An Innocent in Paris Pt. 08



This the story of a gorgeous, sexy, but inexperienced eighteen year old English girl encountering the many temptations of life in France. She discovers her true sexuality; she is tempted by certain recreational substances. She is on an exciting but dangerous path….

The story so far… (better if you start at Pt 1!)

Marie was a young student from Exeter, England, about to start her degree course at the Sorbonne University in Paris. A county (state) level tennis player at home, she visited the university’s tennis club. There were unexpected consequences.

Still a virgin at eighteen and in the first week of university life, she encountered a whole new world. In just a week she lost her virginity to Jerome, made love to Chantal and that was just the start…

Chantal, the secretary of the University Tennis Club had invited Marie for a trial game that Marie won easily. They ended up in the club bar and over the next couple of hours they drank far too much wine for Marie, and in an alcoholic haze she invited Chantal back to her apartment.

She was getting inexplicably aroused by the gorgeous Chantal.

They drank more, and a confused Marie could feel herself becoming increasingly turned on by the warmth and closeness of Chantal’s body. By the end of the evening the very inexperienced Marie had drunk far too much, smoked her first cigarettes, and Chantal had become her first ever female lover.

The strength of their relationship, and feelings for each other was growing. The girls exchanged rings as a symbol of their commitment and their love for each other.

Chantal’s father’s friend, the Russian Oligarch Dmitri, invited the girls for a weekend on his super yacht moored just outside Monaco. They entered a world of wealthy indulged celebs including the famous international sit-com actress Jennifer Armstrong. In this new world where anything goes. Dmitri asked them, as a favour, to entertain the celebs; the girls were well rewarded…

Dmitri invited them to return two weeks later to entertain the two daughters of a Spanish senior politician with whom he was negotiating a lucrative business deal.

The weekend was a life changing success for the sisters as they explored a new world of unrestrained sexuality… and certain substances.

Danielle a fellow student and her sister Jade are also making money as drug couriers; Chantal and Marie refuse to get involved. A few days later, Jade vanishes.

Jen has asked the girls to host her Equinox Weekend — a hedonistic lesbian party at her villa on the French Riviera. They have also agreed to be Jen and her friend Talia’s girlfriends at a very private exclusive celeb party in Monaco…

Marie’s interest in BDSM is growing, as are some other more dangerous habits…


Hand in hand the girls walked through the busy streets of Paris, beside the River Seine until they reached the apartment. Deep down, Marie was uneasy. She was happy that after a week of abstinence she would be able to satisfy the urge, almost an obsession, for the addictive white powder, but she was worried that it was dangerous to give in to what could be the start of an addiction.

But just a couple of lines wouldn’t hurt… would it?

She remembered the first time; the powerful sensation of euphoria., happiness and invincibility. Good as it was, she had not since reached such heights, but she still loved the feeling as each line of cocaine took over her young and vulnerable body. Her lover had warned her about the dangers. It didn’t seem to have gripped Chantal to the same extent.

Chantal noticed that she had something on her mind. She squeezed her hand.

“Tell me about it, babe.”

“I’m fine. Just a little tired.”

As soon as the were inside the apartment, Marie lit two cigarettes, one for her lover. She relaxed as the calming smoke filled her body. She felt better.

Chantal glanced at Marie. Her babe looked stunning. She was dressed simply in skin tight blue jeans, emphasising her full, beautifully shaped thighs, and a tight Armani white tee shirt that followed the shape of her perfect young breasts. She was also wearing the glittery Jimmy Choo trainers she had borrowed from Chantal. Irresistible!

Chantal kissed her gently on her lips.

“Babe, you’re so beautiful. We know what we both need first… then a little adventure… a little pain?”

“Yes… please…” Marie knew what was coming…

“I’ll prepare the room, then you can prepare our little treat.”

Once in the bedroom, Chantal drew the curtains and dimmed the lighting and lit some heavily scented black candles she had bought on line. To finally transform the room she put a black satin sheet over the bed. Taking a case out of the wardrobe, she opened it and felt a surge of excitement as she looked at the contents.

Her babe would look special tonight. She took out a tight miniskirt made of soft black leather and a black leather bra. She imagined her babe’s bahis şirketleri beautifully firm breasts filling it, her erect nipples squeezed tightly in.

