Amanda’s Story Ch. 3


With cum in every hole and across my chest I wanted a shower but to my astonishment Kenneth said, “No just put that crop top on I want to see my cum soak through and that skirt I will be using you a few more times today as my whore.”

I was about to protest but Kenneth said “Don’t worry your mom knows I have been fucking you, and I have plans for your brother as well.” I didn’t understand what he meant about my brother but that was not my concern, I pulled the top on over my head and immediately I let it go the his cum soaked through he cotton cloth. The black skirt was new but when I put it on it just covered my arse which was just the picture Kenneth wanted.

I could tell he was pleased as his prick had already started to show signs of rejuvenation, ‘wow’ I thought how virile this man was. I heard my mom announce her return “Ok you go and great your mom and tell her that you are doing the job tonight and it was your idea, I will be down in a while and I will fuck your arse, so be ready for me.”

I was concerned at what my mom would say when she saw the state I was in but when I went into the kitchen she just stood there drinking her coffee and made no reference to the state of my dress which was always a bone of contention normally. I poured a drink for myself and waited for Kenneth to come down and fuck me as he said he would, it was then my mother said. “He wants us to have sex together, the three of us and him.”

“Cool,” I said and went over to her taking the cup from her hand and kissed her passionately on the mouth and ran my hands over her breasts. She was shocked by my response but her body gave her true feelings away as her nipples became erect, we embraced for what seemed like hours her hand slowly finding her way around my body. She pulled at my top and exposed my breasts she started to lick the remains of Kenneth’s cum off my breasts while they heaved in the new thrill my mother was giving me.

I broke off the embrace and pulled the top over my head my moms hands where all over me I could tell she had done this before as I was quickly aroused by her expert hands, she slid her hand under my skirt and pushed the material of my sopping g-string into my sex crevice instantly finding my clit sending shock waves through my sex.

“Good you are getting acquainted what a picture.” Kenneth’s familiar voice boomed through the kitchen. I was to far gone to care I just wanted to cum and my mother was an expertly making me do just that. As my orgasm peeked I felt Kenneth’s hands on my hips holding me still, I reached behind me and found his hard prick inside his trousers, I fumbled with the zipper and released his masterful meat. I then pulled on his cock as my mom continued working on my clit.

Kenneth said “Take them off.” Mom looked up at me and then undid the ties on my knickers and let them drop to the floor I felt her hands on my naked pussy for the first time in my life and loved the affect it had on me sending my body into raptures as another orgasm began to build.

“Start licking it.” Kenneth ordered and I saw his hand move behind my mothers head and pull it into my pussy and I could feel her hot breath then her tongue opening my pussy lips sending me straight into another orgasm as Kenneth pushed his monster dick into my arsehole for fucking me for the second time that day while my mothers mouth worked her magic on my pussy and clit. I was cumming continually and as I felt Kenneth’s prick jerk inside my arse and then filling my bowel with his lovely sex cream.

He pulled out of me and pushed me aside then held his prick in front of my mother’s mouth “Clean it suck mine and your sons cum from your master’s prick and she did just that as I watched and played with my clit until I came once gorukle escort more.

I was knackered I had never cum so many times in one morning, I said to Kenneth. “I need to get some sleep, if you want me fresh for tonight.” He just nodded not taking his prick out of my mother’s mouth that was now impaled on the full length of our master’s cock.

As I went up the stairs, Steven was sat at the top of then. “Back for some more are you?”

“Fuck off, if you want some more arse I suggest you get to the kitchen moms is up for grabs if you think you can handle the competition,” as I walked past him allowing him a good look at my naked arse to give him the idea.

I don’t remember much about the rest of the afternoon as my sleep was deep exhausted the next thing I remember was the feeling of pressure in my arse hole and as I came around from my slumber I realised someone was fingering my arse. I looked around to see who it was only to find it was my mom rubbing some ointment around my stretched arsehole she asked “If I was ok.” I just nodded as I turned and kissed her deep and full on the lips.

