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Chapter Twelve  


People Are Strange


Stumbling off the plane into Heathrow the sound of the Doors was in my earbuds. As we navigated our way to the baggage claim, Jim Morrison”s voice was telling me that `people are strange, when you”re a stranger”. Looking around this airport, I”d have to say it was an astute observation. Once we”d gotten our bags, we started making our way through the crowd to the tube station up by terminals 2 Robbie was the only one who”d been here before. We got our tickets and boarded the subway car for our long ride into central London. We checked in right after 2:00 o”clock and got key cards for our room which was a four-bed with ensuite bathroom; Robbie and James paid the extra cost for that. This would be our base for the next three days; we were booked on the Eurostar Sunday morning. We went up the flight of stairs and found our room and crashed until about 5pm; we were all exhausted from the plane. If all the hostel rooms were like this, James and I would have to settle for wet dreams. There was absolutely no privacy, and I doubted that Robbie and my little brother would want to witness us boning each other.

After our much-needed nap, we went downstairs to get something to eat. This is when I realized I didn”t want to stay in London long; a plate of fish and chips (maybe a step above Captain D”s) at the pub was �14.50, the equivalent of about $20USD. Dinner and drinks set us back, collectively, over a $100. Thank goodness breakfast was included in the price of our stay.

We went out and checked out the neighborhood after dinner and within 15 minutes Robbie picked up a girl who ended up taking us to a few much cheaper hidden local spots. While it was kind of fun, I didn”t want a repeat of the beach trip so I didn”t drink much. Plus, we had JJ along and he wasn”t old enough to drink yet. It didn”t take long for Robbie to get tired of babysitting us, so we split up and left Robbie with his infatuated British girl. The rest of us took a long walk and crossed over the Thames and made a loop from Millennial Bridge over to Tower Bridge then back across to the hostel. On the way we saw the Tower of London, City Hall, St. Paul”s Cathedral and the Globe Theater, and soaked in the charm of London. We sat in the pub and listened to music for a little while but the grogginess from the long day of travel had all of us yawning like crazy so we finally gave up and went up to bed. It was a little after ten and Robbie hadn”t made his way back. I mentioned it to James, but he said Robbie was more than likely doing an activity that he and I would like to be doing.

JJ got down to his boxer briefs and climbed up into the bunk over Robbie”s. James and I sat on the opposite bottom bunk and did some light petting in the dark; waiting until we could hear rhythmic breaths coming from JJ. As soon as I was pretty sure JJ was asleep, I went exploring James”s trousers and pulled out little James and gave him a kiss. My lips came back wet, so he must have been as horny as I was. Keeping quiet as I could I started sucking him way down my throat. The only light in the room was the faint glow from the streetlight outside. I inserted my tongue under James”s foreskin and swirled it around. I could feel him stiffen and his hands grabbed my head and forced me down onto his mezitli escort dick causing me to gag a little. I pulled off to make sure JJ hadn”t woken up. I listened in the dark for a few minutes until I verified that his breathing was still regular, then went back down on the cock. Since I wasn”t sure how much time we might have I started jacking myself off while I gave James head. He was sucking in little breaths which meant he was getting closer. I caressed his balls with my free hand and increased my speed on his dick. I could feel it get just a little harder in my mouth, and the head flared a little just before he gave me my prize. I swallowed it all, then quickly stood and let him take my dick into his mouth just in time for my blasts to hit. After all that activity, we were really beat (no pun intended) so I climbed up and got in my bunk and went to sleep.

I very briefly woke up when Robbie came in. I looked at my phone and it was close to 1:00 in the morning. I didn”t wake up again until 6:30am. Obviously, the time change was going to take some getting used to. Usually, by now I”d be into my morning run. I knew one thing for sure, I had to piss like crazy. I tried to be quiet climbing down but two steps toward the bathroom James was behind me. We stood side by side at the commode with twin streams of piss going. When we started out, JJ was at the door hopping up and down with his shorts bulging out. We jumped out of his way so he could take care of business. Afterwards, we took turns in the small shower. By the time the last of us, JJ, was done, it was about 7:30 and Robbie was still asleep. James wanted to draw penises on his face, but I talked him out of it. Before we went to breakfast, I suggested that James shake him and see if he wanted us to wait for him. He mumbled for us to go ahead and he”d be down in a few.

