A Very Private Sex Club


A Very Private Sex ClubRebecca was happy that Bill Todd had called her into his office for an early morning meeting. She had lately gotten the feeling that she was soon to be replaced. Bill, as the VP of talent development at the modeling agency, had access to a variety of attractive women. It was well known that he replaced his secretary/assistant with a fresh new face and body from time to time.Dressed in a black pencil skirt, no panties, see through blouse with no bra, black blazer, and high heels she was dressed to impress. She wanted to remind Bill what he would miss if he replaced her. She was also prepared to give him any and all personal service that he might request that morning. With a big smile on her face, Rebecca entered his office with “Bill what can I do for you today?”“You can take of that blazer off and let me take a look at you” he responded.“Very nice, very nice as always” he continued.“Would you like to see more?” she asked teasingly.“I would love to but I have a flight to catch. Please have a seat” Bill responded. “While I am out of town, I have a project for you. We want to develop a promotion for the strip clubs. We want to call it “The Bedroom Olympics”. I want you to draw up plans for the event to include some contest ideas. Any questions?” he asked.A simple “No, I’ll get right on it” was Rebecca’s answer as she wanted to assert her confidence.“Is there anything else I can do for you this morning?” continued Rebecca as she got up from her chair.“No, I’ll see you in a few days. When I get back, have that proposal ready for me” he said in a dismissive manner. Under normal circumstances, he would have gotten her to suck his cock. But today he was in a hurry to interview a few candidates to be his new personal assistant. The decision had been made that it was time for Rebecca to make the company money rather than be Bill’s personal whore. Rebecca went to what she hoped would continue to be her desk. She enjoyed the money and prestige of being Bill Todd’s personal assistant and secretary. The majority of people that worked for the company knew the truth. Her skills were limited with her greatest asset being her tight, hot body. Her job mainly consisted of allowing Bill or anyone he chose to have access to her. She was expected to fulfill their wishes with enthusiasm and a smile on her face. She had a perverse sense of pride that she was good at her job.As she sat in her desk chair, she pondered the possibilities kaçak iddaa for her promotional event. She was familiar with the operations of the various clubs the company operated. There was everything from strip clubs to high end private clubs. In the strip clubs there were table and lap dances. In the private clubs there were little if any limits to the type of entertainment offered. She wondered which of the clubs Bill had in mind when he gave her the assignment. In order to put her best foot forward she decided to a contest where anyone could enter but only the best would advance. The first level would be company wide open call at all the clubs. Anyone could enter. Outside girls would be encouraged to enter as it would also be an audition for full time work. The girls that already worked In the clubs would automatically be entered. If a club had lots of entries they could hold it over a number of nights. Each club would have top five finishers that would get prizes and cash. The top two in each club would advance to the finals.Rebecca decided the contest would be divided into three events. Street clothes where the girls would be introduced. Lingerie or sleepwear of the contestants choice. They could wear outfits as skimpy or sheer as they wanted. However, they could not take the outfits off. The final event was contestants choice. They had the freedom of wearing clothes or stripping until they were totally nude. There would be five local celebrity judges that would account for 50% of the score. The audience would vote by ballot and would count for the other 50%. This should create a sense of participation and interesting for the audience she thought. The second level would be held at the membership only clubs. The top 2 girls from each club would be entered in the final. There would be a lot of benefits for the company she thought.”“Hell” she thought to herself “We could take this to the other clubs in the world and have an “International Bedroom Olympics”.Once the winner was declared and given their gold medal. They would be awarded a contract to tour the clubs as a feature performer. This would make them a star. It would also generate a lot of revenue for the clubs. This was going to be a win, win for everybody. The customers, the contestants, and the company. Maybe Rebecca was not going to loose the job she had enjoyed in a perverse sort of way.Rebecca was excited at the prospect. All she had to come up with was a plan kaçak bahis for the finals. She decided to go home early and sleep on it overnight.The next morning, she went to the office a few minutes early. As she sat down at her desk which was located just outside the door to Bill’s office. She noticed a familiar sound. She knew it well. Bill must have come back early and was fucking someone over his desk. Not sure what to do, she picked up yesterday’s mail and started to enter Bill’s office.Feigning surprise, she stopped two steps into the office.