Across Rooftops – The Tutor

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He was asleep and she let him get his rest. Sheila had napped just before Sham had shown up at her door. She quickly discovered that she had been spotted in her little pleasure garden on the rooftop. It did not take her long to figure out why he had called on her. The young man, all of nineteen years in age had his blood surging with hormones and wanted to see if he could strike up a friendship or more with this woman he had spotted from his roof top.

She has played and pleasured herself with her usual wild abandon on the assumption she could not be seen. Actually, Sham had seen her play with her breasts and use the water hose to bring herself to orgasm. And before she could gather herself and freshen up, there he was at the door.

The expert seductress that she was, she sized up the boy wonderfully well. Her own self-control of the last few years did not help. Trying to bring up her own teenaged son in a better environment prevented him from indulging herself in young males the way she had for years before. In Sham she sensed opportunity to indulge her carnal craving without compromising on the home environment she wanted. In any case, in her hunger she justified everything she wanted to do to herself.

And so, after several years, Sheila found herself in a familiar situation: that of a teacher. And here was her student, lying knocked out but not down – for his erection was unabated. She had still not seen it any state but that.

The first round, of initiating him to sex was quick but consisted of more than one round of actual copulation. His untrained and urgent approach tired her out sooner but that was also because she was unused to vigorous sex; and Sham was vigorous if anything.

She allowed it. First bring him in and allow him to feed in frenzy. Then he would be calm enough to be tutored in the art of pleasuring Sheila. To be honest, she too fed on him with frenzy. For a woman used to a string of lovers the prolonged celibacy proved too much. She rode him initially, intending to take her full pleasure but he could not hold out. Then she had him pound her but it lacked the finish she was used to.

So, while she was ragged with the fucking, she was hardly satiated. In fact, the idea of having to teach him the details of pleasuring her drove her wild as she waited for him to wake up. She went over the details of all the things she needed to teach him. She wanted him to learn to eat her to orgasm. He also had to learn to fuck her from behind; it felt so wonderfully animal and forceful. And then there was sixty-nine…. All of these had to be taught one by one, but punctuated by better kissing, riding, fucking and foreplay.

So much to do! And Sheila knew the young man might not be able to stick to her sequence of lessons. Nor she to her intended script. Two wild people: it would be a long series of lessons, detours included.

All these thoughts raised her body temperature to one of intense sexual fever. She needed him. She needed that the orgasm to end all orgasms: the one his tongue could bring. She eyed the clock. How much time had she before her son returned? The boy would have to out before then. And the maid who came in for an hour to do the house? The maid was by herself not such a big problem for her own bedroom was out of bounds for the servants. This part she maintained by herself. There were just too many valuables and she could not be bothered with locking up things in this room which was her haven from the whole wide world. It was a room where she did not have to think of anything or anyone. This was where the real Sheila lived they way she wanted to live.

She thought all these thoughts and her hand idly slid down her tummy and she twirled her pubic hair. Her hand moved up and down her torso, occasionally venturing further than the pubic hair, as she contemplated sliding her fingers in. Her tummy was damp with mild perspiration from the exertions of their session. As she patted around to find a sheet or towel to dry herself a bit the doorbell rang.

Sheila threw on her caftan. She thought a bit about it and then locked her room and slipped the key into her pocket. What if some circumstance presented itself and the maid accessed the room? She could not let her find this young Adonis lying nude, erection and all, in her bed.

She rapidly went down the stairs. It was the maid. She let her in. No instructions. Sheila’s house was kept to order. The clothes would be in the wash basket. The vessels would be in the sink. Takeaways of yesterday’s leftovers for the maid would be found in their allotted place. And Memsahib Sheila’s space was out of bounds as usual. That was Sheila. Perfect in keeping house.

Leaving the maid alone as she often did, Sheila ran up the stairs quickly and found herself quite sweaty by the time she reached her room. She had already been warm; the quick walk down and back up the stairs made her really hot.

That heat was nothing compared to the hot frenzy into which she had built herself thinking of her young lover waiting to be woken, Escort taught and taken. She quickly lifted the caftan over her head and let it drop to the floor. Holding her hands to her breasts, she gently toggled her erect nipples and kneeled on the bed, his legs between her knees. And she slowly waddled up the prone body. As she moved up she found herself having to spread her knees wider. It lowered her pubis tantalizing low over his body and it seemed her pussy would snag his penis.

