B and B


Fuck that was a long week. Of course this of all weeks was when the lab gets new equipment that just needs to get up and running. 12 hour days tightening screws, piping high pressure gases, and wanting to punch computers really takes it’s toll. I wanted nothing more than to just get home get naked and lay in bed.

It was finally Friday evening and I had no plans like always. At least the weather was nice, a gorgeous spring evening, calm and warm. Maybe I would just go to the park and watch the sunset, something about that plan just felt right. The clouds were already starting to turn orange and pink by the time I made it to the parking lot.

I got out of my car and shut the door on my dress hem and heard a terrible, “riiiiiip!”

Fuck, just when a glimmer of fun was creeping into my life destiny says no.

I open my door and just as I’m about to get in I hear a voice behind me, “is your dress okay? I heard it rip.”

Walking up was a stunning woman, long blonde hair, cozy sweater and jeans, and big old school glasses. She had a chocolate ice cream dripping down her fingers while she looked at me genuinely concerned. I realized I had been staring with my dress pulled way up my leg not moving an inch looking like a fool.

“Oh oh it’s okay, I was just leaving any way.” I stammered.

“Let me see, girls gotta stick together!” She cheerfully replied.

She walked over and examined the huge rip that went up my thigh. This was a fairly new nice work dress I got and now it was frayed.

“That’s not that bad, you can fix it right up! Plus you got great thighs girl you should show them off!” She said.

“You think?” I blushed. “I just wanted to enjoy the sunset after this hell of a week, I guess it’s not so bad.”

“No WAY!” She yelled, “I was gonna do the same under the tree at the top of the hill, come with me!”

Before I knew it I was pulled by the hand along the path, something about her made me know this would be the right decision.

“O-okay! What’s your name person that is dragging me away? I like to be casual with my kidnappers.” I said.

“Call me bunny! And I don’t steal I just aggressively invite! Hope you’re okay with that.” She replied.

“By all means! You seem fun and I could use some fun. Wish I had ice cream like you though, that would go perfect with the sunset.” I said. “My names B by the way.”

“Ooh bunny and the bee, a good combo! And I’ll share my ice cream if you want as long as you love chocolate as much as I do” she teased.

We made it to the top of the hill and plopped down. The sun was at the perfect point where everything was orange, it was like the sky forgot it was supposed to be blue. We stared for a second before I spoke up.

“I don’t know how much you love chocolate but I can say it’s my favorite flavor if the offer still stands. Ice cream just feels right on a day like today.”

She handed me her half gone cone and I took a big lick before handing it back. “Why did you stop me in the lot? Most people would’ve just kept walking.” I said

Bunny pondered for a moment before answering. “I guess I’ve been in your shoes, just things not going right and you had a defeated look on your face. I just knew when I was there I wanted someone to stop and help.”

“Well thank you I really did need it.” I said. “It’s been a long day at work and I wanted a bit of peace before going back home alone”

“Nooo that’s no good!” Bunny interrupted. “New plan, you’re watching a movie at my house and we are becoming friends. This isn’t a choice!”

I laughed. I knew whatever she said was not full of malice even if her words were intense. She just exuded kindness in a way I’d never seen before.

“You know what, sure! Normally I wait until the second date to go to a girls house but you’re extra nice so I can make an exception!” escort london I said.

“Great!” Bunny replied as she hopped up, “follow my car, I don’t live far!”

The sun had just set as we left, we got into our cars and I followed he a few roads away to a cute little house. It was a little bungalow that was my current dream, something cozy but also something I owned.

We got out of our cars and bunny led me in. “Sorry if it’s messy, I didn’t think I’d have a date today!”

Oh so it was a date? My heart jumped a beat. We walked in an overall it was neat, some clothes all over but no trash. It smelled a bit like cigarettes and weed but not bad.

“Alright sit with me! I wanna ask a few questions before the movie.” Bunny said.

We sat on the couch, a little closer than I thought but I didn’t mind. I was able to truly take her in now, she had bright blue eyes that sparkled with joy. She had ruby lipstick that begged to be kissed. She had gorgeous golden hair that was naturally tousled but made her real and beautiful.

“Okay, first things first, want a beer? I’ve got amber ales mostly but I promise they’re good!” She said.

“Sure I’ll take one.” I replied. She bounced up and got two bottles from the fridge, opened them and came back.

“Okay let’s start easy, what do you do that was such a hard week?” Bunny asked.

