A Wall Between Two Worlds


“Don’t talk on your cell phone at the table Michelle… you can call them back after breakfast,” Kathleen Bergan hissed to her Daughter as she carried a plate of pancakes from the kitchen.

“So Kurt… what did you get into last night?” Kathleen asked her Son, who was deep into his second bowl of cereal.

“Not much… went over to Nick’s and played some pool then we drove around for awhile,” he replied between bites.

“Oh,” Kathleen smiled as she sat down to join her two kids and Husband at the table, taking a small but tangible thrill from the most mundane of conversations considering it was the first time she’d had everyone in the house together for a meal in almost a month.

A quick, stabbing blade of guilt over her recent behavior ripped through Kathleen as she looked around the table, first to her Husband who was lost in the sports page and then at her two kids and savored the togetherness of having her family all in the same spot.

Before she could even get comfortable in her seat however, and wallow in her tender moment, her Daughter jumped up and took her cell phone to continue her call upstairs and her Husband laid the newspaper down before checking his watch to make sure he wouldn’t be late for his 11am tee-time with his buddies at the club.

“Gotta go… I love you Babe,” he said to Kathleen before dropping a quick kiss on the top of her head as he went to gather his clubs.

Within a minute of feeling that ‘family wholeness’, suddenly Kathleen was left sitting at the table with only her Son seated across from her.

“Your 21st birthday is coming up next week Kurt… made any plans yet?” Kathleen asked, trying to gauge his openness to an organized observance of that fateful day.

“For the love of God… please no surprise parties again Mom,” Kurt groaned between spoonfuls of Frosted Flakes… “You had one for my 16th and 18th… let’s not make a big deal out of this one OK… I think Robby and Nick mentioned something about going out next weekend anyway.”

“Well… OK,” Kathleen sighed with a clear aire of deflation.

Sensing the inevitable awkwardness that would come with his Mother’s disappointment, Kurt did what any sane teenage boy would do. He quickly scarfed down the rest of his cereal and left the table.

“I think me and a few of the guys are going up to the lake this afternoon… I should be home for dinner though,” Kurt told his Mom as he went into the kitchen to put his bowl in the sink… trying his best to navigate the political gap between not wanting to hurt her feelings and still showing he was now an adult.

“Alright… we’ll probably eat around 7,” Kathleen replied, suddenly all alone at the table.

Rubbing her temples as she stared down at her half eaten pancake and glass of orange juice, Kathleen Bergan realized she was right back where she started and remembered just why she had made the selfish, and still secret, change a few months earlier.

“So much for my June Cleaver moment,” Kathleen cringed as the silence of the dining room enveloped her.


The affair had started about two months earlier.

Kathleen had been working for the local cable company in Germantown, Tennessee for nearly two decades. A small enclave East of Memphis, Kathleen enjoyed being close enough to a major city, yet enjoyed the idyllic small town setting to raise a family.

It was also a place where everyone knew everyone else’s business. Born and raised there, combined with her countless hours of working with the public and having two children in school, there weren’t more than two degrees of separation between Kathleen and most anyone in a 30 mile radius.

Ross Eckerson had been one of Kathleen’s regular customers at the cable office for nearly the whole time she had been there. She had known him since high school where he was two grades ahead of her. The scuttlebutt around the town gossip mill was that Ross and his wife weren’t exactly hitting the high notes much anymore.

While Ross and his wife always seemed chipper enough when they were in to pay a bill or she’d see them out in public, Kathleen knew from her own deteriorating home situation that the truth behind closed doors often wasn’t what anyone on the outside could imagine.

Knowing both the Eckerson’s kids had gone away to college, Kathleen could sense a definite change in the couple each time she saw them, alone or together. Ross had always had a understated, fatherly quality to him. With his salt and pepper hair and gentle, dry humored demeanor, he had always seemed like the antithesis of his wife, Joan, who seemed all over the place when it came to her mood and general state of mind.

Without the kids around however, Kathleen could sense the Eckerson’s drifting apart like two sides of a shifting fault line. She couldn’t help but wonder if her own marriage would start to disintegrate once both her kids had moved out as well.

So when Ross asked her out one afternoon when he was in to pay his cable bill, once he was sure they were lordbahis güvenilirmi the only two without hearing distance, Kathleen’s jaw nearly dropped to the floor.

