Behind The Facade: Chapter 1


Behind The Facade: Chapter 1My name is Charalampos Alexandrou The Second but my family and friends call me Harry Junior or just Junior.I’m the son of millionaire industrialist Harry Alexandrou and former Playboy model and pro wrestler Taryn Terrell.My dad is a great guy and we get along great but the one i have the most fun with is my mom!Not only she has big,sensational lips and the most dreamy hazel eyes ever but she also has a body to die for!Curvy with big,natural breasts yet athletic with naturally gained muscles,normal looking abs and the softest skin…EVER!My parents adore each other and have a lot of PDAS when they’re alone and yesterday i heard mom saying to him that he’s her other half and he completes her.Me and her also spend quality time together (almost the entire day since dad is always busy with his company)and she always huggs,kisses and lets me know how much she loves me and how much i mean to her.Oh,mother!You have no idea how much i would like you to be my bitch,my filthy whore and let me fuck your brains out!Yes,i have watched online porn (nobody stays innocent at the age of internet)and even BDSM videos.Ohhh….i crave to be your master my delicious piece of meat,my blonde sex machine!But is she really one?That’s EXACTLY what i’m going to find out tonight when i record their lovemaking with the iphone dad bought me last week.HERE SHE COMES!Taryn Terrell:How’s mommy’s”little monster”doing?Harry Junior:I was about to take a nap momma.Isn’t dadda here yet?Taryn Terrell:No sweetheart but tomorrow is Saturday and the three of us are going to spend the weekend together!Harry Junior:Yawn!I’m feelling kinda sleepy,goodnight mommy!Say goodnight and give daddy a hug and a kiss from me.Taryn Terrell:I DEFINITELY will but now it’s time for YOUR hug and kiss my little one!!!!Harry Junior:I love you SO much momma!You are my whole world.Taryn Terrell:The same goes for you too my little boogiebear!Night,night…Harry Junior:Don’t let the bed bugs bite!!!YES,SHE’S GONE!Now i’ll just pretend to be asleep.This is the most important night of my life,not just because i’m going to watch live sex in my very own house but because i’m also going to experience a side of my beloved mother,the woman who gave birth to me and loves me more than anything else in this world(i hope and wish)i didn’t even know it existed.Later that evening…Taryn Terrell:Shhttt…i’m checking,i’m checking.He’s asleep!Harry Alexandrou & Taryn Terrell:Come,come,come!Look at them,they’re the k**s in this family!Well,their overconfidence is their weakness since they just closed but didn’t lock their door and since i’m a short 6 year old boy it won’t be difficult güvenilir bahis to enter their bedroom and record everything without drawing their attention.Boop.That’s it,they closed the door.Here i go!A minute later…I can hear them talking to each other and they’re must be standing next to the bed.Now i’ll open the door slowly and carefully and….ACTION!Taryn Terrell:Oh,baby,SMECK!I missed you SO much,SMOOCH!Harry Alexandrou:Not nearly as much as i missed YOU honey!Taryn Terrell:Don’t get impatient sweetie,i’ve prepared a show for you!Harry Alexandrou:A show?You mean like…Taryn Terrell:Aha,like my Playboy sex shows back in the day!Wait here,i’ll go to the bathroom to get ready,don’t start without meee…Harry Alexandrou:You don’t have to worry about that!My luck,This is going to be even better than i thought!I searched for Playboy videos of hers but i didn’t manage to find anything.I also Googled”Playboy model Taryn Terrell”but there were no results.I wonder if dad had anything to do with it in order to protect our family life and his reputation as a businessman.Taryn Terrell:TADAH!Oh…my…GOD!She’s wearing a small and thin black bra which barely covers her gigantic boobs but fully covers her tits and a black string thong which is barely visible inside her vagina!Harry Alexandrou:Oh!You’re awakening my inner b**st!!!Taryn Terrell:Wait a sec…are you ready for your free and private sex show?Harry Alexandrou:Have you lowered the radio’s volume?Taryn Terrell:Enough to not wake up Junior AND have fun at the same time!Harry Alexandrou:In this case,turn on the…HEAT baby!Taryn Terrell:The heat will be on in 3,2,1…WOW!She’s moving her gorgeous ass up and down so fast and now she’s shaking it like crazy!Now she’s turning to dad and…OH,MY!She’s moving her boobs around and shaking them as well!!!He’s going to have a heart attack from his boner.LOL!Wait a minute…she grabbed and threw him on the bed!No wonder she used to be a TNA Knockouts Champion and a former WWE Diva.Now a different song is starting to play…NOT song,sensational music.She’s crawling to him slowly and seductively,she’s standing over him and she’s starting to touch and play with herself.Father is trying to grab her but she’s pushing him back and takes off her bra.She proceeds then to touch her breasts and all of a sudden she begins to lick and suck her nipples like i used to do when i was a baby!Harry Alexandrou:I can’t wait any longer!I want to FUCK the shit out of you right here and NOW!Taryn Terrell:Patience,lover!The night is still young and belongs to us.This mother of mine is really something.Slutty AND romantic at the same time!She’s moving her butt güvenilir bahis siteleri once again but in a slow and erotic way according to the music and she