Cheating Wife



Chapter 184 � Massacre



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A. Robert Harriman: Grandfather of Robert Harriman and Patriarch of the Harriman Family

Abraham Lincoln Washington: Six Star General of the Armies � Tactical Alpha Zulu 69

Adam John Clark: Colonel, U.S. Army � Adopted Son of Amos Vance & Michael “Allen” Roberts

Adam Mann: Four Star General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Adrian Johnson: Six Star General of the Armies, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Aiden McIntyre-Worthington: Son of Liam McIntyre and Adopted son of Luke Worthington

Akecheta “Ake” Bidzel: Six Star General of the Armies of the United States (Commanding General � Administration)

Alex Meat-Goodman: Adopted Son of Doug Meat and Steven Goodman

Alexander Federova: Highly valued Russian Scientist rescued by Special Forces

Alexander Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Alexi Federova: Son of Alexander and Petrova Federova

Allen Robert Harriman: Adopted son of Robert Adrian Harriman and Adam John Clark

Ambrose Abbott: Colonel, U.S. Army – Protector for Johann Emmanuel & Piero Bianchi

Amell Scholz: Aide and former lover of Cardinal Dominic

Amos Vance: One of the Vance Family Cousins from West Virginia

Andrew & Jeremy Allen: Adopted sons of Mason Allen and Jason Vance

Anthony “Tony” Darling: Colonel � U.S. Army � Head of Security for the Harriman imps

Anthony Ashanti: Six Star General of the Armies of the United States (Commanding General � Tactical)

Anthony Caruso: Four Star General, U.S. Army (Base Commander of Fort Connor)

Ariel “Ari” Rebel: General, Israel Defense Force (Mossad Kidon)

Ariel Rebel Jr. aka JR: Son of Jacob Leib

Arkyn Erling: Brigadier (1 Star) General, U.S. Army � Partner of Enapay Perez

Beauty Malinois: 1st Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Billy Bob Vance: Staff Sergeant, Ret., U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Bob Jones: Four Star General, U.S. Army (Base Commander Fort Connor)

Caleb Afolabi: Major General (2 Star), U.S. Army � Fort Connor Adjutant

Carlos Martinez: Adolescent son of Juan Martinez and Roger DeSoto

Connor Best-Mann: Adopted son of Randy Best and Adam Mann

Connor McLain: Six Star General of the Armies RET � Administration Alpha Zulu 69

Connor Williams: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 (Deceased lover of Doug Meat)

Dale Gordon Longdick Allman: Adopted Son of Matt Longdick and Jason Allman

Danny Henry: Four Star Brigadier U.S. Army (Base Commander Fort Connor)

Darnel Trevon: Colonel, U.S. Marines � Protector for Win Thorp & Piero Bianchi

Date Masamune: Five Star General of the Army, U.S. Army � Protector of David Winter-Jansson

David & Donald Worthington: Adopted sons of T&T Worthington

David Leib: Five Star General, Israeli Defense Force � Adopted son of Ari Rebel

David Winter-Jansson: Son of Oliver Winter and Viktor Janson

Dillion Dwight: General (4 star), U.S. Army � Medical Director of Fort Connor

Doug Meat: Six Star General of the Armies U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Duke Stone III: Five Star General of the Army U.S. Army � Protector of Dale Gordon Longdick-Allman

Dwight Jones: Partner of Dale Gordon Strong

Enapay Perez: Six Star General of the Armies of the United States (Commanding General � Administration)

Frazer Sullivan: One Star Brigadier General, U.S. Army (Human Resources for Fort Connor Alpha Zulu 69)

George Battenberg: Six Star General of the Armies of the United States

Gerald Isaac: Captain, U.S. Army � Security for Tommy Longdick-Allman

Gloria Worthington: aka “Mama Bear” Board Chair of Worthington Industries (a major multi-national defense contractor)

Hachiman Kanmu, Colonel, U.S. Army � Protector of Hikaru Jansson-Winter Masamune Yasumori

Hank Henry-Jones: Adopted Son of Bob Jones & Danny Henry

Harold Alexander III: Colonel, U.S. Army � Protector for the sons of John Allen Masters

Harold John Alexander-Masters: Son of Harold Alexander III & John Allen Masters

Harold Manfred, Captain: U.S. Army � Protector of David Winter-Jansson

Hayao Kinugasa, Major, Ret.: U.S. Army (Aide to General Meat and General Goodman)

Hector Louise Roberto Montoya: Six Star General of the Armies � Administration Alpha Zulu 69

Hikaru Jansson-Winter Masamune Yasumori: Son of Hito Janson-Winter Masamune and Jimmy Yasumori

Hito Jansson-Winter: Son of David Jansson-Winter and Date Masamune

Ivan Morovoza: Colonel � U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 (Protector of Alexi Federova)