“You have to have a shower it is nearly time for you to go to work,” mom said. So I got up hardly able to stand she helped me to the shower turning the water on then began to wash my hair and then soaping up my body, the water seemed to revive me and I started to feel a lot better.

“I had better clean myself up,” I said pointing at my pussy. Mom handed me a thin tube, it was soft and phallic shaped with a tube on the one end I realised what its use was, and unscrewed the head of the shower and attached the douche head onto the pipe then slowly inserted it into my pussy washing all memories of the morning’s sex session away. Once that was done I started on my arse it felt good as water washed the cum from my bowel and I was once again ready for action.

I stepped out of the shower and my mom had laid out the clothes I was to ware for my first night as a whore and said.” I had better put a good amount of lube inside my arse and pussy as the water would have washed the natural oils away as well as all the cum.”

I found the tube and started to massage it into my pussy while my mom started on my arse then Kenneth walked in “How you feeling Amanda are you sure you want to do this?”

I said. “Yes I agreed to do it.” He smiled at me and told me to get dressed as we would be going soon.

“You had better shave while your there one of them likes a young looking pussy.” He said as he left the room. I did as he asked and shaved my sex clean only leaving a tuft of hair at the top as I used to do when I was at school.

I got dressed with a little help from my loving mom then we went down stairs. Kenneth was in the kitchen he had a $10 note rolled up and he was snorting some white powder through it, “what’s that shit?” I asked as I walked into the room

“Charlie, do you want some?” I shook my head but some how I had a feeling I was to regret that decision at some time during the night.

We walked to the car and Kenneth began to explain a little more about the men I was to entertain he said that he said the hotel had what they called fantasy rooms they are all soundproofed and are for adult entertainment where anything goes from torture to bestiality the room we had was one of the luxury room and only if you are happy I will let the men meet you “Is that ok?”

I said “Yes its fine.”

We arrive and the room was everything he said it would be it had a massive hot tub extra large king size bed and they have even provided some gels, lotions and bubble bath for the spa there where some toys dildos vibrators whips and maniacs ropes you name it there was a toy for it I started altıparmak eskort bayan the spa going, nice and hot I have used a few toys in my time and I knew by the look on Kenneth’s face that he wanted to fuck me there and then and I said do you want to?”

He said “No you have to be clean.” I embraced him and kissing passionately.

“I am ready for this,” I said then I sucked on his tongue and tease him a bit with mine he picked up the phone and punched some numbers on the pad and shortly afterwards there was a knock on the door.

”You sure you want to answer that?” He asked

”Sure baby for you anything,” blowing him a kiss.

I walked over and answer the door to see one guy about 6’2 standing there brown hair, brown eyes and a goatee he didn’t look half bad and I hopped the other one was just as good then I saw him to my surprise it was Doug the maintenance man from our old apartment, I was shocked and I didn’t know where to look how and why the fuck was he there. He didn’t say anything to me but the three men shook hands and Kenneth shut the door behind them he turned around and winked at me. I got the message I walked over and turn off the taps on the hot tub, the mirrors where steamed up from the heat.

I look back to see the three of them deep in conversation I had no idea what the conversation was about but I could see there tongue moving and as they looked over to me I could see the bulges in both there trousers! Kenneth winked at me again and I realised that it was my turn to

“I cant believe how hot and wet I am getting” I said as I pull my skirt up and put my hand into my freshly shaved pussy ( with no knickers under the skirt As instructed) I lent against the spa and I played with myself as I watch the men explore me with there eyes

”You might find it easier going without the clothes don’t you think” Kenneth smiled and walked towards the door, both of the men stare and grin as he left me to there devices the men quickly shed there clothing and then helped me with mine, by silent consent we all got into the spa.

Doug sat on one side of the tub and the tall man on the other they both begin to kiss me deeply in turn again and again while there hands played with my breasts

I was mesmerized by the whole scene. Both hard cock standing out straight while both men start to play with me gently there hands moved up and down my body.