We were trying to take advantage of the free things to do, so we decided to go to the British Museum today. We were finishing breakfast by the time Robbie made it down. James asked him how his date went and Robbie gave him an emotionless look and said `she was immature, had father issues and yet quite a nice minge”. I was beginning to not like him very much. Robbie was 23, five years older than James and I. He and James were different in a lot of ways. For instance, whereas James was a little chubby, hairy and blonde haired like his mother, Robbie was toned like an athlete, his body was more or less smooth and he was dark-haired like his dad. The weird thing is James had his dad”s demeanor, he was easy going, sweet and good company. Robbie, on the other hand, was a chip of the Ellen Ballard block; analytical, self-absorbed, cold and manipulative. Anyway, I was shaken out of my evaluation of the brothers when MY brother said “are you ready to go?”

“Sure, but how do we get there?” I asked.

“That”s what we”ve been discussing the last five minutes, you need to get your head out of your ass” JJ said, just before I punched the little shit in the arm.

We walked probably about a quarter mile to the Hop Exchange tube station and went to Holborn station, from there it was another quarter mile or a little more to the museum.

Once inside, we joined a guided tour only to find about 20 minutes into the tour Robbie had abandoned us. We crossed paths with the group he”d joined once; it was led by a young red-haired girl and Robbie was playing the part of the intensely interested tourist, hanging on the girl”s every word. Undoubtedly, we”d be finding our own way back, and he probably wouldn”t be in until late again. Less expected was when JJ dropped out a little later and sat on a bench with some girl he”d seen. I told him to meet us at the station at the appointed time and left him to sew his wild oats; what could two 16-year-olds get into in a stuffy museum anyway? I thought. James and I followed along with the group for a while pozcu escort longer, then he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into a stairway and down a floor. It was quieter here and he pulled me into a room with Greek pottery decorated with athletes in various poses. I found the fingers of his right hand intertwining themselves into mine and our arms making contact from shoulder to wrist as we walked around. For a while we stood in the North stairway looking the huge buddha statue there.

Around 2:15 we started making our way out of the museum and back toward the tube station; we were all supposed to meet back up at three. We were surprised to find JJ and his friend there ahead of us, of course, Robbie was nowhere in sight. Turns out that `Killeen” was staying with her parents up the street from us at the London Bridge Hotel, and she had already called her parents and asked if JJ could come to dinner with her tonight. I had no real objection, so when we got back to our tube stop James and I found ourselves delightfully on our own probably for a good several hours. A quick google search found us in the midst of many gay bars so we decided to go exploring. One name that caught our eyes for some reason was `The Cock Tavern” so we decided to go there and have a drink.

The place was very nice, posh as they say. Framed artwork on the ceiling. They were a self-proclaimed Georgian Tiki bar so we decided to have a pi�a colada. As with apparently every place in London, it was way overpriced and we were early enough in the afternoon there wasn”t even much eye candy so we decided to part ways with the place. Many of the more popular bars like Royal Vauxhall and The White Swan didn”t open till around 7-8 and it suddenly dawned on us that with JJ and Robbie gone, there was an empty room begging for some proper gay sex. Suffice it to say we didn”t waste any time getting back there.

Just in case someone was to come in earlier than expected we did the old jail trick and closed James” bunk in sheets for privacy. The two piles of clothes on the floor should key anybody into what was going on if the sheets didn”t. We made out for a while, I”d insisted that James go light on the deodorant and after all our walking and the drink earlier I could clearly smell his scent rising though the dying deodorant; spicy and the essence of my man. I buried my nose in that fur and inhaled before dropping lower and feather-lightly flicking his nipple with the tip of my tongue. I watched as his dick expanded to more than half-mast. He had similar thoughts and he huffed my pits and then slip farther down than I had and began eating out my navel; a definite erotic zone for me. My cock jumped and slapped him in the face.

“I want you in me” I whispered to him.

“Maybe later” he said as he threw himself over me and started working my raging cock into his hole using nothing but spit.