Jacob Leib: Adopted Son of Arie Rebel

Jacob, David & Uri Leib: Wards of Luke & John Worthington (Israeli Nationals)

James “Jimmy” Yasumori: Five Star General of the Army, U.S. Army � Partner of Hito Jansson-Winter

Jamie Bob Vance: Love of Aiden McIntyre

Jamison Miller: One Star Brigadier General, U.S. Army (Human Resources for Worthington Executive Security)

Jason Allman: Six Star General of the Armies, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Jason Bob Vance: (Brother of Billy Bob Vance and partner of Mason Allen)

Jax Arthur King: Colonel, U.S. Army – Security for Shawn Longdick-Allman

Johann Emmanuel: Adopted son of Cardinal Dominic

John Allen Masters: Colonel, U.S. Army � Protector for the sons of Jimmy & Hito

John Allen Masters: Son of General John Masters and Ambassador at Large for POTUS

John Masters: Four Star General & Base Commander Fort Connor, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

John Worthington II: Adopted Son of Taylor and Tyler Worthington II

John Worthington: COO R&D of Worthington Industries

Juan Martinez: 5 Star General of the Army, U.S. Army � Security for Mario Garcia

Juan Martinez: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 (Protector of Shawn Stone)

Juaquin “Jay” de V�zquez: Son of Manual de V�zquez

Lars Alison: Major General (2 Star), U.S. Army � Deputy Base Command, Fort Connor

Liam McIntyre: CFO Worthington Industries & Partner of Luke Worthington

Logan Worthington: Biological Son of Luke Worthington

Lucas Daniel Fairbairn: Captain, U.S. Army � Protector of Michael “Allen” Roberts

Luke Worthington II: Adopted Son of Taylor and Tyler Worthington II

Luke Worthington: CEO of Worthington Industries

Lupo Vlcak: Alpha Zulu War Dog (Czechoslovakian Wolf German Shepherd Mix)

Magnus Savage: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Medical Trauma Surgeon

Manuel de V�zquez: Physicist/Engineer – Worthington Industries

Mario “Mani” Garcia: Son of the President of Mexico (Adopted son of Juan Martinez and Roger DeSoto)

Mark Marzilli: Captain, U.S. Army � Protector of Sebastian Perez

Mark Roberts: Captain, U.S. Army � Security for Bobby Longdick-Allman

Mason Allen: Six Star General of the Armies, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Matsukaze Kumorigachi, Commanding General � Alpha Zulu Program in Japan

Matt Longdick Six Star General of the Armies, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Matthew Bradly: Brigadier (1 Star) General, U.S. Army � Protector of Taylor Tyler Worthington

Maximillian (Max) Malinois: 1st Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Medvěd Vlcak: Worthington War Dog (Sired by Lupo � Assigned to Roger & Jeremy Protection Detail)

Michael “Allen” Roberts: Adopted Son of Matt Longdick and Jason Allman

Napoleon Malinois: 1st Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Neal Robertson, Colonel � U.S. Army � Protector of Robert and Allen Harriman

Noah Meat-Goodman: Adopted Son of Doug Meat and Steven Goodman

Oliver Winter: Six Star General, U.S. Army � Adjutant for Generals LongDick and Allman

Peter Watson, Colonel � U.S. Army � Protector of Robert and Allen Harriman

Petrova Federova: Wife of Alexander Federova

Piero “Peter” Bianchi: Son of the Grand Master of the Knights Templar

Piero Bianchi: Son of the Grand Master of the Knights Templar

Randall Masters: Six Star General of the Armies, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Randall Savage: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 (Protector of Steven Stone)

Randy & Robert Masamune: Adopted sons of Hito Masamune and Jimmy Yasumori

Randy Adam “RA” Worthington: Adopted son of Connor Best-Mann & John Worthington

Randy Best: Four Star General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Randy Johnson: Captain, U.S. Army � Security for Shawn LongDick-Allman

Robert Adrian Harriman: Colonel, U.S. Army – Partner of Adam John Clark

Robert Allen Gregory, Four Star General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Robert Amos Harriman: Adopted son of Robert Adrian Harriman and Adam John Clark

Robert Manning, Captain: U.S. Army (Aide to General Meat and General Goodman)

Robert Masters: Major General, U.S. Army Alpha Zulu Security

Rod Jackson: Lieutenant General (3 Star), U.S. Army � Base Commander of Fort Connor

Rod LittleFeather: 1st Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Roger DeSoto: 5 Star General of the Army, U.S. Army � Security for Mario Garcia

Roger Worthington: Adopted son of T&T Worthington (Former Angel)

Roi Friedman: Colonel � U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 (Protector of “Tod” and “PJ”

Sebastian Guerrero: Six Star General of the Armies of the United States (Commanding General � Tactical)

