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Addison My Lust – Addison My LoverGrowing up I had a friend named Michael that you could call us best friends. We are almost inseparable 24/7. We would go out to the clubs, bars and restaurants while dating different women sometimes double dating. We would sometimes date each other’s girlfriends after the novelty wore off but we never interfered with each others friendship. Some dating lasted weeks to months but we had a bond to not have a women interfere with our friendship. That was true except for one girl I dated that is now my current wife Addison.During the dating years of Addison it was amazing. We would have the best times together from date night, to hosting parties, to quiet cuddles on the couch, we were growing a relationship together. I think we were starting to fall in love, not lust anymore, well at least she was. The sex alone was amazing. Then I realized that I didn’t want that life. I wanted to play the field and find what’s best for me.We would have some down time from each other because of us not seeing each other as much as we she wanted to. I would go out without her or would be looking at other women and she wanted me to be with just her. We would disconnect for weeks or months at times from each other, until one of us, mainly myself would get the itch for her compassion and I would call her back up. She would drop everything for me and welcomed me with open arms. I figured I had her where I needed her whenever it was convenient for me.We had a lot of mutual friends and I found out that through them that she was dating people during our break up periods. I never really cared who she was dating, as long as she wasn’t bothering me. That was until I found out my best friend started to talk to her behind my back. When she was talking to him and I would call or text her, she was different. She would ignore me or she would be very short with her answers. At first this did not bother me until it kept progressing on. Then there was a part of me that started to become jealous and I had to see what or who was more important than me.I decided to go to her house and see if someone was in the driveway. I was driving toward her house and I didn’t know what to expect to find, but I was not expecting to find my best friends car in her driveway. When we would date each others past girlfriends we asked each other first, but this time he decided to keep this a secret. As I drove past I was upset at her more than him. How can she do this to me. I did so much for her I thought to myself, then I realized no I don’t.I decided to calm down and head back home. It wasn’t about ten minutes later my phone rang, it was Michael and he wanted to see what was going on with me. I wanted to call him out on where he was at, however I played it cool. I asked him where you at? He said just leaving a friends house heading home. I asked anyone I know? He replied no one worth mentioning and I left it alone.I told him I was home and headed to bed and I would call him tomorrow. I hung up the phone and I called Addison. She answered the phone and talk to me like normal, like nothing was wrong. She seemed so happy at the moment, as if she just had sex. My mind was playing games on me. I told her that I wanted to be more than friends and to really try this dating thing together. I thought to myself, I can not let anyone else interfere with my guaranteed play toy. I was trying to spend more time with her, wondering if Michael was still talking to her or seeing her when we were not together. Michael and I were spending more time apart so he could of been sneaking around with Addison without either of them mentioning it to me. I was hoping she would slip up and tell me about Michael but she never did.A few weeks later she admitted to me at dinner that she has been talking to Michael and that he has stopped down a few times. I asked if he had been there recently and she said no, but I was not convinced. She said she was waiting to tell me in case I would of ditched her again after a few weeks. I told her that statement bothered me and I was getting upset with her. I asked her if or what happened with her when I was not around?Addison asked sex? I said sex, dinner, kissing anything. She said that they went out a few times on dates or cooked dinner at home, things I use to do with her then I stopped caring. She said yes I have kissed him and and we have fell asleep together, but nothing sexual. Addison said part of her wanted to have sex with him and wanted to start getting serious but there was always a hope that we would be together one day and didn’t want to ruin the chance. She told me she originally was really interested in a threesome all together since me and him were good friends. She thought it would be easy to have one with all of us being friends and if she already had sex with both of us. It would be a lot less stress and drama.I thanked her for being honest, but I told her that is not a good to proposition someone that they really wanted a relationship with by inviting them to have a threesome together. Over the next few days I thought about what she said about her and Michael dating and her urge to have sex with him. Why didn’t she just do it? Would she follow though