cock and tasted the shiny, slippery dropof cream that hung there. Delicious! She loved the taste of Jerry’s salty sperm!“MMMMMMM!” She groaned as he was spurred on to greater efforts. Her bodyjerked as if she had been touched with a current of electricity as Jerry licked thequivering bud of her erect clitoris. The thrills were rushing through her body like araging river, driving her lips to open wider and making her cheeks suck lewdly on thethick delicious shaft of his cock. She had to give him back the same kind of wildthrills that he was giving her. That was half the fun!Crystal was breathless as the sweeping thrills went on and on, gathering momentumlike a lumbering freight train until Escort Bayan she was speeding into rapture with each flick ofJerry’s flexing tongue on her sensitive little love button. His cock was sliding in andout of her tightly ringed red lips and she gobbled eagerly . . . frantically as thewonderful sweeps of Jerry’s tongue brought her closer and closer to the blindingedge of rapture.Just as she felt the first wave of rocking, jolting orgasm, Jerry pulled back, leavingher hanging there at the very brink of pleasure. She gave a frustrated squeal oftorment and grabbed his head forcing it down. He was teasing her but he wouldn’tget away with it! She knew Jerry couldn’t hold back for too long himself. And shewasn’t going to give his huge cock another touch with her tongue until he startedlicking her pussy again!“Awwwwww!” Jerry groaned, knowing exactly what was in her sexy mind. He wishedthat he could hold out and tease her a little bit longer but his cock was achingfiercely, his testicles swollen and hard. He had to feel her sensuous lips sucking hiscock again. He couldn’t wait another second!She bit her lips in frustration but then she gave a blissful sigh. Jerry’s agile tonguetipwas darting right into the trembling mouth of her pussy, sending shivers up and downher lusting body. His tongue was wiggling and rimming the tight little feminine orificeuntil Crystal thought she would surely pass out from sheer pleasure. Just as thetrembling girl knew she couldn’t stand a moment more of this teasing, frustratingcaress, Jerry’s tongue plunged down, slipping deeply into her tight, heated cuntalchute and wiggling there like a snake slithering and probing deeply.“MMMMMPH!” Crystal groaned, grabbing Jerry’s turgid cockpole with her lips againand drawing in with her cheeks, sucking just as hard as she could. Jerry’s cock wasso swollen that she was almost choking but she kept right on sucking as the thrillsraced through her tingling body, trying to get every inch of his pulsing prickshaft intoher squeezing heated throat.He let out a yelp of pleasure. She had never sucked his cock this desperately before.It was fantastic! She was doing everything he had taught her and then some,instinctively sucking him in deeply and lapping up and down the sides of histhrobbing cockshaft just like she was sucking on a huge, delicious flesh-coloredpopsicle.Jerry groaned again and slid his tongue in deeply, plunging into her blazing well offeminine sweetness. She was so creamy and blazing that he thought he could feelsparks run up and down his invading tongue as it came into contact with theinnermost recesses of her trembling fiery channel. Her creamy juices were sweetand burning with passion, flooding over his taste buds like honey and driving him intoa frenzy of probing erotic delight. Jerry knew that he could never get enough of this.He wanted more, ever more of her sweet, burning cream and he smacked andswallowed lustily as flood after flood of the sweet passionate nectar filled his mouth.“OHHHHH! AHHHHH!” Crystal gasped, licking and sucking as fast as she could. Herbody shivered in delight as she thought about what would happen when Jerry’spulsing cock released its store of delicious-tasting sperm. She could scarcely wait forthat ecstatic explosion when his hard, jerking prick would shoot into her greedythroat. She wanted it all, every drop, and she would keep right on sucking untilJerry’s cock was completely drained of cream. She would capture every bit of hisstrong flooding sperm and let it fill her hungry body with blazing, blasting heat.The horny stud let out a muffled yelp as her lips slid around his cock tightly. She wasmilking him with her lips and tongue, begging and pleading with her squeezingthroat. Crystal wanted him to cum and the thought of that blazing release of spermdrove Jerry into a frenzied burst of passionate motion.