Am I lucky?


Yes, it is today. They day that far-longing Master will be coming! We are all excited. My heart is palpitating. This morning, I looked myself in the mirror for the x times… Sigh! I wish I could serve him today and ever. He seems so very special…

In fact, we were told that there will be a Master visiting our dungeon and he will be choosing one slave to be owned. Apparently, he has got already 3 slaves yet he needed a 4th one to please and satisfy his needs and desires during his travels.

The dungeon owner and all of his staff are so busy preparing us to be in good shape. We had to take care of our food, hygiene and beauty since a month. We were not allowed to show up at the Dungeon. They said, it is to make our cunts hungry for sex and our body for torture. We were given pills to increase our hormone levels. Our curves become more and more rounded, full and seems yummy to take a bite or even to whip. We were also trained to give pleasure in numerous ways without being penetrated in any holes. It was so difficult as istanbul escort the arousals couldn’t be satisfied. The other day, I was caught playing with my fingers and I had to go without my dinner. I missed not only the hunger of a thrust but also of a healthy dish. I learnt my lesson.

Yesterday, they gave us beautiful cupless and crotchless teddies. Four different colours; red, black, purple and white for 4 of us. I tried the white one which went a long with my dark brown skin. I touched my heavy hucow tits and well developed butts with my soft hands, curved my bodies around, rolling my hips, moving back and fro on my fours, trying to hang my tits and imaging Master’s cock in all my holes. Ah! Even the thoughts make my body shivers, my cunt wet… Sigh!

I went to bed with a smile of longing and hope. This morning, I woke up early, had my smoothie and breakfast before the others. Took a long bath and made myself ready for the Master by 09:30 am. Four of us, in the middle of the dungeon’s 2nd floor, in the escort bayan glass boxes, standing in our best positions; in our teddies, stockings, high heels and blind folded in the same colour silk scarfs.

I am panting. Feeling excited and tired. I realise that I didn’t get much sleep. It might be only 15 minutes that I am here, standing, longing. Many questions float in my mind. Will the Master really come? Will he be there at 10:00 am? Will I still look yummy? What if he doesn’t like my skin colour? What if my wet and swollen cunt turns him off? What if he chooses someone else? This thought made me sad. Me who wanted to travel the world…

Suddenly, I hear the Dungeon owner rushing down the stairs. There, there he is. Finally, … the moment is arriving. I rearrange my position to protrude bumps. I still can’t hear them coming up. I even sweat a little bit, my cunt is wet and my lips are drying. I hope he will taste my strawberry flavour lipstick. I don’t even dare to lick my lips despite my burning desire Pendik escort to lick and bite them.

Yes, their foot steps’ sounds are coming nearer. There might be quite a number of them. Why? Is he a celebrity? Will we be allowed to see him only if he chooses? Gosh! My eager body is almost trembling with desire to serve him. I suddenly made up my mind to go extra mile for whatsoever task he may assign. I will make him choose me. I don’t want to be stuck in this dungeon and serve the same people. I am fresh, I am beautiful, I am curvy, I am talented. I will make him choose me. I will make him choose me. I know he will choose me.

God! For once in my life, God, please answer my prayer. Please make him choose me my dear God. I feel hot in my whole body. I swallow the saliva. There they come. Footsteps get closer, I can hear people whispering. They have some girls with them? Maybe his current slaves? Are they beautiful and busty? Will they also rate us? Will he try all of us like we were told or will he just pick based on appearance? I know, my friend is much more attractive than me; she is white, her cunt is pinkish, her body is voluptuous. Ahhh! My panting gets faster, has he noticed this? Are they looking at me? Under the blindfold, my eyes wonder…

(To be continued)

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