Becoming Alanna – Part 1


Becoming Alanna – Part 1Becoming Alannamy name is Alanna Monroe and i am currently a college bound 17 year old senior at St. Anne’s school for girls in Middletown Conn. I was once Alex Monroe, but after one fateful day four years ago, I became Alanna. Being a proper “lady”, i have all of the assets of my classmates…well that is except for one thing. I am a ladyboy, a girl with a cock and a set of balls. During the summer after 8th grade, when i was 13, I met a girl, Samantha, who changed my life forever. She was 20 at the time, although from first sight i could have sworn she was 25. She was from money, and had opened a beauty salon in my neighborhood. Having no job, and after having met her during her first few hours in the neighborhood, I was a prime candidate for the empty position of shelf stocker and supply manager. I didn’t really think that it would amount to anything, but boy (or rather girl) was I wrong. Samantha came to my house that first night we met. She introduced herself to my parents, god i can still remember how slick she was. “Oh hello Mr and Mrs Monroe, it’s so good to meet the parents who have raised such a proper and wholesome young man. She turned to me and smiled. I couldn’t have put my finger on it then but there was something in her smile, something off. Like she knew something that I didn’t, it was informed, as if she was looking straight into the future. “I was hoping that young Alex could help me with my business. you see I just opened a beauty salon across the street. I am trying to be a strong independent young woman and start a salon right here in the middle of all you fine people” she chuckled as my mother and father cluelessly listened on. “Well this all sounds good Samantha” my mother started. It seemed like she was about to tell Samantha that although she was a very nice girl, that a woman’s beauty salon was not where she wanted her 13 year old son spending his time. “I think he should take the job, don’t you dear?” she asked my father. “oh yes yes of course” he agreed, clearly staring at Samantha’s slightly revealed cleavage. but then came a shock I was not prepared for, “just one more thing Samantha” my mother said with a funny look on her face, “me and Stephen here are planning to take some trips this summer to our house at the cape, do you think, I mean… we were going to hire a sitter to take care of Alex here, but as we have allowed him to work for you, we clearly find you to be responsible… and well we were wondering if you might look after him while we are away”. Samantha didn’t even hesitate, “oh that would be no problem Mrs Monroe” she said in an almost excited tone. “Well if it’s not too much trouble, since you are going to be setting up this weekend, would you be willing to let him come stay at the salon with you while we are away? it will only be from tonight (Thursday) till Monday, or at the latest Tuesday”. “I would be glad to look after him, plus as you said I have a lot of work to do. Then its agreed” my mother said smiling and standing to shake summers hand. Again my father ogled her tits as they slightly swayed back and forth as she stood to shake my parents’ hands. Then she turned to me and smiled “so Alex, why don’t you just get some stuff together and come over when Ever you like, I have an extra room in my house you can stay there if you don’t mind”.I was dumbfounded; my parents had nearly just sold me into slavery at the house of the hottest girl i had ever seen. I was almost sad. I thought she had to be well out of college, at least 25, and I would have to hope she thought I was cool enough to let me hang around long, that was the only way I was going to get a peak at her body. I packed my gym bag, two tee-shirts a pair of socks and two pairs Escort of underwear. I striped down to change and stared disappointingly at the full body mirror. What I saw was in no way the pinnacle of manhood that the boys around me work so hard to achieve. Instead of growing hair all over like the guys in my gym class, my skin had remained relatively smooth and nearly hairless save for a fine layer of peach fuz and a few errant stray hairs under my arms and on my pink puffy pelvis. From a lack of outdoor activity my skin was creamy pale. I stood 5’4 150lbs and had an oddly feminine shape to my body. With the addition of some extra fat, this translated into rounded hips, a shapely butt, curved legs and even small bumps on my chest. I had messy strawberry-blond hair down just past my shoulders and it was at this moment that I first realized that I looked almost a little more like a girl than I did a true boy. It wasn’t fair! I loved girls and how they looked, why did I have to look like this!? Feeling dejected and freakish, I grabbed my bag, kissed my mother and father goodbye at the car and walked over to Samantha’s. When i arrived at her house I rang the doorbell and waited. 