Subject: Banged Away part Two BANGED AWAY – Part Two Copyright Van T Zboi 2009 (This is a fantasy and should be read as such, the usual disclaimers apply) Abruptly thirteen-year-old Malcolm came to his senses and with a sharp cry closed his legs and moved further back along the table away from Jackson’s pulsing, leaking cock. “Noooo,” Malcolm cried. Jackson stopped and looked down at the boy. “No never or no not just yet?” he asked softly. The two looked at each other. “No, not just yet,” Malcolm said shyly and for the first time he took Jackson’s cock in his hand and began to rub it. “Your dick is so big,” Malcolm said enviously, “I wish mine were that big,” he rubbed the foreskin up and down the flared tip, using the oozing pre-cum to lubricate the cockhead. “Your young,” smiled Jackson “yours will grow bigger, just give it time.” Just then there was a knock at the door. “Come in,” called Jackson. Twelve-year old Jimbo came in. “Oh sorry Mr Jackson; didn’t know you were busy with someone. Hi Malcolm.” “Hi,” replied Malcolm sitting up on the desk. “Uh Mr Jackson Andy and were wondering if we could go down to the shops to get some sweets, only he’s got some money left over from his birthday. We won’t eat them until after lunch but we’re cleaning up in the kitchen after lunch so we’d rather like to get them now as there won’t be time after? Jimbo shuffled as he spoke. “We’ve both fucked Mr Woods, sir in case you need to know, like for permission to leave the home,” he added lamely. “Er no I didn’t need to know that but yes you can go to the shops. Look why not take Malcolm here with you as well and I’ll give you some money to get some sweets for everyone,” decided Jackson. Malcolm followed Jackson and Jimbo out of the office and stood by the front door. Jackson opened the dress cupboard and handed the boys three pairs of the tight black shorts to wear. He played with each of the twelve-year old cocks to make sure they were erect; the tight shorts would help keep their cocks hard and then he gave Malcolm the home money to buy the sweets and quietly spoke to Jimbo before he let them out. “You got your mobile with you. Good. Now do me a favour, Malcolm needs to be brought on a bit, can you make sure you muck about on the way there and back and I want to hear that you’ve all been seen naked, so keep dropping his and your own shorts. I want a picture of him at the counter paying for the sweets with his shorts down by his ankles plus any others you can take. I also want to arrange something in school as well. You got that?” instructed Jackson. “Sure Mr Jackson,” giggled Jimbo, “if I can get Andy to play with his cock will that be okay too, an’ as he’s carrying the sweets back we could strip him at the end of the road so he has to make it back here bollock naked, trainers and all, like I do to Andy and he does to me.” “That I’d like to see,” smiled Jackson, letting them out of the door. He watched them walked down the path and was rewarded by the sight of Malcolm having his shorts dropped just before they got to the gate. Jackson now went to check on Mark Woods, he found him in Robbie’s room lying on the boys’ bed with Robbie fist fucking him. Robbie had got his arm half way to his elbow inside the man and was gently fucking him. Just as he entered Robbie’s alarm clock went off and Robbie withdrew his arm. “That’s it Mr Woods,” said the boy, “Mr Jackson said half and hour and that’s your half hour.” “Shit I haven’t cum,” moaned Mark. “Suck him off Robbie,” instructed Jackson, “make it quick as I need him.” Robbie immediately bent down and sucked Mar’s cock deep into his throat, in seconds Mark was blasting his load down the expert cocksuckers food tube. Jackson now told Mark to start getting lunch ready. Mark happy from his climax and his train-pull went to get the boys who were on cook duty for lunch. Saturdays were easy for food; today it was pizza and oven chips and sweetcorn with ice cream and tinned fruit to follow. Jackson went in search of Jimmy. He found Jimmy with Sam and Billy in Jimmy’s room. Billy was lying on the bed with Jimmy lying beside him; Jimmy was stroking Billy’s cock and Sam was sitting on the edge of the bed stroking Jimmy’s cock the same way Jimmy was doing to Billy. “See,” he heard Sam say, “this is what it feels like when you do this and now try doing it this way, this what