Subject: Blove Vic and Tony Chapter 1 and 2 Gay/adult-youth Blove Victor ad Tony � St. Willie This scribe still resides in another land which still uses a different dialect of English; the language in this story. You’ll understand and I hope you enjoy this “sorting out” and coming-of-age tale. Victor stumbles on the road to adulthood and finds his path clearly with an unlikely compass. St. Willie [email protected] Your donation to Nifty is for your fty/donate.html Chapter 1 Vic looked over to his mom, she was driving, but he could see that her thoughts were not on the road. They were in the mid of a huge argument, one that he caused, a fruitless one. He could see her mouth move, but he did not listen, he was thinking on the reason why they were on their way to a town called Blove, to a man called Tony, his dad’s mentor. Vic did not know what to expect, all he knew was that Tony was a 70-year-old man that stayed just outside Blove, in a cabin between the mountains. Vic’s own dad was serving in the navy and was currently in some foreign country. He was the one that suggested that Vic must be taken to Tony after the last stunt he did, causing him to be suspended from school. His dad said that if there is one person that can set the boy straight, it will be his old retired wrestling coach. His thoughts were interrupted by his mom pulling from the road and slamming on the brakes. “Victor Anthony Johnson!” She started and had the full attention of Vic, eyes widened. “You have not listened to a word I was saying. I said that you brought this on yourself, after the last stunt you pulled and the beating you received , I thought that it will end, but no, you just had to break in your own school and go have a crap on the headmaster’s table, now that…” Vic still looked at his mom with wide eyes but he was in his own thoughts again, her mouth was moving but he was hearing nothing. He perfected the art of looking as if he was listening but hearing nothing. His dad would always say the boy has a selective hearing problem, only hearing what he wants to. Vic always thought he inherited from his father; he does the same when mom starts. She does not stop. He thought back to a few days before, when he was called in by the headmaster. It was the last day of school, just being there to receive his final report card. When it was said he must go to the headmaster’s office to receive it, he knew he was in deep trouble. No matter how hard he tried to deny everything, one cannot argue video footage taken from the CCTV cameras. When his mom arrived, all hell broke loose. Never before he saw her so livid, not even when he caught smoking a week before, but there was that time he cut his 18 year old sister’s hair while she was sleeping, his behind was so sore he could not sit for days, and mom nor his sister spoke to him for a week. His attention returned back to his mother as she was hitting the steering wheel with her fists. “Do you think I want this?” She screamed at Vic, tears flowing down her cheeks, “Sending you to an old man, living alone on some mountain. He could be a pervert, I do not know, but your dad trusts him and to be honest, I gave up on you. It’s either this or reform school. And to top it off, now I must find a new school for you for next year and with your record it will be hard find.” “But Mom,” Vic said with a soft voice, “Must I be with that man till after new year, what about Christmas?” Vic knew he asked the wrong question as his mom went off at him again. “Christmas? CHRISTMAS?” She gave the skinny boy one last look before setting off on the road again. “You are worried about CHRISTMAS? My dear child you’re receiving a wake up call, there is NO Santa. You must instead focus on pulling your life straight. Do you even know how hard it will be on me? Your dad in some port drinking with his buddies, your sister will be God knows where. I tell you ever since she started with university, she became a wonder child – I must always wonder where she is. Then there is you, with an old man that I do not know, leaving me alone at home and stressing if all of you are at least safe and…” Vic had a moment of selective hearing again. He watched the trees fly by knowing that his mother was way over the speed limit. He wanted to ask her to slow down, but decided against it as he looked at her mouth not stopping once. He wondered how she was even breathing. His thoughts were now on the main cause of it all, Mike Smith, the coolest kid in school. Everyone liked him, best athlete, best academic and every teacher’s example of a perfect student, a fact that they kept telling him. “Why can’t you be just half of what Mike Smith is?” They met on the swimming team, he could watch the Mike swim for ages, the way he glided through the water was mesmerizing. The 13-year-old boy, perfectly toned body in that yellow speedo, tanned to a golden brown, was every boy’s envy. All the girls liked him, and what boy does not love to have the attention of the girls? Mike invited him after a swimming practice to join him and his friends to a secret meeting of the Dragonboys. It’s what they called their gang of 5 boys, and it was at that meeting his life did change. He wanted in with the group and would do anything to do so. They told him to smoke, he did, even after he coughed so much that he thought his lungs will leave his body soon, then the drinking, just a beer but he was really tipsy after only a half of the bottle. He was sent home with a dare that he must bring them a lock of his sister’s hair. She had long hair, same dirty blond hair as his mother, hanging to just above her butt. So, he took the scissors while she was sleeping and cut the ponytail just above the rubber band, hoping that the Dragonboys will accept him easier when he brings them her ponytail. His dad caught him just as he left the room. They were so cross at him, not even noticing he was a bit drunk. He was grounded for a month. Vic looked at the sign board going by where it stated Blove 20 km. He looked over and saw the mouth still firing along nonstop. When does she breathe? His thoughts drifted back to Mike and the Dragonboys. After his grounding ended, he was again invited to a meeting, smoking and drinking again and he left with a new dare. This time he had to shoplift a few bars of chocolates; lucky he was not caught. Mike and the boys enjoyed the bars, not even giving him a bite, but he did not care as it looks like he was in. More new dares followed, some he got away with and some ended him in real hot water, like the time he was send streaking through the mall, just with his undies. He ran into his sister and it was payback time for the hair, she not only told his mother, but showed her a video of it. His dad laughed about it saying boys will be boys, but his mom, now there was a totally different story. Painting the school gate purple did not help his butt either. But it was Mike dares that drove him, the boy with the body of a Greek god that looked like he was walking in slow motion, even swimming in slow motion. For Vic could not understand the need for him to do everything asked from Mike, it was like he had a hold on him, even knowing he will get in to deep trouble for the stupid acts. His attention was brought back to his mother, he looked over to her and she was breathing, finally. She was concentrating, looking for some kind of landmark, eyes darting left and right. Vic thought to himself that he finally knew how to get her breathing and not going at him all the time, just give her something to look for, he must inform dad as well. It was not long before she found what she was looking for, a sign post with the word “Shorty” written on it, his mom turned right on to a gravel road. They followed it, a real bumpy ride and they were bouncing all over the place. His mom slowed down to a crawl. The road took them around the quite sizable hill so they were facing the mountains. One could follow the flow of the river with the trees lining its banks, they stopped at the low-water bridge. “Vic” His mother looked at him “I’m done with arguing with you, all I can ask you is to please behave and got yourself sorted.” “But mom, I have never been away from home.” Vic started but the look his mother gave him was to be quiet and he did so quickly. “I know it’s your first time away from home.” She took her hand and reached out to tuck his long light brown hair behind his left ear. “Your dad said its time you grow up, and I do agree with him. You are 12 and for the last 6 months you are just one out of control boy, we do not know why you acting out like this but your dad says that this man will be able to set you straight. Even though I do not like the idea, I know that if we do not do something now you will end up in a jail or even in your own grave.” “But Mom -” Vic started again, “What if he is a pervert or something?” “You dad trusts this man with his life and I trust your dad.” She started driving slowly over the bridge, eyes darting from side to side to make sure they do not fall in. “All I can ask is that you do your daddy proud, make your bed, do the dishes and help the old man with everything. You will call him “sir” and never talk back to him. And please set yourself straight.” The rest of the road brought them in front of an old wooden cabin, standing between a small patch of Pine trees, smoke rising from the stone chimney, an unkempt lawn around it. There was only one wooden rocking chair on the porch, no curtains in the windows. Vic collected his sports bag with his clothes from the back seat, dragging his feet while walking over to his mom, His long hair dancing in the wind. They walked up to the front door with a welcome mat on the floor, they knocked and waited, knocked again. “Hold your horses.” A deep growling voice came from the inside, “I’m coming.” Vic looked on as a bold 70-year-old man opened the door. His thin, 6 foot tall body looked huge for Vic, dressed only in a pair of loose shorts, Vic could see the thin torso, wanting to count the ribs but stopped when he realized that the old man had no body hair, not even eyebrows, together with the green eyes, pale skin, he looked like an alien from Mars. “Did you get lost?” Was the man’s first words and Vic thought if his mom thinks he is rude at times, he has met his match. The man looked from Susan to Vic. “You look familiar, thin, pale, long hair, you look like you 8. How old are you?” “Twelve, sir.” Vic decided just to answer, no hello or nothing, hopefully his mom will take him back home rather than leave him with this old, rude man. “Eight. Pff…” Escaped from his lips. “Good evening, Tony?” Susan started but the man was not listening to her. “You Johnson’s son, right?” Tony looked at Vic and then to Susan, “Yes I am Tony, why you here? Where is his father?” His deep growling voice made Vic a bit scared. “My husband is in the Navy; we do not know where he is.” She gave him a letter, a print out of an email. “We tried to contact you, but you have no phone or email. He said I must just bring the boy here, give you the letter and you will understand.” Tony read the letter and looked at Susan, discarding the money she wanted to hand over to him with a hand gesture. “Well then, you must come on in boy.” Tony looked back at Susan. “You can relax, I’ll take of this.” “But can’t I come in?” Susan asked. “Why. Are you troubled as well?” Tony gave her a foul look as he stood to the side so Vic could enter his dwelling, closing the door in Susan’s face. Vic’s eyes took a while to adjust to the darker interior of the cabin, two armchairs around the stone fireplace, a small square wooden table with two wooden chairs on either side of it, standing behind the arm chairs, against the wall. The kitchen was just a cupboard on the back wall, with a gas stove and a gas refrigerator on either side of it. Next to the stove was the back door. There was only a double bed on the other side of the room, a lumpy looking mattress on an old steel frame, two bedside tables, the one completely bare and the other had an oil lamp, a glass and a book on it. The rest of the wall had an old antique-looking dark wood cupboard, carved with loads of animal figures. “Place your bag on the bed and come sit here.” Tony said in his growling voice that really made the boy scared, but he did as he was told. Vic was too scared to look at Tony’s alien green eyes, so he kept looking to the floor. They sat down on the opposite sides of the small dining table, with an oil lamp between them. Vic could feel the man’s eyes on him, staring, digging holes in him, but he did not dare to look up. “Boy,” Tony said, no response from Vic “I say boy, look up when you being talked to.” Vic slowly looked up and felt as if the fear was devouring him from the inside. “Yes sir.” Vic said but he felt like crying. “Let’s start with my 2 rules.” Tony brought a pipe to his mouth and lit it, blowing blue smoke up in the air above them. “Rule 1, my name is Tony, not sir or anything else. Rule number 2, you will do what I tell you to do when I tell you to do it. If you follow those rules, all will be okay in the end.” “Yes sir. Sorry, I mean Tony.” Vic said looking down at the floor again, he noted that it looked very clean and not dusty as he expected it to be. “Look Up Boy!” Tony growled again, “I can see that you scared and think I am an alien of some sorts, or a beast that is waiting to jump you and devour every ounce of flesh from your bones, is my looks bothering you? I know it would have bothered me if I were you.” “No sir.” Vic looked Tony in his alien eyes “I mean Tony. You look weird, no hair, your skin looks so pale and… and I think you might be some kind of pervert. I am scared being here for 5 weeks.” Victor saw the opening to get it of his chest, he still can’t believe his parents will allow this. The smell of the Tony’s tobacco was filling the air and he felt like he could use one of his own cigarettes, but he dares not smoke in front of this alien, he looked over to his bag where is packet and lighter was. “You can go fetch them; I know you smoke.” Tony said smiling, “You the same as your dad, just like yesterday he sat in that chair.” “You will tell my mom and I will end up in more trouble than I am now.” Vic said more in a statement than a question. “Now why will I do a stupid thing like that?” Vic saw the grin on the old man’s face, “and your dad knew that I would allow you to smoke; he was allowed to smoke.” Vic stood up and fetched his packet with his lighter, all the time looking at the old man, he was wondering on what he was up to and what he meant by his father was here. He sat back down lighting one, dragging deep so he could show the old man he was an old smoker, instantly regretting it. He started coughing like the first time, sending laughter from Tony to his ears. “Now that you showed me you can smoke, why don’t you start telling me what your name is.” Tony said looking the boy who constantly kept taking his long hair and sweeping it to the side. “Victor Johnson, but they call me Vic.” Vic said relaxing as he was puffing on his own cigarette, sending gray smoke up in the air. “Thought you knew.” “Yes, I knew.” Shaking Vic’s hand before opening the letter again, “Stands right here, but it is polite to introduce yourself when you greet someone. You feeling a bit more relaxed now?” “Sort of, yea.” Vic was looking for an astray to tip his cigarette. Tony stood up and fetched him one and sat down again. “I look like this.” Tony started “Because I had chemo for a small illness I had, the damn hair never grew back, I know I look weird but think of me, I must look myself in the mirror every day.” “Sorry to hear about the cancer then.” Vic stated the obvious. “Thank you.” Tony said “But that was a good 10 years ago, still free of it. I am reading here that you were a bit busy the past few months.” Vic started counting the man’s ribs again. “Yea, even been expelled from school.” Vic counted 18, the rest were below the table. “I know what you’re thinking and it’s not because I am rebelling like my mom say, I just wanted -” Vic fell silent as he knew the old man with the skinny shoulders that looked if the bones will burst through the skin at any time, will laugh at him. “So it was a dare.” Tony saw the boy looking at his bony body. “Look I am 70, skinny old men looks bony like this.” “Sorry for staring.” Vic apologized and felt awful for being caught out. “Yes it was a dare, I know I was stupid but I just wanted to belong in the Dragonboys club” “Oh, it’s the cool kids club thing, giving themselves names as well?” Tony said while smiling, “You know they only dared you because they too scared to do it themselves, and to make fun of you if you caught?” “Yea I know, but being the smallest boy in my grade…” Vic stood up to show his height, “Or rather the smallest boy for 2 grades below me, I so wanted to be cool. Every one kept making fun of me, everyday.” “I know the feeling.” Tony said while placing his pipe in the astray, “Your dad said the same thing” “What you mean?” Vic wanted to know why his dad was here as well. “We not going to talk about your dad.” Tony said walking to the kitchen, “He was one of my best wrestlers ever, and he had some trouble as well. That why he sent you to me. A heads up would have worked.” He was looking in the fridge, taking out some sausages and eggs “Is there a bathroom hidden away?” Vic asked looking around, seeing nothing that remotely looked like a bathroom. “Out back.” Tony said but could see the boy had no idea what he was talking about. “Out the back door, you will see there is an outhouse between the trees. While we on this subject, there is no electricity in this cabin, just running water. The toilet is outside as well as the shower. At night there is a pot under your side of the bed that you can use to pee in, anything else other than pee will be done