Am I A Bad Aunt – Part 4


Am I A Bad Aunt – Part 4Am I a Bad Aunt – Part FourBy billy69boy(Part Three ended with Aunt Eve and her niece Ariel getting ready to pleasure each other with Ariel’s favorite black strap-on.)Ariel pleaded with me to fuck her first, such was her heightened state of arousal, as she regaled me with the details of her first sexual episode with Malcolm. After she helped me adjust the straps, she handed me the baby oil, and bent over the end of her bed, reaching back to spread her ass as best as she could with one hand. She was silent as I first lubed the thick black dildo, and then I dripped some down her crack. Her fine round teen buttocks quivered as I worked the liquid into her ass hole with my fingers. “Come on, Eve, fuck me good and hard, I really need it!” she exclaimed. I was so turned on, I got dizzy as I took my place behind her, and steered the large rubber intruder to her waiting behind. It took very little effort to penetrate her anus; such was her considerable experience with anal sex. Her hand reached underneath her body and found her clit, as I pumped her ass full of fake cock. In no time, she was writhing and jerking under me, and I stepped up the pace as she called out for me to go faster. I could feel her entire body tense up with a fantastic energy that sent shock waves right through the strap-on, and I could feel the strong vibes. When she finished, I let her lie there while I undid the straps to the harness. She rolled over onto her back, and watched me as I stepped out of it, and held the glistening shaft to her mouth. Grinning, she opened her mouth, and let me push the dildo in so she could get a taste of her own ass. I’m sure it was something she was used to, considering all the times she played with her mother.Now, it was my turn, and I wasn’t so sure I could equal her expertise. I was nowhere near as anally experienced as she was, and I wondered if I could take such a large intruder.”Don’t worry, Eve, I’ll go easy on you,” my niece said tenderly, as if she read my mind. I switched places with her, and she quickly got the strap-on situated. I reached down and touched my pussy, which was charged with lustful electricity. My juices flowed, and Ariel ran the black strap-on up and down my slit, capturing my essence on the shaft, until, without warning, literally stuck that stiff cock halfway into my rectum. “Whoa, Ariel!” I called out, totally shocked by her abruptness, wincing against the sharp pain that shot right through me.”Sorry, Eve, just relax and you’ll be fine,” she answered boldly, even as she proceeded to give me a sound ass-fucking. Truth is, she was right: after the third or fourth stroke, it did start to feel pretty darn good! As she quickened her pace, I pinched and stroked my clit feverishly, until I could take it no longer, and thrashed around on my niece’s bed until my body slumped in a quivering heap. Ariel helped me roll over onto my back and she climbed up on top of me. She laid her wet strap-on between my tits and fucked them a few strokes while squeezing them, and I couldn’t help but groan out loud at the sensation. She then crawled up closer to my face, and pushed the head of the cock into my mouth, smiling as she encouraged me to suck in more of it. Something about her brazenness and rough treatment caused me to orgasm again as I tasted the remaining ass juice on the dildo.Ariel jumped off me, took off the strap-on, and ran off to the kitchen, returning with a couple of sports drinks. Finally relieved and contented, we went back to Ariel’s story, and her first encounter with Malcolm:She reminded me that she had opened her bedroom door a bit wider, so her mother wouldn’t miss anything. She wanted her mom to enjoy watching all the things that she was going to do with Malcolm. After all, she wanted to make her proud, and she already knew that her mother liked to watch, as well as let other people watch. “I looked at Malcolm, sitting naked on the side of my bed, and I could feel my pussy quivering just at the sight of him. He was here in my room solely for my pleasure, and my wish was his command. Imagine the power I felt! I walked toward him and knelt down on the floor in front of him. His remarkable cock stood straight up in anticipation of my next move. Not ever having seen a real cock, I wanted to inspect his, kind of up close and personal like. I took his shaft in my hand, and caressed it gently, squeezing a little as I went. It seemed so big in my hand; I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to wrap any of my body parts around it. I started to pump it slowly, and Malcolm groaned deeply. Well, I thought, at least he liked my touch. I put my other hand around it too, and just kind of stared at it while I pumped it a little faster. I was mesmerized by his stiff member, and I just had to touch it with my tongue. Wow, his hips jumped off the bed when the heat of my soft tongue came in contact with his cockhead. I shivered with pride. Slowly, I ran my tongue around his cock head, and up and down his shaft and he squirmed around, putting his hands on either side of my head in response. I sat up, took his hands, and placed them behind his back. ‘No hands, mister!’ I scolded, ‘I’ll do the touching around here!’ He just smiled at me contritely.”Malcolm complied with my order, and it left me free to explore his beautiful black cock on my own terms. I continued twirling my tongue teasingly around his cock head, and then I took the head into my mouth. He let out a loud groan, and simultaneously I heard a moan coming from the hallway. I knew mama was right there, taking it all in. I turned sideways and made Malcolm move sideways too, so she could have a good view of her daughter sucking her first cock. I’m sure she had her fist half buried in her pussy. I kept running my hot tongue up and down his shaft while taking it in my mouth every so often. I was enjoying my first taste of cock, and I decided I wanted to taste my first cum too, so I told him I wanted him to cum in my mouth, just loud enough so I was sure that mom heard me. She let out another loud groan, and I could hear the squishy sound of her fingers frigging herself furiously.”Before I let Malcolm climax into my mouth, I teased him a little more with my tongue: I worked my way down his shaft until his balls were within reach. I licked each one, and sucked them into my mouth. He gasped, and instinctively reached down and held my head in his hands. I know he couldn’t help himself, but I redirected him. I put my hands under his thighs and pushed back. He pulled back his legs, and I took his arms and wrapped them around his legs that were now pressed against his chest. I looked out my door, Escort bayan and saw my mom’s face close to the opening, with a look of depraved lust on her face. Then, I leaned down, and I lightly caressed his black pucker with the tip of my stiff tongue. Both of them gasped at the same time, and I was in my glory. Encouraged by their reactions, I reached up and spread his firm black ass cheeks with my delicate white hands, and I drove my tongue right into his dark star.”I fucked him relentlessly with my tongue, pulling it out to rim his anus, and then I buried my tongue as deep as it would go. He writhed and moaned on my bed, and mother was doing the same outside my door. Feeling like I was in control of the whole scene, I became emboldened. I stood up abruptly and walked right to the door. I beckoned a bewildered Malcolm over to me, and I knelt on the floor. I put myself in a position so mama could get the best view, and I directed Malcolm to stand before me, legs spread, with his fierce hard-on waving in my face.”We were only about two feet away from my mom, when I wrapped both hands around his stiff meat, and I looked up at him. I told him I wanted to suck his cock until he came, and I wanted him to pull out of my mouth in time to see him pump bursts of cum into my open mouth. All he could do was nod, but I heard my mom gasp uncontrollably again in anticipation.”Well, I thought, Maddie wasn’t the only one around here who was wickedly turned on by the picture my not-so-innocent niece was painting. I could feel my whole body literally shuddering, as I hung on to every word she uttered. I was barely aware that I was abusing my wanton cunt mercilessly with my fingers as I listened intently.”Needless to say, it didn’t take too many strokes of my virginal mouth to take him to the Promised Land, and as he grunted his warning, he pulled out and began rapidly stroking his steaming cock. I lifted my head up, opened my mouth wide, held onto his legs, and stuck out my tongue. Malcolm rewarded me with several hard pulsing shots of hot cum that hit the back of my throat with some authority. At the same time, my mom was completely overwhelmed, and I could tell by her incoherent words that she was climaxing right along with Malcolm.”Now I had laid the groundwork for my Master Plan, but first I had one more detail to pull off that would seal the deal: I had swallowed the first couple of Malcolm’s offerings, but the last few I still had in my mouth. I turned towards the bedroom door, and motioned for my mother to enter and kneel down in front of me. Malcolm stumbled over and slumped down on the side of the bed to recuperate.”I faced mom, held her hands in mine, and then I slowly leaked some of Malcolm’s cum down my chest as I looked into her eyes. She instinctively leaned towards me, and lapped up the sticky liquid from my tits, and then sat up straight on her haunches again. The next time, I managed to direct the rest from my mouth down between my legs. I lie on my back, and spread my legs, and mommy followed the trail to my pussy. As she thirstily slurped up the rest of Malcolm’s seed, I fingered my clit in tight circles. I could hear Malcolm grunting his approval, as he apparently enjoyed the scene unfolding before him. I came very quickly, as mama’s tongue technique was incredible. I knew she was getting to the point of exploding again, and I sat up abruptly and mom followed suit, even as she showed confusion in her eyes. I knew my next words would blow her mind, so I made sure we had good eye contact, when I announced:”Mom, what I really want is a DP…yes, I know what that means, and that’s why I am asking you to take my virginity: I want you to be the first one to fuck my pussy…you know, to pop my cherry…with my black strap-on.”Well, I admit, I didn’t see that one coming. For someone so young, she sure seemed like she knew exactly what she wanted. I could just picture the look on Maddie’s face, but the way Ariel set the stage, I figured it might work.”I stood up, and then I lent a hand to my mom to help her to her feet. I led her over to my