that feels like.” The three were engrossed in Jimmy’s lesson and were not aware of Jackson’s arrival. “Hi boys,” said Jackson, “I see Jimmy is learning his lesson well.” “Hi Mr Jackson, ” said Billy. “Hello sir,” added Sam. “I done it with both of them,” said Jimmy excitedly, “an Billy made me go faint like you did Mr Jackson.” “Oh did you now,” smiled Jackson, “well done Billy, Gerry and Colin couldn’t get him to pass out; must have something special in that cock of yours, to get him to get off like that.” “It’s all that cum I’ve been feeding him,” laughed Sam. “I see Jimmy’s wanking skills have improved, how’s his cocksucking technique coming along?” “He just needs to learn how to swallow,” replied Sam. “That’s why I’m here,” smiled Jackson. “Come on Jimmy,” said Sam, “I’ll do Billy while you do Mr Jackson, then you can watch me and do the same.” Billy and Jackson sat side by side on the bed; Sam and Jimmy took up their positions between their respective partners legs and bent forward began sucking. Jackson stroked Jimmy’s head as the boy bobbed up and down, copying the actions of Sam knelt beside him working on Billy’s sweet tasting cock. Jackson was impressed with the nine-year olds prowess after such a short training period; he felt that Robbie would have no trouble teaching the boy to deep-throat. Jimmy licked and sucked as his young teachers had taught him. Jackson felt his climax coming and warned Jimmy he was about to erupt. Jimmy who had watched his tutors manage to suck and swallow immediately began to quicken his tongue flicks on Jackson’s glans and his sucking rhythm. Jackson thrust forward as he erupted in the boy’s mouth. Jimmy sucked heavily swallowing the spurts of man cum as it shot hard and fast into his mouth. “Well done Jimmy,” breathed Jackson, it had not been a bad attempt for a first time and the boy had managed to swallow most of his load. “Your cum stuff tastes nice,” said Jimmy licking his lips and nibbling up the last drops from Jackson’s cock. “You wait until you taste mine,” giggled Billy, “mines one of the tastiest, everyone says so.” “That’s true,” agreed Sam, “Billy has the best tasting spunk ever and I’m going to get all of this next load.” Sam buried his head in Billy’s crotch and began bobbing up and down furiously. Billy responded to his movements began to thrust his body up of the bed until he climaxed. Sam slurped noisily whilst Jimmy and Jackson looked on. His spunky meal finished Sam looked up and then began to kiss Billy. Still kissing arms entwined around each other, Billy fell back and Sam climbed on top of him and began to fuck him. “Are we gonna do that?” asked Jimmy hopefully. “Not just yet,” replied Jackson, “I need some time to recover, we’ll do it later, but now I must go on my rounds and check that lunch is on its way. You watch and learn Sam and Billy are good teachers.” Jackson checked the boys’ rooms, most were studying or reading; a number were coupled up having sex, mostly the boys that had not fucked Mark. Lunch was progressing in the kitchen under Mark’s now watchful eye. A few boys were in the TV Room; most of them were playing with each other’s cocks as they watched. He also checked on Carter, who was still fast asleep. At the başakşehir escort front door he was just in time to let back Jimbo, Malcolm and Andy back in, Malcolm as Jimbo had suggested was completely naked; Andy and Jimbo were carrying his shorts and trainers. All three were giggling with laughter. “You should have seen his face when we got him at the beginning of the street,” gasped Andy leaning against the door, “by then he was used to us grabbing his shorts and yanking them down but he was not expecting us to pick him up and not just pull down his shorts but to take them off and his trainers. He was gob smacked when we ran off five yards and waved them at him, all he had was the bag the sweets were in.” “He just stood there with his mouth open,” laughed Jimbo. “And then I ran at them, but I couldn’t catch them,” giggled Malcolm, I totally forgot I was naked chasing them down the street, then two guys went by on their bikes and stopped to make fun of me.” “So me and Andy stopped cos it wasn’t fair an’ we dropped our shorts and waved our dicks at them,” added Jimbo. “That made ’em fall of their bikes,” laughed Andy. As they were speaking Jimbo and Andy were