That was something she didn’t want. There was every chance it would slide in. There was every chance she would succumb to the rawest of sexual hungers. There was every chance she would feed on him like a slut rather than teach him the art of pleasuring Sheila.

She rose over the impediment and lowered herself across his broad chest. It was just way too broad for her pubis not to scrape his chest. She tucked her knees in near his arm pits and held the head board of the bed in her hand. She lowered her tummy and ran it on his face. His lips smeared her and he awoke to the aroma of Sheila’s heavenly body. She moved up till it was the pubis – steaming, hot and open- at his face. It seemed to her like a molten cauldron ready to melt down on him. Then she ran her body down, the pubis smearing his chest with her fluids. As she went lower her breasts touched the top of his head.

Sham could only see and smell wondrous sights of this woman. He tried to reach for those heavy breasts, hanging under their own weight. She slapped his hand down. Her hair cascading over his face she whispered into his ear, “Time to learn lessons from aunty, dear!” And then she continued to graze his body with her torso and pubis. On one such trip down she brought her face level to his face.

Her face, he noted was a radiant red with the bindi – the dot on the forehead – smudged and smeared in the careless lovemaking.

“Stick your tongue out,” she commanded. He obeyed.. Sheila nibbled on it, sucking into her mouth the wet, hot tongue. It felt wonderful to both of them. She squealed as she felt pleasure in sucking his tongue in and pushing it out. Sham reached under and found her pubis and tried to find the slit and push in his fingers as she had shown him previously. But this time she grabbed his wrist and restrained him.

“Not your hand,” she smiled at him. “Keep that tongue firm and out,” she instructed him. She dueled his tongue with hers and found his tongue moving. “Firm,” she hissed at him. Then she tested his tongue again and again, and finding him holding firm, she made a satisfied ‘Mmm” sound.

“Now, relax your tongue. And now stretch it out and hold firm” she ordered him. Quickly shimmying up she allowed his tongue to draw a line on her torso, down past her navel till it lay lurking under her pubis. Sheila shuddered at the delicate touch of his tongue. Now she lowered herself and ran the bushy pubis on the broad tongue. She felt the rough, broad surface of his tongue. She ground on to his face, feeling his face on her pussy lips.

Sham grabbed at her ass pulling her down wanting to bury his face in her pussy.

“Easy,” she gasped, excited by the urgency he showed. “Focus on the point of contact.”

“Nnh!” she grunted happily as he showed his ability to focus. “You don’t have to feel anything but the – ah! – openness of my pussy. Can you feel it?” she asked, trembling. Her voice was shaky with desire.

“Mmf,” came his muffled reply. Once again he tried to press his mouth against her pussy. She hunched over as it sent a ripple of pleasure through her. “Un-hunh!” she protested. The student was impatient. He had to be taught how to be totally focused on delivering her pleasure with a calm focus.

She let go of the head board which she had gripped tightly with both hands to balance her pussy over his tongue and mouth. She gripped his head in both hands holding his face around the ears and looked down. She could see her two breasts heaving and past them down, the boy’s bewildered face. “Focus on me!” she said. “Watch.’

She leaned back resting her bottom on him. He could feel the sticky hot besmirching of her soppy channel on him. She reached back with her hand and with some effort found his cock. In this position her breasts, large and heavy as they were, were upturned and pointed upwards arrogantly, defying gravity. Sham wanted to hold them, but Sheila had shown him who was in charge.

Moreover, she had his cock which was seeping fluid in her grip.

“I can pleasure you like this,” she said, holding him tight in her fist and shoving down hard. Sham winced as the rough fisting gave him pleasure but also brought on an intense desire to be rapidly fisted. “You might want more of it,” said the experienced woman, “But it would finish soon.”

“Whereas this,” she said, letting go of him – at which he groaned in frustration – “Is more like what you actually want.”

Expertly, she moistened her fingers with his secretions. Using just her thumb, forefinger and middle finger, she rotated the head of his Escort Bayan cock gently, touching all of the sensitive zone on his head with each finger in turn as her hand rotated. Her eyes were fixed intently on his face as she looked for the response she wanted. His mouth opened and he gasped as he felt three caresses in the spot that mattered the most in quick succession. His body shuddered.

