Subject: Black Owned – Part 5 Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction. It is not based on any real persons, living or dead. Please leave now if you are underage, or dislike vivid descriptions of sexual activity between black men and white teenage boys. Please send any comments to ook. And please consider donating to Nifty at fty/donate.html Gay / interracial: oral anal, M+/t – – – – – Black Owned – Part 5 Back in the 1970s, during the heyday of drugs and promiscuity, I had a wild weekend sex romp with Andre. It was fueled by beer and weed, and my liking for black cock. Andre was about 6’0″ tall and quite muscular. He was thirty-six years old, good-looking, and had a thick eight-inch cock. The most exciting thing about his uncut cock was the foreskin’s half-inch overhang when hard. We normally had a weekly session, which occurred when Andre needed a blond bitch to fuck. Usually, I would get the call to go over to his place and stay the night. Andre owned me, so I did his bidding without hesitation. Anyway, that particular night, I arrived with my bag of sex toys. My nineteen-year-old arse was addicted to the metal and rubber probes, and Andre always made sure that a new toy was on hand for me to try out. After stripping off in front of my naked owner, I went to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Andre liked my skinny, 5’6″ body to be ultra clean at the beginning of a session. Anyway, after my visit to the bathroom, we rolled around on the wrestling mat to get things started. Then after some beer and weed, we rolled around some more. In my altered state, I continued to rim Andre’s arsehole. And as I did so, he took my balls into his mouth and worked on my hole with his fingers. Soon, after a lot of 69 wrestling, he told me that he was about to face-fuck me. Andre loved to watch his coal-black stem lance my “white-boy” mouth. I obliged and got the first taste of kocaeli escort his virile cock that night. We played for almost two hours, and managed to work our way through half a dozen sex toys. We both liked anal toys, so at one point we were both linked by a double-headed dildo. After that, Andre began to get really worked up, so he took the lead. He worked on my hole with the new dildo, then plugged up my “pussy” with a large butt-plug. Some ten minutes later, I was tied up and enslaved. I was hog-tied on the wrestling mat, with my wrists and ankles bound together by rope. The butt-plug in my hole was then turned, as if it was a timer being set for the roasting of “long pig”. Andre had a keen interest in old stories about white adventurers being captured and cooked by island tribes. So, in my altered state, I began to believe that the man was going to cook and eat me. Andre and I had talked about adding a third man to our black-on-white sessions, but nothing had ever been agreed. So when the living-room door opened, I went into a panic. Being drunk, and high on weed, the black and blurry figure in the doorway seemed to split into two. I blinked and saw two burly black men coming towards me. They were both naked and well endowed. “He looks prime,” said cannibal one. “And mighty, mighty fuckable.” “All he needs is an apple in his mouth,” said cannibal two, laughing. I looked at Andre and cursed, but he just ruffled my hair and tweaked my nose. “He likes being roughed up, spanked and penetrated deep,” said Andre. “And now he’s well and truly relaxed, he can be thrown around like a rag doll.” Andre had pimped me out to his like-minded friends, the double-dealing bastard. I was going to be fucked by three burly black men, and hopefully not eaten afterwards. My heart skipped a beat. I was untied and groped by all three men. Boz, cannibal one, was far more assertive than Andre, darıca escort so he decided to take charge of the weekend sex romp – yes, the proceedings were going to take two nights and two full days to complete. Leroy, cannibal two, was more like Andre, so he was happy to play second fiddle to Boz. “He’s nice and skinny,” said Leroy, “and so-o-o white!” “And look at that trim cock and hairless ball-bag,” added Boz, as he pushed me towards the back of the sofa. “Bend over the sofa, boy. I’m going to fuck your brains out.” The two-seater sofa stood well away from any wall, so it was the perfect support for what the man had in mind. I spread my legs and bent over the back of the sofa, resting my hands on the seat cushions to keep my torso up in the air. Thankfully, the dildos had opened me up enough to take on Boz’s thick length. However, it was still a struggle to accommodate the man’s nine-inch stem. Leroy held my head and guided his eight-inch cock into my open mouth. Both men had thick, uncut cocks, so I had a lot of hard-standing meat to satisfy that night. “Hold him firm, Lee,” said Boz. “Let’s spit-roast the long pig and give him a weekend to remember. He won’t be forgetting us in a hurry.” Boz was clearly loving the fuck, and was power-fucking my arse like a crazy man. Meanwhile, Andre was trying to keep the sofa from moving around the room. “Curve your back, boy!” snapped Boz. “Keep it down …. For fuck’s sake! Tell him, Andre.” “Being fucked over the back of a sofa is new to him, Boz,” said Andre. I felt Boz’s hand on the small of my back, so I did my best to curve my spine. The cock up my arse was really to blame: every time it thrust forward, my back tried to straighten up, which upset Boz’s rhythm. “Curve your back, bitch,” said Leroy, as he tugged on my ears. “Pretend you’re an upside down limbo dancer. A peeled banana trying to dance gölcük escort like a black man.” I tried to limbo my way through the fuck, but my grunts and groans betrayed my failure to do so. The compromise came when Boz and Leroy pushed forward and closed the gap between them. My upper body had to curve downward to fit into the limited space available. The “peeled banana” had now become the squashed banana, so the grunting and groaning continued. “That’s it, boy,” said Boz. “Keep that back curved.” I was still grunting and groaning when the seed began to flow. Boz was the first to climax, as he squeezed my hips and flooded my inner sanctum with his spunk. I lost control next and covered, hands free, the back of the leather sofa with spunk from my aching cock. Leroy timed his release to a T. He grabbed my blond hair, withdrew his length from my aching mouth, and coated my sweaty face with his “voodoo spunk”. The two men praised my fortitude as Boz slapped my arse-cheeks. Then, instead of letting me stand up, Leroy grabbed my arms and pulled me forward, so that I was dragged over the back of the sofa and onto the leather seat cushions. My limbs were twisted and turned as the two men placed my body in an uncomfortable pike position, with Leroy holding my ankles and wrists tightly together. “Climb aboard, Andre,” said Boz. “Fuck him long and hard. And make him moan and groan for our pleasure.” The spunk on my face began to dry, and the weight of Andre on my piked-up body made me cry. He fucked me like a man possessed, and was clearly loving every minute of it. Boz encouraged me to cry some more, as he threatened to clean off the dry spunk with his piss. “Can we hang him up to dry afterwards?” asked Leroy. “Upside down, like they do with long pig.” “We could take him back to our place tomorrow,” suggested Boz. “And hang him up in the cellar. We have all the gear, Andre. Our own boys get hung up a lot in the cellar-cum-dungeon.” “He’ll fit in the boot of our car, easily,” added Leroy. “So what do you say, Andre?” Andre just grunted as he continued to power-fuck my arse like a crazy man. To be continued…

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