nightstand, and pulled out the fat black strap-on that she was quite familiar with. As she went about tightening the straps, I climbed up on the bed, pushed Malcolm down on his back, and straddled his head. I looked back at mom, and announced that Malcolm would get my pussy ready, as I lowered myself down on his face. Ooh, his tongue felt so good as he lapped at my already soaking wet cunt. I wondered to myself if he could taste his cum that I had dribbled out of my mouth down there. It didn’t seem to bother him, because he sucked me like he’d never had a young white chick like me before, and well, maybe that was true.”I could see my mom standing behind up, looking impatient, so I rolled off of Malcolm, and pulled him up off the bed with me. I told my mom to lie on her back, and I straddled her body. I told her Malcolm would hold me from behind, and he took his place kneeling on the bed, holding me by my hips. Mom asked me if I was sure about this, and I nodded as I took hold of the dildo and nestled it between my labia. I told her I was ready, and Malcolm pushed down gently, as mom pushed up. It stung a lot more than I thought it would, and it was a little uncomfortable for the first couple of minutes, as they worked together to penetrate my vagina, firmly but as gently as could be. Finally, I let out a bit of a yelp, as I sat down completely on my mother’s strap-on. I could see stars for a few seconds, and I had a few tears running down my cheeks, but she was in as far as it would go, and I naturally began to ride her. “It appeared that everyone had a few tears of joy to shed for me, but Malcolm wasted no time getting me ready for his part; he spread my ass wide and clamped his mouth on my pink star. It was exquisite, and I was so anxious to feel his hard flesh penetrate my ass hole. Before that, he sat back, and teased my opening with his fingertips, slipping his index finger up to the first joint, and swirling it around, causing me to increase my tempo on top of my mom. By the time he had two fingers completely up my ass, I was jumping up and down on my mother so hard that she was exhaling deeply every time I slammed back down on her.”I got more and more frantic, as I knew my dream was about to come true. Malcolm told my mom to pull out for a minute, as I felt the head of his black cock lining up at my dark entrance. Wow, he felt bigger than anything I had ever had back there. As I held still, he worked his shaft deeper and deeper. I could hear mom’s fingers taking care of herself behind the strap-on as she watched Bayan escort Malcolm’s determination to fill my rectum fully. Finally, he was able to get a rhythm going, and I could feel his piston action grow steadier. I felt like I was at full capacity, and I began to doubt I could handle the DP that I had asked for. But, Malcolm was a fine teacher, and his experience really came into play.”He pulled out about halfway, and told mom to push the dildo back into my pussy. The more she penetrated me, the more Malcolm backed out; and when mommy pulled back, he would thrust his cock deeper into my ass. Pretty soon they were double fucking me in unison, and in perfect harmony. I couldn’t help but yell out, it was a feeling I could hardly believe. I couldn’t imagine getting fucked any better or more completely that this. The truth is, I had only just recently heard about DP’s in school. One of my girlfriends had seen it in one of her dad’s pornos, but to be honest, I thought she was making it up. As I steadily made my way to Climax Heaven, I made a mental note to apologize to my friend for not believing her.”Wow, I thought, I never considered having a DP myself! I guess I was more prudish than I thought. I still didn’t know if I would ever try it, but I was definitely enjoying hearing about young Ariel’s experience. I wasn’t sure if it was the “ignorance of youth”, or if it had to do with her very liberal sexual upbringing, thanks to her mother. One thing I noticed, she certainly wasn’t shy about displaying her sexuality, and she didn’t seem traumatized by it either. In fact, she seemed to be rather self-confident and well adjusted. She made me feel completely comfortable in her presence. I thought nothing of continuing to openly finger my own vagina while I listened to her erotic tale of sexual fulfillment.”I’m not sure if the three of us reached orgasms at the exact second, but I know mine coincided with Malcolm’s, just as soon as I heard his familiar ‘I’m going to cum’ grunt; my loins got all spastic and out of control as I could feel his steel shaft pump my rectum full of wave after wave of his hot cum. I looked down to see my mom wickedly pinching her nipples, as her head thrashed back and forth, eyes closed and drool leaking out both sides of her mouth.”From here, Malcolm took over, and I didn’t object. He got off the bed, and helped me turn around, until I was sitting up and straddling my mom’s face. Without a word, mama spread my ass cheeks, and sealed her lips around my cum-filled anus. I knew what I was supposed to do, but maybe I was reluctant. After a few seconds, Malcolm reached down between my legs and abruptly shoved two of his fat fingers deep into my swollen cunt. At first, all I felt was pain, like hot metal had pierced my freshly fucked pussy. But the more vigorously he finger fucked me, the better it felt, and rough treatment brought me