finally takes off her thong.Her pussy is wet,she must be horny as hell!Father is going for it but she gives him her…foot instead?Taryn Terrell:Kiss and lick it!Harry Alexandrou:What?Taryn Terrell:You heard me,i’m not just a piece of meat you’re going to”devour”.I’m your wife,your life partner and the mother of your offspring!We haven’t had sex for a month since you’re always exhausted because of your work and i want you to prove tonight that i’m more than just a fuck to you!Fucking relationships man,geez!Harry Alexandrou:Taryn,you’re my other half,my soulmate and i’m sorry if i made you miserable in any way.Tonight i’m all yours,mind,body AND soul!I love you SO FUCKING MUCH and i’ll do whatever it takes to please you!Taryn Terrell:Oh…that’s the sweetest thing i’ve EVER heard!!!You know what?Enough with the foreplay.LET’S FUCK ALREADY!!!This time dad succeeds in grabbing her,he pins her down and he’s starting to”eat”her warm and wet pussy like a hungry a****l.Mom can’t control herself and she’s moaning loudly.Taryn Terrell:Oh,oh,Oh,OH,Ah,ah,AH,that’s it!Eat my FUCKING pussy!!!It’s all…YOOOOOOOUUUURRRRSSSS!SPLASH!!!…Did she just…..Harry Alexandrou:Oh,Taryn!You horny little bitch!Look at all that glorious mess you’ve made.Your”love juice”is all over my face.This must be that Squirting Orgasm i read about and that spot father”hit”with his tongue must have been the infamous clitoris which is said to be the G spot of many women.Harry Alexandrou:Ready for a Harry Junior Junior?Taryn Terrell:Nope,i’m more than happy and satisfied enough with our current little one.When he becomes a teenager and is not interested so much in hanging out with his old woman…we’ll see.You’ll always be number one in my heart mommy,always and forever!Harry Alexandrou:Good thing i bought a pack of condoms then.Taryn Terrell:NO!I want to taste and feell your raw cock not these slimmy things!Oh,yeah!Mom just grabbed and put every inch of dad’s big and fat cock inside her mouth and started to suck it like a machine.My mother wasn’t just giving those highly paid pornstars a run for their money,she was the real deal!Harry Alexandrou:NGH,ARGH,Ahhh….Aaaahhh,Ah!Devour it all you filthy whore!Quench your insatiable thirst for my semen!OH!Oooooohhhh!!!Now she’s licking his urithra with the tip of her tongue!That’s some really nasty stuff over here.Harry Alexandrou:I’m…cumming…AAAAHHH!!!!!!!Good thing i’m a”heavy sleeper”.Now it’s mom’s face that’s full of cum but instead of catching her breath iddaa siteleri she’s kissing his penis which is still errect despite that strong ejaculation!Taryn Terrell:Did you…enjoy it?Harry Alexandrou:More than life itself but don’t think we’re done yet”baby girl”.Taryn Terrell:”Daddy”,i’ve been such a nasty girl!Will you…”punish”me?Harry Alexandrou:Prepare yourself for a fierce pounding”young lady”.Oh,boy.No wonder i’m such a pervert from this young and tender age!That’s quite the French kissing we’ve got here.Now he’s kissing and sucking her tits while fingering her clit.Mom is dripping milk and cum at the same time!Taryn Terrell:OH,Oh,oh!OOOOoooooohhhh!!!!!!!!I..can’t…control…my body…anymoooOOORRREEE!!!!I’m…gonna…..Harry Alexandrou:I don’t think so darling.Not untill we get to the”main course”!He breaks the hug,he gives her a strong push to the bed,he’s jumping on top of her and starts to bang her Missionary style like a maniac!Taryn Terrell:AH,AH,AH,AH,AH,AH,OH,OH,OH,OH,OH,OH,OOOHHH,AAAAAHHHH!!!!!YES!!!!GIVE IT TO ME!!!DO IT TO ME!!!!DEEPERRRR!!!!HAAARRRDDEERRRR!!!!!!Harry Alexandrou:I’ll never get tired of your outstanding body!You’ll be my sperm vessell untill your heart stops beatting!!!!Aaaannnddd…..Harry Alexandrou & Taryn Terrell:I’M…CUMMING!!!!!!!CUT!Just in time since my battery is now at 4%.From this moment this night of passion will live forever as an iphone video AND in High Definition!Harry Alexandrou:Ready to be my…cowgirl?NO,DAMN IT!I love the cowgirl position and that’s how i’m going to witness the full extent of mom’s sexual skills!!!Taryn Terrell:No,let’s save it for tomorrow night since it’s late and we need to conserve some energy.Harry Alexandrou:We might not have sex very often but when we do…Taryn Terrell:It’s TOTALLY worth it!SMOOCH!!!!!Excellent!Now i better hurry back to bed before…Taryn Terrell:I think we overdid it this time though,i’m going to check on Junior.Harry Alexandrou:I’ll go babe,you need to take a shower and rest.Taryn Terrell:You need to take a shower as well.You’re NOT going to our son’s room like this.Harry Alexandrou:Whoops,i got carried away here.A cold shower later…Harry:Alexandrou:That’s my boy.That’s my successor!Rest well my son because my free days are dedicated to you.A second later…That oral sex and especially the unexpected demand for foot worshipping made me realize that’s there’s hidden potential inside my mother.The potential to become a really bad girl!This woman was created to fuck,dominate and earn some nice cash by doing it.Not staying at home 24/7,doing all the cooking,cleaning and raising a toddler while the wifes of other millionaires don’t even know how to boil an egg since they have mansions full of housekeeppers.That conservative nerd might have turned you into a shadow of your former self but i’ll help you get your life back and reach your full potential mom,i guaranDAMNtee it!

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