with sex with Michael if I would drift away again?Days later I talked to Michael about him dating her and about how upset I was towards him and her hiding their relationship behind my back. Michael apologized to me and told he wanted to test the waters with her before tilling me what he was doing in case it would not work out between them so I would not get upset. If I didn’t know they dated and it didn’t work out no one would need to know, so no one would get emotionally hurt. I told him he was completely wrong.Weeks went by and everything seemed to be back to normal. I was preparing dinner with Addison at her house when her neighbor knocked on the door and wanted her help outside real quick. Addison left me for a few minutes to help her neighbor while I was cooking. That is when I noticed her cell phone sitting there. I thought to myself maybe I should snoop in her phone but part of me didn’t want to know the truth if I was wrong. It only took me a few seconds and my curiosity got the best of me and I picked up her phone.At first, I didn’t find anything unusual, but I looked deeper. I found a few text messages and phone calls between Addison and Michael but they seemed harmless. I was satisfied and was just about ready to put her phone down when I decided to look at one more place, her picture folder. I opened that Escort folder and my heart sunk. There were pictures of my girl naked, wearing sexy lingerie, and screenshots of her and Michael’s conversations. The conversations were very flirty with the urge to have sexual relations. She took screenshots because he was sending her dick pics to her in return for her pictures she sent him.I was outraged, heart broken, and sad. I wanted to leave because they both lied to me. But I couldn’t stop looking at all the files. I was so aroused with the pictures she sent to him. The outfits, their conversations. Everything was turning me on sexually, but emotionally I was empty inside. Finally I heard her coming back towards the door. I closed her phone and pretended like nothing was wrong. We had dinner and small talk then I went home to think about what I should do or say next.I thought about it for days. I told myself she is not the girl for me. They both lied to me and I needed to just move on. I never thought this day would come between a girl and my best friend. After a few days of me being distant with Addison i told her I snooped in her phone and I found all the proof I needed to confirm my curiosity about her and Michael being honest with me. I told her I wanted out of this relationship for good. I told her she can have Michael or anyone she wanted. This went the same for Michael. I was done with them both.Weeks went by and I was dying inside. I missed my best friend and I missed Addison. Addison would call and text apologizing to me and she would beg me to come back to her. I would mainly ignore her messages and calls. Weeks turned into months and finally Michael found me and he wanted to talk. He didn’t know why I was so mad. He told me that he was honest and didn’t lie after I confronted him about their relationship.I told him about the picture on her phone that I found. He laughed at me and said they were all old, during the same time they were dating nothing else, nothing newer. I didn’t know whether to believe him or not so a few hours later I texted Addison. I asked her when the pictures were taken and she said during the time they were dating. Their stories matched. I felt like a jackass, but they did lie overall, I had to hold my grounds that it might happen again. I then wondered in the last few weeks have they been together or been talking again? If they were I could not be mad at them because I said date who ever she wanted and the same went for him.I couldn’t take the distance from Michael and I started hanging out with Michael again, not as much as we did in the past, but it was a start. Addison would call and text me but I was still distant with her. She begged me to come down and see her day after day. One day she told me to come down and I told her Michael with with me and we were going out. She told me to bring him too if that’s what it took. I asked her if she just wanted to use me to have that threesome. She said if that’s what it takes but she just wanted to see me.I told Michael that she wants me to stop and if it takes us having a threesome she was willing. He said that sounds fun but where the hell did a threesome come into this conversation. I told him about her desire of having a threesome with both of us. He laughed and said a threesome with her, sorry but he been dying to touch her again and would love to finally have sex with her, but wouldn’t and hasn’t because of our friendship.I agreed to stop down, but I wanted to put her on the spot and wanted her to prove it to me that she really wanted just me. I told him we could stop for a visit and a blow job. He said he could use one especially from her. My mind started to wonder what other secrets they have. Did he have more sexual adventures with her other than kissing or is he into her body that much that he wanted to fulfill his desires also with her?I texted her and told her we were on the way to her place. I told her we needed blow jobs and she better not be wearing