Steven & Shawn Stone: Adopted sons of Dale Gordon Stone

Steven Douglas Worthington: (aka S.D.) (Adopted sons of Robert Allen Gregory and R.A. Worthington)

Steven Goodman: Six Star General of the Armies, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Steven John Roberts: Captain � U.S. Army � Protector and in loco parentis for the Harriman imps

Steven Robertson-Battenberg: Adopted son of William Robertson and George Battenberg

Sven Bjorn: Six Star General of the Armies RET � Tactical Alpha Zulu 69

Takeda Shingen: Colonel � Alpha Zulu Captain, Japanese Defense Force (Protector of Roger Worthington)

Taylor and Tyler Worthington II: Adopted Sons of Roger and Jeremy Worthington

Taylor and Tyler Worthington: (aka T&T) (Adopted sons of Logan Worthington and Alex Meat-Goodman)

Uri Leib: Biological son of Ari Rebel

Viktor Jannson: Six Star General, U.S. Army � Adjutant for Generals LongDick and Allman

Wilhelm “Willy” Rogers: Colonel, U.S. Army � Protector of Larry Winter-Jannson

William Robertson: Six Star General of beşevler escort the Armies of the United States

Winthrop Thorp III: Adopted son of Generals Perez and Guerrero

Yonatan Netanyahu: Colonel � Alpha Zulu Captain, Japanese Defense Force (Protector of Roger Worthington)

Yuuto Meat-Goodman Kinugasa: Adopted Son of Noah Meat-Goodman and Hayao Kinugasa


“Angus” (Name Classified): (Son of a domestic terrorist in protective custody at Fort Connor)

“Biff” Jones (Name Classified): (Son of POTUS and guest in residence at Fort Connor)

“George” (Name Classified): (Senior head of the Worthington Brain Trust and Top Scientist in residence)

“Tod” (Name Classified): (Teenage son of George and protectee of Alpha Zulu)

“PJ” (Name Classified): (Teenage son of POTUS and protectee of Alpha Zulu)




0500 hours and OPS startles us as we awaken from finally a great night of sleep. “POTUS on our emergency channel!” Not something that happens frequently. “Generals, turn on your TV to the news that is breaking throughout this country. Every media market in the United States is reporting indiscriminate assassination of imps of prominent businessmen and politicians. So far in the past hour there are reports of over 100 imps being killed and then butchered. I”m meeting with the joint leaders of Congress within the hour and the one item on the agenda is MARTIAL LAW! Bring Alpha Zulu to full alert and be prepared to respond to whatever actions we decide upon. This is not the legacy I wanted to leave as President, but this will end NOW!”


Advising OPS to bring Fort Connor to full alert status and for senior staff to report to our secure conference room immediately. Then, I want all the Worthingtons on a video conference regardless if it requires their security detail dragging them out of their bedrooms.


As our Senior Staff started to join us Generals in our conference room, four very hostile Worthingtons appeared on our video screen. “What in the hell is so important to get us up in the middle of the night?” We have a disaster in the making and we need “all hands on deck”… I hate to second guess our elected leaders, but I do believe within the hour POTUS will declare MARTIAL LAW and every available resource will be utilized to combat our insidious foe.


As much as I hate to ask, get Yuuto”s family locked down and secure and then ask that little imp to come back from retirement and help us again. I have no idea of what POTUS will ask of Alpha Zulu but I want the best men available to back us up.


The Worthington Conglomerate had been proactive and there existed a protocol which had never been utilized. Within minutes, Worthington Security had sent an ALERT to every member of their Brain Trust and every corporate executive to immediately report and be prepared for an indefinite lock down. The Worthingtons assured us of their full support and resources of their organization.


As the Congressional Leaders joined POTUS in the White House Situation Room, it was a constant stream of reports from every state of innocent imps being killed and butchered in their sleep. POTUS turned to the Congressional Leadership and requested an Emergency Joint Session of Congress. This has to be stopped! POTUS would address Congress and ask for a Declaration of War against this domestic terrorist organization. The Secretary of Defense was ordered to activate the National Guard in all 50 states and implement a dusk to dawn curfew. Any resistance would be met with lethal force. POTUS was drawing a “line in the sand” and woe be to anyone who attempted to cross it.


0800 hours and POTUS was addressing a nationally televised joint session of Congress. In the past few hours reports of over 250 imps being brutally killed and dismembered while they slept. One can”t even start to imagine the horror of the parents finding their imps in the morning. The Governors of all 50 states had been advised of their National Guard Units being activated and as President POTUS was instituting MARTIAL LAW!


The address POTUS made to Congress and the nation was short and to the point. He was requesting a DECLARATION OF WAR which would allow him to suspend civil liberties as necessary to combat this terrorist group. The Secret Service had “all hands on deck” as POTUS returned to the White House and its security “bubble”.