“MMMMMLPH!” Bayan Escort she squealed, her voice choked and muffled around Jerry’s hugecock.Jerry’s tongue was plunging even harder now. It was as stiff as a sword, plunginginto her cuntal tunnel. It was stiff and agile at the same time, pounding in and thenwiggling lewdly. It was the sweetest stimulation she had ever known and she knewnow that she was at the brink of rapture.“OHHH! AHHHHH! YESSSSS!” Crystal shrieked again. The heat was coursingthrough her body and her mind was whirling around in rapturous circles. Her tightlittle cuntal mouth was fluttering strongly around the burning width of Jerry’s tongueand every plunge, every wiggle, every slipping, slithering movement brought hercloser to that breathtaking pinnacle of orgasm. It wouldn’t be long now. She couldfeel that. Thrills were crashing into a crescendo of desire and she squealed andsucked in wild abandon as she came closer and closer to the glittering goal ofecstasy.He was almost at the end of his endurance. Her lips were so fiery, so squeezinglyfirm around his jerking cockshaft that he knew the moment had arrived. He couldn’tendure another second of her exquisite torture. His shivering testicles tightened andpulsed, begging for release. His body shook with the hot tremors of wild passion. Hisheart pounded loudly in his chest and then his cock stretched and quivered in herblazing throat, giving a mighty jerk as his testicles started to pump.“MMMMMMFFF!” Crystal squealed, swallowing desperately. She felt the head of hiscock balloon out and fill her throat until she could barely breathe. Then the first fieryblast of sperm shot into her throat and she gave a squeal of pure rapture.Jerry plunged his tongue in and out in a frenzy of new vigor as his mighty prickbegan to burst. He felt her shuddering channel tighten and then it was sucking andsqueezing around his tongue, spasming wildly as she began to explode too, in adouble detonation of joyous pleasure. They were both cumming together and it wasa wild culmination of their little game at the pool.“YESSS! OHHHHH! I WANT IT!” Crystal gasped. Her pussy was churning andtwisting inside, trying to turn itself inside out so Jerry’s tongue could touch every inchof blazing orgasming feminine sweetness. His tongue was driving into the eye of herorgasmic hurricane as she reached the shuddering height of ecstasy and screamedout her pleasure. Both of them were gobbling, swallowing and sucking until theydropped back in satisfied exhaustion, flopping back on the couch and giving eachother tired but pleased smiles.“You’re crazy!” Crystal groaned, laughing joyously. “Do you realize that we couldhave been kicked out for doing things like that in the pool?”“You’re right,” he nodded, grinning lewdly. “I guess I just wanted something toremember for a couple of days. With your sister here, I’m not going to be able to seeyou and that’s going to be tough, baby!”Her happy expression changed to one of worry. She knew exactly what Jerry meant.They had been having so much fun living together and now, for the next few days,they’d have to act like strangers. She couldn’t roll over to him in the middle of thenight and do all the wonderful things they did for fun. Gail would be here . . . prim,proper Gail! Crystal was sure Gall hadn’t changed a bit. When she was living athome, Gail hadn’t even had a boyfriend and Crystal was willing to bet that Gail hadnever even been kissed. Why Gail would probably faint, dead away, if she kneweven one tenth of what she and Jerry did for fun! Gail simply wouldn’t understand.Crystal gave a tight little smile in the darkness. She really ought to liberate her oldersister. Maybe she ought to ask Jerry to line Gail up with Frank Harris! That ought tobe good for a few laughs!The thought was so absurd that she almost dissolved in giggles. There was no wayFrank Harris would be interested in Gail and even if he was, Gail would run fromJerry’s handsome boss as if he were hell on wheels! Not even Frank, as darklyhandsome and experienced as he was, could turn Gail into a sexy person. Crystalwould have bet her life on that!

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