immediately to another raging climax. As my cunt squirted all over his hand, my bottom let loose too, and I could feel my mother’s mouth frantically sucking Malcolm’s load of semen that was spewing out of my bowel and down her throat.”While my mom eagerly slurped the thick liquid, Malcolm grabbed me by the hair, and pulled me forward until my mouth was pressed against his still semi-hard erection. He stood in front of me, with his hands behind his back, and told me to lick his shaft clean. I was already getting that tingling sensation, and so soon after I had just come again. I eagerly lapped up all the juices left on his cock. The combination of his cum and my ass juices was something I never tasted together, and it was intoxicating. It also got Malcolm rock hard again, and he stepped back, and told me to watch and learn: just like that, with no explanation.”By now, mom had removed the strap-on, and she was fingering her soaking wet cunt while she watched me lick Malcolm clean. He looked down at her, and made a spinning type of sign over her with his index finger. Apparently mom already knew what that meant, and she swung her body around so her head was near the foot of the bed. Malcolm pulled her closer to him, until her head was just barely resting on the bed. I knew what this meant, as I had seen it before. Only this time, instead of peeking through a crack in mom’s bedroom door, I was up close to the action. Malcolm silently motioned for me to get back on the bed, as he pulled my mom’s legs back to her chest. Again, no words were spoken, as I positioned my face above her crotch. Malcolm stood stroking his erection, and he nodded at me. I started to lick and suck mama’s cunt, and she groaned immediately. She was extremely aroused, more so than I had ever seen her. Her legs slammed against my ears like a human vise, and she gripped my head tightly as she thrust her pelvis toward my mouth.”Without looking up, I did my best to satisfy my mom’s sexual needs. I heard her moaning, but the sound turned to gulping and gagging, and I knew Malcolm was stuffing her face with his thick weapon, pushing deeper and deeper down her throat. She struggled at first, but after he was in a certain depth, she seemed to calm down and her gagging subsided into a guttural, almost primitive sound. I was busy with my own job, and I continued to suck her wanton pussy, when Malcolm wrested my hair from my mom’s tight grip, and he lifted my head up.”What I witnessed was something that defied reality. I’m sure my eyes were popping out of my head, as I saw my mom’s lips pressed right up to his pelvis, her throat bulging, stuffed full of his girth. As he looked into my eyes, he slowly slid his entire length back out, letting his shaft swing freely. A thick wave of saliva followed, and he caught in his hand. Mama didn’t even choke, she just heavily gasped for air. My eyes got big again, as Malcolm reached his hand up to my face, and I opened my mouth instinctively. He slid three gooey fingers deep into my mouth, and I resisted the impulse to gag on them. This seemed to intrigue him, and he loaded his hand up with more saliva that had run down my mom’s face. He put his slick fingers back into my waiting mouth, only this time he used all four of his fingers. I held my own as he worked them deeper and deeper, until I could feel tears forming again on my cheeks.”Now it was his turn for eye-popping, as he watched me swallow more and more of his hand down my throat, until all his knuckles had disappeared, leaving only his thumb visible. I could feel my face turn beet red from the strain, but I still didn’t gag. He finally pulled his hand out, and he seemed really impressed with my ability. He smiled down at me, an obvious twinkle in his Escort eye. He motioned for me to straddle my mom, and I lay down on top of her until we were almost face to face. I knew what he had in mind, and I was shivering with anticipation. Mama knew too, and all she could do was groan, as Malcolm’s cock entered her mouth. He took my hand and placed it on her throat, and then he slid his shaft down her throat in one steady motion. It felt awesome when it passed my hand, and my mom’s throat swelled up twice its normal size.”Oh god, my cunt shuddered as he proceeded to pick up the pace and throat-fuck her in earnest. He kept his hand over top of mine to make sure I felt every penetration. He fucked her so deeply that I could see his balls slapping her face. Finally, she pushed her hands against his thighs, and he slowed down his tempo, and finally pulled out until only his cock head was in her mouth. Once again, her saliva flowed over his shaft and down her face. I knew what was going to happen next, and I propped myself up with my hands. He didn’t even touch my head; he just dangled his still erect penis in front of my open mouth. He grabbed his shaft and rubbed the slick saliva all around my lips, and then he laid his cock head on my tongue.”My whole body shook in anticipation of what was to come next. I wasn’t sure if I could do it. It was one thing to take his whole length in my ass, but I never had any throat training before. I was encouraged that I could take his whole hand, so I figured at least I would try. Now, Malcolm cradled my head in his strong hands, and began to slide in and out several times, getting my throat ready. Just as he was about to push