Another true experience with mature white wife


Another true experience with mature white wifeI picked up a load of tires at a warehouse in S.C. last weekend. It was on a Friday afternoon and the shipping clerk asked if I would like to come home with him and have a nice home cooked meal with him and his wife. He was an average white guy probably in his 50s, overweight with a big belly and I knew what he probably had in mind but I had been on the road for a couple of weeks and a home cooked meal sounded great and the other possibilities didn’t sound bad either. On the way to his house we made small talk and I asked him how long him and the wife had been marries? He said 35 years and I thought, yeah time to spice up the marriage a little. When we arrived at his house she greeted us with a big smile and said John had told her he was bringing a hungry trucker home for dinner but didn’t say it was a handsome young man like you. She was a typical middle aged wife also, clean and attractive but a little heavy and had some nice long legs. She was in a just above the knees full skirted dress.He asked if I would like a beer or something to drink and I said a beer would be fine and he got me one and poured her a glass of wine. She gave me a kind of sly grin and told me if I drank that she guessed I would have to spend the night. I told her if need be I could take my 10 Escort bayan hour break in my truck. She said she hoped that wouldn’t be necessary and we sat at the kitchen table having our drinks. John told us to get acquainted and he was going up to get out of his uniform and into something more comfortable. I could tell she was a little antsy as we made small talk and she asked me about my family and if I had any k**s. I told her I did and brought up the pics of my wife and daughters on my phone. She asked me how long I had been on the road. I told her and she said she bet it got lonely out here. I told her it did but I had several couples like her and her husband that I met with when I was in their areas and that made it better. I could tell that piqued her interest and she asked if they were older white couples like her and John and I told her they were. She asked if we just had dinner together or if there was more to it. I told her it was usually couples needing to add some “variety” to their marriages. She said John had been suggesting that but she was sure a young handsome man like me wouldn’t be interested in her. I told her I preferred older ladies and especially married attractive ones like her that wouldn’t threaten my marriage. She told me John had diabetis and could seldom Bayan escort get it up anymore and had suggested bringing someone else into their marriage. I asked what she thought about it and she looked me up and down and said seeing me it was tempting. I took her in my arms and kissed her and she was breathing heavy right away. I reached around and started unzipping the back of her dress and she was almost panting saying she shouldn’t be doing this and I said “you know you need it don’t you Anne?” as I pulled her top down and undid her bra. I started rubbing and sucking her mature, saggy white titties and she was rubbing my crotch, I unfastened my pants and she reached in and squeezed my cock. I hadn’t been with anyone in about 3 weeks and it was rock hard. She just moaned “oh my god” as she felt how big and hard it was. I heard John behind me then and he was saying ” damn James you don’t waste anytime do you?” He said “go ahead and fuck her man, she needs it.” You can imagine how much it turns me on to hear a white man telling me to fuck his wife. We were still standing by the table and I stepped out of my pants and shorts, pulled her skirt up around her waist and sat her up on the table reached up and pulled her panties and put her legs up on my shoulders. Her pussy was Escort hairy but trimmed just how I like them and when I guided my cock towards it she begged to please be gentle, she had never had one near my size. I asked her if she had ever had a black one in her before? and she shook her head no. I told her I knew her and John were both going to want to see this , then as I rubbed the head of my black cock between the pink lips of her white pussy. I told John to come close I know he was going to want to see my 27y.o black cock going in his wife of 35 years. He came over to where he could get a good view and I slid it in her and she shuddered and gasped and I began easing more of it in her with each stroke and like most of the husband’s he was saying he couldn’t believe she was taking all of that and I soon had all 10″ in her even thought I was hitting the back of her cervix and stretching it and she was almost screaming “oh god” every time I did. He was soon telling me to cum in her he wanted to see a black man cum in his wife and I obliged and I thought she was going to pass out when I did. after a few minutes I let my spent dick slide out of her but held her legs up and open so he could see my cum leaking out of his wife’s pussy. It began running out on the table and he went down and started lapping it up and then sucking her pussy until his little dick started spurting on the floor. I ended up spending the night, they had a king size bed and we all slept in it. Every time I fucked her he turned on the light so he could watch. I don’t know which of the three of us enjoyed it the most.

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