Ally’s First Orgasm


Ally’s First OrgasmThis is a continuation of the Ally series. It starts with http://xhamster.com/user/slapnuts69/posts/316780.html You may want to read that first. “So you have never masturbated?””No, I told you I was brought up ultra conservative. My friends talked about it, but it was whispers and I never really thought about it.””Ok, so you just made me cum, how did that make you feel?””It was fun.””No, I mean, did it turn you on?””Well, I am excited, my heart is beating faster. And I am sort of ….tingly down there.””Down there, you mean your vagina?”She blushed and nodded. “Lets see if we can get it more tingly. Take off your sweats.”She got up off the bed and slowly removed her sweatpants. She was wearing a small pair of pink panties. Ally was a gymnast and he ass was awesome. She turned towards me and put her hands on the waist band of the panties.”No one, and I mean no one has ever seen this, or touched this.” She was almost whispering and her voice was shaky.”Please don’t hurt me.””Baby I will not even touch you if you do not want me to, I want you Escort bayan to experience what I just experienced.”She slowly removed her panties. She had hair, but it was trimmed and even shaved on the sides. “Oh, that looks nice.” I said”Thanks, I need to keep it cleaned up other wise hair sticks out from my leotard and that looks like crap.”I had pulled my sweats back up and I patted on the bed for her to sit between my legs like she was doing before. Now I could see her wonderful tits and pink nipples up close. She looked over her shoulder and said “Now what?””Have you ever played with your nipples?””I have rubbed them a bit.””How did it feel?” “Nice, and it made me more excited.” “So do it now, let me watch.”She reached up with both hands and gently rubbed on her nipples. In a few seconds there were much harder and she had goosebumps. “Pinch them a little.” I said.”No. That will hurt.””Ally you are not going to pinch that hard, try it.”She did and and gasped. Then giggled.”Holy shit, it was like a bolt of lightning shot Bayan escort to my pussy.”I was starting to get hard again, but this was just for her. Why don’t you move a hand down to your pussy. “I can’t this is too embarrassing.””Take your time, this is all for you.”After a few minutes she slowly moved a hand down her belly. She put it over herself and just sort of pressed. “Use your fingers and spread you lips.”She did. “Are you wet?””Yes, I am very wet. This feels amazing””It will get better.”Rub you finger there. Just inside the lips. She did and made a little moan. “Now stick your finger inside.”She gasped a little and slowly inserted her finger. “Now work it in and out a bit.” She started to moan more and wiggle her ass. She slid down on my a little more and spread her legs wider. “You can add another finger if you like.”She did immediately. Her moans were getting more persistent. She continued like that for a bit and she was getting hot. “Now here we go, take your other hand and feel at the very top of your pussy. There Escort you will find your clit. It will give you a lot of pleasure.”She moved her other hand down and I cupped her wonderful tits. I rubbed the gently while she explored. She looked at me and smiled and said “Can you help me?” I reached down and placed my hands over hers. I moved her right hand up and with my fingers guiding her I showed her where her clit was. Her reaction was immediate. A sharp intake of breath and she arched her back. “That is what you want to rub.””Holy fuck, yes.” She said. Once she found it she was like a mad woman. Soon she started babbling “Oh my god,Oh my god,Oh my god” over and over. Then she stopped talking. She was working at herself furiously. She tightened and let out a little scream. She kept rubbing and did it again. She was bringing herself off in a series of orgasms. I just held her and watched. Finally she stopped and giggled. “I never felt anything like that before.””You know most people start to masturbate in their early teens, you have a lot to make up for.””Yes, I do, God, Thanks.”The time was late. She got up and put her clothes on. She sat back down and looked at me. “Can i kiss you?” “Sure.”We kissed a little and then said our good nights. But I knew there would be more first soon. Again vote and leave comments if you want more.

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