past my tonsils, I felt a hand rise up and wrap around the underside of my throat. It was mom, of course, not wanting to miss anything…”Malcolm had such a grip on my head that I knew my only choice was to keep swallowing, like some kind of circus sword swallower. My mom groaned out loud when she felt his shaft pass her hand and slide deeper down my throat. To my amazement, I had no trouble at all: I didn’t choke or gag on it. Suddenly, my throat was completely full, and sure enough, I could feel his balls pressing against my chin. It was so exciting; you don’t know how proud I was! He started stroking in and out for real, and I just took it! Even mama seemed impressed. Sure, my mascara was running down my face, but I didn’t care.”Malcolm was in his glory: he pulled out of my throat completely and immediately filled my mom’s throat to the max. After several thrusts down her throat, I recovered my breathing. He then pulled his cock out of mom’s throat, and rammed it down mine. I don’t know if there’s a term for it, but I guess you could call it a ‘Double Deep Throat’. For an old man, he sure did have some stamina: he fucked our throats back and forth a bunch of times before he gave us the signal that he was about to cum. He pushed my face down until it was touching mama’s face and then he stroked himself off into each of our waiting mouths. We swallowed everything he had to offer, and then together we licked his cock clean.”By now, I was delirious with lust, and I jumped up and raided Ariel’s nightstand. I began pulling toys out left and right. “So, now that you’re no longer a virgin, do you play down there too?” I asked over my shoulder.”Well, I still haven’t had a cock in my pussy, but I do put toys in there now. Mama’s still worried I might get pregnant, or catch some kind of disease if I let real cocks in there,” she explained matter-of-factly, “but right now, I’m ready for anything you want to do.”After finding out that her mother took her virginity, I was feeling kind of jealous, strangely enough. So I held up the big black strap-on, and told her how much I’d love to fuck her cunt good and proper. She giggled and agreed, but she reminded me she was only working with one good arm, and maybe the bed wasn’t the best idea. As I pulled the straps up over my hips, I told her firmly to bend over her nightstand. I stood behind her and grabbed her hips, but something wasn’t quite right. Even in bare feet, I stood a few inches too high to get the best penetration.”Don’t worry, Auntie Eve, I’ve got some black ‘fuck me’ pumps that I wear to church on Sundays,” she announced, as she padded off to her closet. I helped her put them on and stand up. I walked her over to the nightstand, and she bent over, her legs spread in delicious anticipation. I stood behind her, strap-on cock in hand, and admired her beautiful slender legs, with her smooth tight ass jutting skyward, and I took my place behind her. I reached down and ran my fingers up and down her slit, making sure she was well lubricated…of course, I need not have worried about that; I really wanted to just finger her while she was perched precariously in her high heels. I maneuvered the dildo head up and down her slit until she begged me to fuck her. As much enjoyment I got from teasing her, I knew it was time for my best moves. Her labia parted willingly as I gently pushed the rubber intruder deeper into her hot body. I looked down and watched it disappear inside her young body, inch by inch. She moaned dreamily… “Oh, Aunt Evie, that’s it! I love how you hold my hips so tight, and I love the feel of that big fat cock in my cunt,” she went on, “Oh Yes! YES!! Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!”I increased my thrusts, pounding into her with all my might. I ended up on my tiptoes, as my intense lust took over. I was violating her young body with such vigor, that she stumbled right out of her heels, and I was afraid she might sprain an ankle, which she didn’t need to go along with her broken arm. I helped her walk over to the bottom of her bed, put a pillow down on the floor for her to kneel on, and bent her over the bed. I half stood-half crouched behind her, and I drove the dildo deep into her smooth pussy. I started fucking her with authority, urged on by her loud pleadings:”Oh god, Eve, fuck me like you mean it! I’m getting ready to cum soon! Pound my little pussy, YES! YES! YES!! OH SHIT!! OH GOD!! GIVE IT TO ME AUNTIE EVE!! OH LORD IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!!!”I gave it all I had, and I felt my own extreme orgasm rising up in my loins, as I fucked my young niece in her cunt like she’d never been fucked before. Finally she lurched out of control under me, and came for what seemed like several minutes. I was literally behind her all the way, and I came in reaction to her jolting, jerking body underneath me.Afterward, we stayed in our places for several minutes. I had my arms wrapped around her waist, with my head lying on her back, as our heavy breathing began to subside. That’s when I heard it. It must have happened while Ariel was being so loud, because neither one of us had heard anything before this:One single…very feint…hardly perceptible…tiny…little…cough. My eyes popped open and I quickly looked around: Ariel’s bedroom door was open just a crack…

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