in the outhouse, even at 3 in the morning and raining, this place is too small to smell like you know what.” Vic killed his cigarette and walked past the skinny old man that was busy getting the gas stove ready for the sausages and scrambled eggs by the look of things. He opened the back door and stepped outside; Tony reminded him to close the door again and he did. The brick outhouse was about 30 meters away, standing between two huge pine trees, there needles was like a thick carpet on the grass. As he walked closer, he could see the door was not a full door either, was only the bottom half of a door. He opened the door and was shocked to see the toilet, or whatever it is. The smell made him hold his breath. It was a wooden plank with a hole in the middle, fixed to the walls on either side, the seated area was worn away by years of use, Tony’s imprint was clear. The huge blue bucket, filled what was ankara türbanlı escort causing the smell, freaked him out a bit. At least there was toilet paper. He closed the door and turned, taking his pants off and hanging it over the door, he did not want to sit down and ended up squatting on the plank. He tried to hold his breath but he had to breath sometime, so when he felt like he was turning blue he exhaled and took one big gulp of air. He sat and looked over the door, seeing Tony in the kitchen window cooking away on their supper. He took out his phone from his pocket of the pants hanging over the door and looked at the time, 5:09 pm. He wanted to phone his mom, but there was no signal, swearing under his breath he decided to switch of the phone so he can save battery power until later. Maybe he can use the phone again when he can go stand on top of the hill. He tried to hurry up his deed but having steak for supper last night and cheese burgers on their way here, was not allowing him to do so. He took a few more gulp of air while inspecting the outside of the cabin. Under the kitchen window was something that looked like a huge sink and all he could think of was clothes was being washed in it, well he has to wash his hands when he is done, so maybe that’s the place as well. Next to it was the outside shower – open to all for see, not even a curtain to give some privacy, he was worried to say the least. Looking at the enclosed steel box next to the door, he saw a danger sign on it, figuring that the gas bottles must be in there. He finished up, not soon enough for him, wiping with blistering speed. He dressed himself again outside the outhouse, he could no longer stand the smell. He walked towards what he believed to be a sink, looking to his right he saw something odd. A bath, an old cast iron bath, standing on its 4 silver legs in the middle of nowhere. Next to it was a smallish black iron pot with a blackened, ashy under it, a pipe leading towards the bath. He heard of his dad talking about a hot water donkey before and seeing one so in the open was even stranger. He washed his hands and went inside the cabin again. “Saw you looking at the tub.” Tony smiled as he knew what was going through the boy’s head. “Must I bath outside, where everyone can see me?” Vic asked looking on as the man was finishing up the supper “And shower?’ “Yes indeed.” Tony looked at Vic, “There is no one else around, just you and me.” “But you will see me.” Vic was still alarmed. “Yes, and you me.” Tony looked at the boy, “If you have not noticed, we’re sharing a cabin, a bed as well, so the odds of us seeing each other is 100%.” “But no one is allowed to see me.” Vic looked around the cabin “Must I sleep next to you as well? I’d rather sleep on the floor.” “Be honest, who have seen you nude?” Tony laughed a bit, “You are welcome to try the floor, but we’re in between nothing, so spiders and other critters do walk the floor with us.” “You mean there are spiders here?” Vic looked at the floor, “Real spiders?” “Yes boy, this is not the city.” Tony started to dish the food up in metal plates, “Even snakes as well.” “You not serious?” Vic looked at the old man fear filling his eyes, “Take me back home please.” “Boy, no need to worry, leave them alone and they will leave you alone.” Tony placed a black kettle on the stove. “Why don’t you look in that cupboard and fill two glasses with soda in the fridge, but do not leave the door open to long please, gas is not cheap.” Vic kept his eyes to the floor, retrieving glasses and filled them up with soda. Tony grinned at the city boy while placing the plates on the table, asking Vic to bring some forks and knifes along as well. It took Vic a bit to find the draw with knives and forks, hard to do with eyes stuck to the floor. Both sat down and after a brief prayer they started eating in silence, Vic’s feet lifted from the floor. “You know, boy,” Tony started soon his plate was empty, “your feet will grow tired.” “But there are spiders and snakes.” Vic said looking to the floor again. “They will bite me.” “No they won’t.” Tony looked at the boy’s worried face, wanting to laugh, but didn’t, “Been living here for 20 years, not one time I have been bitten. Just look where you place your foot when you walk inside and out, don’t go stepping on one. Always wear your boots when you’re outside just to be safe.” Vic did not trust the old man, but his legs were starting to grow tired and he lowered them to a tip toe stand. Why would his father send him here where he could be killed if the old man did not eat him up first? “Tony looked hungry,” that was the thought running through his head. “I do not have any boots.” Vic said at the old man “Just sneakers and flip flops.” “We will get you a pair in the morning.” Tony said while pulling the whistling kettle from the stove. “Why don’t you unpack your bag on the bed so I can see what else you might need for your stay. It’s not like we can jump in a car and drive to town.” Vic took the dishes to the kitchen, he knows now why the kettle had to be boiled, hot water for the dishes. He walked over to the bed and started unpacking his clothes on the bed. “You don’t have a car?” Vic asked, he could not remember seeing one around, “How we get in town then?” “I get a lift into town every Monday and Thursday from the resort just down the road.” Tony said while washing up, “tomorrow is Thursday so they will be here round 8, so bright and early morning for you.” “And if it’s an emergency?” Vic could not help as to thought about the old man’s health. “If I can’t hike 5 km then it just has to wait till the next Monday or Thursday.” Tony saw that the boy did not understand the 5 km hike, “My neighbor is 5 km up the dirt road – the Jackson’s. Lovely people, their son pops in on a regular bases, or rather just when he wants, when he is bored.” “Son, how old is he?” Vic was thinking. “Bout your age, maybe a year older.” Tony smiled talking about the boy, “Willie is his name, a bit of an oddball but a mighty fine boy in the least. Think he might be a good friend for you.” “So, what will I do here?” Vic asked, he could no longer withhold the question. “You going to have the best vacation ever, I promise you.” Tony finished up to the dishes and walked over to where Vic stood, “One where you will find yourself.” “Find myself?” Vic was confused. “Well, following dares to belong to a popular group is not being yourself, that is whatever they want you to be.” Tony saw the boy was still confused, “Put it this way, would you have ran in your undies in the mall or took a crap on the headmaster’s table if you were not dared to do so, just to belong to a group of stupid boys?” “No, would never even think about it.” Vic said looking up to the man “But I really wanted to be in Mike’s group, he is so cool.” “Saw you had a phone.” Tony said while scanning through the clothes, shoes, cigarettes and wallet that was on the bed. “Do you have a pic of the so-called cool guys?” Vic retrieved his phone and switched it. He scanned through his photos and showed the old man the best looking one. Mike was standing in a blue speedo, getting ready to dive into the pool. “Handsome fella,” Tony looked at the photo and gave the phone back “Can see why he is so cool.” Tony showed Vic the draw where he must pack his clothing in while he retrieved a towel from the bottom drawer. “Well I am not going to start the donkey now, way too late.” Tony said while undressing, Vic looking away immediately, the sight of a bare 70-year-old ass was weight more than he could handle, never has he seen so much loose skin hanging between the wrinkles. “When you’re done grab a towel and come for a shower. Undress inside or your clothes will get wet.” Tony walked out the back door. Vic stood there, stunned on what he just witnessed, he has seen his dad nude before, lots of times, but never an old man like this. He packed away his clothes and stuff and slowly got undressed. He heard the old man calling him to hurry up. He wrapped the towel around him and went outside. He was waiting for him at the