Taking advantage of the further secretions now, she slid her hand gently down the pillar. She felt heat soaring between her legs as she felt how hard and broad his cock was. Sham could have sensed it if his mind was alive to anything but his cockhead. The hand cam back up and soon the troika of fingers formed the massaging head and she twirled her hand expertly. Each finger passed the erogenous zone on his cockhead and the poor boy shuddered, enslaved by her skill.

He thrust his hips up desperate for more, and she was there to give him more as her fist formed a lubricated glove for him to fuck. Down, then back, up, scooping even more of his precum. Gently, but firmly, focusing on all the right things that drive a man wild, she fisted him. Pleasure- but not its culmination. Making love to a man was like swimming, biking she thought to herself. The memory comes back spontaneously even if you haven’t done it for a while.

She slid down his body, intending to provide him relief from the mad desire she had aroused. After all, he was her student, not a slave, not someone to be tortured. Gazing lovingly at the phallus in her hands now, she covered it with her lips and held the head in a ring formed by her lips. Using just two fingers she masturbated the shaft of his penis. He shuddered his pleasure, moaning and begging her obscenely, “Sheila! Ah! Fuck meeee! Oh, fuckkkkkk!”

The lips pressed down hard, curbing the nature of his release. His orgasm receded even as his shaft seemed to pulsate in release. He had his pleasure – but not its culmination.

She looked up from his cock at him. If he cared to look down he would have seen her, radiant as ever, with his streaky fluids in strands from her lips to his anatomy. Sheila now came up on all fours, prone on her victim like a tigress. She shimmied up and regained her post atop his face.

“That tongue!” she commanded and this time, dutifully he held out a broad slab of flesh for her to pleasure herself on. Holding the bed headboard, she pushed her ass out. It opened her legs wider than ever – though her pussy was already agape. Moving her body in an arc, the cunt formed an arc for which the point of contact with his body was his chin. And as she moved upward, the tongue snagged the lips. The tongue slathered the clit and the broad tongue pushed broadly against the lips that followed.

When she ran her body down, the arc started from the base of her pussy, stroking the wider and wetter lips till the clit came to find the tip. Sheila shuddered violently as the tongue found its mark better. “Yah!” she exclaimed at the precise moment. She wanted Sham to know that this was the high point of the tongued caress. Pressing down harder as irrepressible desire took grip of her, she ran the top of her pussy – the joining of lips, the clit and all, down and hard on the chin bone, taking a shamelessly large dollop of pleasure.

This time her “Yah” was guttural, longer and encouraging. ‘Indicate which act bestows the most pleasure’, she recalled from the manual for instructors. It was this, it was this, it was this!

In long sensuous grinding arcs of her hips she repeatedly grazed her pussy along tongue and chin. This was the point at which she would have loved variations. “Patience,” she said to herself, gritting her teeth.

For her, sexual pleasure was not of one single kind. Like different varieties of mango each with their own distinct taste, different varieties of pleasure had their own distinct vocabulary. And in that, cunnilingus was a class apart.

Within that, there were variations which she hungered – for each separately. Fingers thrust into her pussy, fucking while she was being sucked. At other times, those fingers curled and searching and stimulating the inside walls of her pussy. But then, on still other occasions her body demanded the fullness of a throbbing cock – fingers would not do; even as her clit was being thrashed. For that, she taught her man to use a cucumber. Or better still a dildo-shaped vibrator. And of course, nothing – no vibrator – could replicate the throbbing of the shaft of a penis which emanated from within. Having a cock stretch her out and pulsate while a tongue was busy on her clit was more like a rare treat. It involved arrangements, but when they could be made, the pleasure was of a different magnitude.

“Right now, we must learn to walk before we can fly,” she said to herself. As the grinding grew more intense, her need for release grew to a new peak. There was nothing “plain vanilla” about having her pussy eaten. It was all a matter of scale and degree. This was lovely, as beautiful as anything. And the boy Bayan Escort was a good learner.

“Now!” she called out to him. “Do you know where it matters – ah! – the most – aah?” she asked, doing the nuanced work of pleasuring herself on her own.

“Mm! Yes!” came the muffled reply from beneath.