She quickly put on a sleeveless short black leather dress, fishnet hold ups and 4″ heels. Next the black lipstick, then the heavier, slightly menacing eye makeup. She was ready.

She called Marie into the bedroom…

“Oh my god, this is so scary!” But Marie loved it and quickly changed into the black leather miniskirt. As she felt the soft leather rubbing against her skin she could feel a stickiness between her legs. Now all she needed was…

Chantal took a small silver box out of the safe. She opened the lid… and inside was the precious white powder.

“You do the lines, babe.”

Watched by Chantal, Marie carefully tipped a small quantity of cocaine onto the glass table top, and carefully divided it into four lines. She was excited and ready. Hands trembling, she tightly rolled up a euro note, pushed it high up her nose, a finger on her other nostril… and she snorted a line of the forbidden powder.

Chantal took the rolled up note and snorted hard. In a couple of minutes the powder would work it’s magic.

She was ready. “Remember, squeal three times if you want to stop.”

Marie was frightened… she’d be completely helpless in a silent black world while a mixture of intense pain and powerful pleasure would fill her young body

Chantal pulled the black leather sensory deprivation hood over her babe’s head. She tightly pulled the laces that went up the back of her head.

She tightened the adjustable straps that held in place the soft leather eye pads, the larger soft ear pads and the leather padding around the contours of her mouth. There was a cigar size breathing vent through the padding, and a similar outlet concealed under the leather nose cover.

This was only the second time Marie had been strapped into the hood. She was scared. She couldn’t speak, see or hear. Silence, blackness,… nothing.

She felt Chantal lead her to the bed and lay her down on her front then lock the cuffs around her wrists and ankles. The cuffs were attached to ropes. She felt Chantal place a deep cushion under her mound, raising up her curvy butt. She felt the powder taking over…

As the ropes were being tied to the top and bottom legs of the bed, she felt them being tightened forcing her arms and legs apart. Now, incapable of movement, she was completely helpless.

But she wasn’t scared any more. The cocaine was doing its work. She felt sooo good… invincible… truly happy. This is how she wanted to be… for ever. Nothing else mattered. All she was aware of was happiness, euphoria, no sensations, just a pitch black paradise of pleasure.

She felt her lover’s tongue gently stroking the inside or her left thigh, starting just above her knee, working slowly inside almost to the top of her leg… then it stopped. Nothing. Why did she stop?!

Again the tongue worked it’s way up her leg, once again stopping short. She wanted more, but the tongue quickly pulled away.

Unable to see or hear she was in a silent black world, devoid of any sensations… except for an incredibly heightened sense of touch. The powder was in control, dominating her in this surreal, unfamiliar world.

She felt the tongue continue its journey up her right leg, almost reaching her pussy… but pulling away at the last moment. This was torment. She needed the tongue to caress her now incredibly sensitive clit.

Then it was gone. Seconds later she felt hands gently pulling her firm curvy cheeks apart, the tongue now licking up and down her slit. This was sooo good.

As the tongue moved towards her hole she knew what she desperately wanted… it licked around the sensitive area and massaged the rim.

She tried to cry out,” Pleeese come inside, don’t torment me!” but she was gagged. No sound came out.

Now her senses were confused. The powder was in control… she felt so happy and almost super human… but all she wanted was the tongue to enter her….

And it did. As her cheeks were opened wider the tongue entered deeper exploring that beautiful but forbidden part of her young body. It took on a life of its own as it made love to her. She felt an excitement growing in her over stimulated teen body… stronger and stronger…omg, she was going to cum then the tongue was no more. She squealed in anguish and frustration, but nothing left her lips.

Moisture gushed between her legs, but she didn’t cum.

Silence, darkness… then as the leather whip with its twenty thin tails landed, shocked and now frightened she felt intense pain across her butt. An uncontrollable surge of emotions filled her body. Her heart was racing… confusion… fear, pain, intense sexual stimulation.

Again the leather tails inflicted sharp pain across her butt. It hurt so much but felt so good.

A pause… what was happening? Something small and hard was moving up and down her slit. It stopped and seemed to be circling, bahis firmaları playing with her, teasing her rim. Then she felt it moving across her butt and down between her leg, stroking the inside of her left thigh, stopping just short of her clit. This was torment. She needed to cum… but couldn’t.

