Auntie’s Nurse Friend Comes to Stay


My Auntie was a staff nurse at a local hospital, and was about as highly trained and experienced as she would ever need to be for the position she held, but she did occasionally get to go on courses, catching up with the latest procedures etc and the new techniques developed to aid patient recovery and the like. One night over tea she told me she was going away for three days on a course, and I would have the house to myself. She explained I could do what I liked, and that I knew where all her underwear and the dirty laundry basket was, just to watch me squirm. She wouldn’t tell me what the course was, but explained that if all went to plan, I might enjoy the results upon her return. She also left me a list of jobs to ensure I would be kept busy while she was away, and to feed my dominant Auntie fetish that she had developed so well. She wanted her bedroom drawers organising, with one drawer for panties, one for bra’s, one for suspender belts and another for stockings. A further one would contain slips, and another nightwear of all types. This basically meant that during the three days she was away. I would need to handle virtually all of her lingerie. She didn’t tell me when she would return, but told me that when she did, she would like me to be fully shaven below the neck, and be wearing panties, which basically meant whenever I was home I needed to be ready for her return.

On the Thursday morning, after she had left on the Monday, I heard her keys in the door. and she was home. However, she wasn’t alone. She introduced her friend as Ann, who she had gone through training college with. Auntie told me to put the kettle on, and she would tell me all about her time away.

Auntie kept me on my toes, and the fact her and her friend had returned home in full uniform, with the long dark blue coats they were issued with in those days I wondered if was required, güvenilir bahis or for my benefit.

Once I had made tea, we sat at the table in the kitchen. Auntie’s friend commented that I must be very useful to have around the house, and Auntie replied indeed I was, especially in the bedroom. They had obviously discussed this, as her friend didn’t react, other than smiling at my reaction. Auntie then asked if I was dressed as she had requested, and I shyly nodded. Ann told me to show her then, and I looked at Auntie as I didn’t know what to do, and I was really embarrassed. Auntie simply said “Come on, clothes off, show her your panties,” so I stripped and ended up sat with two mature, sexy nurses whilst only wearing a pair of satin French knickers, which did nothing to hide or control my rampant erection. Auntie’s friend revelled in watching me writhe in embarrassment in front of them.

Auntie then explained that her friend worked in what would in those days have been called a mental hospital, and that was the course she had attended. Basically, it was all about how to treat people who were mentally unwell, and didn’t realise they needed treatment. The part that had attracted Auntie, and had obviously been discussed with Ann, was that some patients would self harm, or be dangerous, to the point that they needed to retraining. Now this was none of your ropes to the corners of the bed stuff that I had experienced up to now. This was the real deal, as I was about to find out. Ann basically ran the nursing ward in the hospital where she worked, and could control the equipment they needed, so they had returned from the course, Ann for a few days break, and brought a large bag of equipment with them.

We moved to the lounge, with Ann following me down the hall, and smacking me on the bum twice. The two ladies emptied out a large bag full of equipment. güvenilir bahis siteleri The first thing they approached me with was a straightjacket. They stood in front of me, and guided it on, feeding my arms into the long sleeves. Ann moved behind me, and buckled up the jacket behind me, trapping me in it. Then she started at the top buckle, and working her way down, she displayed how strong she was by getting the buckles very tight. On the front of the jacket, which is made from a very strong, canvas type material, there was a loop at chest height. Auntie fed my right arm through that, then my left, so they crossed on my chest. The ladies, one stood on either side of me, then fed a long strap through another, and pulled them tight, which made me hug myself as my arms were drawn tightly to my sides, and the straps were buckled together behind my back. Ann came and stood in front of me, and looked into my eyes. She told me she always enjoyed putting a man into one of these, but that she had never had the chance to sexually abuse a patient, but she fully intended to abuse me. Then she slowly knelt before me, and slipped her fingers into the waistband of my panties and drew them down my legs. My cock stood to full attention, and she leaned forward and bit it, just hard enough to hurt. By now, Auntie was sat on the sofa, revelling in my turmoil. Two straps hung from the front of the jacket, and Ann led them between my legs one at at time, ensuring they were either sides of my balls, before fitting them into buckles on the rear of the jacket, and fastening them very tightly.

She then returned to the pile of equipment, and recovered what looked like a pair of trousers. I was told to lie on the floor, as my legs were slid into the trousers, which were very unusual in that the legs were fastened together. Each leg went in it own sleeve, but were fastened iddaa siteleri together. Various straps were tightened, fastening my ankles together. mid calf, knees and mid thigh. The ladies then helped my stand, and secured the trousers to the straightjacket. A flap was left open at the front, from which my erect cock flapped rudely at the world.

“Now for the fun bit,” said Ann, and retrieved a hood from the pile. The two devious women had obviously discussed a lot of what was happening, as they say together on the sofa, hitched up their uniforms so I was faced with stocking tops and suspenders and both drew down full pattern sating knickers, Aunties in her normal black, Ann’s in dark blue. “You’ve got an interesting now,” said Ann; “Do you want mine in your mouth, or over your head?” I was beetroot red, so Auntie stepped forward and balled up hers for my gag, pushing them into my mouth. A large strip of sticking plaster was used to hold them in place. Ann then stepped forward, with a smile like a cheshire cat, and slowly slipped hers over my head, rubbing my face through them. “You’ll know what my cunt smells like now as I ride you,” she whispered in my ear, giving my cock a squeeze. She used sticking plaster to wrap around my neck, keeping the panties tensioned tightly over my face. Then the world went dark as the canvas hood was slipped over my head. Numerous straps were used to mould this to my head, including one that fastened it to the jacket at the rear.

The ladies helped me lie on the floor. I think it was Ann who slowly stroked my cock, knowing just when to stop. I think she was laid on the floor beside me, as her head must have been close to mine as she whispered “Has your Auntie ever told you about her lesbian tendencies? Just lie there for a while will you, as she has a lot of licking to do. I’ll deal with you in a while. Remember i’m a nurse. I’m on holiday for 3 days, and I can take care of all your bodily functions, so you can stay fully restrained for at least 3 days. And i’m going to rise your young cock as much as I want while I’m here, and show your Aunt some new tricks.”

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