“SecDef requesting an Emergency Video Conference with our Commanding Generals”… Finally, we”ll have some idea of what POTUS will require of Alpha Zulu. “Generals, leave a skeleton security detail at Fort Connor to protect the base and our imps in residence. I have three Globemaster and a Galaxy transport landing at Fort Connor within the hour and be prepared to be relocated to Washington and function as an Emergency React Unit. Load all the equipment you can conceivably need. We will provide temporary housing for you at Andrews and I”ll need you Generals at the Pentagon as soon as you can get here. GOD SPEED!” DISCONNECT!


We Generals barely had reached the office of SecDef and OPS advised us of a massive assault upon Fort Connor. Airborne Special Forces were responding to backup the Skeleton detail we left at Fort Connor. The imps were secure in their bunker but the reports were showing our men were greatly outnumbered. Suddenly, the information ceased and the silence was deadening. Air Traffic Control reported the Special Forces responding for backup had disappeared from radar. They never reached Fort Connor.


POTUS and SecDef quickly realized this entire plot was to make Fort Connor vulnerable and to weaken the defenses of Fort Connor. Navy Fighter Jets started flying close air support attempting to assist what remaining members of Alpha Zulu that were left protecting Fort Connor. Four hours of combat and at a loss of over 100 of our “brothers in arms” we regained control of Fort Connor. The base was decimated, and I knew there would be much debate as to repairing it or scrapping it.


The Worthingtons were adamant that Fort Connor would continue to function as a protective environment for high risk imps. The fact that no imp was injured in this massive attack shows the value of having such an environment exist. It was impossible to prevent the media from learning of the loss of so many soldiers in this massive attack. We lost over 100 brave soldiers of Alpha Zulu but killed over 170 hostiles who attempted to harm our imps. Time to advise the American Public of this disaster and enlist their support so these brave soldiers did not die in vain.


The loss of men was a major traumatic moment to the remaining soldiers of Alpha Zulu. They dedicated themselves to exact revenge for their fallen “brothers”. The debt would be paid in the blood of the aggressors.


Army Special Forces offered us all the support they had as they wanted to revenge the deaths of their fellow soldiers who responded to assist the meager Alpha Zulu defensive forces left at Fort Connor. We all had the same goal… to destroy this foe that challenged our democracy.


Doc defended the patients in HIS MEDICAL and fought bravely even while suffering life threatening wounds to his body. Only with the grace of God and a talented “medic” arriving in the nick of time did Doc survive his wounds. Even Doc was impressed at the talent this man possessed and after they had Doc stable after surgery, Doc asked the young medic if he would consider joining his staff here at Fort Connor.


POTUS and SecDef knew this young medic had to be someone special for our old curmudgeon of a Doctor to be so impressed with his abilities. Doc pulled in a few favors owed him and the young man was transferred to Alpha Zulu and Doc trained him personally as his Physician”s Assistant. Doc was so proud the day he administered the young man his Oath of Office as a Captain in the United States Army.


Worthington Industries went into Emergency 24 hour a day production to replace the equipment damaged or destroyed during the attack. This was a commitment of every member of the Worthington group from the Board of Director to the newest member of the production teams. The slaughter of imps will never be tolerated.


As if by a miracle, our Chapel and Chaplains were unscathed. POTUS declared a National Day of Mourning for the men of Alpha Zulu and the Special Forces soldiers who made the sacrifice to protect our future members of our Brain Trust. These brave men gave their lives so our great nation might live and flourish.


The parents of the imps who were protected gave the men of Alpha Zulu the highest honor when from their hearts they met with the Worthingtons and funded a beautiful water feature to be added to our memorial garden. Among the flowing water and fragrant flowers, the parents had a marble wall erected with the names of the brave men of Alpha Zulu who make the ultimate sacrifice protecting our precious imps. There wasn”t a man with dry eyes as our Chaplains dedicated this memorial. A lasting remembrance to why Fort Connor and Alpha Zulu exists.


Our Alpha Zulu brothers were buried with full military honors at the Washington National Cemetery. The service was broadcast live on all the major media networks and the citizens of the United States now knew how important a role Alpha Zulu played in the protection of our imps and the future of our great country. Support for POTUS and our military was at an all time high. Military recruitment exceeded our expectation and the caliber of candidates for appointment to our Military Academies assured us of the highest caliber of future military leaders.


The monetary rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction of these terrorists became so obscene we knew it was only a matter of time and one of them would “flip” and we would have enough information to eliminate our foe. Alpha Zulu was ready to exact their revenge with a vengeance unknown to us Generals. The “Rules of War” didn”t exist. It was time for this group of terrorist to accept they would “reap” what they had “sewn”.


In a combined effort of state, federal and military forces… raids across the United States netted hundreds of individuals pledging allegiance to this insidious group. Most would never see the inside of a court room as any resistance was met with lethal force. In a 24 hour period, the threat was eliminated.


