Air Force Sex


During my last year in the Air Force I was assigned temporary duty in South Florida, where I had many incredible sexual experiences. I also met the woman I would later marry, and I was going out with her occasionally between other lovers. When my four-year tour of duty was about to end, I had to go back to my official duty location in eastern North Carolina for out-processing.

I arrived at the Air Force Base in North Carolina late on a Sunday evening. As I recalled from the time I had spent there prior to my assignment in Florida, there was very little to do. I checked in at the base and was assigned temporary quarters. Early the following morning I began the tedious process of leaving the Air Force. The week was full of dull meetings, medical and dental visits, and carrying paperwork from one office to another. I was not surprised that the Air Force had scheduled two weeks for out-processing, but in reality I was finished with almost everything by Thursday of the first week.

On the first Monday evening, I found myself in the country/western bar in downtown Goldsboro. I didn’t much care for the music, but there were dozens of attractive young women to choose from. I had learned to line dance, so I had no trouble picking up a different woman every night. I spent that weekend at Topsail Beach with a beautiful blond I had met at the bar on Thursday evening. It was an okay weekend — the sex was very good — but I wanted something more.

On Monday I had one appointment and was free for the rest of the day. I spent much of my time in an adult video store watching porn. I purchased a couple of swingers magazines and actually thought about trying to hook up with a couple for some group sex. I called a few of the couples but didn’t really connect with any of the ones I actually got to speak to. On my way back to the base to prepare for another evening at the country/western bar, I stopped at a convenience store and ended up arranging to pick up the pretty black cashier after she got off work at midnight. We spent a very pleasant night together.

Tuesday night I went out and spent a couple of hours at the country/western place. There was no shortage of women who were willing to jump in bed with me, but I was not in the mood. I headed back to the base early since I had an early morning appointment with my squadron commander.

On the way through town, I noticed someone was following me. It was a man, and I was intrigued. I ended up driving into a public park and stopping at the restroom, where I got out and went inside as he pulled up and parked next to my car. I peed, and as I was washing my hands he came into the bathroom. He was my height, with short brown hair and an athletic build. He was wearing jeans and a Pink Floyd t-shirt. He went to a urinal and peed while I watched him in the mirror.

I turned to face him when he zipped up and turned to the sinks. I nodded and said hello, and he asked how I was doing. I said I was okay and asked him why he was following me. He smiled and said he had to pee too.

I laughed and was about to ask him to come back to the base with me when the door opened and a police officer walked in. We both nodded to the officer and walked outside to our cars.

“I’m Jason,” he said as we reached the parking lot.

“Drew,” I said, and shook his hand. “Want some company tonight?”

“Sure,” Jason replied. “Why don’t you follow me back to base and we can watch a movie in my room.”

I had suspected that he was also in the Air Force because of his haircut. I quickly agreed to follow him back to base and we were in his room about 10 minutes later.

Jason opened a couple of beers and put on a porn movie. We drank in silence and watched a beautiful blond woman with big tits get fucked tempobet yeni giriş by three black men with huge cocks.

“Wish I was her,” Jason said after awhile.

“Me too,” I replied.

Jason stood. “Let’s get naked,” he said as he pulled off his shirt.

I stood and removed my shirt, admiring Jason’s muscular chest and arms. We both quickly undressed and stood looking at each other. I was more muscular than Jason, although not by much. His cock was long and thin, and had a very distinct upward curve. My hard cock was not quite as long as his, but much thicker.

I didn’t move as Jason stepped close to me and kissed me on the lips. I opened my mouth slightly and his tongue was instantly inside my mouth. I wrapped my arms around his lower back and pulled him to me, and we kissed deeply. After several minutes, Jason pushed me back on the chair and dropped to his knees in front of me. He wrapped his hands around my throbbing cock and licked my pre-cum from the tip. Then he began stroking my cock as he licked and kissed the head.

Jason was not the first male I had ever been with. I had been living in Miami for a year and had probably fucked two dozen different men during that time. While serving in the Air Force I had been stationed in Germany, where I was involved with a bi married couple for over a year, and had been a regular at a swingers club where bi sex was definitely not frowned upon. My first actual sexual experience had been with my male best friend when I was 14 years old, and we had continued fucking each other all through high school. But in true “love the one your with” fashion, I forgot all about the others as Jason gave me an incredible blow job.