Then nothing. It had gone. In a state of high sexual tension, desperately needing relief, she waited…

The cane landed across the top of her legs just below her butt. She screamed… but no sound came out, it hurt…a lot. Her confused body decided it was time, as it released an overwhelming orgasm that completely took over her young body for the next ten seconds.

Exhausted she lay still as she felt the cuffs being released. She felt Chantal roll her over onto her back, putting a pillow under her head.

It was an indescribably good feeling as she felt her lover’s soft lips sucking her breast, her tongue massaging her hard, erect nipple. With her free hands she pulled Chantal’s head tight to her breast. Happiness filled her confused body.

After a while she felt the hood being unlaced and the straps being released. As her eyes adjusted to the light, she saw her lover smiling.

“You ok babe?”

“Yes… very… I need a cigarette.”

She put a much needed cigarette between her lips, and relaxed.

“Omg, that’s better.”

The marks on her butt were turning red. Chantal very gently applied some soothing cream, rubbing it into Marie’s butt. She was getting upset. She looked at the marks. How could she have injured her girlfriend, like this.

“I’m sorry babe – didn’t mean to hurt you like this.”

Marie was silent. Over the next few minutes the girls started to become subdued. The euphoria was wearing off replaced by a black cloud of confused depression.

“We need some more.” Marie definitely wasn’t feeling good.

“Babe, what are we doing to ourselves?” Chantal was getting worried.

“I just need some more.” That was all Marie could think about…

She snorted the line. As her face started to numb she knew she would soon feel better.

Chantal did the same but she was afraid… she loved her babe, more than anything in her life… and she didn’t want to lose her to the addictive drug to which she had introduced her.


The following morning both girls felt bad. They had struggled to get to sleep and slept badly. Marie’s butt was sore and she had a raging headache. Chantal was upset about hurting her girlfriend, and the dangerous path down which she was leading her. Something had to change… and it was up to her. She had led her precious young partner down a dangerous path. Now she had to find a way back for both of them.

Mixing with celebs was rewarding, but their involvement in their hedonistic lifestyle was becoming a problem. The sex was good, but the drugs were a problem. What can you do if they are offered to you? After all you are being paid to take part and entertain the clients.

She made a decision. No more cocaine As agreed with George they would escort Jen and Talia in Monaco next Saturday and work for Jen hosting the Equinox party the following weekend. Then they would focus on their studies and play lots of tennis.


On the flight to Nice airport on the Air France flight from Paris, Chantal remembered their first trip. As Dmitri’s guests they had travelled in his luxurious private jet. So much had happened since they helicoptered onto his mega yacht, moored just outside Monaco.

Neither girl had experienced the celebrity and super rich lifestyle, one of no limits and complete freedom. A menu of drugs and sex in all its variations were part of day to day life. Exciting as it was, Marie was starting to realise she probably had an addictive personality. Cocaine was becoming a problem. How she loved the feeling… the happiness, euphoria and invincibility but then there was the misery and stressful emptiness as the drug wore off leaving her body crying out for more. How could she be driven to want more of something that made her feel so desperately bad?

Chantal could sense that her girlfriend was upset. She squeezed her hand tightly.

“Love you babe. What’s wrong?”

“I’m scared.” Marie was starting to lose control. Tears started to roll down her face. “I’m scared about us.”

Chantal realised that her babe was struggling. The path they taking was upsetting her younger partner.

“Babe, I’m here for you… always.”

“Last night… I really needed the coke. That’s scary. You won’t want me if I turn into an addict. I don’t know what I’d do.”

More tears rolled down her cheeks

“Babe, we’re partners… look at our rings. Whatever problems we face, we face together. Let’s get through this weekend. Then we focus on us. I’m not leaving you. Whatever problems face us we’ll work through together. We’re here for each other.”

Marie felt a surge of happiness fill her body. She felt secure and cared for. Chantal was the only person in the world she would ever completely kaçak bahis siteleri give herself to. Yes, they would get through the weekend then she would focus on making her lover happy.

She looked down at her ring and snuggled into Chantal, “I’m ok, sorry… being pathetic. Let’s just avoid the coke… it’s not good for us.”