POTUS addressed the nation with the news of the demise of this group of domestic terrorists. Martial Law would be quickly phased out and control returned to the states and local government. This was the blackest moment in American History since the Civil War and one that no American can be proud of. We are a government of laws and social justice. We do not rule by force and fear of death. For all the hardships the members of the public have endured these past months I thank you for your cooperation and assistance in eliminating this threat to our great nation. “Goodnight my fellow Americans and may God Bless the United States of America!”


As POTUS adjourned to his third floor residence and to a night of sleep unknown to him these past months… he died peacefully in his sleep from an undiagnosed cerebral aneurysm (stroke) content he had brought our nation through the greatest threat to our democracy in the past 150+ years.


It was a grateful nation that acknowledged POTUS made the ultimate beylikdüzü escort sacrifice to protect our country. A nation in mourning gave him a tribute unknown since to death of J.F.K. POTUS was buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery as a grateful nation watched every moment captured by the media.


The Vice-President was immediately sworn in and the flawless peaceful transition of power worked as designed by the framers of our constitution. Why wasn”t I surprised when shortly after Washington returned to its normal hectic state OPS advises “Air Force One requesting permission to land”.


(Time to meet the new “boss”!) POTUS was the first man down the plane ramp, as the security detail smartly saluted and verified his credentials. POTUS confirmed the remaining members accompanying him and it was the “who”s who” of the military and Pentagon. POTUS wanted to make a first hand evaluation of Fort Connor before he would support rebuilding it and continuing the Alpha Zulu program. I assured him every man stationed at Fort Connor would answer any questions truthfully and to the fullest of their ability.


POTUS was on his own fact finding mission and wanted to know everything about Fort Connor. The only information we kept from POTUS was the fact the “Ghost of Fort Connor” actually existed. To this day I have to live with the fact of my failure to activate “Connor” during the last incursion. Being off base I had no realization as to the massive nature of the attack. Yes, I would have admitted to the world the existence of “Connor” if it meant saving the lives of the “brothers” we lost. It is a mistake in judgment I will have to live with the rest of my life.


I couldn”t read the body language of our new POTUS and had no idea of what to expect after he finished his onsite evaluation of our operations. POTUS spoke freely with the men and listened intently to them both professionally and personally. I was surprised when OPS advised Alpha Zulu three requesting permission to land. Our Major General HR Dream Team deplaned and only commented the Pentagon had ordered them to report to Fort Connor immediately. They had no idea of why they were summoned.


As we adjourned for our evening meal, the mess staff put together a feast considering all the damage done to their equipment it alone was a small miracle. POTUS rose after the meal and had a few announcements to make. There had been much speculation as to the future of Alpha Zulu and Fort Connor. He was making it perfectly clear Alpha Zulu would be brought to full strength and continue to provide an invaluable service to the citizens of the United States.


Asking our Major General HR Dream Team to come forward… Gentlemen, are you prepared to take the Commissioning Oath as Lieutenant Generals in the United States Army. Within minutes a third star was added to the shoulders of these two men whose lives have been dedicated to Alpha Zulu and our great nation. The men of Alpha Zulu erupted in praise for the two men who had recruited nearly every member present.


POTUS asked if the Generals, Doc, Chaplains and Command Master Sergeant could meet immediately after the meal in our secure conference room. Adding the Worthingtons to our group via video conference POTUS started the presentation. “Alpha Zulu will rise from the ashes even stronger to protect our precious imps!” Our HR Dream Team would immediately recruit replacements for the soldiers we lost in combat. Congress has given me a “carte blanche” black ops budget to refurbish Fort Connor as I see fit. Get your “wish list” to the Pentagon and we”ll fast track it with “no bid” contracts. Worthington Industries and their competitors have guaranteed me they will work 24/7 until Fort Connor is fully repaired and staffed.


You have the full support of SecDef and the Joint Chiefs as well as myself. Whatever we can do to help Fort Connor to return to full strength and heal from this disaster you only need ask. We are as close as your coms.


When the dust of all the emotion finally settles in Washington… Congress will authorize a “Gold Medal” both for the survivors who defended Fort Connor from this incursion and posthumously for those soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice. And, for our ole curmudgeon of a Doctor… he has been nominated for the Medal of Honor for his role in protecting his patients at the risk of his life. And, before you have any opportunity to object… (Looking directly at Doc) POTUS only commented those four stars can easily be changed into a single stripe of a PFC. Let the system do a thorough evaluation and see if the award is warranted. If you are deserving of the award you will do honor to Alpha Zulu and accept it graciously. Don”t make my first Executive Order to Alpha Zulu be busting you to a PFC!