Mine was obviously not the first cock Jason had ever sucked on either. His skilled hands continued to stroke my shaft and fondle my balls as he licked every inch of my cock. He also licked and sucked my balls. I was dripping wet, and Jason repeatedly lapped up my pre-cum. After several minutes of teasing me, he moved his lips back up to the head of my cock and swallowed as much as he could. He bobbed his head up and down about ten times before I erupted. I cried out as my hot cum blasted down his throat and he swallowed every drop.

Jason smiled at me and licked his lips. “Excellent,” he whispered and lay down on his back on the floor. I slid off the chair and between his legs and took his cock into my mouth. His pre-cum was delicious, and I licked it and squeezed his shaft to coax more out. I was not disappointed. I kissed his scrotum at the base of his cock, and then sucked on his balls. Jason moaned with pleasure and spread his legs wide.

I wanted Jason to enjoy his blowjob as much as I had enjoyed mine, so I spent a long time licking every inch of his beautiful cock and balls. When I finally took his cock deep into my mouth, he was panting with pleasure. I took his balls in my left hand and wrapped my right hand around his shaft as I lowered my head as far as possible down his quivering cock. Then I closed my lips around his shaft and slowly moved back up to the tip. I squeezed his balls gently and stroked him as I sucked.

After a few minutes, Jason’s breathing sped up and he was thrusting his hips upward to force his cock deeper into my throat. I swallowed as much of him as I could, and soon he cried out and exploded into my mouth. His hot cum shot down my throat, and I swallowed as fast as I could, gagging slightly. I continued sucking him and squeezing his cock and balls until I had milked every drop of his delicious cum.

I laid my head on his thigh and licked at his cock and balls while he caught his breath. It was late, and we actually fell asleep in that position. I woke up around 7:00 a.m. Jason’s cock was rock hard when I tempobet giriş opened my eyes, and I wanted nothing more than to give him another blowjob, but I was going to be late for my appointment with the Commander if I didn’t get moving. I kissed Jason’s cock and woke him up.

“Ummmmmm, good morning,” he breathed and thrust his cock toward my lips. I took the head into my mouth and sucked it a little, but then let go and stood. Jason looked disappointed, but invited me to come back when I finished my morning appointments. I’ll clean up and wait for you in bed,” he said and kissed me on the lips.

“I have to work at 4:00 p.m.,” he added as I started to dress.

“We should have a few hours together before then,” I replied. “I only have the one appointment, which shouldn’t last long. I’ll be back before you know it.”

“Can’t wait.” Jason kissed me again, slipping his tongue into my mouth. My cock was throbbing, and he knew what he was doing to me. I squeezed his cock and pulled away before I was unable to do so. I rushed back to my room in the enlisted quarters, showered and shaved, and made it to my appointment with only a couple of minutes to spare. Unfortunately, the commander was busy and I sat outside his office for over an hour, sporting a massive hard on the entire time. The Commander’s secretary was a very pretty redhead, and she obviously had the hots for me. Under normal circumstances I would have arranged to meet and fuck her after she got off work, but all I could think about was getting back to Jason’s beautiful cock.

I finally got in to the Commander’s office, where he droned on for a half hour about nothing that I can remember to this day. Finally he stood and shook my hand, and told me to pick up my discharge papers on the way out. I practically ran from his office. The secretary had my papers ready and held them out to me as I walked to her desk. When I reached for the papers, she pulled them back and looked into my eyes.

“She’s a lucky girl,” she said as I looked at her quizzically.

“Who?” I responded.

“Whoever it is that you’re rushing to see,” she continued. “You’ve been ignoring me for an hour and a half, so all I can figure is you’ve got some pretty little thing back in your room waiting for you to come back to bed.”

I felt a little wicked as I leaned close to her. “You’re right that there’s a lucky someone waiting for me,” I whispered. “But he is waiting to fuck me in the ass with his big cock, and I can’t wait to get back to him.”

Her mouth dropped open and she did not resist as I gently pulled my discharge papers out of her hand. I leaned further forward and kissed her on the cheek, whispering in her ear, “You’re a beautiful woman, and if we’d met yesterday I would have woken up in your bed this morning instead of on the floor with my face buried in a guy’s crotch. Funny how things work out sometimes, isn’t it?”

