Bisexual Biker


Want to go on a Harley ride with me?

When we met online and figured out that not only were we both bikers but we were both bisexual I couldn’t wait for this day to happen. We did some planning and figured out a half way point to meet up.

We are riding on a nice fall Saturday afternoon it’s been a long empty country road we haven’t seen a single person for miles. Up on the right and down a long lane is an old barn that looks like no one has been near it in years. We steer the bikes up the lane and thru the opening where the door used to hang but now it’s just a pile of lumber laying to one side. We kill the engines and have a look around there’s a couple pieces of old farming equipment rusting away on one side and several old bales of straw on the other.

After exploring around a bit we sit down on some of the straw and start to kiss. I’ve only kissed with a man once before and that time it did seemed kind of strange bahis siteleri to me but with you it’s so nice! The feel of your tongue probing my mouth is starting to make my cock swell. Sensing this you reach between my legs and start rubbing me thru my jeans. I do the same to you and soon we both have tremendous hard on’s. We quickly get rid of our clothes and I lay back on a bale of straw. You straddle my face and drop your cock into my mouth. As I’m enjoying the salty sweaty taste of your penis you lean forward into the sixty-nine position and take my cock into your mouth.

We enjoy sucking on each other for several minutes and I don’t know how my mouth feels to you but yours is incredible! In my life time my cock has been in two women’s mouths and now two men’s. And I’m sorry ladies but in my limited experience a guy just seems to know how to suck a dick better. And the feeling of you cock in my mouth is so incredible; it’s hard and firm canlı bahis siteleri but soft at the same time. Then I ask you if you’ll fuck me. I’ve only had a real dick in my ass one other time, but I have had an assortment of different toys and objects over the years so I can’t wait to feel you inside me. You stand up as I bend over the bale then you surprise me and walking over to my bike you pull the cap off the oil tank and dip two fingers into the still warn oil. You pull your fingers out and wipe the oil all over your cock then after one more dip you walk back over to me and start to slide those well lubed fingers into my asshole. I immediately relax my sphincter I want you so bad. After sliding your fingers all the way in and rolling them around a bit you pull them out and then I feel the pressure of the head of your cock as it begins to enter me. Oh my god! As the head pops all the way in and your shaft starts to enter me I can’t canlı bahis believe how it both hurts and feels amazing at the same time! Soon I can feel your ball’s slap against mine! I’m amazed that I took you all the way in, I feel so… Full.

Then you start to stroke in and out of my ass. Your cock feels so incredible, after a couple minutes I can hear your breathing change, wanting to taste your cum I ask you to please come in my mouth you chuckle “if that’s what you want” then you pull your hard messy cock out of my ass and I spin around and drop down on my knees. Your cock that tastes of both my Harley and my ass enters my mouth and you wrap your hands around the back of my head. Soon your throat fucking as hard so you were just butt fucking me! I’m gagging by loving it. I reach up and take your balls in my hand and gently squeeze them.

After a minute you make some noise and then your hot load starts to shoot down my throat! And what a load it is! I’m swallowing as much as I can but still my beard is covered on Harley oil and semen. You’re so incredible with your cock. I may be an old fat hairy biker dude but now I guess I’m also your biker bitch.

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