When the media got the scent of a major story and Doc being considered for the Medal of Honor the public pressure upon Congress was unknown in recent years. Congress would also honor Doc with a fifth star. Doc after receiving his fifth star was so proud to present his new P.A. with the insignia of an Aide to a five star General of the Army. Doc in his senior years now had a “son” he had dreamed of all his life. Doc was now without equal in both the civilian and military medical world. Recognition that was long overdue.


POTUS and SecDef were damn good at conspiracies and with Doc receiving his fifth star it was deemed inappropriate for his aide to only hold the rank of Captain. Doc smiled from ear to ear when I informed him his aide was being promoted to the rank of Bird Colonel and if he wanted to administer his Commissioning Oath.


Now our ole curmudgeon of a doctor had to get into conspiracy mode with Yuuto and find his aide a partner in life and then have Dale and Dwight find the happy couple a son to love and nurture. Doc would soon have a little imp to bounce on his knee and enjoy being a “grandpa” in his senior years.


Doc receiving the Medal of Honor was the start of the healing process of Alpha Zulu in losing so many of their “brothers-in-arms”. As the Chaplains offered a rededication service shortly after Doc received his fifth star, we all reaffirmed our commitment to the imps we serve and protect.


Even Doc had to chuckle when his Aide reported back to duty from his honeymoon and looked like the walking wounded. Doc was totally out of character as he told his aide he was well versed in the procedure and asked if he needed help getting his ankles into the stirrups.


Lubing up a large speculum, Doc viewed one well used and irritated pleasure tunnel as deep as he could visualize. Doc smiled at his good friend and only commented he must have one well hung partner in life. The comment didn”t even phase his aide as the relief of the topical spray eased the fire in his bowels. Yes, his partner in life was one well hung stud and one that sent him soaring to Nirvana with every full length power fuck.


Some pain in life is meant to be enjoyed and his partner in life would guarantee him to be smiling after every night they could spend together. Doc smiled at the thoughts of “young love” and assured his aide he was one lucky man. Cherish every moment you can with that special man!


So much emphasis was spent on the urgency of repairing Fort Connor we all but forgot about the Castle. The Generals in charge submitted a modest budget and kept the Castle running flawlessly. Like most items in the military, “If it ain”t broken…” The Castle flew under the radar of the Pentagon and Congress.


That calm before the storm was to be appreciated. A reporter for the Boston Globe broke a story about a Harvard Senior who was living at the Castle and protected by Alpha Zulu was brutally raped returning from a weekend social event. To say the “shit hit the fan” would be an understatement. 1) Did this actually happen and 2) Why was the military the last to know.


Few imps ventured out socially from the Castle without an Alpha Zulu security detail. The adventurous ones who did were well known and had an immediate “Command Performance” in front of the Commanding Generals at the Castle. From the abundance of tears and cries of anguish it became apparent who the victim was… the son of our Fort Connor Base Commander… our “little” “D.G.” who we all raised and cherished.


Army CID did a full investigation and their report indicated every belief of the assault happening. But, without physical evidence it would be impossible to recommend charges and for J.A.G. to even consider taking any legal action in court.


D.G. retreated to his fathers and the security of Fort Connor. We all attempted to console our young imp and assure him we knew it wasn”t his fault. It would be a long time before our imp would take a walk by himself… his protector was with him 24/7 and would protect his charge with his life. The minute the Worthingtons heard of the assault they had the Pentagon transfer a trained dog handler and one of their new Wolf War Dogs to the Castle for a Personal Protection Detail. Anyone who attempted to touch D.G. would find their balls a tasty snack for our War Dog.


D.G. could finally get a night of restful sleep with his arms securely wrapped around our Wolf Hybrid and his protector in the adjoining bed who slept with a pistol under his pillow. Finally, one night D.G. broke down and confessed the name of the man who led the group that accosted him to his protector. This sent into motion a series of events that found the perpetrator naked and hanging from the limb of a large tree on a desolate Harvard walking trail.


With a ball gag firmly in place the young man was stripped naked and reminded of his lapse of judgement in forcing himself upon one of our imps. Our macho heterosexual stud wasn”t ready to be stripped naked and have the experience of being gang raped like he and his buddies had done to D.G. After destroying his virgin ass, he finally passed out as a large fist was forced into his body till the elbow of his attacker reached the entrance to his bowels.


Cleaning the area with strong disinfectant and having a medic assure no trace evidence was left on the body, the police were notified to rescue this young man from his assailants. It only took hours and the campus was ablaze with the news of the assault and everyone realized it was retribution for what had been done to D.G.


It took the better part of a year and the friendship and love of a good friend for our D.G. to return to his loving self. We knew a pivotal moment had been reached when D.G. walked up to the boy who had attacked him and quietly whispered: “I forgive you”!


