Bend over, the whole truth

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Bend over, the whole truthBend over, the whole truth One afternoon my husband Victor came back early from work, finding me tied up at a table, naked, gagged and with signs of having been fucked and abused in a brutal way, by several men.In that moment I denied to tell him everything that had happened on that afternoon and decided not to speak about the matter, but several months ago, after a nice fucking sex session night, I decided to admit and reveal the truth about those facts.“Do you really want to know the truth?”. I asked him, sobbing some tears.“I want to know every detail” He answered, trying to comfort me and get me calm.“Well, that afternoon I was brutally used and abused by two black men I had met at the shopping mall. I was to be blamed for it, because I think I flirted with them, not realizing that both could be so dangerous people.Their names were Jason and Hamid. Both were working at the shopping mall as security guards. After making my shopping that morning I went to the park lot, finding my car had a flat tire. I put all the stuff inside the trunk and then noticed that I had no jack lift to disassemble the car`s wheel.I went to a security cabin for get some assistance and those two black men were there, offering their help. They fixed the matter in a couple of minutes and rejected some money I wanted to give them as a tip. I think Escort bayan that I was too shy, because I smiled to them and told that I was too much thankful.One of them also smiled and told me that he knew another way to show my appreciation to them.I told him that I did not understand what did he mean, but then he got close to me, grabbed my hand and put it against his crotch. I opened my mouth in surprise, noticing a huge bulge inside his trousers.His friend asked me: “Do you ever touched a big black cock, madam?”.I struggled against the first man to get my hand free; he laughed and let me go, telling me that I could be a good white married slut for his big black cock. I entered my car in a second, started the engine and got out of there very quickly.When I got home I left all the stuff I had bought in our bedroom and had a shower.After midday I was watching TV, when I heard a strange noise at the back yard. The rear door was open, but everything seemed to be quiet.Suddenly one hand grabbed me by the waist from behind and another one closed my mouth, avoiding my surprise scream. There were those black men, laughing as they touched my body with their nasty hands. I could feel a growing erection between my buttocks. I was wearing a short summer dress and pantyhose, which were ripped off from my body in just Bayan escort two seconds. I stood there in front of these black men barely naked, just covered by my little black thong.“Yeah, bitch, I knew you were a good whore for my monster black cock”. I heard the black man behind me whispering into my ear. His hard cock was pushing now between my ass cheeks.“Wait here, Hamid”. He told his friend, pushing me forward to the bathroom. He shut the door behind us and made me bend over the sink. He ripped off my black thong and pushed my head against the mirror, grabbing my hair between his hands. Then I felt his monster black cock deep inside my vagina in just one thrust. It was painful, I had no time to make my pussy wet. He pumped me like crazy until he came. Then pushed me in all fours inside the tub and fucked my asshole doggie. He was really very rude. I tried not to resist too much, it could be even worse for me.He filled my anus with his hot seed and told me I was the best married white slut he had ever fucked.Then called his mate and both together took me to the table on the dining room where you found me.The first man, Jason, made me bend over the wood table and restrained my legs apart and tied my hands to the table basement. I was there wide spread, humiliated, naked, full of cum…. They gagged me with a Escort rubber ball and covered my eyes with a blindfold.Hamid, the second guy, took his turn on me. Soon I felt him between my legs. Then he opened my ass cheeks with his hands and shoved his cock inside my pussy. It was even bigger than Jason’s, much bigger and really hard. It was very painful again, because he stretched my vagina walls even more than I am used to. Before he came in my pussy he took off and put his black monster thing inside my anus, stretching me more than his friend. And again, he made me cry and scream in pain.He came in my ass, filling me with what seemed to be gallons of hot semen. They left me alone for ten minutes, but then I heard some strange voices coming from the kitchen. I realized then that both men had brought other friends to fuck me.I could count at least four different men fucked my mouth, my pussy and ass. Not only fucked me, they also spanked my ass cheeks all the time with some tree branches and slapped me in the face.It lasted long through all afternoon; the six men took their turns every time, not giving me a resting minute to recover myself. They all were just fucking mechanical machines abusing my body.They left a quarter before you arrived.I was very ashamed of had happened to me and really did not want to tell you the truth, because I felt responsible for teasing these men and seemed to be they understood I was willing to be fucked.Before leaving me there, naked and full of cum, Jason told me that he would come back one day, for a second round. But I thought he would never come here again. I was so fucking wrong…

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