“Just to talk,” he had told her, like a desperate man gravitating to a warm, caring and familiar face as he suffocated in a horrible marriage.

Entranced in shock from Ross’ out of the blue invitation, Kathleen stunned herself, and Ross frankly, by accepting.

And talking was all each seemed to seek from their initial meetings. Kathleen and Ross had chosen a Dunkin Donuts on the outskirts of town and each time whichever one of them arrived first would sit in their car and wait for the other to show. Then they would collectively scan the parking lot for anyone who might recognize them before jointly nodding the go ahead to each other that it was safe to go inside. The chemistry between the two was obvious from the start as they shared their hauntingly similar lots in life and by their fifth rendezvous at the donut shop, Ross and Kathleen had made the decision to make their next meeting at the Budget Inn across the street.

The guilt Kathleen felt over breaking her marital vows was palpable. The wonderful and potent release of endorphins however kept her coming back for more. It was cliché, but the colors Kathleen would see after beginning the affair were more vivid, food tasted better and every song she heard on the radio suddenly seemed to make her want to tap her feet and sing out loud. Both she and Ross had been similar in so many ways. It had been the first marital transgression for each and even though it was clear neither was comfortable with the thought of leaving their respective spouse, somehow there was an unspoken bond between the two, equal parts lust and attraction and equal part something to lose.


Kurt Bergen sat in the backseat of the SUV that belonged to his best friend Robby’s parents. Parked on a deserted dirt road a few miles from town, Kurt stared out at his surroundings, the otherwise pitch-black night sprouted vividly with color from the bottle of Wild Turkey he had put a hefty dent in.

Laughing constantly with Robby, and his other friend Nick as they sat in the front seat and gazed back at him occasionally through the rear view mirror, Kurt chanted an internal mantra of thanks that he had talked his Mom and Dad out of throwing a lame family 21st birthday party at home for him.

“Nope… nope this much better than cake and ice cream,” he thought, laughing out loud in the backseat of the Tahoe.

“Having fun back there?” Nick blarred, casting a snide and sophomoric punch to the shoulder of Robby beside him as the two boys in the front stole a glimpse to the backseat.

“Yep,” Kurt beamed as he leaned back and watched the chubby and sloppy drunk girl his two friends had brought along to be part of Kurt’s birthday present bob her face up and down on his crotch.

Sally Manning wasn’t the ugliest girl they had grown up with, but she certainly wasn’t one of the prettiest either. But after a couple of drinks she had developed quite a reputation of giving great head and she had also earned the trust of the boys around Germantown not to talk about what happens on those occasional weekend drives to the county line.

“Just don’t get any jizz on the upholstery, “Robby cracked between sips of his beer.

“Don’t worry, Man… If what I heard is true about Sally… she wont let any go to waste,” Nick chuckled.

The original deal had been for Sally to fuck Kurt for his birthday, but by the time they had arrived at the desolate make out spot, she was probably a little too drunk and probably a little too big to make the cramped quarters of the backseat truly work for full out sex. So Kurt had been more than content to take head from her and for the first 10 minutes or so, everything had gone smoothly.

Rubbing his fingers through Sally’s shiny brown hair as her warm, half exposed bosom bounced against his thigh, Kurt was content to sit back and milk the moment for all it was worth. It wasn’t until he felt Sally’s stomach begin to roll and heave against his knee that everything started to happen at warp speed.

In the blink of an eye, the two most dreaded words when letting a girl give you a blowjob came to Kurt, “gag reflex”.

Having spent the previous few minutes feeding the substantial girth of his cock steadily down the drunk and eager girl’s throat, Kurt was suddenly forced to recoil and pull away when the telltale sounds of Sally preparing to puke filled the cabin of the vehicle.

Reaching hastily for the window’s up/down switch on the door’s console, Kurt closed his eyes, turned his head and held his breath as Sally’s upper torso shot across his body a fraction of a second before the liquid contents in her stomach sprayed out the window in a fractured wave.

“GODDAMN,” Robby screamed, just knowing Sally had thrown up all over the outside of his parent’s SUV.