undressing, putting the worn shorts into the laundry bin and placing their trainers in the shoe-locker. “Hey Mr Jackson we got some neat pics for you,” said Jimbo. “Oh yeah,” added Andy, “wait until you see what happened in the sweet-shop.” “Lets go to the office then and have a look,” said Jackson, herding the three boys down the corridor. Inside he quickly downloaded the mobile’s pictures to the computer and put them on the screen; there were several shots of the boys with their shorts round their knees or their ankles, almost all showed the boys cocks erect. Inside the shop there were more shots of the boys cocks, some with another boys hand caressing or holding them. The best shot was off Malcolm paying for the bags of sweets, with Andy kneeling down out of the shopkeeper’s sight sucking Malcolm’s cock; with both boys naked apart from their trainers. “Well done,” smiled Jackson, “brilliant. Now how do you feel Malcolm?” “Oh Mr Jackson,” bubbled Malcolm excitedly. “it was real cool, doing all that stuff, especially when those kids fell off their bikes when Jimbo and Andy pulled down their shorts and Jimbo began wanking me whilst Andy felt my balls.” Malcolm bounced about as he described what had happened. “Good,” laughed Jackson and reaching out felt Malcolm’s tight balls, “Hmm,” he added, “these seem very full. Would you like to empty them?” “Yes Pleeeeaaase,” smiled Malcolm. “And these other two deserve a reward too I think,” smiled Jackson. Andy and Jimbo grinned their approval. Jackson quickly lubed Jimbo and Andy up and placed them on top of each other on his desk with Jimbo on the bottom. Malcolm was made to kneel on the desk so that both Andy and Jimbo could suck and lick him. Jackson now began to fuck the two boys alternatively, changing over at every tenth thrust, whilst they in turn began to work on Malcolm. Before too long the excited Malcolm was jetting his load into the waiting mouths whist Jackson fucked both the boys to a climax, their cocks spitting their spunk into the gap between their pulsing stomachs. After which all three knelt before him as he shot his load across their three open mouths, making sure each boy got a good shot of his come into each of their mouths. It was the first time Malcolm had tasted anyone else’s spunk, again he was carried along with the mini orgy, loosing more and more of his inhibitions. “Oh,” sighed Malcolm. “You know it doesn’t taste bad at all,” licking more of Jackson’s spunk from around his face. “Why the fuck do you think we all eat it,” giggled Jimbo. “Yeah,” laughed Andy, “After Billy, Jackson has the creamiest tasting spunk.” “Well if you want to check, ” smiled Jackson, “I’m sure Billy will be happy to let you try a sample, that is if Sam hasn’t emptied his balls already.” Jimbo taking the hint pulled Malcolm off his knees. “Yeah come on Malcolm, lets go and find Billy, come on Andy.” Jackson watched the excited trio leave, in his mind he was already planning for Malcolm’s deflowerment, which he felt, was not now very far away. Just then the front door buzzed and Jackson went to answer it. Outside the door a blond youth was undressing. Jackson watched through the glass doors until he was completely nude. The lad smiled at Jackson and began to caress his cock until it was fully erect. The youth continued to stroke his seven-incher with gentle movements until Jackson finally opened the door. The youth stepped inside leaving his clothing in an untidy pile outside the doorway. “Hi TJ,” smiled Jackson, reaching for the youth’s thick cock and pulling on it sharply as he roughly kissed the boy, digging his tongue deep inside the boy’s mouth. He also grabbed the boy’s backside, feeling up and slipping a finger inside the boy’s fuckchute. Jackson noted that TJ was clean and empty and had not been fucked recently. “So what brings you around here today?” he asked breaking off the kiss. TJ leaned back against the wall, his cock, gleaming with pre-cum and slowly put his arms behind his head. “Just the chance of a good fuck,” he said. Jackson sniffed the finger he had stuck inside the boy. “Not working then?” he asked. TJ yawned and replied, “Nah. I’ve just got back from the seaside, had a good week with a punter so I’m okay for dosh but he wasn’t much of a fuck. Likes me to walk around in Cub-scout gear and wanks me on the beach and in the woods. So,” TJ smiled at Jackson, “I thought now where can a working boy get a free fuck from an expert, so I thought of the best.” TJ smiled broadly and groped his dripping cock. “it’s dinner-time ain’t it?” he added. Jackson nodded, “So?” he said. “Well a free fuck and a bite to eat would go down a treat,” smiled TJ and looking sideways at Jackson added slyly, “you could fuck me on the table if ya want.” “Go on TJ,” laughed Jackson, “as an old boy you are always welcome, you know that and I’m sure we can find a slice of pizza for you.” “What about the fuck,” pouted TJ. Jackson smiled and ruffled the youth’s head. “We’ll see,” he smiled. TJ had been at the institution for eight years before having to leave when he reached the age of eighteen some four months ago. As a ten year old the boy had been badly treated by his stepfather and it had taken Jackson a couple of months to make the boy happy about his orientation, but after several sessions with Jackson TJ had settled down and proved to be an exhibitionist and very popular with his classmates giving handjobs and blow jobs round the back of the bike sheds at school. After he left the institute TJ had stayed with Jackson for a few months until he had got himself on his feet. The lad was currently studying Art and Design at the local college and was funding his course with the occasional bout of prostitution. Just then a whirlwind swept down the corridor and launched itself at TJ. TJ caught the jumping boy who wrapped his legs around TJ and began to kiss him fiercely with cute butterfly kisses. “TJ, TJ, TJ,” the boy uttered between kisses, “I’ve missed you so much.” “Hey, hold on Jason,” giggled TJ and held the boy away from him, “Hmm,” TJ smiled, “you’ve grown.” Nine-year old Jason looked down where his three-inch cock was sticking out hard and proud,” Yeah,” he giggled, “it’s grown a half-inch since you left. Yours is still as big as it was though,” and Jason grabbed TJ and began kissing him again. Jackson smiled at the pair, Jason had hero-worshipped TJ from the halkalı escort moment he had arrived at the institute, they’d hit it off straightaway and in TJ’s final year had been almost inseparable. Jackson had even allowed them to stay over at his house some weekends when TJ had been living with him. As he watched Jason reached down and eased TJ’s pulsing cock into his ever- ready fuck chute. Sighing the boy settled down on the seven-incher and gently began to bob up and down, making joyous moaning sounds. “Looks like you’ve got your fuck,” smiled Jackson. “go on you two, getta a room or something and remember dinner is in ten minutes time.” He watched as the pair coupled together staggered down the corridor towards Jason’s room. “I still want to get fucked,” called TJ as he turned into Jason’s room. There was a knock on the window and Jackson turned to see the footballers had returned and were undressing outside. Jackson opened the door and the naked group entered, obviously in a happy mood. Jackson stared at the jostling crowd. “I suppose this show of smiles means you won,” he said. “Yaay,” came the combined shout. “Not just that,” grinned Tony, “I finally got to suck off the team captain. I’ve been after him for months. I felt him up in the baths after the game and cornered him in the changing room. Winning meant a lot to him and before he knew it my mouth was wrapped round his dick and after that, well,” Tony chuckled, “all I can say was he scored more than the winning goal.” “An’ Deano got fucked by the Referee’s son,” added Art. “Yeah,” grinned Deano broadly, “he was watching the game and asked me about the team and my green hair. In half time he took me to see his dad’s new car and we got in the back seat. He’d seen that all I was wearing was my mascot shirt and I’d let him have a feel whilst we were watching the game. He’s fourteen and had never fucked anyone before, he was a bit quick the first time so I let him do it again. He says he wants to see me again. His name is David. He says he’ll call me tonight.” “We got some of it on our phones,” added Art. “Well done boys now go and line up for dinner,” said Jackson and leaving them he went back to the office to call everyone else down. In the dinning room the boys lined up for their meal. TJ and Jason arrived still coupled and Tony got them their meal. TJ sat down with Jason still impaled on his