Between Friends


It was a fact that I never had done anything gay, before Jeff. I didn’t even know where to begin. I wasn’t even interested enough to look it up on the internet. But curiosity eventually won in my case.

My name is Daniel, and Jeff is my friend. We met in college. He was a tall black dude who was interested in medical school just like I was. We more specifically met in a library, when we both tried to get the same fiction book about zombies, and there was only one piece.

I agreed to let him take it, but he insisted on it. And I insisted on getting his Facebook, because he seemed a nice guy and when I finished the book, I could give it to him. That was how our friendship was born.

A year later, and we are inseparable. I knew his place as much as I knew mine. We spent a lot of time together. Specifically, we binged zombie movies. Those binges were very bonding experiences.

And then, there was the time when we took bonding to the next level.

So there we were on his place, a tight little apartment close to the university. A couch and a TV were all we needed. Jeff, as usual, had no shirt on. He sometimes insisted that I took mine off too so he wouldn’t be alone. I always took it as a joke. He had a lot of those.

That time we were going to binge watch a very famous TV series about zombies. We loved that show and rewatched it regularly.

Since Jeff was shirtless, it was important to note that his body impressed me. Always had. I never could really hide that from him. I felt jealous of how good he looked, he had style, confidence and had a six packed belly. Why didn’t I hate him? Because I liked him. And he liked me.

Jeff held my arm and pushed me to the couch. “You relax, Imma get the sodas.” He put his arms on his thighs and looked down on me. “Seriously, just take off your shirt too. Please? Don’t be shy.”

“Thanks, man,” I said.

Sometimes the way he looked at me made me wonder. I couldn’t help but imagine things. My heart would beat faster, and I would try to relax, to stop the thoughts from happening. I was always under him on my thoughts. That made me uncomfortable, but also aroused. It was so confusing.

Again, I attributed everything to my wild imagination and curiosity. But Jeff was… very handsome.

I took off my shirt.

Don’t be shy, he said.

I am shy, yes, but what the hell, I wasn’t shy with Jeff for a long time now.

I took off my short trousers. Now, I was almost naked, if not for my grey boxer briefs. I was smaller than Jeff, but still buffed by constant gym activities. That was why I was jealous. He didn’t seem to work very hard for his great body.

And then a thought…

Hey, maybe he was one of those black guys who enjoyed whites…

I felt a bit weird, but good weird. Exciting weird.

My cock actually grew and I tried desperately to make it smaller, even going to the extent of pinching it until it hurt, but that just seemed to indulge my cock even further.

I was about to put on my shorts again, nervously looking at the entrance to the living room, when Jeff came in. He looked at me and instantly I knew he had seen my bulge.

But he pretended not to see. He pretended not to see my blushing too.

“Let’s do this.” He gave me a soda and sat down next to me. He slapped my leg lightly, then gave it a squeeze and smiled at me.

The first few episodes were just nostalgic. I was getting more comfortable by the minute, and so was Jeff. We talked and talked, giving opinions about the scenes and giving it a score of zero to ten to each one.

Jeff was inclined to the rough side of the morality of the characters. He disagreed with me about a lot of things, his beliefs heavily set on the survival of the fittest. I thought that no matter the situation, what made stories and characters great was the attachment to humanity and hope.

“Come on, man, that’s bullshit” he said. “When things get hard, everybody just thinks about themselves.”

“That’s why I think that the hardest way is also the best. Holding on to humanity.”

He shook his head.

“That’s not what I’m saying. You have to be the toughest to protect the ones you love. Otherwise you die. What is the worth of being good if you’re dead?”

“What is the worth of being evil if you’re dead?” I asked. “If you die, you die. But those who are alive have much to gain by being good people. Now, I’m not saying that there is such a thing as only good people and bad people. Your choices can be good or evil, and those who can survive and make choices that are good are the ones we all love, no matter how tough you pretend to be.”

That shut his mouth for a few moments, and there was an awkward silence.

“I’m not saying I don’t like good people. I just think that sometimes being too good is also being naive. And you get yourself and those you are protecting killed.”

“Of course. I don’t disagree. But most of the time there are a lot of smart and good choices to make. And a lot of weak man think that they are choosing the only option, that’s what güvenilir bahis they tell themselves at least, so they can do something horrific and still sleep at night. That’s bullshit.”

Jeff stared at me. He shrugged and made a face that made me laugh.

