Best Rainy Day Of My Life


Best Rainy Day Of My LifeIt was one of the mysterious dark cold evenings in the winter in London. I was about to leave my office finishing work late as usual and all of the sudden as they say the doors of heaven opened pouring down thundering rain. I was wearing a silk white shirt and my favourite push up red bra showing my luscious breasts and black pair of old tights covered by a dark blue skirt. I was feeling very upset about not bringing an umbrella to work and to make all worse i was alone in the office apart from the security at the entrance. With the greatest frustration in mind i finally decided to leave regardless the nonstop rain to catch a bus to get to my flat in sortditch. So I left the office building and started running to catch a bus on the pavement getting soaked within minutes. Running to the bus stop feels like its in the other corner of the world at this very moment with this heavy rain and in my mind it is crossing me what a boring pathetic life I’m currently living in this wonderful big city having no man in my life, being such a geek wearing big glasses and reading lots of books, not even a clue of sex life addicting to masturbating, thinking of girls and feeling its so weird likewise a movie trailer in a dark movie. My Clothes are dripping wet and my gorgeous dark brown hair with my new haircut yesterday is all messed up making me even more upset. While running on the street i heard someone saying stop all of sudden and i stopped and looked back who on earth is it shouting from behind. Then i saw this Stunning blond women seemingly slightly older than me quite mature with the most perfect big breasts i have ever seen with a perfect bodyline with a beautiful round shaped bum . I couldn’t help myself starring at this goddess like women in glowing golden skin having irresistible pink lips with mesmerising eyes walking fast towards me.Im still staring at her like seen a ghost in the middle of the pavement getting soaked in the hurricane like rain and she came up to me and said, Good God Darling Are you okay? Come under my umbrella honey you are absolutely soaked. I was trying to catch my breath and tried to say thank you but i couldn’t due to her grand gesture and irresistibly sexy body.Finally i introduced myself Nina and said how thankful i am and she replied back introducing herself Sally asking ‘’ Where are you heading Escort Bayan my Love’’ i said well im going to the bus stop and she said ‘’so am I lets walk together’’So we are walking towards the bus stop under her tiny umbrella making us both slightly wet in the rain. My clothes are dripping wet water dripping through my super sexy thong making my vagina little electric sparkly feelings making me so uncomfortable. Also my white sick shirt has stuck to my skin making my red bra look like my boobs will pop out any minute and my cute little pink nipples are so hard in the cold in a way im dying for an orgasm that will make me cum like a river. On the other hand im walking next to a goddess like beautiful women who sound like an absolute sweetheart must be the luckiest person alive to dream of having.I am feeling so delicate at the moment and by the slightest touch to any part of my body by this nymph would make me feel horny and dripping wet my pussy. She was wondering how quiet i am and put her arm around my shoulder and pulled me towards her and said ’’ come closer darling you got enough wet in this terrible rain…don’t worry i won’t bite you sweetheart ‘’ and both of us started giggling.. After getting a bit closer to her under her tiny umbrella now my hand is touching her gorgeous big boobs even i was feeling her big nipples…thoughts are flowing through my mind picturing me kissing her soft pink lips, her beautiful neck and biting her cute ears and sucking her luscious nipples and hiding my face in between her big boobs and i can feel my vagina is dripping wet with my cum flowing slowly and im feeling super horny dying to get really naughty in her hands for Hours if not forever till she feels enough.With the greatest difficulty i asked her where she’s going what she’s doing and wow…what a surprise..Shes single and lives down the next road to what i live and work in Accounting in the same building. And she keeps on looking at me and its making both of us smile where im feeling over the moon right now.So we kept on chatting and got into a bus and finally got to the road i live, its still pouring so hard and now either i leave probably running to my flat or she drops me off at my doorstep and then making her own way. Before even thinking she suggested that she will drop me off at my doorstep. My Bayan escort little apartment is in the basement of a massive Victorian house so peaceful and quiet but super luxury all most