Chantal relaxed, “We’re lovers and partners. I’ll always look after you. Our relationship is far more important than a few lines of powder.”

Marie closed her eyes. “Love you so much.”

“And I love you babe. We belong to each other


As they approached Nice airport Chantal could feel her girlfriend tensing.

“It’s ok babe…”

Chantal knew she had to help Marie get through the weekend.

“I’m ok. George has given us a job and we said we’d do it.” Marie did enjoy being with Jen. Although she was an older woman the sex was good… but it was just sex without love… a transaction.

She enjoyed sharing in her lifestyle, meeting her friends, but she now realised it was dangerous and could damage her relationship with Chantal. She had to stay clean. Marijuana, yes, cocaine and anything else, no!

Jen’s assistant Hannah met them at the airport. After a polite greeting she led them outside the terminal building.

A small crowd gathered around Jen’s chauffeur driven white convertible Rolls Royce Wraith. As they were about to get in a young girl, probably no more than fifteen, rushed up to Marie and asked for her for a selfie. Embarrassed and completely off guard, Marie obliged.

The chauffeur loaded their bags into the boot. Hannah sat in the front.

He was more communicative, “Welcome to Nice ladies. My name is Charles and I am taking you to Ms Armstrong’s villa. The traffic is light, so we should be there in forty-five minutes. Are you happy with the roof down?”

Chantal was going to enjoy the once in a lifetime experience of this stunning car! “Thank you Charles. It’s fine – we’ll enjoy the fresh air after the flight. Is that ok with you Hannah?”

“Yes, I guess so.”

There was something about Hannah that made Marie uneasy. Instinctively she was on her guard. She seemed unfriendly, preoccupied, cold, with little eye contact. Was she hiding something?

With the warm sun on their faces and the wind blowing through their hair, the girls relaxed. This was the good life. Marie was feeling happier as her hand found its way between her girlfriend’s legs. Opening her legs slightly Chantal felt the hand moving up her skirt… this was so good… the car, the sun, the warm breeze, and now her girlfriend’s hand moving higher…

Chantal closed her eyes, hidden by the dark lenses of her Versace sunglasses. As her girlfriend’s finger circled her clit she was in her own private paradise. What could be better than being made love to in a Rolls Royce, being driven along the beautiful winding roads of the South of France, the wind in her face, the love of her life beside her? As the finger touched her clit it triggered a beautiful orgasm. Her body shook; she gasped as she came. Her babe had done it again. Amazing.

She whispered, “Thank you… sexy babe!” She was happy.

Hannah had adjusted the vanity mirror on the sun visor and had been watching the girls. Her mood darkened further.

Charles smiled. A kilometre from the villa he phoned Jen.


As the Rolls entered through the steel motorised security gates Jen and Talia were waiting outside the villa to greet the girls.

“Welcome back girls!” Jen was obviously very happy to see them. They hugged, not as clients, but as friends.

Talia was also looking forward to seeing Chantal. She still remembered the incredible love making experience.

However as always, she was painfully self conscious about her generously proportioned body.. Although it was well toned, she lacked confidence. How could she compete with the skinny, provocatively dressed young girls that she worked with in the television industry? And here, her’s for the evening was the perfect and so very sexy young girl who just a month ago had given her an experience she would never forget.

Jen looked Marie straight in the eyes, “It’s so good to see you again.”

Marie felt a jolt. Although she was an older woman there was something she found compulsively sexual about her. Perhaps it was the larger but gorgeously curvy thighs emerging from a provocatively short sun dress. Could it be her perfectly shaped breasts almost bursting through….

Jen had been watching her. As Marie raised her eyes she was horrified to realise that Jen had noticed… and was smiling. Her face started to redden. How Jen loved this beautiful, so sexy but unspoilt English girl.

“Christophe, my dresser, will help you ladies prepare for the evening. He will assist you with your hair, makeup and give you any help you may need dressing. He has seen your pictures and is very excited to present you at your very best. There will be some beautiful women at the party tonight…and you ladies will turn a lot of heads… and now Hannah will take you up to your room.”

The room was stunning, with a large terrace overlooking the Mediterranean. It was idyllic — the blue sky, blue sea and a warm gentle breeze.

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