“Damn. You are actually changing my mind. You devil.” He laughed too, and slapped my leg. I hissed with the pain. “Oh shit, I’m sorry.” Jeff rubbed my leg. “It’s getting red. Man, come on, that’s because you’re too white. It wasn’t even that hard.”

I complained dramatically, and Jeff kept rubbing my leg. Then I smiled at him innocently and turned to the TV. I pretended that nothing was happening as his hand kept touching me, massaging me in a place that wasn’t too far from my groin.

“Feeling better?” He asked.

“Not really.”

He laughed and kept rubbing, gently.

“Congrats on those legs, man.” He squeezed my leg like it was something he really longed for, and my cock jolted as if it had been squeezed instead.

“Thanks, bro.” I said. “I like yours too.”

“Yeah?” he said. “Is that why you are so hard on yourself.” He said.

I laughed.

“Damn, you’re good.”

Jeff’s left hand made a trip from my knee to the edge of my boxers, provoking my leg hair to stand up. I enjoyed the contrast between his black skin on my pale whiteness, which was reddening because of his rough touch.

I bit my lip. He saw it, and instantly rose his busy hand to my lips.

“We both know where this is going, right?”

“Man, I don’t know…” I said. My heart was raced up both by excitement and nervousness. But it was difficult to differentiate.

One thing was certain, both my mind and cock were okay to let him touch my lips like I was ready to suck the big cock that was showing through his shorts.

“Fuck that. There’s nobody here, nothing to lose. Only you and me. Right?”

I nodded. I smiled shyly.

“Come here,” he said. He patted his legs, and I cringed.


“It’s only you and me.”

I moved slowly, even before he stopped talking. His hand reached for my ass. I sat down both on his hand and on his leg. There the fact that he was bigger than me seemed way more obvious, I felt super small.

“Let’s start slow. I want to enjoy every second.”

I shivered when he said that. I saw his full lips coming closer and I hesitated a little before kissing him, but I was too hot to refuse. Everything seemed overwhelmingly arousing, his body, his smell, his hard cock…

I felt invaded by the first kiss. It was like he was trying to take something from me as roughly as he could. And I couldn’t stop him. Then I realized that he took my breath. The kiss broke and he sighed soundly, then slapped my butt.

I could almost imagine myself in the skin of a girl. Everything seemed so alien and yet so good. It was only him and me, yes, but I couldn’t help but think about our friends. Jesus, my family. This could never go out. My father probably wouldn’t take what I was doing so well.

“Slap me again,” I said.

Jeff brusquely took out my boxers, and I received two hard slaps on each side of my ass. Then he grabbed me by my ass cheeks. I was on top of him, trying to be still. My cock was half on the outside, since he hadn’t taken my boxers out completely. It was obvious how much I was enjoying.

At his rate, I was gonna cum soon.

Jeff kissed me again and took his time with my mouth. So much time, that I actually got comfortable on his lap and felt as if I could be there the whole night, just rubbing my ass on his leg and getting all warm.

“I knew you were going to give it to me eventually.” Jeff said.

“Give what?”



“Oh, yeah. You loved looking at me.”

“No way,” I said. “I never looked at you that way.”

“You did, all the time. Look at you right now. You’re mine, I can do whatever I want. I’m gonna have so much fun tonight.”

I wanted to punch him. But he kissed me again and his hand started a slow movement on the edge of my little hole. That felt good. Damn good. Oh, shit.

“You wanna fuck me since the day you saw me?”

“You kidding? You don’t know how many times I jerked off thinking about this ass.”

“Let me jerk you off.” I wanted to grab that big cock so badly.

“It’s all yours.” He took out his brown cock, uncut, and with a big red head. My hand was drawn to it, and I felt the thickness It was so hot and the blood rushing through it made the veins jump between my fingers with every one of his heartbeats.

“Damn,” I said.

“Like it?”

“It’s way bigger than mine.”

“Don’t be jealous. I said it’s yours.”

I smiled shyly, and he couldn’t resist kissing me again as I attempted to jerk that big thing off. It wasn’t easy.

But I did it, I felt every inch of it, and I worked as if it was my own. I knew how to jerk off. Jeff couldn’t keep his eyes opened and he whined lowly, a deep a masculine sound. I jerked his cock harder. Then he could not even speak between the sounds güvenilir bahis siteleri he was making.