“Oh geez, well I’m an engineer and we just got this new piece of equipment that has been driving me crazy. It just won’t work and I really needed a break. I was just gonna lie in bed all weekend but this is way better!” I said.

“Oooh a smarty girl hell yes! Sorry about that equipment but you seem very capable, I’m sure you’ll get it figured out!” Bunny replied.

“Thanks, it’s just a bit frustrating is all. What do you do?” I asked.

“I’m a grad student studying English literature. I’ve loved books and poetry my whole life it just kinda called to me.” She said

“That’s awesome! I’ll be honest I was a math nerd more than a book nerd but maybe that means I have a lot to learn from you!” I said.

“Omg yes!! Let me warn you when I get talking I don’t stop! I want to share everything I know!” Bunny said.

“Well I’m ready! I’ll admit something about you just makes me want to be let in to your circle. Life just seems more interesting here.”

My words hung for a second. It seemed like Bunny really was absorbing them and processing the compliment. The smile that crept across her face was intoxicating.

“Thank you, that was really a sweet thing to say! Okay I wanna start the movie, and I have the perfect one! But also popcorn!”

Bunny said as she jumped up yet again. The chaos of this woman was charming and hilarious.

Finally we sat on the couch together with snacks and drinks. Bunny grabbed a fluffy blanket and wrapped us both up tight together. I was already warm but now I was hot and bothered. It had been months since I was last so close to another person, I felt so nervous even as she was nestling herself into my body. I fought all my cowardice down and wrapped my arms around her, shaking and touching her only so gently.

Bunny on the other hand was no where near as nervous as me. She pulled my arms around her and gave me a little peck on the arm that left a sexy lipstick stain. My spine shook with excitement, I felt like I was literally about to melt.

Bunny scrolled through some screens and started the movie. “Oooh yes! I love this movie it’s my childhood favorite!” She said as she booted up the old super Mario bros movie. My attention was entirely on bunny the whole movie I was so dumb stuck I was actually snuggled up with the hottest most alluring woman I’ve ever seen. The entire movie Bunny was laughing, especially when goomba came on screen and showed his ugly mug, and I’ll admit I laughed too. Besides that there dubai escorts were so many flirty touches, slow strokes, and eye contact. She had me in the palm of her hand and I think she knew it, but I also was loving it.

The movie ended and we just sat and cuddled for a second, holding each other tight not wanting the moment to end. I had no idea what would come next, should I leave? Should I ask to stay? I made up my mind looking into her serene blue eyes and I knew it was the right call.

“So bunny, do you want to take this somewhere else? I’ll be honest I have wanted to kiss you the moment I turned around and saw you.”

“You read my mind.” Bunny said and it broke loose from there.

She took my cheeks in on her hands and kissed me hard. Her lips pressed into mine and it felt like fireworks. My arms snaked around her waist as I pulled her into me. We kissed exploring each other’s little breaths, moans, and movements. Bunny knew how to give passion and I was trying desperately to match.

Bunny’s hands slowly crept down to my breasts, she teased running just her nail tips around the fabric. Each touch was electric growing my arousal exponentially. Then she fully grabbed me, massaging and playing with my nipples. I in return moved my hands down to her ass, practically bursting out of her pants.

We played with each other for a while, kissing and fondling sloppily like horny teenagers. I had enough though, I needed her to see me. I separated and pulled my torn dress over my head, revealing my lacy green underwear.

“Holy fuck you’re hot girl! That lingerie looks good on you!” Bunny said

“Thank you! I think it would look better on the floor though.” I winked. “But first let me get you out of some clothes!”

I lifted her sweater up over her head and to my delight she was not wearing a bra. She had bar piercings on her nipples that just gave me a primal need to play with them. I was reaching the horny limit of no return, I’m sure when bunny took my panties off she would see the giant wet spot.

“I love your piercings, god they’re hot.” I said without thinking.

“Mmm you do huh? I think you should see them up close then!” Bunny said as she got up and straddled me on the couch. She placed her nipple on my lips and breathed into my ear, “don’t be shy.”

I practically came at those words, I reflexively took the whole piercing in my mouth and just toyed my tongue on it. Bunny purred in response, just letting the feeling flow between us. I began sucking more in earnest, sometimes pulling ever so slightly on the bar. This was heaven playing back and forth with her, both our arousal blossoming.

“Okay time to get serious, I’ve always wanted to have this done to me but please can you eat my ass?” Bunny pleaded.