ever-hard cock. Once the boys were settled Jackson got his own meal and the servers and Mark joined them. “Malcolm,” Jackson called. Malcolm looked up from where he was sitting with Billy. “Yes, sir Mr Jackson,” he replied looking mystified. “I need some extra topping on my pizza,” Jackson spoke authoritatively. “Er, what,” Malcolm reddened still mystified. Billy leant towards him and whispered in his ear. “What, ” said Malcolm blushing further, “you, you mean.” “Oh Go on Malcolm,” whispered Billy pushing the boy forward. Shyly Malcolm stepped forward and stood beside Jackson. At first embarrassed he trembled and then with growing confidence as his cock hardened he began to rub himself, faster and faster. Jackson carefully held out his plate and as the boy began to spunk he expertly caught the flying strands of boycum as they erupted from Malcolm’s cock, making sure he caught all the three shots directly onto his pizza slice. As Malcolm’s climax slowed Jackson himself squeezed the boys cock directly onto his plate making sure he got all of the boys pearly emission. “Well done,” he said and the boys applauded as Malcolm, still half erect walked back to his seat. At this a number of other boys around the table also provided extra toppings and soon boy spunk was flying around the table, as boys swapped slices to get the choice of spunk they wanted. Jackson was pleased with Malcolm’s progress, this was the first time he had gone solo in front of the other boys and he had managed his task well. Once dinner was over Jackson left Jimbo, Malcolm and Andy handing out the extra sweets to the boys. TJ looking for his fuck had finally freed himself from Jason and was chatting up Sam, they had been good fuck friends in the past and it looked like TJ was going to get his wish. Jackson slipped into the kitchen and made a jug of coffee for himself and Jack Carter. He knew the boys would be quiet after lunch especially after the sweets were handed out and could be left to mark to look after. Jackson took the tray into his office and carefully added the blend of aphrodisiac and viagra to Jack’s cup. Quietly he entered the playroom and set the tray down and gently shook Jack awake, passing the drugged coffee mug over to him. Jack sipped the coffee slowly enjoying the taste. He appeared oblivious that both he and Jackson were naked “So how do you feel now?” asked Jackson slowly. “Fine,” said Jack, sipping from the mug. Jackson refilled Jack’s mug adding in a further dose of the combined drug. “Look about last night sir,” Jack began to say. Jackson stopped him with a raise of his hand. “Don’t worry about it,” he said, “You’re still growing as a person and finding yourself, and,” Jackson chuckled, “you seem to have a thing for our young Robbie.” “Eh,” stuttered Jack, reddening, “er what do you mean?” Jackson smiled and pointed the remote control at the television in the corner. It flickered into life and with a further press of the controls Jack found himself watching as Robbie sucked him off. “Oh god,” Jack groaned, his head in his hands. “Oh god,” groaned the Jack on the television stroking Robbie’s’ head as it bobbed up and down. Jackson moved in closer beside Jack, gently stroking the man’s engorging cock as it rose, pulsing in time with Robbie’s bobbing head. At Jackson’s touch Jack turned to look at Jackson, who carefully pulled Jack’s hand away from his head and leaned forward, kissing him slowly directly on the lips. At first Jack stiffened and then as his drug-enhanced emotions took over he began to kiss back, harder and harder. Jackson pressed home and began to stroke Jack’s throbbing cock with strong even strokes. Instinctively Jack found Jackson’s equally hardening cock and began to caress it. Jackson pushed forward and Jack fell back on the bed; Jackson slowly following the man down so that they were lying, kissing passionately on the bed. Jackson slipped his tongue expertly into Jack’s mouth, kissing him unlike the way any girl had done. In his enhanced state it further roused Jack’s passion and his cock throbbed harder than he had ever known in his life. Jackson now began to kiss and caress Jack all over, his tongue and fingers probing and stroking in ways that Jack had never ever fantasised about. The effects of the drug and alcohol along with Jackson’s expert seduction technique had eradicated