As he started riding me, we found one flaw with our plan; bunk beds were made to be quiet while withstanding a lot of movement. Not only were they banging the wall but the squeaking was really loud too. We ended up shifting onto the floor on top of a blanket and that”s where James” went wild on me bouncing up and down like a kid on a bouncy ball. Then he started doing this thing where he was clamping my dick every time he pulled up. He was driving me crazy. He let himself down onto his knees and I took over fucking the living shit out of him until I finally eliminated every sperm cell I could muster into his waiting ass. He started jacking himself but I slapped his hands away as I rolled out from under him and onto my knees wanting him to take me doggie style. I heard him spit a couple of times and it ran down my crack. He only paused a second or so before he began applying pressure. I was so relaxed after my major orgasm that I opened up almost immediately and let him in. I got about ten seconds to escort bayan get used to him and then he went crazy. I felt his balls slap into the back of mine as he slammed in and out of me. He grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed every millimeter of his cock into me and held it there a minute before pulling back and beginning the assault again. The next time he grabbed my shoulders and pushed in hard, I could feel his body spasming and I knew I was getting my tank filled. He pulled out and I could feel the cum leaking out and onto the blanket; that”s when I realized I”d grabbed JJ”s blanket. Oops. Hopefully, it would be dried by the time JJ got in from his date.

After all our activity, we realized we were starving and James got on google and found us a cheap fish and chips place and (after tidying up a little) we took off. Johnnie”s Fish Bar was way cheaper than some of the places we”d gotten into around the area and the food was still good. If anybody”d gotten close enough to us, they could probably have smelled the sex on us, but we didn”t care. In fact, when I caught a whiff of him it almost made me ready to go again.

We”d both seen the porn videos about cruising escapades in the public toilets in England so we decided to go see if there was any action going on. We went in a couple of fairly standard bathrooms with nothing going on, then on the third location, a kind of rundown looking location when we entered, we heard scurrying of people getting back to looking normal before we walked in. The only ones who apparently weren”t fazed by our appearance was a middle-aged couple leaning on the wall slowly stroking each other. The darker haired man winked at me and I nodded. He motioned us over and before we had much time to think about it the two older guys were on their knees sucking us off. I had already been horning up from James”s pheromones and now that we were being serviced simultaneously, we took the opportunity to feast on each other”s odors. We kissed and sniffed and huffed and kissed more. The man sucking me ran his hand between my ass cheeks and found remnants of James”s earlier cum and quickly put the wet fingers into his mouth. He turned me around and feltched the cum out of me before turning me back around and causing me to blast a fresh load into his mouth. James wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me tight as he rocked with his own orgasm. Quickly as it began, it was over. The two older gents nodded and went back to their former activities while swapping our cum between them. We fastened up and left, slowly walking toward the hostel. When we got in, JJ was back and we noticed he had opened the window.

“It smelled like cum and ass in here” he said with a smirk.

“What happened with your little cutie?” I asked him.

“Not much actually. Her traditional Irish parents weren”t going to leave us alone long enough for that. Other than a quick hand-job at the museum, that was it” he said.

“Oh really? Where did you find a place to do that in the museum?” James asked.

“Killeen had been there before and she knew some dark corners that probably aren”t supposed to be open to guests, but the one we found worked out well for us” he said, “they”ll probably need to mop the floor in there.”

“Well, that just leaves Robbie and doubtless by now he”s giving the tour guide his own tour” James said, “good thing we”re leaving in the morning.”

“I guess you and me need to go wash the ass and cum off” I told James and we went on into the shower. When we got out, Robbie was there and ready to take our place in the shower. It was an early night for him, but from his smell we could tell it had been productive. At that point we were all tired and I know that I was already asleep before Robbie got out of the shower.

In the morning we got packed up and checked out and made our way to take the Chunnel over to Europe proper. We picked up our Eurostar ticket courtesy of Dr. Ellen Ballard and boarded the train for Paris.


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Apologies to you 2-3 people reading this story. I”ve been down with a near brush with pneumonia and I”m still recovering so I”m a little slower right now. I mean, I guess somebody”s still reading this? Who knows.

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