“Of course! God I’d love to, you’re incredible!” I said. Bunny got up and began shimmying out of her jeans. I took the initiative and spun her around and pulled them and her panties down in one swift motion. I couldn’t help myself as I planted wet kisses on each of her cheeks, spreading them with my hands slightly. I dove straight in, kissing directly on her asshole lightly.

Bunny yelped lightly but urged me on. “Ooh wow! That’s new! I think I like it though.”

I kissed all around her ass, teasing her while I wrapped my arms around her thighs to bring me in closer. Bunny bent over and spread her legs more to give better access. I licked closer to her vagina, tasting her wetness and smelling her essence. My mind was blank with pleasure but I knew what she wanted. My tongue began testing her asshole as I kept kissing. My thumb found it’s way to her clit, trying to add to her pleasure.

“Oh fuck yes keep going, this feels good.” Bunny cooed. I continued to suck for a while, rubbing her clit and making sure bunny was having fun. Eventually bunny started Escort Dubai quivering lightly orgasm approaching. I have one final burst of rubbing and eating as she gasped and moaned. She came down from the high as I slowed my pace and she recovered.

“Okay that was fun wow. You’re good, normally it takes a second for me to cum like that. But now I need you on my bed and out of those underwear.”

Bunny took my hand and led me to the next room. She kissed me again, tasting the remnants of her own sweat and cum on my lips as she expertly undid my bra. She pulled down my panties and took them in her hand. She took a deep inhalation looking me right in the eyes as she did. “You smell so sexy baby, I need to taste you.” She said

She pushed me back on the bed and got on top of me, my panties in her mouth. She leaned in and I took them from her with my mouth. “Taste your self while I taste you, but don’t be quiet.”

Bunny kissed her way down my body, stopping to suck my nipples for a while, making them harden. I loved every second of it, each suck inching me towards orgasm. Her fingers found my pussy, making wet noises as she played. God I was enraptured, I moaned into my panties, trying to suck my own cum from them.

Bunny finally made her way to my clit with her mouth, licking me lightly. Fuck it felt good, I just wanted her to go for it but the tension was so nice. She sucked my clit, fingers began entering me. Oh wow this was incredible. Soon the teasing was over, it was time to be fucked. Bunny attacked my clit, teeth pinching it so slightly while she licked. Her fingers curled inside me, thrusting at my g spot rhythmically. I reached orgasm, thrashing around but bunny held me right, keeping her fucking going.

She made me cum like that at least 5 times it was incredible, each becoming stronger and stronger. The smell of our sex filled the room, the sound of my wetness echoing with my screams of joy. Our spit sweat and cum mixed in a delicious elixir that covered us both. Eventually bunny subsided as I panted and recovered my breath.

“Holy fucking shit you’re the hottest woman ever.” I said. “Now let me fuck you like that.” I flipped over bunny so now I was on top of her. I kissed her hard, tongues intertwining. I pinned her arms up, licking her incredible hairy armpits. That’s a secret about me, I love body hair on a woman. Something about it is so powerful and sexual I can’t place it. Juxtaposing the expectation for women is my major turn on, plus I think tasting every inch of each other is the hottest thing, and the more intense the better.

“Okay I have an idea,” bunny interrupted. “I have two dildos in my table, I want us to fuck each other in 69 right now.”

Not one too discourage an incredible idea, I released her. She dug out two pink 8in vibrating dildos and handed me one. I flipped around on top of her, my face finally at her beautiful stubbly sex.

“Don’t stop until you literally cannot move girl, I need us to cum all night.” She said. At her encouragement I placed the tip at her opening and slowly pushed in. It made the most wonderful schlick as her arousal let it in. At the same time she put the dildo into me, already vibrating. I turned hers on and we began.

It’s hard to describe the depth and rawness of what happened next. The best way I can say it is that we both came for what felt like hours. Sucking clits, pulling nipples, teasing assholes, hitting deep, fucking slow, all of it. We flipped up and down many times, we were never satisfied. We came together, took turns, each one pure ecstasy.

Eventually we did stop, both sore and covered in hickeys but loving it all. We were soaked in sweat and cum and spit but it was worth it. We took one last look into each other’s eyes.

“You are incredible bunny, not just the sex but I feel both alive and safe with you. I don’t want this feeling to end” I said.

“Then don’t let it B, this is only the beginning.” Bunny purred.

I hugged her tight, trying to get every inch of us to touch. Eventually I drifted to sleep, and in bliss.

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