all thoughts and doubts about having sex with a man and Jack Carter now found himself in a sexual lust. His passions rose higher and higher and he responded to Jackson’s kisses and caresses with increasing eagerness. Jackson now totally dominated Jack leading him further and further down this new path. On a sexual high like he had never achieved before Jack eagerly found himself responding and with Jackson’s expert tuition actually found himself deep-throating Jackson huge cock with comparable ease given it was his first proper man on man sexual encounter. Jackson repaid the compliment and as he slurped and sucked the man’s six-incher, he began his assault on Jack’s fuckchute. Jack moaned with delight as his cock slipped into Jackson throat and quivered as Jackson’s lubricated finger slipped gently into his hole, only to groan even louder şirinevler escort as Jackson’s probing digit found his prostate and brought him almost to the point of orgasm. Jackson slipped Jack’s throbbing cock out of his mouth and still keeping his finger firmly lodged in Jack’s lovehole, slipped his pre-cum soaked tongue into Jack’s hot mouth. Gently fucking Jack with his finger and vigorously with his tongue he again brought him to the point of climax, only to pull back before Jack could erupt. This time Jack followed Jackson, his mouth desperately seeking Jackson’s probing tongue and pushing down on the finger that had stilled inside him. Jackson responded slowly and carefully anxious to keep Jack on a high, now slowly he kissed and rubbed, and nipped at Jack’s engorged nipples, sliding his body up against Jack’s trembling passion sweating torso, rubbing his own leaking cock all over Jack’s cock and balls: and using the dribbles that seeped between Jack’s thighs to lubricate still further Jack’s fuckhole. A second finger was easily added; Jack’s only sign of acceptance was a tightening of his embrace around Jackson as their tongues duelled frantically, as the second digit was added to the first. Again Jackson worked his magic, his body, his cock, his tongue and his fingers melting together to bring Jack to a body thrusting ejaculation where eight hard tight spurts of man-cum exploded between their writhing bodies. Jack gasped, moaned as he climaxed thrusting hard against Jackson’s taught stomach; never had be ejaculated like this, the sensation was beyond words, he had been taken to a sexual high he had only read about in dirty books. Now he knew those authors wrote from real life experiences. Jack in post coital mood suddenly relaxed and found himself gazing limply into Jackson’s passion blazing eyes. Jackson saw the look and a knowing smile crossed his face. Almost lovingly he began to caress Jack’s face and neck with soft butterfly kisses. Jack moaned softly, a low sexy growl in the back of his throat. A third finger now entered his lovehole with no resistance at all; in fact it was almost sucked into the hot vortex with a passion. Jackson knelt between Jack’s opened legs and hoisted them up; Jacks sweat slicked ankles slipped across his shoulders and Jackson’s pulsing cock positioned itself at Jack’s waiting entrance. With no warning Jackson plunged forward; his cock slipped into the velvet hot hole with ease, the first five inches sliding in as though Jack’s hole had been made especially to fit. There was a brief moment when Jackson was poised, an exquisite passionate moment when their eyes locked and an intense expression crossed Jack’s face, a look of passionate pain and then Jackson slammed the last four inches home. Jack gasped, moaned and then shook as Jackson eagerly pounded his fuckhole, his eight and half inches sliding in and out, in and out, pistioning hard against Jack’s prostate. Jack writhed in exquisite pain as his very depths were plundered. His whole body was completely alive he could feel his nerve ending heating up as Jackson relentlessly fucked his virginity away. Jack found himself pushing up against Jackson, wanting to feel the whole of the man inside him. His cock leaked pre-cum and the last dregs of his climax across his stomach his body sweated with a passion he had never expected to feel, for the first time he felt he knew what making love actually meant. Jackson read the writing body beneath him perfectly and he plunged and plundered on. Jack felt his climax coming from a long way