Affair With A Former Girlfriend


At the time of these events, approximately three years had passed since my mistake of letting go of an amazing woman that provided both intellectual and physical satisfaction like no other woman before or since.  I was in my mid-thirties and still making the same relationship mistakes I had been making in my twenties.  To this day, I can’t figure out why I didn’t grab hold of her and refuse to let go but I didn’t.  I wouldn’t commit so she left me and I had no one to blame but myself.  Fast forward three years and she and I are now married, to different people.  Although we no longer conversed, I thought about her often and the desire to reconnect with her continued to weigh on my mind.  There were so many things I missed about her.  She was smart and I knew she’d advance as far in her field as she wanted to go.  She was incredibly sexy as well.  When we would hit the club scene, she turned heads in her tight mini-dresses which hugged the curves of her firm backside and ample bosom.  She loved the attention parading around in her fuck-me heels and low-cut dresses.  By the time we’d arrive back at my place, her pussy would be drenched and ready for my eager tongue and cock.  The sex was amazing and I often thought about her while fucking my wife.  One day, I finally summoned the courage to reach out to her and sent an email to the address I had saved.  Days went by with no reply and I assumed she either had a new address or immediately deleted my message upon receipt. Just about the time I had given up hope, I received a reply.  Just seeing her name pop up on the screen sent my heart pounding out of my chest.  I won’t bore you with the details and the subsequent back and forth except to summarize and say while we are both ‘happy’ with our current situations at home, we both acknowledged I was an idiot for letting her go and our current sex lives could use a boost.  We arranged to meet in the middle of the day for lunch at an upscale restaurant connected to a fancy hotel downtown.  If the sexual chemistry was still there, we wanted easy access to a place to play.  Lunch was filled with delectable foods and easy conversation.  It was as if we picked up right where we previously left off years ago.  It didn’t take long before we both knew what was to come. The sexy dress hugging her curves in all the right places would be on the floor. Our lips and tongues would be dancing together as my hands squeezed her breasts with my fingers gently teasing her hard nipples. But that was for later. Right now, we were focused on bahis siteleri other matters and taking delight in the fun conversation we so often had enjoyed together.  After the final bite of dessert, it was time to walk over to the piano lounge to find a dark area and comfortable couch, secluded just enough for us to sit side by side and allow our hands to gently caress each other’s legs and steal an occasional kiss with the faint taste of red wine from her already sweet lips.  Yes, we knew what was next.  The deep kisses, the moans, our two bodies moving as one, sensual lovemaking interspersed with hair-pulling, hard-pounding, lustful sex.  But right now, it was all about building up to that moment.  She couldn’t help herself from asking what was in store once we moved upstairs. I whispered softly in her ear as my hand moved slowly up her leg to the edge of her thigh-highs, “You’ll just have to wait, Nuzhat.  But I promise, you’ll be comfortable and my only goal is to make you cum again and again.” Those final words trailed off as I gently kissed her ear and made my way down to her neck. After a few more minutes of sexy banter, we decided to head to our suite for an afternoon full of passion and pleasure. As we approached the door to the suite, I gave her a playful but firm pat on her butt and she smiled, turned to me, and said, “I have a feeling there’s a lot more of that coming.” “Well, you’re about to find out.”Before the door was fully closed behind us, our lips locked and we enjoyed a long, passionate kiss and I led her to the bedroom. As we entered the master suite, I saw her wry smile and eyes light up when she noticed the floor-to-ceiling mirrors on one side of the room.  It was something we had talked about previously but didn’t have the opportunity to try together but this was the time.  As she stood in front of me at the foot of the bed with her back towards me, I put my arms around her waist and softly whispered in her ear, “Nuzhat, today, I own your body.  Each bit of pleasure you receive is from me. The more you obey, the more orgasmic pleasure you receive.  My hope is by the time we’re done, you’ve cum more times than you can remember.  Your pleasure is my first and only concern.” Her little, black dress was cut low in the front and the length of it came about mid-thigh which was just enough to cover the tops of her thigh-highs.  As our tongues locked together, I pulled the bottom of her dress up and moaned as my warm hand caressed her silky smooth skin. As I gave her a few playful spanks, canlı bahis siteleri it was clear she wasn’t wearing any panties which made my cock throb. I stopped kissing her just long enough to tell her how beautiful she looked.  