An Eye on the Housekeeper Ch. 02


It would have been possible for me to put my plan into action right then, but I had bigger and better ideas. Another trip to the electronics store yielded the equipment that I needed. Another micro-camera was placed discreetly in the midst of my electronics equipment directly in front of the sofa. This would yield a low angle frontal view of the user. Another camera was placed above the bar in the kitchen which would give a view from behind that would show the user as well as what was playing on the video monitor. I wired the video recording units to the power switch on the main playing unit which Doris would use. The final touch was set another machine to record what was being played on the monitor so I could later see what was on the screen and the actions of the user at the same time. After several hours of work, I was satisfied that all the equipment worked properly and that all the cameras were satisfactorily inconspicuous. When all was set, I couldn’t help replaying the video of Doris getting herself off. As I watched her thighs slap together, and hips buck off the sofa, my dick was rock hard and I desperately hoped I could pull this off.

I figured that Doris may only dare to watch the videos every couple of weeks, so I set my mind for a long wait. I was pleasantly surprised when I returned home the next Tuesday, and opened up the recording cabinet to find that the tapes connected to the video system had been recorded on. It took several hours to compile the multiple videos to get this scene:

As with the last tape, Doris had arrived early and hurried quickly through her chores. As she finished up and moved her cart towards the door, it was apparent that she was moving with pre-determined intent. This wasn’t an idea that came up on the spur of the moment, she had been thinking about this for a while. She Escort placed the cart in front of the door again, presumably to give herself additional time to get herself together if I came home unexpectedly, then she too a small feather duster with her as she walked to the video rack. Doris took the pornos from the bottom rack, examined them for a moment, selected one and walked to the video machine.

After turning on the video machine and inserting the video, she returned to the couch. Her left hand immediately went to her right breast as she raised the remote to start the tape. Her face was already flush, and it was apparent that she knew what scene or scenes she was looking for. The tape was fast-forwarded through the ads and FBI Warning and even through the first couple of scenes. I found it interesting to see the scene that she stopped at. It was a woman who spent considerable time masturbating before being surprised by a man. As the scene unfolded with the woman rubbing her tits and pussy through her clothes, Doris seemed to follow along. As the woman on the screen rubbed her nipples, Doris flicked her own and massaged her ample boobs through the ever present loose T-shirt. The woman on the screen got heavily into it and removed her pants and panties. Doris’ breathing was heavy, her slight belly pushing against her T-shirt and retracting. The woman on the screen was now naked and I was surprised when Doris lifted her own shirt over her head. Her boobs appeared heavy, bound in the white, silky cups of her bra. Her thick belly sagged slightly over the belt line of her jeans and her stomach continued to contract and expand with her heavy breathing. She continued to massage her boobs with one hand while she undid her pants with the other. The free hand was unceremoniously jammed down her pants and began working Escort Bayan heavily on her clit. As the woman on the screen was bringing herself to orgasm, Doris was getting close herself. Her thighs clamped together again and there were a couple of quick intakes of breath as her ass bucked slightly from the sofa. All this was expected as I had seen it before, but what happened next completely shocked and thoroughly aroused me.

As the man entered the room on the screen surprising the woman, Doris lifted her ass and pushed her jeans and panties around her ankles again. The woman on the video began sucking the mans cock and Doris seductively sucked two of her own fingers while two fingers of her other hand were busily working in and out of her snatch. Finally the man on the screen pushed the woman down lifted her legs over his shoulders and plunged his cock into her pussy. As soon as he drove his rod home, I watched wide-eyed as Doris reached for her duster and slipped the stubby handle into her own pussy. As the fucking continued on the screen, Doris fucked her self faster and faster with the duster while pinching and pulling her nipples with the other hand. Her thighs clamped together and her ass raised off the couch with her face contorted in intense pleasure. Her body jerked time and again as it was racked with wave after wave of orgasm. Her pleasure seemed to subside momentarily then the man on the screen who had been pounding his partners pussy mercilessly, lifted his cock to her face and across her cheek and into her hair. Seeing this, Doris came again, this time clamping her legs together so tightly that she couldn’t move the duster if she had wanted to. Her body rolled sideways on the sofa and jerked uncontrollably and I actually see her juices run down her leg from behind.

Doris lay still on the Bayan Escort sofa for a few minutes then as her breathing subsided to somewhat normal; she slipped to the floor on her hands and knees. This looked to be an effort to keep more of her juices from landing on my sofa. She stopped the video and just sat looking at the blank screen for a few minutes. Finally, she stood and pulled up her panties and jeans, but when she bent to retrieve her bra, her knees buckled slightly and she had to sit down on the couch. The thing that struck me most was the incredible smile and look of satisfaction she had on her face. She soon got herself together, finished dressing, replace the videos, and after rinsing the duster off, took it back to the cart. She returned with a rag and with her face still flush gave the leather sofa a few cursory wipes before taking another look another look around the apartment pushing her cart out the door.

I couldn’t believe what I had just seen. I knew I had just seen something that had never been intended for anyone’s eyes, something so private that I doubted that she ever allowed another living person to see it. My cock was raging. I was so attracted to this woman that I had to make this plan work.

It took me about another hour or so to finish what I had to do to complete this plan, then I burned a finished copy of the video to CD, and made four tape copies. One at a time, I opened the porno video cassettes as well as the ones I had just made and switched the tapes. I could have just taped over them but I still wanted to keep them for research. I placed the tapes that still had the porno labels back in their respective boxes and replaced them in the bottom rack. I placed the burned CD with the rest of my library in the fire safe, but it didn’t stay there. It was a long time until Friday and I watched that video many time in anticipation.

Friday Morning finally arrived and I took care of the last thing that I had to do before Doris was to arrive. I placed a small sticky note on the cassette tapes that read simply “Doris”

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