away; he felt the sperm in his balls gathering, pooling ready to leap up and out, he felt the stream of semen making its way up his tubes, it was a climax in slow motion and was all the more exhilarating for that. Jackson felt Jack tense just before he climaxed and rabbit fucked the man to enhance the new explosion of semen that flooded out between them arching up, one thick pearly strand landing across Jack’s open silently screaming mouth as his orgasm tore into his very senses. As Jack’s climax peaked and began to fall Jackson himself erupted inside Jack’s well fucked hole, flooding the man’s innermost secret place with his mancream, claiming his newly conquered territory. Jack, despite the lessening sensations as he came down from his high felt each of the hard ten spurts of Jackson’s spunk as it hit inside his bowels and claimed him. As Jackson now sank down on him he held his master in his arms, his hands gently caressing the sweat stroked back, feeling Jackson’s heartbeats against his own as they gently slowed so that both the hearts beat as one in post climax bliss. Jackson lay quiet, his cock still pulsing in Jack’s now no longer virginal hole, enjoying the gentle caresses of Jack’s hands down his back and along his body. Jack was now kissing him on the ear and he turned to suck the man’s searching tongue into his mouth. Slowly the kissing began, again the passion began to rise, Jack felt Jackson’s cock harden inside him and his own responded. Jack instinctively crossed his legs across Jackson’s backside as Jackson, this time gently fucked his cock in and out of Jack’s cum soaked fuckhole. This time the fuck was slow and steady Jack relished every downward and inward push of Jackson’s weapon and sighed with lust as it then slid back out, only to again repeat the nerve thrilling sensations. As Jackson’s passion rose his tempo increases and his strokes shortened. All though the fuck they kissed, lips glued together, tongues sliding up against each other. Jackson breathed heavily though his nose and once again claimed Jack’s lovehole for his own spitting forth six more shots of his pearly strands to cat the man’s love tunnel. Jack did not climax himself but was more content than to experience Jackson’s climax in all his gut bursting sensation. After another spell of quiet Jackson raised his head and looked Jack directly in the face. He saw the passion strewn, wasted face of his colleague and kissed him tenderly, softly on the now passion reddened, enflamed lips. Jack blushed at the look and raised his head to kiss Jackson back, caressing his hair as he did so. “Feeling better now?” asked Jackson quietly. Jack nodded, his face streaked with semen, saliva and tears. “Feel good huh?” added Jackson, gently probing Jack’s lovehole with his still hard cock. “Oh God, yessssss,” breathed Jack. Jackson slowly slid out of his latest conquest. Jack, groaned in disappointment but Jackson hushed him, “It’s okay,” he whispered, “I won’t be long.” Jack lay back on the bed, a look of wanton dissipation covered his body and he stretched, lazily and sexily as Jackson left the room. His eyes glazed with lust as he watched Jackson’s’ heavy cock and balls swinging as he walked to the door. He closed his eyes for a moment reliving the exhilaration of the sex he had just experienced and he trembled with anticipation. The door opened and Jackson re-entered the room: Jack opened his eyes at the sound and was surprised to see that Jackson was not alone, Gerry and Colin were with him, both teenage boys were naked and erect. “What th.” he began to say. To be continued…. Comments to ive Other stories on Donny Parts One and Two Teacher and pupils get closer and closer Banged Away Part One Behind locked doors, juveniles at their best Playing Trains Parts One and Two Babysitting fun Pa Grub and Me Part One Hillbilly love Ace Tales -Jet’s First Stopover Date Part One Ace is the best, read why Galahad Rides Out Part One Edwardian Public schooldays and nights Learning the Ropes Part One A youth and a boy, but whose teaching who? Charlie Gives It Up Part One The 50’s no television what is a boy to do to be amused Ace Tales – Family Fun Part One Ace meets a family of boys and shows them how to get closer Scooldaze Part One Teacher shows his class how to love one another

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