sweatpants, maybe wear something that she was sending to him via texts. She texted LOL and told me that we weren’t coming anyways to see her so I wouldn’t know if she had sweat pants on or not. Minutes later we arrived at her house and we barged in. She was upstairs so we went to the couch and I said yep she had to change fast I guess. Seconds later she walked down the steps in a satin green cami with black lace trim and she directly walked over to me and sat on my lap. Her perfume was addicting.I was instantly aroused. She started to kiss me passionately and rub my cock through my pants. I looked over at Michael and he said don’t mind him he will take a free show. I noticed the bulge in his pants growing. Addison started to kiss me and touch me all over my body. She smiled and asked if I liked her outfit and who was getting the blow job first. That when I felt another hand touch my leg. It was Michael’s hand running up and down Addison’s thigh. Addison slowly took her free hand she started to rub Michael’s bulging crotch over his pants. He started to unzip his pants and pulled out his dick that was growing larger by the sec. She was dry humping me. My pants were wet from her pussy dripping. She started to unzip my pants with one hand and she was stroking his cock with the other.Things were happening so quickly. She kissed me again and whispered my ear whatever it takes and she then positioned her body towards his cock. She went down on his cock, she was giving him a blow job. He started to moan and arch his back. She licked up and down his shaft a few times till you heard a pop sound of her removing her mouth from his cock. He looked like he was dazed from her amazing skills. I knew she could suck a great cock, but he just found out and that face he made told me that was the first time she ever sucked his cock.She looked at me and went to grab my cock and I thought to myself why did he get a blow job first, then I thought why is she doing any of this just to see me? As she went to grab his cock again I got upset. Something inside me went off. She is my girl and not his I thought to myself. I moved her to the other side of me on the couch, away from him. I said no, this is not happening and I got up, zipped up and went to leave.I made it a few feet when she jumped up and she grabbed my hand trying to pull me toward the stairs. She begged me not to leave and to follow her up to her bedroom. I said that’s rude to do for Michael. She said she just needs to talk to me and she is willing to do anything to get to talk as she pointed Escort Bayan toward Michael and his hard cock. I told Michael give me a few mins and i’ll be back. He looked at me in a complete disbelief and said sure i’ll just hang out here with my hard cock.I followed Addison up the stairs into the bedroom. I followed her tiny ass up the stairs, aroused as I grabbed her butt and squeezed. We made it to the doorway and she walked in grabbing both my hands from behind her. She spun me around and pushed me onto the bed. This is when she jumped on top of me again taking my hands and putting them both above my head with her hands pushing down on mine. She started to kiss me romantically, telling me how much she needs me, she loves me, and she’ll do anything to keep me.Addison kept kissing me passionately, her hand slowing working down my body into my pants. She removed my cock from my pants and told me it’s my turn for the blow job. She started to suck my cock with amazing skill. I told her I missed her touch so much. She said it could be mine forever if I would let her. I moaned with enjoyment wanting more than just a blow job. She must have read my mind because she stopped sucking my cock. She slowly moved towards my waist and she straddled me. She grabbed my hard cock with one hand and with her legs spread she used the other hand to pull her satin panties to the side that’s when she placed the tip of my cock against her wet shaved clit.This was the first time my cock has ever touched a bare pussy before. All of these years I would always wear a condom. I never took a chance of just having sex bareback. I’ve never played just the tip nothing without a condom. She kept moving my cock back and forth between her clit to her lips. Then she would focus my cock just in between her lips. Rubbing it back and forth making herself drenched and my cock rock hard. She quickly stood up and pulled off her satin panties. She tossed them behind her hitting off the door frame.That was when she grabbed the base of my hard cock and she completed sat down on my uncovered cock. The feeling was orgasmic, her wetness her tightness, her smoothness of a shaved pussy. I was not going to last long. It has been months since I have had sex and the first time without a condom. She started to ride my cock. She was moving her hips back and forth, faster and faster. She was letting out small moans while grabbing her breasts and pinching her own nipples.I had to cum. I had to cum now. I told myself I had to pull out of her pussy but my mind was going crazy, I it was telling me to come inside her. I was hoping she was coming but I wasn’t sure.I wanted her to have an orgasm before I had to pull out. Time was running out for her to have that orgasm. I yelled out to her I’m cumming I’m