Peace reigned over Fort Connor and the Castle for months without any incident. We were all too appreciative of this calm and prayed it would be lasting. We Generals were surprised when our Jewish Chaplain requested an urgent meeting with us. He had received information of discriminatory action being taken against Jewish members of the Armed Forces at a joint operational military base on the west coast. He had confirmed these reports through independent sources and he needed our assistance in correcting this incident of religious discrimination.


Requesting an immediate video conference with SecDef we were advised to put an Alpha Zulu team in the air immediately and the Pentagon Sit Room would bilecik escort be fully staffed by the time we reached the base. Investigate the allegations and correct the problem if you find it to exist. Discrimination of any type cannot and will not be tolerated in today”s military.


While we were in the air SecDef briefed POTUS of the potential problem and POTUS went ballistic. We received a conference with POTUS advising us we were authorized to use whatever is necessary to correct the problem if we find it to exist.


Arriving at base it was no surprise and becoming all too common to find the Provost Marshall with an armed detail refusing us access to the base. POTUS quickly made it clear he would provide full cooperation or plan on spending the next ten years in confinement.


Asking to be taken to the Jewish Chaplain, the Provost Marshall advised the Jewish Chaplain, Protestant Chaplain and Catholic Chaplain were all in confinement by order of the Base General for insubordination. Asking to be immediately taken to the confinement area, the Chaplains were ordered released and a security detail was ordered to place the Base General under arrest and in confinement.


As the Chaplain confirmed incident after incident of religious discrimination occurring on base, it became all too apparent either the command of the base was complicit or tacitly ignoring the problem. These are officers who are responsible for the welfare of their soldiers and are duty bound to protect them. Ignoring a problem is tantamount to approving of its existence.


The Base General figuratively “hung himself” when he ordered the Jewish Chaplain confined when the problem was brought to his attention and then further committed professional suicide when he confined the Catholic and Protestant Chaplains who further protested the discriminatory conduct.


POTUS ordered SecDef to have Army CID and NCIS on base immediately to make a thorough investigation and JAG representation available to protect the rights of the accused. He didn”t want anyone escaping justice due to their right being violated.


What started as a complain of discrimination against one soldier ended with a base conspiracy that ended the careers of over 75 officers and NCO”s. Those with ranks of Major and above faced lengthy periods of incarceration. Discrimination of any variety would not be tolerated in today”s military.


What impressed Alpha Zulu even more than the action taken by the Pentagon was when POTUS made a complete disclosure of the action to the White House Sharks. His would be an administration of complete transparency. SecDef had yet to face the ultimate challenge to his cabinet office.


Peace reigned supreme for a few months and then Spring arrived and the hormones of our imps started to run rampant. The Sergeants met with the Command Master Sergeant and only commented the men were so exhausted from their extracurricular activities with the imps it was starting to affect their job performance. As this was brought to our attention through the chain of command I only had to smile until I realized it would be ME who would have to resolve this problem with the imps.


I requested a list of the imps who appeared to be the major problem affecting our soldiers and frankly the soldiers hated to bring this to the attention of anyone. What red blood American soldier wants to complain about getting too much sex? We all have to accept the security of Fort Connor and the safety of our imps has to take priority over any personal gratifications.


No where in the curriculum at West Point or at the War College is there a class on how to handle over sexed imps. I was totally out of my league. Turning to the Chaplains for advice and assistance even they admitted they were happy it was my problem and not theirs. (Thanks guys!)


It appeared the problem only existed with about 20 imps so it wasn”t as wide spread as I was initially led to believe. Asking OPS to have the offending imps to report to my conference room it was now time to face my worse fear… out of control imps. As the final imp walked through the door and closed it behind him, we all sat pensively looking at one another.


Before I could start to explain the reason for this meeting… OPS announced: POTUS requesting an immediate conversation with you! (SAVED!!! Whatever POTUS wants it can”t be as bad as the “bullet” that just missed me.)


I never have seen imps scatter so fast as when I dismissed them to take the call from POTUS. POTUS was quick and to the point… “General, I need you and your partner in the Oval Office 0800 hours tomorrow and bring the Worthingtons with you.” DISCONNECT!


(T&T aren”t functional before 1000 hours any day of the week… POTUS was asking for a small miracle.)


Conferencing with T&T in route to Washington, we asked for another night of lodging at the Worthington B&B and please invite Luke & John to join us. Also, clear everyones schedule for tomorrow morning, we have a command performance in the Oval Office at 0800 hours. (Register any complains with POTUS, not me!) DISCONNECT!


Arriving at the White House punctually at 0800 hours the Secret Service immediately escorted us to the Oval Office. POTUS was sitting behind his desk flanked by the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense. POTUS spoke first commenting for us to “have a seat” this will be a long in-depth briefing.


