Birthday Present (3rd story from my wife)


Birthday Present (3rd story from my wife)My husband (Sam) was on the road heading home Friday morning from a 3 day business trip, when the weather in Chicago made the roads impassable. The weatherman said it might be another day or two before the snow lets up. Sam called while I was in the shower and left a message saying that he was sorry he wasn’t going to make it home for my birthday and that my present should be arriving around 2 p.m. Still wrapped in my towel I called him back to ask what my gift was and all he would say is that it was to help me relax and not worry about him on the road. Around noon, I decided to spend my birthday relaxing with a glass of wine and nice smutty romance book since I was alone. I was just about to finish the book when someone knocked on the door. I looked at the clock and realized that it was 2pm. Thinking the delivery man need a signature for my package I went to answer the door. I was surprised to see a nice looking man holding a folded table standing on my porch. I opened the door and he introduced himself as Micheal and asked if I was Jean. When I said yes he told me that Sam had paid for a 2 hour massage to start at 2pm. Apologizing for being late he stepped through the doorway and started to look around. Micheal decided that the living room had ample space and said that he would need 20 minutes to set everything up.I immediately called Sam to ask if he knew anything about this Micheal character. Sam just laughed and said “Happy Birthday” baby. I thanked Sam for being so thoughtful and the wonderful gift. Before we hung up I told him I would call tonight before going to bed.Comfortable with the situation now that I talked to Sam, I went into the living room to see if Micheal wanted something to drink before the massage started. He professionally declined saying that he had everything he needed, but he would need me to do 3 things…wash off my makeup, pull my hair up into a loose bun or tied in a knot, and put on a robe while I waited, again apologizing for getting the late start. Ten minutes later I came back to the living room in my favorite red robe with my face scrubbed clean and my hair in a simple loose bun. Micheal had a small table with a warmer and several oils setup Escort beside the larger massage table that was covered in a silk sheet. He asked me if I slept on my stomach or my back saying that most of his clients fall asleep right afterwards and he likes them to be comfortable. I usually sleep on my back so he said he would start there so I wouldn’t have to roll over when he was finished. I sat on the table, removed my robe briefly revealing my 34 C breast, toned stomach, as I turned to lay face down on Micheal’s table. I heard a sharp breath and quickly started to apologize while trying to cover myself with my robe. Saying that I find wet or damp undergarments uncomfortable. Micheal quickly caught my hand to stop me as he softly said that I am supposed to be comfortable. He had me close my eyes while I smelled different oils and I picked out a soft musky vanilla thinking about how much Sam loves that the scent and it would linger long after I shower. Micheal stood at my head and started massaging my neck with the warm oil. It didn’t take long for me to relax and enjoy the strength in his hands as they worked their magic on my neck and shoulders. As Micheal slowly rubbed the oil down my back he would would lean over me. By the time he reached my lower back his stomach was on my head and I noticed he had a clean masculine smell. When he pulled himself up right I turned my head to the side so that I could get a bigger breath of his scent. Thankful he wasn’t aware between his scent and his stomach gently laying on my face every time he stretched to make long strokes on my back I got a little wet. Eventually he moved around to the other end of the table and started massaging my ass. It was my turn to take a sharp breath of surprise. He didn’t apologize he just said that he would stop if I was uncomfortable, but he has found that people usually uncover all the parts they want massaged. I just smiled and relaxed enjoying how his hands slowly caressed my cheeks. I closed my eyes and let my legs separate a little with each stroke of his hands as they spread my cheeks so that he could rub warm oil on my tight hole. About the time I thought that he was focusing on my ass to long he started to move to my thighs. Escort Bayan He wrapped his hands under my legs. Each full stroke began by him using his fingers to kneaded my inner thighs mere centimeters away from my pussy lips and he would gently pull my legs down and apart as he massaged. After he worked all of my body tension down and out of my feet he asked me to roll over.I looked over at the clock and noticed there was still another hour left to the massage. I rolled over and tried not notice that my tits were extra perky and my nipples hard with excitement from the how much attention Micheal had put into my ass and inner thighs without ever actually touching my wet pussy. With a deep breath I laid my head down as he came back up to the top of the table. Again his warm hands massaging my neck and shoulders. He mentioned something about changing the oil so he could massage my head and face, but I wasn’t listening. My eyes were working their way up his flat stomach to his broad chest. I closed my eyes during the facial but quickly opened them back up as Micheal’s hands moved down my chest to the sides of my breast I’m not sure when he moved to the side of the table because his hands never left my body. But when I looked up I saw he was very pleased with my body’s reaction. I just smiled noticing that his pants were doing all they could to hold back his hard cock. He continued to massage my tits, one in each hand, holding their weight and lifting them as he slowly tightened his grip on my hard slick nipples. I couldn’t help but arch my back and let out a soft moan when his hands released my breast and moved to my stomach. As one hand stroked my belly his other hand slid down my bald pubic area. I tensed up for a moment as I felt his fingers opening my pussy lips while they caressed my clit. I watched as he moved to the foot of the table caressing my leg with both hands. Once he was in position he rubbed his hands back up my leg to spread over my hips. He slipped his hands palms up under my arched back, massaged my lower back for a few minutes before locking on to my hips and pulling me down the table. The silk sheet allowed my body to easily slide down the table until my butt was about 4 inches Bayan Escort from my feet. Micheal’s hands loosened their grip on my hips and slid down my ass and up to pussy. I didn’t take my eyes off of him as he stared at how dripping wet I had become. He used one hand to hold my lips apart and the other to drop his pants to release the 8 inch hard on he had been ignoring for the last hour. I watched his breathing speed up as I slid my body lower down the table stopping inches from his hard cock. With his thumbs hooked on my hips and his fingers spreading my ass open, he slowly and steadily pulled me down until all of his 8 inches was buried in my wet pussy. He didn’t move his hips for a moment. The only movement was his fingers massaging and opening my ass. I started to pinch my nipples as Micheal slowly pushed himself completely out of me. Each time he pulled me down onto his dick it was a little faster and a little harder until we had a smooth rhythm. Micheal unhooked his thumbs from my hips, as I was fucking him as much as he was me. He started fingering my ass with one hand and pulling on my nipple with the other. With one hard deep thrust he stopped. He rolled me over and pulled me down until I was bent over the table. He slowly fucked me while rubbing fresh oil on my ass. With out missing a stroke he went from my wet pussy to my oiled ass. He fingered my pussy as he gently fucked my ass. Each gentle stroke slowly turned into a passionate thrust as I pushed back onto him, encouraging him to go deeper and quicken the pace. I felt his cock get even harder as he was ready to explode in my ass. I pushed him back so that I could kneel in front of him. His disappointment didn’t last long as I used his silk sheet to wipe his cock and then took it all in my mouth and tongued his balls. A few minutes later he came with such a load that I could barely swallow it all.I took a shower as Micheal cleaned up and got ready to leave. I thanked him for a wonderful massage and walked him to the door.I called Sam to let him know how much I enjoyed the massage. Sam listened as I detailed my massage experience I could hear his breathing increase as he moaned. Smiling I knew he was pleasuring himself as I told my story. I heard Sam’s exclamation as he came. I thanked him again for the wonderful gift and we said our good nights. Sam made it home in record time the next day and we massaged and fucked for hours until exhaustion hit us and we fell asleep in each others arms.

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