2…3…5…10 minutes I waited. Turning to walk back to my house I heard the door open. There was Samantha in tiny pink cheerleader’s shorts with a white wife beater on. Her hair was braided into pigtails and she was covered in sweat, dust and slightly smeared running makeup. I realized she must have been cleaning the salon and smiled. “Hi Samantha” I said I’m here to help. “Great Alex I really need some”. She said it with a little twang in her voice. “Come on in” she gestured to enter and I did, hearing the door shut abruptly behind me, like the door to a jail cell. I followed her into her house and she showed me around. Her home was very nice although not yet fully set up. She showed me the upstairs rooms and I noticed that her room smelled like smoke a bit and that the room i was to stay in, was (conveniently enough for my self-esteem) painted fully in pink and oddly more set up than any other room in the house. “Put your stuff down here” Samantha said to me as we walked in. “Now let’s go down to the salon and I’ll show you what you will be responsible for while you’re working here this summer”. I followed her down to the lover level of the house, my eyes glued to the wiggle in her short shorts as she bounced down the stairs. When we entered the salon I gasped at its incredible size. There were at least 11 rooms I could account for. She showed them to me slowly while she explained that the thing that differentiated her salon from the others was the degree to which she could alter appearance. Instead of just hair, maybe nails and makeup, she did it all. There was full body hair removal and body cleansing, something which at the time I didn’t understand. She did minor body augmentation, nipple enlargement, tanning, makeup, nails, hair styling, pricing, clothes and many other things I either lost track of or did not yet know about. There were also rooms for changing, bathing and more. There was also a small room which had sex equipment for sale, just the usual dildos, vibrators, porno movies, lube etc… I was shocked at how much there was. We entered the first room titled hair removal and body cleansing. As we walked in I saw a very new looking stainless steel stirrup chair typically used at the gynecologist. Next to it were the essential tools for full body waxing, and a few metal things which looked like they belonged along with the chair back at the doctor’s office where they belonged. On the far side of the room there was a large tile shower looking area with what looked like extra hose attachments for the pipes. I Escort Bayan laughed to myself thinking that what she meant by body cleansing was showering, I would later find out this was not true. The next room was titled augmentation. Inside there several sets of vacuum breast and nipple pumps. She explained that some women attempt with success to enlarge the size of their breast and nipples by using vacuum pumps. I smiled and we walked on. The next room was full of tanning beds, this was all simple enough to fathom so we moved on to the next room down the hall. This room was the Pricing room. She had a table bed for people to lie on and she did belly lip eyebrow nose tongue clit and nipple pricings. She giggled as she explained that nobody should EVER pierce their cock because it was too dangerous. I smiled and observed the expensive looking body jewelry in the case under the counter. We moved on yet aging to the nail room. Here she did full manicure and pedicure for customers, massage, French tips, anything they wanted. The next room was hair styling, a feminine and pink barber’s chair stood in front of a mirror. Teen hair styles were pictured on the walls informing customers of their potential options. Next was the makeup room, again a girly chair was seated in front of a full makeup table. Last was the clothing room which had wardrobes wall to wall and carried everything from shoes to panties to yoga pants to corsets. She had all the latest styles and I just stood there taking it all in. “So what I need you to do is go out there and start scrubbing the floors while I set these rooms up ok” she asked? “Yeah sure” I smiled. I walked out and into the hall and proceeded to get down on my hands and knees and scrub every inch of the floor till it was spotless. i lost track of time quickly and when i looked up it had been nearly 4 hours. Samantha came out of the last room and smiled “wow you did a really super job out her Alex” she said smiling. “You know… I know I came off all uppity and proper but I’m really a lot cooler and younger than that” she giggled. “How old are you” I asked her smiling. “I’m 20” she said. “Wow I thought you were way older” I said laughing, “so you’re what not in college or anything like that” I asked. “I was but i got kicked out for selling weed, and fucking in the communal bathrooms” she giggled as she said it like it was the most normal thing in the world. “Ok just k**ding” she said smiling. I smiled back, but I think she could tell I was disappointed and quickly leaned over and whispered “ok I’m not really k**ding” and all I could do was grin. I was 13, and I loved women. I had no luck with the girls at school, and after a while, with not a single success