Another visit from Mary


As she was leaving,we kissed and she said she wanted to see me again. She said Timmy had never made her cum like that before and she owed me several times for everything I’ve done. I told her I’d be in touch.

It had been 2 weeks since I fucked my best friends wife. I’d text or call to see how things were,and they went unanswered. Did I screw up by doing what I did? Was sex for repayment a bad idea? I couldn’t stop the thoughts going through my mind. Why wouldn’t she answer me? And then my phone lit up. It was Mary telling me she was sorry she hadn’t gotten back to me. She proceeded to tell me that she had something to drop off and wanted to know a good time. I told her I’d be home all evening,as I really didnt have any plans on going anywhere. She said great,have a couple drinks ready and I’ll be over in about an hour.

45 minutes later I hear a knock at the door. As I look through the peep hole I can see its Mary. I open the door and invite her in,giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. As we make our way into the living room I offer to take her coat and she says its fine,she was chilly and wanted to get warmed up before taking it off. I hand her her drink and she proceeds to tell me that everything was going great and she would be forever thankful for what I had done to help them. As I sit on the sofa,she sits down next to me and and leans in to give me a kiss.

Our lips meet and she darts her tongue into my mouth. As our tongues dance,our hands start to explore our bodies. I glide my hands down her back,squeezing her ass as I reach it. I slide my hands back up and push them inside her coat to fondle her breasts. I can feel her soft,hot skin and then I realized she was naked underneath her coat. She undoes Escort my shirt and removes it in one swipe. Next she moves down to my pants,undoes my zipper and forces me out of them. She pushes me back on the sofa and kisses her way down my body. She tells me everything that I’ve done deserves special treatment.

As she reaches my cock,she kisses the head and runs her tongue along the shaft. Stroking me,I start to harden as she licks and kisses my balls. My cock springs to life and she starts to slowly suck the head. As she’s working my cock,I grab the back of her head and start to push her a little further down my cock. She looks up and without hesitation,she takes all of my cock in her mouth,to the back of her throat. Her warm mouth and tight grip isn’t gonna cause me to last long. She continues to suck my cock and moves her hand down to caress my balls. That does it,my balls tighten and I tell her I’m gonna cum. “Yes Mary,suck my cock. Oh,you are soooooo good.” She continues to suck my cock,the first rope of cum hitting her throat. She tried to swallow but I just kept coming. Some she did swallow and some ran down her chin. I didn’t think I’d stop squirting in her mouth,but when I did,she had swallowed the majority of my cum.

I push her up off me back onto the couch. I kiss her as I’m trying to get her coat off. As her coat comes off,I kiss and fondle her tits. Her nipples aching to be sucked and pinched. As I’m licking and sucking her breasts,I glide my hand down her stomach and find her dripping wet pussy. I kiss my way to her wet pussy,her aroma filling my senses. I tease her outer lips with my tongue. Kissing and nibbling her lips as she’s squirming beneath my grip. I poke my tongue at her clit and she shudders Escort Bayan as a small orgasm hits her. As I tease her outer lips and clit,I slide a finger into her pussy. She arches her back,allowing my finger to rub her G-spot. In just a few short minutes,she’s screaming. “Oh my fucking God,I’m fucking cumminggggggg” as her pussy squirted in my face. I suck her pussy to take all her juice. As she comes down from her orgasm,I work my way back up her hot body. As my cock reaches her dripping pussy,she guides me in.

I start to thrust my cock in her pussy. She wants it slow and wraps her legs around me. Pulling me into her,she kisses me and I can see the fire in her eyes. I slowly work my cock into her pussy and within a few minutes she’s cumming again.She screamed out loud,”Ohhhh my God,oh Nick,fuck my pussy.” Her voice quivered as her pussy erupted in orgasm.
“Fuck me” she yelled as I started to pound her pussy. She was moving her hips in sync with my thrusts as her pussy juice was running down my cock and around my balls. “You feel so good,your cock feels great.” “Pound my pussy,make me squirt some more.” As I picked up the pace,all I heard was “fuck yea,fuck me,make me your little slut.” “Use me in anyway possible.” With that being said,I stopped and rolled her over. As I got her on all fours,I slid my cock down her crack. She slid back as my cock passed her tight little ass. I asked her if she wanted it in her ass and she said “fuck me anyway you want.”

With that being said,I rubbed my cock on her ass and worked her tight little ass enough to get the head of my cock in. She squirmed a little,telling me to be easy that I was gonna be the first to fuck her virgin ass. I was dumbfounded. How could the woman Bayan Escort laying here telling me to use her anyway possible never have anal sex? I worked my cock into her tight ass.Slowly at first until she was telling me “do it more,stick that cock in my ass.” I slid my cock in further and finally was ball deep in her ass. Her pussy was was flowing like a river,pussy juice running down my leg. I reached around and rubbed her clit and within a few minutes she was squirting on my cock again.

I pulled my cock out and told her I wanted to fuck her wet pussy again. I wanted to shoot my load deep in her pussy. She rolled back over,spread her legs and pulled me into her. My cock slid into her dripping wet pussy. With every thrust,I could feel her pussy and my balls tightening up. I knew it wouldn’t be long before we both erupted in orgasm. I thrust my cock into her pussy as she started to cum.Seconds later,jet after jet blasted into her pussy. I continued to fuck her as the last seconds of her orgasm subsided. I collapsed on top of her,kissing her neck and rubbing my hands up her thighs.

I shifted positions and we laid together for a several minutes,my cock still in her pussy,holding each other as our bodies and minds came back to reality. The look in her eyes told me she was happy with what she done. I too was satisfied and couldn’t wait to do it again. We kissed,got cleaned up and kissed some more.

As she put her coat on to leave,she got a text and smiled. She looked at me and told me to wait for it. A few seconds later,my phone went off. It was Tim and Mary’s oldest daughter Madison and she had asked how my evening went. I chuckled and replied back it went fairly well. She said she would like to see me,she had something to talk about. I asked Mary and she said she wasn’t sure but to just agree to meet her and see what she needed. I told her I could meet her tomorrow over lunch and she agreed.

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