Nobody was jerking me off, but that didn’t stop my cock from enjoying every second of it.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I fell on my knees, and Jeff urgently held my head with both hands. His cock was warm and thick inside my gaping mouth. The first time I did that. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t think about it ever since I met him. I gagged almost instantly. The taste of his precum invaded me, first time ever tasting a guy’s cum either.

“So eager,” he said. “Not complaining, though.” He moaned and laughed at the same time. “Fuck yeah, suck me, you fucking bitch.”

I just surprised myself at how good I was, I didn’t feel confused or didn’t know what to do. I just sucked him like I would like to be sucked. It came naturally, the tongue movements, the head sucking pressure on the top of the head, eating whatever came out of it. I was so into it that if he pissed, I would drink it too.

So I was ready when Jeff told me he was going to cum. He grabbed me by my hair and put his cock right in front of my mouth. I really was his bitch at that moment and I wanted to be.

“Want my cum?”

“Shit, yeah.” I smiled up at him. He grabbed my hair harder, and a light sound, like a wail, left me.

“I just want you to know,” he said “that I’ll give it to you anytime you want. Just need to ask.”

And he ejaculated, partially on my face, and still filled my mouth. I felt so dirty just swallowing that big load.

“That’s so hot, man,” I said. I sucked him more after he cummed, cleaning up.

“It’s your fault. I never met a white boy as cute as you. And you basically just threw yourself at me.”

“I didn’t,” I said, and put his cock inside my mouth again.

He raised his eyebrows at me and laughed.

“Suck my balls, they’re a bit jealous,” he said. I made a complaining sound, but obeyed. I couldn’t get enough of the smell of his cock. So damn good. Where was this side of me all this time? No sex felt this way before, so exciting. I didn’t even care if it was something that everybody ever in my life would disapprove.

“I think it’s the time to confess something,” Jeff said. “You’re not my first one.”

“No shit?” I said, ironically.

“I have a thing for guys like you. Don’t worry, there’s nobody like you.”

I rolled my eyes. My mouth was full.

“I’m serious. And I also have a thing for guys like you cumming on my chest. I loved you sitting on my lap. Do you want to come here again and cum for me?”

I took his cock out of my tired mouth, and stared at his eyes.

“I would like that…” I said. And he pulled me to him. I opened my legs and sat on his lap, looking at him. My cock jumping and leaking. I started jerking off, and he pulled me for a kiss.

I would never get tired of that.

That was what sex was supposed to be like. I had a feeling I would never enjoy something if it didn’t remotely felt like what Jeff was making me feel.

“You feel so good on top of me, baby” Jeff whispered. “Cum for me. On my chest, please. I’m all yours.”

“Jesus, Jeff.”

“Yes, I know.”

“And you’re so cocky too.”

“You would know.”

I laughed.

“If you keep distracting me, I’m not gonna cum.”

“Yes you will,” he said. Suddenly, I felt a finger pressing against my asshole. Just the threat of that finger made me cum on his chest, just like he wanted, while I whimpered and got kissed.

“Oh, I’m gonna fuck you so hard,” he said.

“Okay,” I said. I was still catching my breath.

So apparently Jeff couldn’t just fuck me at that moment, there was some preparation to be done before it happened. After our first time, we managed to keep watching our TV show together, a little bit more entangled on the couch. There was a lot of kissing, and later, more cumming.

After I left Jeff’s place, everything changed. And I hated. Some big doors had opened for me. The first guy that I happened to see was one of my classmates and I just couldn’t stop staring at the huge bulge he had. I felt nervous that he noticed and tried to avoid him at all costs.

I told myself that it was just a phase. It would go away eventually. It was going to be okay, as long as I had Jeff.

We kept appearances. In class, we were both our normal selves, our friends definitely didn’t see anything wrong. Jeff and I were always close. So he could be next to me in class and be giving me a massage on my leg and rubbing his hand on my cock, nobody would know.

When I asked to go to the bathroom, he somehow managed to come too. There, he pressed me against the wall and pressed his cock on my ass.

“I can’t wait,” he said.

“You have to,” I said. I tried pushing him away. He only did when there was noise of someone coming in.

Because of hard college tests and family interference on both sides, we could only arrange to meet alone, at his place again, a week later. But that was cool, because I could inform myself iddaa siteleri as best as I could. I was so eager to be fucked already that I wanted it to be perfect.

Jeff came to pick me up.

