Anna and Sam. Chapter 4


“That’s fine,” she replied and entered fully, closing… and locking, the door behind her. I stood in front of her and turned, first left then right so she would get the full effect of the beautiful blue and black lingerie from all angles.”If I may,” she said before stepping forward. She adjusted the straps of the bra then ran her fingers around the sides and cups to check for fit. The touch of her fingertips as they brushed past my nipples was electrifying and sent an almost imperceptible shiver right through me which caused me to tingle inside! “Oh, I’m sorry.” I must have released the gasp which I thought was only in my head. “No, no, it’s fine,” I told her. In fact, it was more than fine. I was getting really turned on. Next, she adjusted my pants, pulling slightly and running her fingers along the waistband. As she passed over my belly the sensations were wonderful and… I was getting wet! I closed my eyes momentarily and when I opened them, her face was suddenly right in front of mine. “It looks fantastic on you,” she whispered, looking directly into my eyes and a feint smile playing on her lips. Her head tilted to one side and her dark red lips moved slowly towards mine. My nostrils were full of her scent as I stood perfectly still until I felt the soft flesh contact my mouth so very gently and closed my eyes. I accepted her kiss and responded by placing my right hand on the back of her head. Her mouth opened slowly as my tongue pushed against her lips and past her teeth until our tongues met and I felt her hand slip down my stomach and inside the waistband of my panties until it found the smooth, wet slit of my pussy. Once there her finger found its way between my lips and sought out the hard nub of my clitoris. The sensations that were flowing through me were indescribable as her finger pressed against it then made small circles around it. Up and down she went, over it, around it and even pinching it between her fingers. I pressed harder against her mouth and I rubbed myself up against her as I pulled her to me. Slowly, painfully bahis şirketleri slowly, her fingers moved towards my entrance and then, with her second finger, eased her way inside.I pressed my lips harder against hers and tilted my hips toward her, pulling her tightly against me and trapping her hand between us whilst her finger explored my innermost recesses, and I rubbed, almost catlike, against her body. As the sensations built up inside me I could not release her mouth but still mewed with pleasure as we kissed and then… it was upon me. Wave after wave of ecstasy flooded through me and my legs felt as though they could no longer support me. I did not cry out but clamped hard on her mouth and squeezed her body as if to crush the very life from her. When the feeling subsided she released me. I went to speak, but she placed a beautifully manicured finger on my lips. She turned, unlocked and opened the door then turned back to me. “Perfect,” she said. I went to reply, ‘What, the lingerie?’ but she was gone. I took a deep breath. “Wow” I thought, “I didn’t expect that!” and looked again in the mirror. I appeared just the same as before except a little flushed and a huge smile. That was just what I had needed to bring me back to my senses, maybe now I could think straight. I took off the beautiful blue underwear and reaching into my bag, took out a packet of wipes. Before replacing the panties on the hanger I carefully wiped the plastic protection strip then wiped myself clean. Finally I took out my body spray and freshened myself. I dressed carefully and checked that all was correct before collecting my bag and purchases, unlocking the door and heading to the sales counter. The same assistant was behind the counter and as I approached, a little nervously, she smiled pleasantly and took the items from me. “A good choice, madam, if I may say.” “Yes, thank you,” I replied. It was as if nothing had happened, ” and thank you for your help,” I ventured. “You are very welcome,” she smiled and I saw a twinkle in her beautiful bahis firmaları blue eyes, “I hope you will come again.” “I hope so,” I replied, took my items and left. I checked my watch, still not even eleven! Now what? Coffee! Always a good stimulant, so I headed for my favourite coffee shop, at least I could kill time there over a drink. What I would do I didn’t know but at least it was something. The shop was only a couple of minutes away and, once inside, I ordered a strong coffee then found a comfortable sofa, put my cup on the low table and sat back to relax. As I looked around the shop, I saw people who seemed content in their worlds. Some were chatting and others reading and a couple had laptops. All were as oblivious to my worries as I was to theirs. I sat for some time just thinking and after a short time I leaned forward for my coffee and drank. Ugh, stone cold! I looked at my watch. Goodness! I had sat for just over an hour completely lost in my thoughts. What on earth was happening to me? I needed to see Sam, I had to understand what I was feeling. I felt so strongly towards her and yet still loved my husband. Was this just a phase? Lust perhaps? No. Lust was the shop assistant. She fulfilled a need. Would like it to happen again? Yes but it didn’t matter if it didn’t. Sam, on the other hand, was different. It couldn’t be love… could it? I had only known her a day and yet there was chemistry. I really enjoyed her company, we had talked for hours and then we had made love. The feeling was different and I was truly sad when she wasn’t there when I awoke. I couldn’t bear the thought of not seeing her again. The thoughts were whirling around in my head, spinning and repeating over and over. Questions. Questions without answers. I looked again at the time again. Had my watch stopped. I checked the clock on the wall. No, my watched hadn’t stopped and my head was beginning to hurt. I finished the cold coffee, I needed the caffeine, and headed back to the mall. I began to wish I had not met her, I could have continued my kaçak bahis siteleri life as it was, uncomplicated, but I had met her though and I was glad I had met her. Even if I never saw her again, and that would hurt like hell, I had experienced something special. “Oh please,” I told myself, “Just stop thinking!”But I couldn’t stop and my head was pounding now and my temples were throbbing, I had to do something. Back in the mall I window shopped but it didn’t help. I looked at clothes, house wares, toys but saw nothing and all I heard was my own voice full of doubts and fears but, after what seemed an eternity it was time to meet her. I was a nervous wreck now, convinced it was over. Sam would realise she had made a mistake and that she only really liked men, so that would be it then, ‘Hi, Anna, Goodbye Anna.’ I felt sick. And then, she was there. “Hi, Anna.” “Sam,” I whispered. My mouth and throat so dry I could hardly speak. “Are you Okay?” she asked. “Truth?” “Yes,” she said. “Then no, I am not.” “I can’t wait any longer,” I told her. “I need to talk… Now!” I pulled her into a quiet alley. “Sam, I’m sorry,” I said to her, once out of earshot of the passing shoppers, “I really need to know about us.” “I know, Anna. I am sorry too. I didn’t know what to do last night so I ran. I feel really bad for upsetting you.” I gazed into her beautiful eyes as she continued, “I told you I had never been with a woman before and that is true. I always felt that sex with another woman was wrong and weird but still I did it. You made me feel so good last night, so wanted, that I thought I had fallen in love with you but as I lay there, thinking about what had happened I began to doubt myself. I thought there was something wrong with me and I had to get away.” She paused, seeing the look of horror on my face. My eyes were beginning to fill and my heart was breaking. “Oh, Anna, no, it’s all right, honestly it is.” She took my face in her hands and stared into my eyes. “I don’t feel that way now. I have had time to think.” I looked back at her, silently pleading with her not to leave me. “I cannot say I love you, Anna, because I do not know but I do know that you made me happy and that cannot be wrong, can it?”  I put my arms around her waist and held her so tightly.

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