cumming. I started to pull out of her by grabbing her hips and lifting her off my cock but she kept forcing herself on me.She was making me fuck her pussy like I was beating a Cherokee drum, fast and hard over and over not stopping for anything. I was pulling her from her hips trying to feel her so deep inside and I realized this was the best feeling ever. I was going faster and faster, I felt the sperm flowing to the tip of my cock. She said please don’t stop, don’t cum yet, I am almost cumming too. I was loving every second of this but then the light flashed and reality happened.WAIT!! I’m not wearing a condom and she was never on the pill. The thoughts she said that she will do anything to keep me popped into my head. I thought to myself that I don’t want k**s right now. So many things in my head within microseconds. Then she said, cum in my fertile pussy, make me yours forever, I want to have your c***d. She was riding me so hard, with her eyes closed, moaning louder and louder, pulling her nipples and licking her lips. That was all it took for me to explode inside her. I cummed so much. My sperm flowed deep into her fertile whom.I had weeks of built up pressure that I released inside her. I felt my balls unloading every drop I had into her wet and fertile pussy. I wanted to pull her off of me but I couldn’t she was riding me so hard and I don’t truly try to my best to remove my cock from her. This was the first time I ever felt bare pussy and ever cummed inside someone.I finally stopped having my orgasm and I grabbed my cock and pulled it out of her cum filled pussy. I felt our cum mixed together all over my cock and her pussy. The tip of my dick was still oozing cum between her ass cheeks. I thought to myself what did I just do. Is she going to conceive my c***d? That’s when she looked at me and grabbed my face with two hands and she gave me the most passionate kiss I ever had before and she said I love you and always will. At that moment my heart pounded with emotion I didn’t care if she was going to be the mother of my c***d.My cock was hard again and I guided it right back into her wet, tight, shaved, cum filled pussy. As I position myself back inside of Addison and our eyes locking on each other we began to move sexually in unison. That’s when I looked over to see Michael in the doorway just in his boxers stroking his cock and sniffing her satin panties that she threw on the floor. Addison was still unaware that he was standing there. I asked him how long u been there and his reply was long enough to watch you cum in her pussy. He said he couldn’t take listening to her moaning any longer from downstairs.Addison looked at me with a devilish smile and said I will only love you, but I did tease him and you when you got here. She asked if she should finish what she started? I just smiled with confusion. She looked back towards him while still riding my cock and she arched her ass higher in the air. She then laid tightly on my chest like she was giving him an open invite to check out her filled pussy and ass.At that moment I was completely fine to share her with him. My mind then started to race. Will he double penetrate her with me. What if he cums in her too? Who will the baby be to if she becomes pregnant? Then I thought no this my girl. He can play this one time but he will not enjoy her natural flesh, he must use a condom.I figured he was out of luck. I knew he didn’t bring any condoms with him. Addison looked at me and whispered in my ear, are you OK if he plays with us too? I only replied with a long passionate kiss. She then reached to the headboard with one arm, opened the drawer and threw Michael a box of condoms. I had no idea she had condoms laying around. I was ecstatic that the box was Bayan Escort never opened. He quickly opened the box and pulled out the condoms.As he pulled them out they all fell onto the ground. I saw him get down to pick them up but seconds later Addison paused from riding on cock. She arched her ass into the air even higher. She started to moan completely different from before. When he bent over to pick up the condoms he decided to grab her ass and spread her ass cheeks apart. He used his long wet tongue to lick her asshole. She was in heaven. This was something that has never been done to her before.He then quickly tore open the condom and rolled it onto his raging hard cock. He positioned himself behind Addison and I felt the tip of his dick rubbing up and down my shaft for lubrication. I thought he was going to double penetrate her, but he didn’t. He re-positioned behind her and between my legs and he firmly pressed the head of his condom covered cock against her tight virgin asshole. She paused again from riding my cock and positioned her ass high in the air.She hugged me tight with her chest tightly against mine as he started to push the tip of his dick into her tight asshole. She started to quietly scream in pain with a slightness of ecstasy as he pushed deeper into her. Suddenly her screams became louder and they started to turn into moans. Her hips started to rock back and forth again. He was fully inside her ass, as deep as he could go. I felt his balls slapping off her pussy and my cock.Addison just stopped moving as Michael and myself pounded her pussy