“Hey, baby” he said, when I got inside his car.

“Are you gonna keep calling me that?” I asked. He smiled.

“But you are my baby, aren’t you?”

I felt a twinge in my chest when I realized what I was going to say next.

“Yeah, man. I am.” I looked at his brown eyes. “I am.”

Jeff bit his lip.

“You know, I really wanted to take you to a nice place and have a nice dinner… But I can’t stop thinking about your ass.”

I laughed.

“No, I’m serious. I just… I can’t stop thinking about it.” His voice was more serious than ever. I just stared at him, feeling my cock burst alive. “The way you cried when I pressed just a finger on your hole. Like you never had anyone. You probably hadn’t. I want to be your first so much.”

“Stop, Jeff…”

“Sorry, Danny” he said.

“Lose the smirk, asshole.”

“Okay,” he lied.

We drove in silence for a moment.

“Jeff,” I said. “When you said you wanted to have dinner with me, were you serious? Like a date?”


“But we can’t, right?”

He laughed.

“Why not?”

“We aren’t… I mean, nobody knows.”

Jeff just stared blankly at the road.

He sighed.

“I wouldn’t do anything that you didn’t want to. If you don’t want people to know, I’m good with that. As long as I get to fuck you.”

I left the conversation at that. I didn’t really know if I enjoyed the idea of other people knowing, my friends, and family. But I sensed that Jeff wasn’t pleased.

I thought we were in the same page.

I was afraid that he would pressure me into something, even though he said he wouldn’t. But he kept his word. And when we got to his place, we kissed the moment we stepped inside. His warm mouth just took all the bad feelings away. I let him press me against a wall, and let him rub his dick on me. I longed for that.

“So,” he said close to my ear. “You want to be railed on the bed or couch?”


He chose the bed and took me there with a long kiss. I was fully aroused, lost in the sensation of rubbing our dicks together. He laid on top of me and kept kissing me, taking my breath.

“Let me see that great ass of yours,” he said. “I’m not waiting anymore. We can leave the cuddling for later.”

I turned around on the bed, and started to take off my trousers. But he interrupted me with his own hands, and came up behind me, pressing on me. Again, I felt his hard cock on me and I couldn’t help but feel a wave of ecstasy through my body.

“I never saw any girl I’ve been with reacting to my hugs the way you do.”

His voice so close to my skin made the hair on my neck stand up.

“Yes, I’m not too proud of that,” I said.

“You should be. I love it.”

His hands worked on my pants and left me with only my underwear. Now his pressed cock had more life, I could visualize it more on my mind, how the my ass was engulfing it. Then he took off my underwear and pushed me down, rubbing his dick on my ass.

I understood his sentiment. I didn’t want to wait either. I pushed hard against him. My whole body was aroused. Every time his skin touched mine it was like he was touching my cock.

So he put on the condom, and the lube around it. Then he lubed my ass, going so far as sticking a whole finger. I laid face down and thigh upwards, whining like a puppy. I never thought I would be in that position, especially for a man to lube me up and get ready to fuck me. But here I was. Ready.

“Holy shit, I’m gonna cum just looking at you…” Jeff didn’t seem like he was joking, which only made the remark even more stimulating. I could relate. My cock was spilling some cum already, just needed a little push. I felt like such a thirsty virgin.

You know like those stories where people get fucked for the first time and they feel great when the guy doing the fucking goes hard and fast, everything works out in the end?

Jeff was careful. Gentle. Slow. I felt like he was listening to my every sound, every time I moaned for pain, he would stop, rub my back and calm me down. He would speak softly, and tell me how much he was enjoying. When I moaned for pleasure, he would start again, and keep going, until the process repeated itself. Somehow he knew the difference between my pain and pleasure, even when it seemed like the noises were very similar. I loved him for that. Shit… This man was great. In every possible way.

I pushed myself on him, going deeper, but also slow. It hurt, but not much. And we found together a rhythm that had the right speed for both our satisfaction. I was getting fucked, enjoying myself, and enjoying Jeff. I figured out that in fact you feel a lot of pleasure doing anal. Specially with someone who knew what they were doing.

I even said “Thank you,” when I cummed on his bed. Jeff, although he claimed he was going to cum way sooner, took his time with me. He was careful, but also relentless. I loved every single second. I took him in, even wanted him to stay there. But eventually, he cried out louder than before and he pressed hard against my ass and fell on top of me.

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