“Well… I bet that just about killed the moment,” Nick lordbahis yeni giriş added with dry sarcasm when he looked back and saw Sally’s heaving weight still draped across Kurt’s lap and the way his suddenly dispatched dick bounced dejectedly between his legs.

“FUCK,” Kurt finally spat, once Sally has leaned back over to her seat and collapsed in a sickly heap.

“What do we do now?” he asked in disgust.

“Let’s run Sally back and drop her off with a few of her friends at the Mall… Its only 10 o’clock… I’ve got another idea,” Robby mumbled before wheeling the Tahoe back out onto the main road.

Kurt’s curiosity somewhat peaked, he sat back in his seat and took another shot from his bottle of Wild Turkey as Sally began to snore beside him.


Even though the heater in Ross Eckerson’s car was running fine, Kathleen Bergen couldn’t help but fight off goosebumps as she sat in the passenger seat, lazily watching the darkened scenery pass as they headed West on I-40 towards the Tennessee/Arkansas state line.

Her relationship with him had started out innocently enough, one of shared friendship and plight. The passion that had erupted between the two however had opened up doors for both that neither had expected. While each had admitted during the throws of passion that they had given some thought to the swinging thing with their respective spouses, living in such a small town full of busybodies, they knew they had too much to lose if the truth ever came out.

So both the Bergens and Eckersons continued down that same stale path until Ross and Kathleen somehow stumbled into bed with each other. Spouse-swapping just without informing the other spouse, they reasoned.

But with those doors of repressed lust swung way open, suddenly Kathleen and Ross found themselves openly contemplating many things with each other, ones they had long kept deeply hidden, even from their own chosen partner in life.

“So… have you ever been out to this place?” Kathleen asked.

“Nope… No I haven’t,” Ross answered, chuckling a little from Kathleen’s visible nerves. “One of the guys at work mentioned it.”

“Oh,” Kathleen deadpanned, causing them both to smile as they crossed the state line.

Once there, Ross wheeled his car into the small gravel parking lot, behind the rickety country shack of a club that served as their destination.

“We’re here,” Ross whispered across to Kathleen, each gazing towards the front door of the seedy structure.

“Don’t see anyone you know, do you?” she sniped sarcastically, the worry clear in her voice that one of them might be recognized by a customer there.

“We’re nearly an hour away from home Kathleen… and besides… I don’t think many people from either our circle of friends would be caught dead in a place like this,” Ross re-assured.

“But we’re here, aren’t we?” Kathleen reminded.

“Touché,” was all Ross could manage as they watched the occasional visitor come and go through the parking lot.

“When do we make our move?” Kathleen asked a few moments later, with measured calmness.

“Whenever you’re ready,” he soberly replied.

“So Ross… just what are you going to get out of this anyway?” Kathleen wondered aloud, knowing what she was about to do wouldn’t exactly take into account her boyfriend’s needs.

“I don’t know… maybe just being able to watch you do something you’ve said you’ve fantasized about… and selfishly… maybe the chance to take a really horny woman back to the hotel after we’re done here,” Ross replied slyly. “And who knows… maybe I might take a turn or two on the other side of that wall after you’re done.”

“You better be saving it up for later,” Kathleen coyly rebuked.

“You ready?” Kathleen sighed.

“Let’s go,” he said before both cautiously opened their car doors and got out.

>From the instant Kathleen stepped inside the dimly lit and dingy makeshift room, that was no bigger than the average office space, she immediately had reservations about the wheels she had set in motion. The presence of Ross standing calmly beside her was the only thing that kept her from turning back.

Nervously scanning the layout of the room, each time she inhaled the overwhelming stench of sex, cigarette smoke and alcohol permitted Kathleen’s senses and made her eyes water slightly. There were three other women in the room, two relatively normal types which appeared to be milling about with their husbands, and one strung out biker type, who was probably in her late 40’s and had a look in her empty blue eyes that she was running on something a tad bit more potent than schnapps and a few loose joints.

The two married couples nodded politely in Kathleen and Ross’ direction as if relieved they weren’t the only perverted two couples that moment in Eastern Arkansas.

Making their way judiciously around the room, trying at the same time to both be friendly and open and still keep an adequate and comfortable distance, Kathleen lordbahis giriş and Ross slowly tried to acclimate themselves to the strange social dynamic they’d walked into.