and ass over and over. Addison started to shake and her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she started to cum. Did she cum from the anal stimulation or my cock in her pussy or the shear pleasure of what was going on? It didn’t matter as long as she was having another orgasm.After her orgasm she started to kiss me and Michael shouted out that he was going to cum. Addison arched her hips towards me to remove his cock from her ass. When his cock pulled out of her ass, I knew he was out of her. The pain must have made her jump because her face and eyes went from pleasure to pain for that moment. She spun around still riding my dick but in the reverse cowgirl position and she reached forward to remove the condom he was wearing.As she leaned forward, reaching for his cock,her ass was spread just enough so I can see her asshole gaping from his cock just leaving her body. Her pussy was still drenched in cum. She kept riding my dick up and down while she removed the condom from his rock hard cock. She started to stroke his dick, she stroked his dick faster and faster until he arched his back with his eyes staring up at the ceiling. I knew he was going to come with in seconds, the question to me was where he was going to come? Was he going to come on her face, in her mouth, on her tits, or in her hands? I thought to myself again that she is my girl, she should not swallow anyone’s cum but mine, but I was not going to say anything at the moment.She started to suck his cock. She was sucking his cock faster and faster. The slurping of her wet mouth and lips was erotic. He was moaning louder and louder, she was also starting to moan herself. She was sucking him at the same speed as her riding my cock up and down. He suddenly grabbed her hair with his hand and he forcefully pushed her mouth deeper down his shaft until his balls were gagging her repetitively. She must of felt his balls shrinking up when she was able to pull her mouth off his cock, she started to stroke his cock as fast as she could with one hand and with her other hand she was squeezing his cum filled balls.Seconds later he let out a loud roar as his cum was flying in the air, across her tits, face and hair. He released his grip on her hair and the feeling of relief from him was given. The whole time she was still riding my cock the best she could as I thrust into her with excitement. Watching her little asshole pucker with every thrust I forced into her. I knew I was about to cum again. She just laid back on top of me with her back on top of my chest. Her head next to mine.Her pussy spread eagle for Michael to stare at when her dripping pussy was being filled by my rock hard cock. I grabbed her chest with my hands and pulled her close as felt his warm cum that was covering her body. I told her I was going to cum again and I thought about where I should cum this time? Her hand started to grip my nipples and she squeezed them as hard as she could. My balls clenched up tight and I erupted inside her fertile pussy again. I screamed out I am cumming in you Addison. I Love You. This is my pussy from now on. She screams out loud with emotion that you own me lover. I want to have your baby. Claim this fertile pussy as yours forever. Make me a mommy.With her saying all of that, I exploded over and over until I felt my cock going limp. I slowly fell out of her swollen cum filled pussy. Addison leaned over to kiss my cheek as she rolled off of me onto the bed. I laid flat on the bed in disarray for a few moments. Michael grab the unused condoms and placed then back in the box and threw them at me laughing. He said I guess you don’t need these from what he had seen.Addison was smiling and thanked Michael for being her first by filling her little ass with his big cock. That was the first time she ever had anal sex in her life. Michael went downstairs to get dressed as Addison crawled out of bed with loads of cum dripping down her legs, chest and face. The sight of her when she looked into my eyes proved her love for me.My question now was she serious about doing anything to keep me? Did I make a mistake with unprotected sex? As she stood in front of me I pulled her onto my lap and held her tight. I asked her why she wanted me so bad? Was she trying to trap me? So many questions I wanted to ask her. She told me to relax and that we will make beautiful k**s one day, but not today? I questioned her statement. I said I cummed in your pussy twice, how are you sure?She said that she has been on the pill since we broke up months ago, but she had no reason to tell me since. We both got dressed, she changed into some leggings and t-shirt and we headed down stairs to meet Michael where we made small talk for awhile before heading home.As we were walking out Addison gave Michael a warm heart felt hug and a kiss on the cheek. She thanked him again for the new experience and told Michael her heart is now complete with me. Addison pulled me in for a warm hug and soft passionate kiss and whispered in my ear that she loves me and always will. Michael and I got into the car with the windows down and the radio turned up. We both looked at each other, nodded our heads and embarked on the journey we just had.

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