As I kissed the tall man Doug knelt in the tub behind me and begin kissing my arse and my back while I was kissing the other mans body as Doug worked his way back down I take the tip of his fully erect 8 inches and begin to play with it with my tongue teasing him with my tongue oh my god, I think as I was so turned on the whole thing He threw his head back and let out a deep basic moan making me wetter and as I take him inside my mouth and starting to suck deeply on him, I am amazed by with his shaved balls and began to scratch them.
It was as I got into a stroke I felt Doug’s hands on my arse, rubbing my cheeks and he was pushing me making sure his cock doesn’t fall out of my mouth, while I begin to deep throat him and he begins gasping at the pleasure he is feeling

I move my fingers around the mans arse and try to push a finger into his arse hole its then I feel the force of Doug’s prick against my tight rosebud with one push he was deep inside me and I pause to take my breath but the tall man pulled my head hard back onto his prick forcing it down my thought once again I tried to stop him but Doug grabbed my hand and pulled my arms high behind my back as the both men rammed into me from both ends until they both shoot there spunk into me and withdraw leaving me in the hot tub.

I climb nilüfer eskort bayan shakily out of the tub moving over towards the men that where now lying back on the bed with a glass of whisky in hand laughing at my situation. “Here put this on,” said Doug throwing me a thick leather belt.

I put the belt around my waist and asked “Now what?”

“Pull it as tight as you can.” The Tall man said I did as he asked by lying on the floor and pulling the straps tight.

Doug said. “Entertain us while we get our strength back, use one of those vibrators and bring yourself off if do a good job and we might call it a night.”

I picked up a small vibrator and kissed it then put it in my mouth pushing it in far enough to get it wet then teased my nipples with it and then moved it down then pushed it deep into my pussy, while rubbing my clit.

Both the men where watching me intently as I played with my plastic dick and had started to pull on there cocks as I watched them watching me I realised that they both where getting hard again I pulled the vibrator out and ran the juice soaked toy up to my breast and then to my mouth sucking on it once again like it was a rock hard cock I decided it was time to join the men on the bed and walked over and climbed onto the bed showing off my sopping cunt as best I could i crawled upwards until I had both there cocks in my hands and started to wank them pulling there foreskins down as far as they would go .

In turn I took each cock into my mouth until they both where rock hard and then poisoned myself on top of the tall mans prick leaning forward putting my head on his chest sucking on his nipples flicking them with my tongue. I began stroking his cock gently as I raised and lowered my pussy on him tightening and relaxing my grip on his swollen cock as I did Doug once again got behind me and as I pushed my pussy down on the tall mans cock he pushed his throbbing length into my arse once again while I slowly began absorbing the feelings and sensations of double penetration for the first time in my life when Doug slipped out and then repositioned him self so that he could force his prick into my pussy along with his partners as both men grabbed the belt I realised this was going to happen and they had plane for it to happen as they where sliding my pussy along the shaft of his cock I felt the extra girth of Doug’s prick force my sex open I screamed with pain as his member burred its head along side the other piece of meat already inside of me.

It felt like the walls of my sex where splitting as they bounced me on the bed each time getting there cocks in a little further causing me more and more discomfort and then it was over both men seemed to cum at once and they reluctantly stopped fucking me as there pricks started to go limp and plopped out of my expanded sex, I just flopped to the bed totally fucked then Doug said its clean up time slut and don’t miss any we are of for dinner and don’t want to stain our suits.

I knew what I had to do I began sucking and licking both of the men as they looked on a little dazed when they where clean I got up and handed them both a towel and they wiped themselves dry from my mouths attention.

They told me to lie on the bed and clean myself up while they got dressed and by using my hands I scooped as much of the spunk out of my pussy and popped it into my mouth when I was done they rolled me onto my face and began probing my arse with there finger first one then the other then both they turned me onto my back and pushed there arse cum covered fingers into my mouth for me to clean it was then I realised that I had the whole night ahead of me and I screamed “GOD PLEASE OH GOD STOP OH MY GOD PLEASE MAKE IT STOP” and the men just laughed.

They walked away from me and out of the door I heard the door lock as they left and I knew this was not the end and as I lay there I thought to myself ‘I knew it was a mistake to turn down the snort.’

What happen on there return well that’s another story…

Lots of Love

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