“Oh, I’m terribly sorry. I thought you were not coming back until tomorrow.”“What do you want?” scowled Bill.“I have your mail but I can bring it back later” offered Rebecca.“Come on in and have a seat. I’m almost through. You’ve seen my cock before” barked Bill.Rebecca took a seat in the sofa on the side wall of the office. Bill returned back to pounding the tall, thin blond. Rebecca thought the twenty something girl was very attractive from what she could see of her. She was stretched over the desk with her dress up around her waist. What appeared to be a very small pair of panties were wrapped around one ankle. She wore what Rebecca , a designer shoe expert, knew to be an expensive pair of six inch heals. Surprisingly, Bill had not removed any of her clothes from the waist up as he pounded her from behind as hard as he could. As he began to cum, Bill started his all too familiar grunts. Rebecca had been on the receiving end of his attention more times than she could remember. It was an easy giveaway. He cared little about the pleasure of his female companion as much as he wanted to enjoy himself. He wanted to feel dominant like a alpha bull in the pasture.Rebecca could tell that this girl was a new play toy for Bill. Just as he began to cum, he pulled out. He always did the first few times he had sex with a woman. He was going to spray his cum all over her face. It was his way of marking his conquest. If he continued to have a relationship with her, he would dominate her sex life. If a woman was going to keep company with Bill Todd, she would be a three hole whore. She would accept his seed whenever and wherever he wanted to place it.“Rebecca, come over and meet Inga. You’ll be working together.” instructed Bill.“Nice to meet you” Rebecca offered politely.Before Inga could offer a response, Bill injected “That’s no way to greet a new friend. Give her a kiss”.Even though she had cum illegal bahis dripping off her face , Rebecca bent in and gave Inga a kiss on the lips as Bill had instructed .“I know you like the taste of my cum, why don’t you lick her face clean”. Bill directed.Hoping that she still had a chance to save her job, Rebecca took Inga into a hug and began to lick.Inga stood upright and still as Rebecca did Bill’s bidding. She willingly accepted Rebecca’s attention. There was no doubtshe enjoyed the company of another woman. “You two make a great pair. I hope you enjoy working together” observed Bill.“I’m sure we will” smiled Rebecca. She was trying to put the best spin on a bad situation. Inga was not sure what she had gotten into. The the road to Bill Todd’s office had not been an easy journey for Inga. She had come from Bucharest, Romania. Her father worked for a company that dealt on the international black market of military grade weapons. The company was a part of a large Russian crime syndicate. His job had provided a comfortable life style for Inga, her two older sisters, and his wife. Their lifestyle was the envy of many. Her troubles began when a shipment of weapons her father was responsible for had been seized en route to a rebel army in Africa. It was worth millions and his employer was not happy with the loss. The Russian syndicate wanted retribution from those responsible.Inga and her 2 sisters were k**napped. Her sisters, being older and not in the prime, were sent to a military recreation and rest facility. They were put to work in the camp’s barber shop. It was no more than a front for a military bordello. They would spend their days on their backs with their legs spread. Any soldier that had a few dollars could fuck his choice of whore. Being new meat, the sisters were subjected to a steady flow of horny young men. Inga’s father was well aware of the fate of his two oldest daughters. He was upset but relieved when he was informed his youngest daughter, Inga, would be sent to America. There, he was told, she would have a chance for an education. The truth of the matter was that she was being given to Bill Todd. Among his other i*****l activates, Bill was in the process of securing Eastern European girls from the Russians for a new venture. Inga was informed prior to her departure for America that it was important that she do as she was told. A bad report would result in the death of her father. His body would be disposed of in a manner where he would never be found. Her mother would spend her final days in a kennel of German shepherds. The thought of such treatment convinced Inga that she would do anything to make her new boss happy.

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