feel like sound proof from inside. So we got to my doorstep and with such a great irresistible mix of emotions i gave her a big hug and kissed her cheek and said thank you and asked her to pop in for a coffee if she hasn’t got any plans. She said she needs to feed her cat but thinking her neighbour looking after it she walked into my flat.I invited her to my room and gave her a warm towel to dry herself up with one of my dressing gowns, popping in to my attached bathroom. I was taking my clothes off one after the other and my bathroom door was half opened where i could be seen from my room. I took my shirt and skirt off and im just in my sexy thong soaked in cum and my red bra covering my hard pink nipples. I so badly wanted to put my fingers inside my vagina and rub till i cum could have happened within seconds but instead i took both off freeing my super horny body. All of a sudden i head some noise like someone moaning which i identified within a micro second Sally’s being watching me which made me smile like a little girl. Pretending i didn’t hear anything i turned to my mirror gives a much closer look on my body for someone watching from my room. I secretly looked at the mirror and i was Sally is staring at me having one of her hands inside her satin purple undie.Pretending i haven’t noticed anything whatsoever i got into a dressing gown and walked back into my room asking Sally rest in my couch while i make coffee for both of us. I made coffee and wore myself my favourite see through like night top with a gorgeous pair of cute pink shorts. Then i took her coffee to her and served leaning to her purposely so she could see beautiful breasts inviting her to put in her mouth as soon as possible. As i was expected she looked at my boobs and realising i have noticed her with a blush face she said ‘’you have beautiful breasts my darling’’ i said thank you. I sat in the couch right in front of her and we are enjoying a lovely conversation with coffee about random topics where i opened my legs widely exposing my dripping wet vagina through my shorts now she can clearly see my pink pussy is dripping cum and my nipples getting Escort harder through my see through top. She stop dinking her coffee and the moment i was dying for arrived and she leaned towards me and mumbled to my ear ‘Nina’ i wanna make you feels so happy my sweetheart will you let me do that? ‘’ i knew straight away what it was Said ‘’Sally I will let you do anything to me my love and kissed her gorgeous plink lips like a horny teenager dying to get deflowered so desperately, then she took off my shorts and spread my legs even wider licking my juicy wet clit rubbing her super soft lips all over my pussy. She was sucking all mu cum and started swallowing saying how sweet it feels..i couldn’t look any longer so i hold the couch with my both hands when she started playing with my boobs while sucking me so hard. As soon as she started with my boobs i couldn’t hold it any longer i have never felt that feeling ever in my life before showering her face in my warm cum she licked every drop without wasting it. I felt like im so much in love with her i screamed calling her my angel. With her cute smile she looked at me and said to me im happy you loved it darling. I pulled her lovely face back and started kissing her non stop licking her whole face and then took her to my bed taking off her bra releasing her massive tits with the most beautiful nipples i have ever seen. I started sucking those amazing nipples just as i was imagining before moving her perfect thighs and licking them slowly upto her toes and to her delicious dripping vagina repeatedly. Within few minutes her cum flooded my face live a waterfall i licked every bit of it just as she did to me.Then she jumped on me again stated kissing and then tied up my hands to my bed which i felt kind of scared what is going to happen next..but she was so tender and loving sniffing my armpits saying its turning her on big time and slowly licking them with my tiny bum hole for minutes. My cum was flowing like a river many times she licked as much as she loves. Then she slowly put her cute fingers on me and rubbing my clit for so long i was moaning and cry with happiness i never had before. Then i tied her up and did the same over and over again to her finally she moaned to me she never had someone made love to her like i did wants to do it every day just like i said to her.My Naughtiness didn’t let her sleep the whole night which i enjoyed her the entire night when it was time to wake up both of us couldn’t walk out of the bed..so next day morning both of us called in sick to work and enjoyed our new relationship the whole day getting naughty each way imaginable to us.

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