Ann Gets Nailed


Ann was late for her appointment at the manicurist. She raced to get there, arrived breathless, late and flustered.

“You’re late!” said the girl

“I know, I know, I’m sorry!” said Ann but…

“I can’t see you now!” barked the girl.

“I’ve got a home visit first. Ill come back when I m done. You want to stay or come back? Ill be 45 minutes”

“I’ll stay” snapped Ann, annoyed at being treated like a naughty schoolgirl

She sat down and began to glance at a magazine, but she wasn’t really looking, though she turned the pages as if she was. She was angry. She dreamt up things that she wished that she’d said, even as the girl slammed the salon door behind her.

“I’m sorry she gets anxious about being late” said a voice

Ann turned round. A man was leaning against the wall, smirking at her, holding a cup of coffee. “You want a coffee while you are waiting?” he said holding up his mug

“No thanks” said Ann realising for the fist time that the salon was empty apart from the two of them

He laughed. “You needn’t be afraid,” he said. “I don’t bite. Unless you want me to…”

He trailed off, and Ann ignored him. Men! She just wanted to be left alone, as she was seething with anger about the way that the stylist had spoken to her. She is the customer for God’s sake! The man approached her,

“Calm down!” He said. “Let me relax you!” With that he positioned himself behind her and began gentle massage of Ann’s temples with the very tips of his fingers. Ann recoiled but he persevered, and she found it intensely relaxing.

“I am a trained masseur. I know how to relax you” he said

“Close your eyes”

Ann did as she was told and experienced the deep relaxation of a gentle sensuous touch on her temples, his fingers traced concentric circles on her temples, with a feather ankara escort bayan light touch. Her mind forgot all about the silly girl, and instead she thought about the waves on a beach, as the man’s gentle voice soothed her

“You feel better?” Ann murmured “Mmmm”

What about this? He asked, moving from her temples to her shoulders, gently kneading her tensed muscles

“Mmmm” responded Ann

She felt totally relaxed as she felt the expert touch massage her muscles from a knotted ball into putty

He moved from behind her to stand in from of her, working first one arm then the other, from shoulders to finger tip. He was close enough to smell, now, an earthy musky smell that smelt of experience, of spice, of …

He stood between her legs, and now he gently pushed forward so that he leant his thighs against hers. He began pummelling her upper arms with karate chop-like blows which was at once painful and relaxing. Ann felt her body often like Jell-O under the man’s strong and expert touch, and she sank deeper in the chair, closed her eyes tightly and thought of nothing but the physical sensation of the man’s body on hers.

It seemed natural for his touch to extend to legs and he began to rub himself against her rhythmically, so she could feel his groin pushing against hers. It was another sensation as his hands worked on her arms and hands and shoulders. It was like there were three men working on her at once. Except that now she fancied that she could feel his cock becoming harder in his pants. She focused her mind on her groin, and sure enough, with each thrust, there was something animal like stirring in him, and she could feel an increasingly hard force rubbing up against her groin.

He made no attempt to hide what he was doing, and Ann didn’t care anyway, as the sense of giving herself completely eryaman escort to a man was complete. She was literally putty in his hands, and she complied with his every request and experienced the thrill of surrender. He was gyrating his hips so that his hard cock rubbed up against her crotch. Even through her jeans she could feel his hardness. He carefully placed her hands on the arms of the chair, and eyes closed, Ann awaited the next phase in the massage.

She felt a breeze on her face and realised that he was wheeling her in the chair out of sight, out of the public part of the salon and into the back of the salon, away from prying eyes. He carefully lifted her out of the chair like a child, and sat her on the edge of a table the manicurists used. He carefully helped her to lie back so that she was fully supported on the table, with her legs hanging over the edge of the table. Then he undid her button fly, one button at a time, and removed her jeans, then her panties, leaving her naked from the waist down on the table, her bare legs just touching the cold tiles on the floor.

What Ann felt next was no massage

He separated her legs and lifted them up in the air, holding them there while he guided his erect cock into her moist pussy.

After one gentle thrust, he began to fuck her energetically, pounding her pussy like he wanted to pierce her with his cock. His body slapped into hers with a resounding slap, slap , slap, slap, slap, his cock thrusting deep inside her from below. She felt herself being lifted off the table with each thrust as he aimed up into her at 45 degrees, like he was pounding a hammer into a nail.

Ann surrendered to the experience. She felt herself shafted, fucked, screwed, taken. She lost all sensation to place or time, just the incessant rhythm of a man trying to fuck etlik escort her off the table. Her eyes closed she could hear the echo of the legs of the table bouncing off the tiles, the thud of his groin against hers with each urgent thrust, the heavy panting as his physical exertion grew with the intense energy he was expending in shafting her,

Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, he beat out a rhythm like a metronome, neither slowing nor speeding up.

Then his breaths started to become more urgent, gasps not breaths, panting between thrusts, like he could no longer get enough oxygen to his lungs to keep pounding her. She was passed caring, had long since plateaued herself, and just wanted him to carry on the inner massage. But he began to pant more rapidly, his thrusts grew shorter until…

His grip on her legs tightened and he spiked her on his cock one final time and buried his groin deep within hers, calling out some half remembered name. He held her there for a moment, then became limp like a flower out of water. He gently lay her legs down, and caressed Ann’s forehead with his soft hands. In contrast to his animal thrusts of a moment before, his touch now was gentle, like gossamer. He caressed her forehead, her cheek, touched her mouth. Ann felt a warm glow all over.

When she came too he had dressed himself and was whispering in her ear.

“She’ll be back in a minute!”

Ann arose slowly, disoriented. He was smiling, holding her clothes out on his outstretched hand. She looked around the unfamiliar surroundings, and quickly stepped into her panties and jeans. No sooner had she buttoned up her jeans and put on her shoes than the door opened at the front of the shop.

“Darling? Is that woman still…”

The manicurist saw Ann emerge slightly guiltily from the back of the shop, followed a moment later by her lover, the manicurists boyfriend or husband?

Ann smiled inwardly, and hoped her glow did not tell the girl what she must have suspected. “I like scarlet for my nails,” said Ann, “Like I’m a scarlet woman”

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