Her mouth was still hanging open as I turned and walked out. I threw my paperwork into my briefcase and drove the short distance to Jason’s dorm. He opened the door wearing nothing but a towel, having just taken a shower.

“I didn’t think you were coming,” he said, letting the towel drop as he pulled me into the room. When the door closed we kissed each other hungrily. I was soon out of my clothes as well and we fondled and stroked each other while we made out. After a few minutes Jason dropped to his knees and took my throbbing cock into his mouth. I moaned with pleasure as his expert tongue lapped at my pre-cum.

“I want you in my ass,” I whispered as I looked down into Jason’s eyes. He winked at me and stood, leading me by the hand to his bed. He had me kneel on the edge of the bed with my ass in the air. I moaned again as Jason licked me tempobet güvenilirmi from lower back downward to my balls, and reached between my legs and stroked my cock. He continued licking my ass and balls, and then inserted his tongue into my asshole. It felt incredible!

Jason worked on my asshole with his tongue for a few minutes, and then reached for a tube of Astroglide. I waited impatiently as he lubed his rock-hard cock and then the index finger of his right hand. When he was ready, Jason inserted his finger into my ass, while stroking my cock with his left hand. He slipped his finger all the way in and began gently rotating it around the inside of my anus. After a while he inserted a second finger inside me, and then a third. I was ready for his hard cock.

“Fuck me now!” I commanded.

Jason complied. His fingers slid out of my ass and he stood with his rock hard cock pressed against my asshole. I pressed backward and Jason slid his cock inside me. My ass was well-used and I was totally ready, so I did not experience any discomfort as his long, thin cock slipped deep inside me. I did let out a little cry of absolute pleasure that Jason took for pain, but he instantly complied when I told him to fuck me hard.

Jason soon established a comfortable position and steady, hard-driving rhythm. I pushed my hips back to meet his thrusts and he buried himself completely with each stroke. After five minutes of hard fucking Jason said “I’m gonna cum!” and I told him to cum inside me.

I felt his hot cum spurt deep inside me as he cried out with pleasure. I have always loved hot cum spurting in my ass and I also cried out as jet after jet of his hot cum splashed inside me.

When Jason finished spurting he stood still with his cock buried inside me for a couple of minutes, then slowly withdrew. I rolled over as he stepped back and we smiled at each other. I took his semi-erect cock in my hand and leaned over to lick the head clean. Then I stood and asked Jason how I could pleasure him. Without a word he climbed onto the bed in the same position I had been in just a few moments before, exposing his ass. I gladly went to work.

I repeated much of what Jason had done to me, licking his ass and balls while stroking his cock, inserting fingers inside his tight ass, and trying to give him as much pleasure as he had given me. When I finally inserted my cock into his ass, Jason moaned with pleasure. I went slowly because my cock was much thicker than his. He let me know when to continue by pushing back against me, and in just a few minutes I was completely inside him. I loved the feeling of his muscles slowly relaxing around my cock.

When Jason was ready I withdrew most of my cock, leaving only the head inside him, and then slowly pushed all the way in again. I repeated that action several times, until Jason looked over his shoulder and said he was ready to be pounded. I began slamming my cock in and out of him as hard as I could. After several minutes of hard pounding, I told Jason I was going to cum. He was panting hard but managed to let me know he wanted it inside him. I thrust inside him several more times and then came with a loud cry. It seemed like I was going to cum forever as jet after jet of my hot cum splashed inside his ass.

When I pulled out I lowered my face to Jason’s ass and licked my cum that was trickling out of his ass. When he realized what I was doing, Jason squeezed his ass muscles and my cum shot out of his ass and onto my tongue. I drank it all and continued licking his ass clean.

Before Jason left for work, he came again in my ass and mouth, and I came twice in his mouth and once in his ass. He asked me to stay the night and I agreed, and I ended up staying with him until I had to leave on Friday. I don’t recall how many times we came in each other, but it was a lot

I never saw Jason again, but I always remember the incredible few days we had together as some of the best sex I ever had. Getting out of the Air Force was a lot more fun than getting in!

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