Bracing herself for the storm to come, she commanded in a voice laden with expectancy, “Then go for it! Suck me! Use your tongue! Yes, there! There! Oh, yes!” she coaxed him. He was a good student. Feeling around with his tongue, Sham found the slick knob of flesh and flicked his tongue tip rapidly, feeling her fluids collect on his face. She was open, agape, thrust downwards and there was only one way for her secretions to flow: down on his face. He felt it on his nostrils. Down his chin. Partly her secretions. Partly his own saliva from keeping his mouth open and tongue stretched out.

Sheila fucked his face for good measure. Her grip on the headboard tightened till her knuckles were white as she rocked on his face. Her thrusting became insistent. The headboard banged against the wall. Sheila thought of the paint finish on the wall taking marks, but that could not be helped.

She thrust down harder and harder, riding the upcoming storm with a ferocity. Sham gripped her sumptuous ass in his hands, trying to hold the target steady. Sheila was thrashing about, her head flinging from side to side. The thumping of the bed against the wall grew more violent. In this unusually quiet house, the sounds were not lost on the maid working the rooms below. She stared up the stairs at the closed door at the end of the landing. It seemed like any other day. Then came the muffled noises.

“Yes, you bastard! You, young beast! Eat me! Eat me! Yah!” Sheila hollered, banging down on the Sham. Sham did his best to keep his focus. He was distracted. His own penis was aching for attention. The breasts above him were flapping and making slapping noises. He wanted to hold those massive mounds. And there was this sluice gate in front of his face. He wanted desperately to get a good score with Sheila Aunty. He wanted her, he wanted all of this. And he wanted more. Most of all, he wanted to own the woman’s pleasure. He wanted to love her, tame her and possess her.

His hands grabbed wildly. His mouth lapped at the pussy. Valiantly, and more or less successfully, he kept Sheila going in the direction of release.

“Hnnh!” grunted Sheila loudly, hips thrust forward, breasts captured in his hands and mauled as the first wave slammed into her. Then she pulled her hips back and jabbed forward to take the second wave of pleasure. She pinched her own nipples and screamed, “Sham!” She fucked down vigorously as her body took over. She thrashed, flailed and pounded down on the youth beneath her.

“Now!” she bellowed. “Now do me as you please! Suck! Bite! Eat! Maul” she cried out.

He clawed and slapped her as he sought to bring her to control. His tongue was aching but he did not stop. He closed his mouth on her pussy as best as he could and sucked. A loud slurping noise emerged as his open mouth proved inadequate to cover the chasm between her legs fully. Sheila squirted thick jets of cum on to his surprised face: he didn’t know women ejaculated like men.

Sheila made animal sounds of pleasure, grunting, groaning and shouting obscenities.

“Fuck me! Oh, fuck me! Oh, yes! Yah! Take me! Take me! Take meeee!” she wailed as her insides poured out onto the boy. He let it all flow. Not drinking or sucking anything. Just tonguing to ensure she got her fullest release. His chin and neck was soaked in her fluids. He continued his ministrations and the thumping slowed to a standstill. Sheila was now the picture of intense concentration.

She raised her hips a wee bit to put them out of reach of his tongue – she could take no more. But her mind was focused on the tremors still lashing her body, the aftershocks of her first, truly intense cumming in years. At this time, the only thing that mattered was Sheila herself. The young man under her was merely an instrument to deliver this pleasure. His job done he did not exist at this moment. The only thing was she herself, and her pleasure. And she stayed there with that, savoring every little frisson.

There was a prolonged silence, during which the maid concluded that whatever it was had passed without incident.

Satiated Sheila knew she needed to give her young lover what he had earned. A break was needed for her and she took it in her own characteristic style. First she leaned down and kissed the young student on his lips. She tasted herself. She liked the taste. Women tasted beautiful she thought to herself, thinking of times when she had done that, too.

She swiveled around and sank her face down on the cock, unattended and craving attention. Sham found himself looking at Sheila’s wide hips and ass and then the pussy sank back on his face. He nuzzled her; she took him in her throat. She allowed her saliva to drench the pillar. Then in a slow bobbing of her head she gave him head. She knew it was new to him. But she knew that soon it would be on his menu card right on the top. No man ever went to bed without her mouthing him, or sucking him, even if only briefly. And often it was not brief.

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