I think something happened in my mind. It was like I wanted not only to be with a girl, I almost… wanted to be the girl herself. I loved the way their bodies looked, the way their skin was, hair makeup, cleavage, thongs, everything feminine. “I hope it’s Ok with you that I was honest” she said with a scared look in her eye, “you’re not going to tell your parents are you, because I really need this to work or my parents are going to never give me any cash again”. “Don’t worry” I assured her “I will be cool”. I smiled and she smiled back. “So you want to go and take a break upstairs, maybe have a beer or smoke some pot she giggled. Your parents are away, don’t forget” she laughed. “Ok” I said and stood up to follow her. On the way upstairs I could see a sweet dark sweat spot on the inside of her crotch. It ran from down between her thighs all the way up the crack of her short clad ass, and her shorts were small enough that I could clearly see the folds of her tanned cheeks.We went into what was my room and sat down Bayan Escort on the pink couch. She opened a mini fridge and took out two wine coolers. “Sorry no beer” she said shrugging her shoulders “guess I drank that last night” she said with a laugh and handed me a wine cooler. I opened it and took a sip. It tasted great, just like soda except with the little kick of malt liquor. We drank our drinks and talked and it was after 5 minutes of warming up that she made good on her offer and I got a little taste of adolescence. She took out a small box and pulled out a large joint. “So, you want to smoke” she asked me with a smile “yeah I do” I said back my voice shaking in anxiety of my first time “getting high”. Samantha could see I was nervous and she patted my leg, don’t worry its good clean shit, the most it will do is make you laugh, eat or fuck she said with a giggle and light up the fat cylinder of potent smelling weed. From my first drag I knew i was hooked. I loved the way it tasted, the way it felt going down and coming back up, the thick milkyness of the skunk smelling smoke that billowed out of the tip as I inhaled. In minutes i was clearly high and laughing quietly to myself for no reason in particular. “Sooooo buddy” she said in a high voice, “tell me, you got a girlfriend or something, or what, no your too young to be gay” she laughed. “No I don’t have one” I said quietly, shocked back into the reality of my blatantly pathetic social existence. “I don’t really get any girls… in fact I almost look like a girl” I said in an irritated and self-deprecating tone. “Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that” Samantha said to me, with a nearly knowing look in her eye. “Some boys just have femmy bodies, it’s not their fault”. “And you know what” she said looking me in the eye; “if they want they can capitalize on that seemingly unfair abnormality and turn it into a greater plus than they could have ever imagined”. “What the hell are you talking about” I giggled looking at her. “Well, my salon, it’s not just for girls per say…. it’s also for boys who want to be girls”. She sat there silent trying to gauge my response. I didn’t know what to say or think. I had truly never even considered that such a thing happened in real life. I had seen pictures of shemales on the internet and read stories about them, but it almost seemed inconceivable that those girls got to where they are by starting out as little boys just like me. I hesitated but soon found it impossible to resist. “So…so do boys come to you often, have you done it before?” “Ok to be honest with you, yes I have done it before, it’s one of the other reasons I got kicked out of school. But I have a relationship with what we would call feminization or sissification which goes beyond the lives of others…. I was a little boy just like you. One day about 8 years ago….when i was 12, I had to go live with my uncle. He sissified me and made me into the girl I am today. He put me on hormone treatment, groomed me, and trained me. She giggled, you’re lucky, not all of us can have naturally feminine features, and some of us need to take pills”. “So you, you have a penis” I stammered. “Yes she said”. Then she stood up, pulled her short shorts down a little, exposing a pink lace thong. She pulled her thong aside, spread her legs a little and produced a burning hot pink hairless cock with a matching shaved pink sack of balls looking so round and full that they might explode at any minute. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Was this really possible? How could she be a guy, she was without a doubt the prettiest hottest sexiest most uber-fem girl I had ever seen and yet she had a cock. I don’t know what came over me but I looked at her and said “Samantha I want to be a girl like you, will you help me” “yeah Alex I will” she said warmly and give me a hug. She pulled her clothes back on and told me that we should go down stairs and get started. I agreed and walked down to the salon…To Be Continued!End part 1

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