shower, back turned to him. “You know the water in the pipes is still warm.” Tony explained, “So if you come now we can enjoy the water together, will not last long though, so come boy.” Tony’s commanding voice left Vic with no option. Vic hanged the towel over the sink, next to Tony’s, cupping his groin while walking to join the old man under the shower. Vic could not help to look at the man smooth hairless privates. Balls hanging very low with a 3-inch flaccid, uncut member hanging between his legs, it had a few dark marks on it, same as the rest of the body, marks he knew comes from old age. Liver spots as his granny used to call it. “Well boy are you just going to stand there and look at my cock or are you going to wash yourself?” Tony said looking up so the like water could fall on his face, he stepped to the side and pulled Vic in. “How you know I was looking?” Vic said letting the water of the shower wet his body. Tony closed the tap soon Vic was wet. “All men look at each other’s dicks, my boy.” Tony said while soaping his body, “They say they don’t look, but they do. We always wanna see who is the biggest, now let go of your balls and soap yourself, or must I do it?” Vic slowly removed his hands from his groin and started soaping himself up, he was giving the old man a once over again, thinking that he could have been an attractive in his younger days. Tony took the bottle of shampoo that he brought with and started washing the boy’s hair, something that was very off for Vic, why will a man with no hair have a bottle of shampoo? Tony looked down at the boy as he washed the long light brown hair, he was indeed thin, just as his father was, pale as well, like he has never seen the sun before. His eyes darted to the 2-inch flaccid penis with balls tacked in tightly just under it, smooth as a baby’s bottom. “You just as your father was.” Tony commented, “a late bloomer.” “Did you just look at my penis?” Vic said, “What is a late bloomer?” “Well it’s hanging there and I was looking down at you.” Tony said as he pulled Vic back to the shower to get rinsed, “Late bloomer – well you will hit puberty late in life, meaning you will only grow some pubes later in life not at 13. Your dad only got hair at 16.” Vic did not say anything, just wondered on how the man knew his dad this good, his dad told him about the birds and the bees and that he might only start getting hair in a year or so time, himself only did get it at 16. Vic and Tony finished up and stepped out at the same time, drying before entering the cabin again. They walked straight to get dressed, Tony in just the ugliest white undies Vic ever saw, looks like its 2 or 3 sizes too big. Vic dressed in the pjs his mother forced him to pack, Spider man, winter pjs. “Won’t you get a bit hot in those?” Tony walked over to the fire place. “Do you read? Didn’t see any books with you.” “I can read.” Vic felt angered, “And you will freeze to death in just those.” “Now what I asked you – I asked if you read books, like novels.” Tony said while lighting the fire “Freeze? Here?” Tony laughed while asking “Please bring my book from next to the bed.” Vic did as he was asked and tried to look at the clock, strange he could find none around. “There is no clock.” Vic commented. “Who needs time to enjoy life? Thank you.” Tony said while taking the book from the boy, “Here, I do what I want when I want to do it. Why don’t you look under the bed, there is a box with books in it, there are a few books called Spud. Take book one.” “I saw the movie.” Vic only read that was on his phone or laptop screen, other than that he hated reading. “Well your choice then.” Tony said while opening his book, “There is nothing else other than talking to be done here at nighttime.” “It’s not nighttime yet, looks the sun is still high in the sky.” Vic pointed at the window. “Oh, you city boys.” Tony smiled while his eyes went to the book, “The sun only sets here about 9, we are 4oo km due south from the city, the further south you go the later the sun sets, it’s a about 7 I would say.” Vic looked at the skinny old man sitting there in the oversize undies, hairless and not lifting his gaze from the book. He turned and went to go look for the book, luck was on his side, it was laying right on top. He shoved the box back to where he found it and walked over to the armchair in front of the fireplace, leaving just a small table with an oil lamp between him and Tony. He sat down and open the book and began reading. He was almost at the bottom of the first page when he started to feel the heat of the winter pjs, shifting a bit to the side, it was not long before little beads of sweat started spouting from his face, he shifted once again, unbuttoning the top button, he looked over to Tony and saw he was sitting comfortably reading his book. “Looks like you’re thirsty.” Tony said, not lifting his head to look at Vic. “Why don’t you get us some cold soda there, you know where the glasses are.” Vic did not argue, and stood up and went to the back door, opening it and a cool breeze was blowing on him. When he felt better he closed the door and poured each a glass from the soda bottle. He placed the glasses on the table between their two chairs and sat down to read some more. It was not long before he started sweating again. “Told you.” Tony turned a page. “Yea I know” Vic said looking at the man. He always slept in his undies at home, but here he will not. It was bad enough that they had to shower together, but walk around with just his undies in front of a total stranger, hell to the no. Vic was getting really uncomfortable after a half hour of reading, he enjoyed the book, but now it became hard to concentrate. He excused himself to use the outhouse and went to go stand outside. Soon as he closed the back door behind him, he pulled his shirt over his head, not bothering to unbutton. He felt an instant relief flowing over him. He stood and looked at the shower, walking closer to it. He looked where through the widow where Tony was still reading. “Fuck this,” Vic said softly to himself and dropped the pj pants, stepping out from them. He opened the only tap and waited a few seconds before stepping into the cool water. He could feel the cool water washing the sweat away, letting his head hang down so the cool water can run from his long hair over his body. “Fuck Victor, you have really done it now.” Vic spoke to himself, “You here, Fuck knows where, with an old man with no modesty at all, showering outside just to cool down because your mom insisted that you must bring the winter pjs in December.” Victor stood under the cool water, rethinking everything that brought him here, how can he be so stupid to follow a boy’s orders, just to belong to the group. Nah it was not the group he wanted to impress but rather Mike Smith. What does this boy have on him? Vic closed the tap and just stood there, water dripping from his wet long hair. He wanted to cry, cry about him being here in a place he does not know with a man he does not know. But there was something else he wanted to cry about, why does he have this strange feeling inside him, a feeling he is not used to. But he never cried, coming very close to it, but he did not want the old man to think he is a baby of some sort. He remembered that he did not take a towel, so now he must stay outside to wind dry, there no way he was going to ask for a towel. He lifted his head and turned around; he could not see his pjs but just a towel hanging over the sink. He did not hear Tony come out and place it there. He walked a step forward and looked at the man through the widow. “How dangerous can he be – he is 70,” he thought to himself. He dried himself and walked back into the cabin with the towel wrapped around his waist. The pjs were placed on the bed, next to it was a set of his Bob the Builder undies. Undies he hated but being so small his mom bought his clothes in the 7-8 age size. He looked to the pjs, then to the undies and back to the pjs. He dressed in the undies and took the pjs to the bin outside and discarded them, turning around he had a fright. There stood Tony looking at him with a big smile. “Why you smiling?” Vic looked at the man. “I am smiling as I can see that you, by yourself, decided what is best for you.” Tony said, turning around and filled the kettle with water and placed it on the stove to heat up. Vic did not know what to make of the old man’s answer and decided to stand in the open door to let the cool air flow over his body. The sun was starting to set on the other side of the cabin, and Vic stood looking at the shadows growing longer, the cabin’s shadow reaching the outhouse at the back. He was brought back to reality with a gentle tap on his shoulder. “Here, coffee.” Tony handed him a cup, “I did put in 3 sugars, just like your dad liked it.” “Thank you.” Vic said while taking a cup “But I can’t drink this late at night.” “I know.” Tony guided the boy to the armchairs, “Your dad used to wet the bed as well, but I will wake you in time.” Vic sat down looking at the man, a man that knows more about him that he thought was possible. Was he just like his father at this age? He saw childhood photos and in them all he was small just like him. Tony walked over to a cupboard and retrieved a photo album from it. He paged through it till he found a picture he was looking for. “Look, here he is the day he came to me for a vacation.” He gave the book to the boy while walking back to the cupboard. Vic looked at the photo and he could not believe what he was seeing. There was his dad, same age as he, standing next to the fireplace with nothing on except the pull-up nappy he had on. “My dad wore a nappy?’ Vic asked pointing at the picture. “Yes, your granny forced him to.” Tony had a camera with a flash in his hand, “That was the last one he ever wore.” “What you mean?” Vic asked and saw the camera, “Why you have that?” “If you follow what I tell you to do, your bed wetting days are over.” Tony looked at the camera, “It’s for a before and after picture.” Vic looked at the picture below it, his dad was standing on top of the hill, dressed in only a pair of shorts. He wanted to turn the page but the album was taken from him. “That boy, you can look at only at the end of your time here with me.” Tony placed the album on the dining room table, “Please go and stand there at the fireplace.” Vic stood up and walked over to the fire place, placing his one hand on the warm stone, just as his dad did so many years ago. He saw a side of his dad that he never knew, a nappy of all things, and that was the last time he wore them as well. He was thinking of his granny, what he could remember of tuzla escort her… She was a very strict person that could go off for hours nonstop, just as his own mother can. He felt lucky that he was not forced to wear one, but only because his dad refused that he does so. But he slept every night on a bed covered with a plastic sheet, one that made him sweat even on the coldest night, not to mention the noise it made when he turned around. The flash went off and brought him back to the here and now. Tony placed the camera down on the table as well. “Let’s sit and have a chat.” Tony showed the boy to his chair, “Ever heard of the saying what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?” “Yes, I heard that.” Vic looked at the man sitting down, himself followed suit. “But you ain’t going to molest me or anything?” “Will your dad send you to me if I did that to him?” Tony looked at the boy. “No.” Vic saw his logic. “So, promise me that what happens here, stay here.” Tony smiled and Vic was left thinking. “Okay, I promise.” Vic looked the man in his alien green eyes, “But if you molest me, I will tell everyone.” “I will take you to the police station myself.” Tony said, “Let’s drink up so we can go to bed, early day tomorrow.” Vic took his cup and started drinking, never was he allowed to drink coffee at home for his mom always said its toxic for a child. He loved the sweet taste of it and in no time his cup was empty, Tony’s, not even half. “You know, coffee is like life, you must enjoy it, let the taste linger in your mouth till you take the next sip.” Tony looked at the boy’s cup, “Your first coffee?” “Yea, and if mom will find out, my ass will be on fire.” Vic said and for the first time he smiled. “This is Vegas, boy.” Tony took the matches and lid the oil lamp “Now go empty your bladder before we go to bed.” Vic took the lamp and went out the back door, he did not want to enter that outbuilding without a gas mask and decided to relieve himself just next to the building, he heard steppes behind him and he looked, it was Tony, he came and did the same next to Vic. “If they’re not still on strike, they will come and clean the bucket in the morning.” Tony explained “It’s the 3rd week now.” Vic waited for Tony after he finished, in a strange way he was warming up to the man. His thoughts where of the man’s earlier words, why will his dad send him here if the old man will harm him, maybe he must trust the man, just as his dad did. They turned around and went inside, only closing the door, not locking it. “Don’t you lock?” Vic asked. “I doubt if anyone will come so far out their way just to harm me.” Tony said while getting on the bed, not covering himself with a blanket or anything. Vic did the same, the instant his head touched the pillow he could smell the old man on it. He looked over to the man that was looking at the ceiling, arms next to his body. “Why is there a board saying Shorty at the turnoff from the big road?” Vic did not understand why the name Shorty was given to this place. “It’s my nickname.” Tony looked over to him, “Only my friends call me that.” “But you ain’t short.” Vic could feel that he was tired. “Well you saw me in the shower,” Tony looked at the ceiling again. “O, that.” Vic felt bad that he said something now. “They call me Tiny, but not of my height.” “Did that Mike guy call you tiny?” Tony asked. “No, not him, only the other 4 boys.” Vic said without thinking, “he called me ….” Tony looked over to the silent boy, but he was asleep. He turned back to the ceiling, closing his eyes and fell asleep. To be continued. Chapter 2 Vic was woken by the firm hand of Tony patting his chest, his first thought was that the old man was trying his luck with him while he was asleep. His eyes adjusted, the old man coming into focus, the moon outside, dancing on his bed partner’s pale white skin. “Think it’s time to empty your bladder.” Tony said while closing his eyes, “Best do it outside, your aim will be off with your little problem.” Vic looked down and his undies was tenting, sure enough he felt his full bladder, starting to pain and he needed to go urgently. He stood up and ran out the back yard, only a few meters before stopping and pulling his undies down, releasing his hard 3-inch member from its cloth jail. He sighed as a steady stream of urine escaped, arching through the air, landing two meters away from him. He was just in time and looked on as the stream grew closer to his feet. He shook it a few times before tucking it away in its cloth jail again, waiting a minute before he went back in. It was his first time relieving himself outside and it felt good. He looked up to the night sky, and it looked like he could reach up and touched the stars. He never would have believed that the night sky could look so beautiful here between nowhere and someplace, unlike the in the city, where the sky is black and just a few stars could be seen from between the neon lights. He looked down and tented no more, he turned around and walked back in the cabin and closed the door behind him. He waited again for his eyes to adjust to the darkness inside before going to lay down next to Tony. The lamp that he lit earlier was dark now. with the books that they read, stacked neatly on top of each other next to the lamp. It was clear that Tony was still awake after he gone to sleep and read some more. He looked at the old man, now laying on his stomach, starting to wonder of he saw his hard on — yes, he had to because he sent him outside. He was embarrassed. Other than his father, no one ever seen him in such state, but why is he feeling that it’s not a big deal. Yes, he was embarrassed, but not like he wants to run away due to it, more like it’s not okay, but still okay. He looked on as the loose, white underwear of Tony jump in the air and a loud explosion sounded at the same time. Did he just fart? Vic thought, yes, he did. Fuck, what has he been eating? The smell was bad, really bad, and Vic hid his nose under the pillow, trying to escape it. He could not. He stood up and walked over to the dining table, album, camera and his cigarettes still laying there. He lit up one and opened the window, thinking on why there is no curtains at any window, he heard a strange sound from the outside, maybe an owl, but it was far away so he kept the window open. He looked down at the album, wanting the page through it, the moonlight was enough to do so. He pulled it closer, hands ready to open it, but he stopped. He pushed the album back and continued to smoke, trying to blow circles, just as Mike does, but he failed. His mind went back to the second meeting he had with the Dragonboys, one where he felt the so embarrassed, he could die, but Mike asked him to, and for him it was enough. They were all dressed having a beer that Mike brought with him, soon Vic started feeling tipsy again, rather liking the feeling. They gave him a draw of a cigarette that one of the other boys brought with him, then it started. The boys were told to undress to their undies, everyone except Mike. He just looked on, telling them to make it look sexy. At first, he did not want to, but with Mike touching him, helping him to undress, he just had to. They all laughed at him for his baby undies, covered