The Emperor of Japan is unofficially requesting our assistance. It can never be known he is personally requesting help to save a member of the royal family. Hikaru was abducted returning from a visit to his Japanese Marine Special Forces friends. His entire security detail was killed and a ransom demand has been made to the Emperor which is impossible for him to fulfill. What further muddies the water is Hikaru”s partner being the Field Marshall of the Japanese Defense Force. The Japanese Military cannot be used for personal protection of the Imperial Family.


The Emperor is aware of your recent meeting with the head of the Yakuza at Midway Island. He is asking for your help in working with the Yakuza and to rescue his grandson. The abductors cannot be executed as previously done by the Yakuza. They must face trial and be sentenced in a court of law.


Consider this assignment the pinnacle of “black ops” and our government will deny your existence if this becomes known to the public. The Emperor cannot be connected to the Yakuza even if it costs Hikaru his life. The American Ambassador is hosting a reception for high ranking dignitaries and influential members of the Japanese business community in 48 hours. Pack your dress attire and our Ambassador has been informed to make certain you have the opportunity to privately meet with the reported head of the Yakuza.


By the time we finished a briefing by the Pentagon and Yuuto we were aware of where Hikaru was being held and the difficulty we would have in breeching it and rescuing our former little imp. We discretely arrived in Tokyo in the middle of the night as not to attract attention and transportation was immediately provided to the American Embassy.


The American Ambassador warmly greeted us and assured us of his complete cooperation. The social hour would begin at 1900 hours this evening and our business associate had confirmed his attendance. The presence of the Worthingtons would provide a needed distraction so your meeting can discretely happen.


After nursing a cocktail for over an hour our business guest arrived and the Worthingtons went into full “CEO” mode and became the center of attention. As the American Ambassador discretely ushered us toward his private study, I had the responsibility to inform our guest of the abduction of a member of the Imperial Family.


As expected, he showed no emotion and guaranteed me the abductors would not see another sunrise. Advising our associate that wasn”t the wishes of the Emperor. It is the desire of the Emperor these men stand trial and face justice under Japanese law.


We know the location of where Hikaru is being held and we are asking your assistance in breeching the building and rescuing our friend. Deadly force can be used if necessary, but we want to take as many individuals alive to stand trial as possible.


(Frankly, knowing execution in Japan is by “long drop” hanging I would prefer to be shot than face execution in Japan.)


Within hours a joint team of Alpha Zulu soldiers and the elite soldiers of the Yakuza prepared to breech the building and rescue Hikaru. The Yakuza secured the perimeter defenses and Alpha Zulu breeched the area which confined Hikaru and rescued the little imp.


Hikaru wrapped his arms around me and cried without any shame. The little imp was terrified and finally could show his emotions. We all will face death at some point in our lives but to be publicly executed as a political statement is a fate every leader of every country in the world would face in terror. Hikaru had made peace and accepted if he was to die, he would die as a proud samurai and member of the Imperial family of Japan. All the pent up emotions of the past few days burst forth and frankly all of us could understand what Hikaru had faced.


Our Yakuza friends joined us in forming a secure shield around Hikaru and moved him to our secure armored transport. The Emperor waited with Hikaru”s partner at the gates of the Palace to embrace our precious imp and assure him he was safe among friends. The kiss that Hikaru and his partner shared in public left no doubt as to the commitment that had to each other. Both men knew the constraints of negotiating with terrorists if they were kidnapped and accepted the risk as members of the Imperial Family.


The Yakuza team that assisted us faded into the night and we of Alpha Zulu returned to the American Embassy and reported to POTUS the mission was a success.


The American Ambassador was walking on air as he greeted us at breakfast the next morning. Advising us we Generals and the Worthingtons were expected at the Palace for an audience and to have dinner with the Imperial family. To every ones shock, the head of the Yakuza was also invited. The Emperor was making a statement and thanking us for saving the life of his grandson. Presenting each of us with the Japanese Medal of Honor (Red Ribbon) he thanked each of us personally for saving the life of his precious grandson. He would always be in our debt.


To no ones surprise, Hikaru was walking mighty funny and his partner had a big smile on his face all evening. Even the Emperor commented to Hikaru he might want to take a few days to recover from his ordeal. We all smiled knowing Hikaru would face his “ordeal” and enjoy every trip to Nirvana provided by his partner.


POTUS made it known Alpha Zulu would receive a Presidential Unit Citation for our action in Japan and preventing the death of a dignitary of a friendly government. Privately, POTUS sent his heartfelt thanks and gratitude in fulfilling an impossible assignment and protecting an alliance that was of extreme importance to the United States.


Finally, our flying billboard was airborne and in route back to Fort Connor. I started to have an anxiety attack as I accepted my fate of counseling 20+ imps with overactive hormones to control their sexual desires. At least my partner and I could enjoy a night of love and romance at the Worthington B&B and enjoy a five star feast of Prime Rib with Raspberry Cheesecake for desert.






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