The awkwardness continued to play out until out of the corner of Kathleen’s eye she looked towards the opposite wall, and for the first time took note of the four carved out holes, each at varying heights. Within a few moments, as if answering some sort of primal and unspoken call, the tattooed woman who was there all alone staggered towards the line of holes and bent down in expectation.

Kathleen was sure she could hear some muffled laughter and stray conversation on the other side of the drywall but it was impossible to make out any words or voices. She felt her own butterflies start to bounce into one another when an eerie hush descended on the room. A second later a rather endowed, uncircumcised cock emerged through the opening in the wall and like a famished woman to a faucet, the drugged out whore on the floor took the dick into her mouth.

“So Kathleen… is this what you expected?” Ross whispered into his Mistress’ ear.

“Honestly… I didn’t know what to expect,” Kathleen replied, her glassy eyes intensely focused, just as the other five sets in the room, on the scene on the far side of the room.


The booze having took root in Kurt Bergan’s system, his dizzily opened and closed his eyes every few seconds as his friend, Robby sped west down the interstate.

“Where in the Hell are we going… are we there yet?” Kurt drunkenly croaked from the backseat, like an impatient 12 year old.

“A little place just across the state line… hopefully it’ll give you a little relief from the blue-balls Sally left you with,” Robby laughed. “We should be there in about 10 minutes.”

“Alright,” Kurt grinned, closing his eyes to savor the buzz as he contemplated the possibilities.


Standing speechless in the center of the room, transfixed with everyone else watching the redneck slut on the floor service the cock protruding from the wall, an interesting and complicated clash of feelings needled Kathleen’s soul.

Looking over to each of the other two couples, Kathleen couldn’t help but feel a hypocritical rash of anger towards the two husbands for subjecting their respective wives to such a graphic and perverse display.

“How could they ever look at their Husbands, the Father of their children, the same way again…?” Kathleen’s hazy mind wondered.

Bowing her head instantly in private shame for being there herself, the fire stirring in her loins fought back with anger of its own, jealously hating her own Husband for not being the one to have brought her when the other wives were there with the men they loved.

Kathleen was snapped out of her brief hypnotic malaise when the sound of the man on the other side of the wall’s knees began tapping the barrier just before his low, billowing groan of release echoed through the rafters.

“He’s cumming,” Kathleen croaked, watching from the right of the kneeling woman as her cheeks began to bulge just before her throat starting rolling, in a frantic attempt to swallow the jizz that was now showering her palate.

Kathleen found herself groping at her own bosom through her sweater as she watched the carnal display in front of her, and each time she swallowed herself, she swore somehow she could taste and feel the slimy, salty report oozing down her throat as well.

Trembling slightly, Kathleen collapsed against Ross’ supportive hand as she watched the woman on the floor pull her face away, allowing the cock that had just ravaged her throat to slip messily back through the hole. Kathleen’s skin tingled at the way the last cobwebby strand of cum hung between the girl’s lips and the anonymous man’s peehole until it finally broke apart and landed in a glob between the girl’s legs on the floor, right below the hole.

Somewhere in the distance, she heard one of the other men in the room innocently ask, “Who’s up next?”

“… I will… ,” Kathleen stoically spoke up, her tone full of intent yet devoid of emotion.


“God what a dump,” were the first words out of Kurt’s mouth as he and his two friends stepped out of the Tahoe.

“Damn straight,” Nick laughed. “Guess at a place like this, its what’s inside instead of outside. I hear some of the girls from school come all the way out here to make a few dollars on the weekend.”

“Speaking of which,” Robby spoke up, pulling a wad of at least 50 $1 bills from his pocket. “Here’s something to get us all started.”

“The guy that was telling me about the place was also saying they have a few little extra features here,” Robby continued.

“Glory Hole rooms,” Nick finished his thought.

“Glory Hole rooms?” Kurt stammered. “You mean those places where you get a girl to suck you off through a hole… you don’t even have to see her face?”

“Yeah… you probably wouldn’t want to see their faces anyway at a place like this… I’m sure there are nothing but a bunch of toothless hillbilly wenches… but they’ll slurp a cock and swallow just the same,” Nick chided, causing the other two boys to crack up as they began to strut towards the front door of the club.

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