My kisses moved down her neck and back up just underneath her ear and I whispered, “You’re going to cum so hard today, Nuzhat.  I’m going to tease you and edge you and you have to be a good girl and ask for permission to cum.”  As the last words trailed off, I grabbed her hair and firmly pulled it back as my mouth met hers and I kissed her hard again before asking, “You remember our safe word, don’t you?” to which she nodded approvingly.  Our suite had a sofa and that is where we started as I commanded, “Walk in front of me to the couch, Nuzhat”.Of course, she did as I asked because she knew the reward for being a good girl.  Her shapely legs looked incredible as she seductively walked and stood in front of the sofa.  I came up behind her, moved her silky, dark hair to the side and kissed the back of her neck as I unzipped her dress.  As her dress fell to the floor, I let out a moan and said, “Oh my God, Nuzhat.”I stared at her in her lacy see-thru bra, nude-colored thigh-highs with a garter belt and no panties. Her high heels were the kind I like with straps around her ankles and I said, “You look incredibly sexy, Nuzhat”. She teasingly responded, “That’s exactly what Matt said when I wore this for him a couple nights ago”.  When we dated, she knew I loved it when she told me about her previous sexual adventures while we had sex. Now that she was married, I secretly hoped she’d mention her husband Matt as well. She knew full well I would enjoy it and she confirmed the effect she was having on me as she reached back with her left hand and felt my hard cock through my slacks.My kisses continued on her neck as I stripped off my clothes and they fell to the floor.  I pressed my warm body against hers and she felt my fully erect cock pressing against her ass as I squeezed her big tits through the bra and teased her hardening nipples through the sheer fabric. She let out a soft moan and I pulled her hair back firmly as she turned her head toward me for another long and tongue-twisting kiss. “Are you ready, Nuzhat?”  She nodded yes and I sat down in the corner of the couch at an angle so she could sit in front of me between my outstretched legs. She saw my cock was fully erect and gently sat down with her back to me. Before leaning back against me, she reached down to the coffee table canlı bahis to take a sip of red wine I had prepared earlier. As she leaned back against my warm body, my arms came up from either side of her and I started to squeeze her tits still in her bra. Her nipples looked delicious through the fabric and I flicked at them with my fingers in between squeezing her breasts.  Unable to resist any longer, I told her to lean forward and I unfastened the clasp, freeing her massive bosom. “Lean back, Nuzhat.”This time my hands squeezed her breasts with more firmness and I ran my thumbs in circles around her dark areola, as my mouth watered at the sight of her hard nipples. Her moans let me know to continue and I licked my fingers to get them wet and started to squeeze her nipples between my thumb and forefinger.  I started gently at first then more firmly as I pulled on them as well. Her moans were all the approval I needed and as her body started to squirm I said, “Kiss me, Nuzhat.” She leaned her head to one side and our lips and tongues danced together as my fingers continued to tease her nipples.  “Spread your sexy legs, Nuzhat.”She leaned back against me as she spread her legs.  Her pussy was waxed smooth and I could tell her pussy was already wet and ready.  My left hand was still squeezing her left nipple as I spread the first two fingers of my right hand into an upside-down V and ran my fingers on either side of her pussy lips. My fingers moved up and down, gently caressing just outside her full lips over and over. I raised my right hand to her mouth and said, “Suck on my two fingers, Nuzhat.  Get them nice and wet.”  Without hesitation, she eagerly ran her tongue up my fingers before taking them in her mouth and sucking on them.  As I pulled them from her mouth, I started kissing her again.  The taste of red wine on her lips coupled with the feeling of my hand still teasing her nipple and now two fingers from my right hand running up the length of her pussy made her cunt drenched.  She wanted to moan but I kept kissing her hard.  When my fingers started to brush against her clit she broke away from our kiss and let out a deep moan, “Oh, that feels so fucking good.  Rub my clit, baby.”As my fingers danced on her pussy, her sweet juice was covering them and I was sure to keep her swollen clit wet.  She pleaded with me and said, “Slide a finger inside me! Please!”  “Not yet, Nuzhat. First, I need a taste.”I continued to run my fingers firmly against her pussy lips getting them covered with her sweetness.  I lifted them up to my mouth and said, “Together, Nuzhat.  Let’s kiss them together.”  She eagerly obliged as I held my fingers between our lips and we both kissed and licked her sweet juice from them. “You taste so fucking good, Nuzhat.”  

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