with dinosaurs, but Mike silenced them. Mike told him to stand up and dared him to take his undies off, he did not want to, but Mike reminded him that he wanted to be a member. He slowly removed the dinosaurs from his body and everyone started laughing, calling him Tiny and baby dick, all except Mike, he called him tight. Mike told him to lay on his back while removing his own sunglasses from atop of his head, placing it on Vic’s penis, letting the dick be a nose, touching softly over his flaccid member. He could start feeling how he was getting a boner and he jumped up and ran outside with only his hand to cover his privates. Mike followed him and brought his clothes, handing them to him. “Do not worry, they will say nothing.” Mike told him, “They liked it just as much as you did.” Vic was called back to reality by the slight snoring coming from Tony that was now laying on his back. He looked over to the man and killed his cigarette while closing the window. He sat a few more seconds thinking on why did he get that erection and why does he feel the way he does when it comes to Mike Smith. He walked back to the bed, laying on top of the blanket next to a snoring old man. The owl outside gave a few hoots before Vic was back sleeping, confused about the day when Mike touched him for the first time. Vic rose to the smell of frying bacon filling his nostrils, he slowly sat up and looked where Tony stood, still in his baggy white undies, he did not need to worry that there will be hair in the food he thought. He got up and looked for spiders on the floor, caught a glimpse of his tent he was sporting, he did not feel as if he wanted to pee, but now he does. He walked past Tony, hiding his morning glory as he did so, out the back door to come to a standstill next to the outhouse. He dropped him undies and let out a loud fart as he started with his 2-meter-long arching pee, watching as it came closer to his feet again with a slow dribble. He shook and upped his undies before returning back to the cabin. “Morning.” Tony said while placing the plates of bacon and eggs on the dining table, “When you ready and washed your hands we can have breakfast.” “O, sorry, forgot.” And Vic went out back again and washed his hand before returning to the dining table. He eyes the fresh cup of coffee. “So how did you sleep” Tony asked soon he asked for the blessings “Looked like you had a good dream there.” The old man giggled. “You saw?” Vic was blushing. “Yea, all tenting your pants like you did.” Tony still giggled, “Gods little joke on mankind, the good old morning glory.” Vic looked at the man and good not help as to start laughing. “So why is this Mike fellow so in your dreams?” Tony asked and saw that Vic had no idea what he was going on about, “You called his name a few times in your sleep.” “I do not know, can’t even remember dreaming.” Vic was honest, he could not remember. “Well, let us finish up, still got to clean up and take a shower.” Tony started with his breakfast “And no need to hurry with your coffee like last night, enjoy the damn thing.” Vic sat and ate but his mind was over Mike again, why did he call out his name in his sleep? Why did he dream of him? He dreamed of Mike before, but normally he can remember those dreams, dreams he rather wanted to forget. “Is he perhaps more than just the coolest guy at school?” Tony said when he was done, he knew the boy was thinking of MIke. “Nah, just a cool guy.” Vic knew he was lying, “If I can be friends with him, no one will dare to make fun of me.” Tony gave the boy a good look before taking the empty plates to the sink in the kitchen. “You know boy, you can lie to the world, but not to yourself.” Tony poured boiled water in to the sink and started with the dishes. “Take a morning shower. So long now. I know it will be cold, but this evening I will start the donkey and we can take a warm bath.” “I am not lying.” Vic protested, “I am not gay.” “Not saying you’re lying or gay.” Tony looked at the boy, “What I am saying is only you know the truth.” “I know the truth.” Vic looked angrily at the old man. How dare he? He was met with silence. Vic walked out the door and stepped out his undies as he walked over to the shower, he opened the tap and gasped as cold water hit his bare chest, sending him to step back one step. He heard the giggles coming from the window, not looking over to him. He had to show he not afraid of a bit of cold water and he stepped back in, but the gasp did escape from his mouth again. He felt a tap on his shoulder and it was Tony handing him the soap, towel he hanged over the sink. He took the soap and said nothing. How can he allow that Mike’s name did escape his mouth while sleeping? The old man may never know what he dreams when he calls out Mike’s name. His thoughts took him back to the 3rd meeting, the one alone with Mike in his bright blue room. Mike invited him in the room after a practice, he was so happy thinking that Mike has accepted him in the group. When Mike started undressing in front of him, he could not help himself. His eyes following the boy as he reveled more and more of his golden tan body, every inch of it. He bent forward, letting his beautiful butt stick out to him, he wanted to touch it, but he didn’t nor could he see any form of tan line on the boy. He turned around showing off his hard 4-inch cut cock, slight nest at the base and balls tightly tucked in. Maybe it was the cold water from the inside pool at school, just over the street making him feel strange, he wanted to touch it, feel it between his fingers. “Now you.” Mike said looking at Vic with lust-filled eyes, a drop of nectar appearing on the penis slit. Vic did as he was told and in a matter of seconds he was standing in front of the boy, naked with his pale skin, his 3-inch penis with a life of his own, jumping up and down at its own free will. “I see you like what you see.” Mike said pulling at Vic’s hand, “Here take it, I dare you to wank me.” Vic felt a tap on his shoulder, he spun around and looked into the faces of Tony and an unknown chubby boy with deep blue eyes, dark curly hair and about a head longer than he was. He was dressed in short jeans only, filled with small little holes and maybe a size to small as well. “Victor this is Willie.” Tony looked down at Vic’s erection, “Willie this is this is Willie.” Vic grabbed the towel, trying to cover up his erection, but it kept falling to the ground. He ended up covering it with his left hand and gave the boy his right hand “Vic.” Vic said blushing the reddest of red, “Sorry, the cold water does that.” “Willie.” Willie took the boy’s hand and shook it, “Sorry dude, I wank as well in the shower, nothing like it in the morning.” Willie grinned. “Tony you could have warned me, and not bring him out here where I was showering.” Vic was embarrassed, was he really masturbating while he thought of Mike. He did not even know he did, “And I was not wanking.” “He was standing behind you, he had to pass you and you did not notice him,” Tony said while he got in the shower, “and you were only washing your willy while Willie stood watching.” He gave Vic a wink. Vic picked up the towel and stormed inside, with Willie in hot pursuit, Vic grabbed his clothes from the cupboard and dried himself. “O, jigg.” Willie said looking at the Bob the Builder undies, “I hated it when Mom used to buy those for me.” “I hate it too, but have no choice in the matter.” Vic stood still and looked at the boy. “Sorry I really did not know you where there, I did not even know I was busy wanking myself.” “No stress, dude.” Willie sat down and gave Vic his undies, “Mom caught me a few times.” “What your mom do, geez, did she went off at you?” Vic said while taking the undies and started dressing himself, “Lucky my mom never did walk in on me, or she would have had a fit.” “Nah, she just reminded me to keep the door closed.” Willie looked at the undies, “Gives you a nice bulge there, but hell, get rid of those baby undies bro.” “Stop looking at me.” Vic said turning his back to the boy getting his shorts on as fast as he could. “What you want me to do? An 8-year-old with those baby undies – it’s funny.” Willie said while laying back on the bed. “I am not 8, I am 12.” Vic told him, “And you can get it over with, they call me Tiny or baby dick, take your pick.” He looked at the boy as he sat up again. “Chill, dude.” Willie stood up, “I turned 13 six months ago, and I a smaller than you.” “You can’t be smaller than me, look you a head taller.” Vic stood next to the boy. “I am fat.” Willie dropped his pants, he had no undies on, “Tony say that my length is hiding away under this fat,” pushing down on the pubic fat. Vic saw the flaccid, 2-inch uncut cock grew almost to � inch as he pushed back on the fat. “Fuck, dude.” Vic was still looking at the fluff that was just showing above the base “Why did you show me your dick?” “I did see yours and it’s only fair that you see mine.” Willie pulled up his pants “Just wanted to show you that you are not tiny or have a baby dick” He held out a fist for Vic for a fist bump, Vic gave him one. “Next time just warn me.” Vic said putting on his sneakers with the hidden socks. “Will do so.” Willie looked on as a nude Tony came in, “You want to go swimming this afternoon at the water hole if Tony say it’s okay?” “We going to town.” Vic said. “We will be back at around one.” Tony said standing next to his wardrobe, “If you want to Vic, you can go with him after, say 2.” Tony looked over to Willie “You here mighty early this morning – any reason?” “Oh, almost forgot.” Willie stood up and walked to the back door, his hand touching that of Tony’s slightly, Vic noticed. “Dad asked if I can sleep over tonight, he and mom are going to the city today and will return tomorrow afternoon.” “Yip, cool with me, and Vic, what you say?” Tony said looking at Vic. “He will have to share the bed with us. “It’s your house.” Vic looked at the tanned body of the chubby boy, “As long as he doesn’t fart like you.” “That’s it then.” Willie said, “See you all at 2.” He closed the door behind him and off he went, same way he came. “Told you he’s an ODD boy” Tony said. “You telling me.” Vic started laughing, “He dropped his pants and showed me his privates, as if it’s nothing.” “He made peace with his body.” Tony laughed as well, “Fair warning, he hates clothes and if he gets a chance, he will go without them.” “I saw that.” Vic heard a vehicle pull up, “Sounds like the lift as arrived.” “Indeed.” Tony dressed quickly as he looked out the window. “Please go tell Jack that I will be just a second.” Vic took his wallet from his wardrobe and went out the front door, he looked at the young man standing next to black delivery truck standing on the grass. He walked over and greeted the man. “Good morning, sir.” Vic tried his best to be polite, “Tony said he will be out in a second.” “Good morning.” The man greeted back, “Name is Edward.” He gave his right hand to the boy. “Victor, but Vic will do.” Vic shook the man’s hand. “Hello Edward.” Tony said while closing the front door behind him. “It’s not Monday, is it? Normally Jack does Thursdays and you Mondays?” “Morning, Tony,” Edward walked up to Tony and shook his hand. “He just phoned me this morning to say I must do it, family business in the city.” The 3 of them climbed in to the front seat, Edward in the driving seat and Vic next to him with Tony on the other side. “Did not know that you will have company” Edward looked at Vic, “or I avrupa yakası ucuz escort would have brought the bigger truck, these Chinese makes are so small, can hardly handle a half ton.” “All good.” Tony said looking at the side mirror, Willie was still hanging around in the trees. “Need to get a few things, what time shall we be ready for you?” “Around noon, I would say, got a few private errands to run as well.” Edward answered back “Perfect.” Tony said, “Will you be able…” Vic switched on his selective hearing problem again, his thoughts went back to a meeting he had with the Dragonboys again, one he will never forget. It was at the first swim meet of the spring; he was looking forward to it. That was until he was called to the bathroom before his event started. Mike looked at him, whispering in his ear while pushing him inside the cubicle. Mike closed the door behind him and shoved his hands into the back of his speedo. “You are so tight.” Mike whispered before kissing him softly on the lips. Vic had an instant erection and he heard his event being called. “Now go out there and do your best.” Mike said while pushing him out the cubicle again. It was only a few meters outside the bathroom, where all the boys in his 50-meter breaststroke event were lining up. He tried hiding his erection behind his own hands, the yellow speedo did not help, showing the perfect imprint of his tiny member. “Look at Tiny, he’s hard.” Came from Mike on the sideline, “It will point the way for him.” Vic could remember all the boys laughing, even the coaches and spectators that was around, only his dad was not smiling. He blushed as red as he ever been, and just started running, did not care where he was going, just needed to get out. He run into the arms of his dad just outside the pool area. “It’s okay, my boy.” His dad said while holding the little crying boy, “It’s very natural for things like that to happen.” Vic looked on as the town of Blove grew closer, thinking to himself, “No Dad it is not okay, now everyone calls me baby dick.” “What’s that? What did you say Victor?” Edward asked looking at Vic, “What about a baby dick?’ “It’s okay Edward.” Tony came to the boy’s rescue, “Just a bad dream again.” He felt Tony taking his hand and giving it a slight squeeze, just to let him know he is there for him. How could Mike do that to him and that after he spend an afternoon alone with him in his room, sucking each other. “Sorry.” Vic said, “Just had a bad dream” Five minutes later they were dropped in front of the local pharmacy. “See you at noon” Edward said before driving off “We can get my meds on our return later.” Tony said starting to walk to the local sports shop, Monty’s. Vic looked on as Tony spoke to the sales lady about some boots for him. He had been in a Monty’s sport shop before, but this one looked different, smaller yes, but more personal than the one he has seen. He walked over to the tennis rackets, leaving Tony and the lady behind. He rather liked the game of tennis, never played it before, the coach at school told him he must wait a few years, he’s still way to small. He took the blue racket from the rack and make believe served a ball. The racket was a bit too big for him and he did hit the floor with it, he placed it back on the rack, almost jumped as Tony spoke behind him. “You play?” Tony asked. “Nah, just looking.” Vic said standing back from the tennis equipment. “The tennis coach at school said I was to small yet.” “A school coach? Ha!” the sales lady said, “My daughter is 7 and she started playing, why don’t you try this one?” She gave Vic a red one, a bit smaller than the other. Vic hold it in his and, fake serving again. Wow, it did not hit the ground this time. He made a movement like a back hand, it was far from it but it was there. He liked the feel of the racket. “Yea, this feels much better.” Vic said smiling. “School coaches…” The lady said pointing in the direction of the hiking boots. “They played maybe 1 year in primary school and now they are experts on the game, pfft.” Vic walked behind Tony as they followed the saleslady, he was looking around and spotted a few interesting items that he wanted a good look at. He almost walked into the saggy behind of Tony who has stopped sudden in front of him. He was given a pair brown ankle-high hiking boots. He tried them on and they were a perfect fit, the soft padding inside made it feel as his feet were wrapped in cotton wool. “Yip, just like your dad, Size 4.” Tony said and thank the saleslady. Vic looked up at Tony and he took out his wallet. “No, my boy, you will not insult me like that.” Tony said while placing the boots back in their box and went to pay for it. Vic placed his wallet back in his pocket. Soon, they were back out in the street, walking side by side to the clothing store for men, two corners away. They were not talking but Vic was surprised on how many people knew the old man, men, women, girls and boys greeting him as far they went, all giving him a friendly smile. One boy even gave him a wink and he could only smile back. They entered the shop and was greeted by a tall, thin man with a mustache that was curled on the ends. His accent of the man took him by surprise as well, it was French. “Good morning, sir.” The man said with the funny French accent, “Pleased to see you again, how is the illness going?” “Hello, Jean-Paul,” Tony greeted the man with a handshake “Yea, been a year or two, but still with you all.” His slight shake of the head while pointing to Vic, he let the man know that he does not want to speak of his illness. Vic looked at the two, obviously old friends, talking about the latest influx of holiday-makers, this year was not so good as there is less than normal visitors around. Vic picked up that the man called Tony by his nick name, Shorty. Vic looked at all the fine men’s clothing, the one wall full of the finest suits, and he was impressed. Vic spotted some boys clothing in the showroom just next to the men showroom. He walked through the arch and he felt like he was in heaven. All the designer wear any boy ever wanted, on display. He took his time looking through all of it, the two men catching up on old times, even taking some of the nicest shorts he ever saw and went into the fitting room. “You like what you see, sir?” Jean-Paul asked just outside the curtain, his accent made that Vic had to hold his mouth in order not to laugh. “Mr. Tony said that we must get you a nice pair of shorts, fit for running through the bush. O, the bush, still do not know why any person in his right mind want to run in a bush, God gave us parks just for that.” Vic could not help as to laugh out loud now, it sounded so funny and gay.. “I like this one the best.” Vic said while opening the curtain. He was standing in a blue pair name brand shorts, just hanging above the knees. “Very nice indeed,” Jean-Paul “if you were going on a walk next to a beach. Here is a pair that Tony was thinking of.” He gave the black shorts to Vic. Vic closed the curtain again and looked what was given to him, letting out a loud sigh, “Seriously? Rugby shorts?” Vic let it known that he did not like rugby shorts. Sending both men outside the fitting room into laughter. “We will take 3 pair of those.” Tony said looking at Vic when he opened the curtain. “Black, navy and I think a white one will do.” Vic looked in the full-length mirror, the shorts did look funny on him, perfect fit around the waist, but flared out and looked like a balloon on him. He turned to Tony and looked him in the eyes, begging not to buy these balloons for shorts, but Tony’s mind was made up. Vic turned back into the fitting room, closing the curtain behind him. He thought to himself that it is for a few weeks only, he will wear them but in hell would he pay for them himself. He bent forward as he undressed, causing the men outside to giggle, to hear a giggle in a French accent was funny to hear. Vic looked through his legs and saw that his butt was sticking out the curtain. He wiggled is ass just to hear that French giggle again and stepped forward and dressed in his jeans again. He walked out to find the men at the counter already. “That will be 450.” Jean-Paul said and Tony paid by card. He turned to Vic and gave him a once over and turn his gaze back to Tony, “Can I please ask that you just wait a second please Tony, just want to get something.” “Sure.” Tony said and looked at Vic, “It’s 9:30 now, if you want, you can go explore a bit till 11, I must go get our supplies for the coming days. You are not allergic or anything?” “No, not allergic to anything.” Vic looked up at Tony, “What if I get lost?” “You’re not a baby, Vic.” Tony said looking down “This town is not that big, plus if you did not notice, across the pharmacy is an old church, no matter where you are, you can see its bell tower.” “So, you fine with me walking alone?” Vic just wanted to make sure, he must always hold on to his mom’s hand when they in the malls. “Sure.” Tony wanted to give the boy some money, “And if you manage to get lost, well just ask anyone to point you to the pharmacy.” “Here you go, young sir.” Jean-Paul said as he returned, handing a sealed bag to Vic, “Early Christmas present, please open it only at home.” “Thank you, sir.” Vic said taking the bag from the man and looking at Tony. Jean-Paul saw the look he received from the old man. “It’s on the house, things were laying here for ages, was thinking of donating it to the boy’s home.” Jean-Paul turned to Vic “Just promise me that I do not have to see Bob the Builder again.” “Promise!” Vic answered confused. The two men started laughing and Vic joined in, so it will look like he understood them. “Well thank you my French friend, see you soon.” Tony greeted the man and walked out the door of the shop, Vic in pursuit. Vic looked on as the old man crossed the street towards the grocery, Vic turned to his right and started to walk up the road, looking in each window. There was a candle shop, book shop and a few gift and novelty shops in the next block. He decided to wonder of from the main road, towards the sound of the ocean. It was only a block away and the homes along the small road were big and luxurious. He came to a stop on the sidewalk that ran alongside the beach. There was an ice cream stall and he bought himself a chocolate soft serve. He walked over to the bench and sat down, hair dancing in the slight breeze blowing from the sea. Every so often he had to brush his hair from his face with his free hand. He could remember the days when they used to live on the naval base, playing in the ocean while big war ships used to go in and out the naval port. They had to move last summer vacation to where they are now, where the closest he could get to water was the pool at school, the enclosed pool, where he could not even feel the sun on his body anymore. His father did inherit the family home when his parents died in a car accident, they decided that they will move there because mom could find a better job there and dad had less than 2 years left in the Navy. He will start his own business once he has finished with his last tour on the aircraft carrier. He missed his dad who was only home for a week before he went back to port, he only saw him 4 times the past year. The move had a great impact on him, and he hated it. He thought that if they never moved, he would have seen his dad more and he would never have met Mike Smith. His thoughts were interrupted by a young redheaded boy. “Hi.” The boy greeted, “My name is Carl, what yours?” “Victor, why?” Vic looked at the 5-year-old standing next to a much older boy, also redheaded, surely his older brother. “See Rick, told you he was a boy.” Carl looked up to his brother with a smile. “A what? Yes, I am a boy.” Vic looked at the boy with a bit of anger after that insult. “Please excuse my brother.” Rick said looking from Vic to his brother. “You are so rude, indeed very evil boy, as mom says.” “I am not evil.” Carl’s smile went to a deep stare, “I still have my pants on, seeeeeee?” He pointed towards his swimming shorts. Vic looked on as the elder boy took the hand of the cheeky little one and stroll away. It was the first time that someone said he was a girl, now he wondered about that wink he did get earlier, deciding just there and then that his hair just had to go. His mom will lose it when she sees he cut it off, but hell, mistaken for a girl? No way. He stood up and walked back to the main road, he remembered that there was a barbershop across the street from the sports shop. He walked straight to it. “Morning, can we help you?” The huge bearded man behind the counter asked as Vic entered the barbershop. “Morning, sir.” Vic felt intimidated by the man’s size, and that beard made him look if he was part of a biker group, “Need a cut, please.” “Sure.” The man pointed him to the empty chair in front of the mirrors. Vic sat down in it, “Just the dead ends?” “No, all of it.” Vic said. “You know it will take years before it will grow back to this length, are you sure, and does your mother know?” The barber asked. “No, she does not. She sent me to Tony for the vacation and a little boy just called me a girl.” Vic said annoyed reflecting on the boy’s statement to his brother. “Tell me what you want?” The barber asked. “Short on the sides, bit longer on top, comb forward with a fringe that pops upwards” Vic said with a showing of his hands. “Bit of an old style that, but if that’s what you want, sure.” The barber said while hanging a plastic cloth around the boy so that the hair does not get stuck in his clothes, Vic looked on as the man took the trimmer and started, seeing his long hair fall to the ground. He wanted to stop, changed his mind, but it was too late. The only thing he could do was to close his eyes and let it happen. He knew he will be in big trouble soon he gets home, not even wanting to think what Tony will say. He wanted to scratch his nose, but couldn’t, hands were trapped under the plastic. The clipper was replaced with scissors, but he still kept eyes closed, feeling the burn his butt will have after his mom is finished with him. His thoughts went back to that day when he was with Mike in his room, Mike was laying on his bed and Vic lying next to him, sucking him. “Geez, that feels awesome.” Mike said, “You sucking on my dick while your hair is brushing over my body, sweet.” Vic could remember how he struggled to wash the white pee that came from Mike’s dick. How he had to explain on why his hair smelled like cheap apple shampoo. He told her that some boy threw mayo over his head at school and the gym teacher gave him his shampoo to use. “There you go boy.” The barber said once he was done. Vic opened his eyes, hardly recognizing himself in the mirror. Ever since he could remember he had long hair. Even thou his ears was normal and close to his head, they looked huge, like a wingnut. He took a hand and felt over it, it felt stiff, must be the gel the man used, it felt cold against his head when he did it. He turned his head from side to side and looked at the barber standing crossed armed, he had a tattoo on each lower arm, one side said NAUGTY and the other NICE. “Perfect. Thank you, sir.” Vic said and was greeted with a smile from the barber. How much do I owe you?” “Nothing.” The barber handed him a new jar of gel, “You will need this, ask Tony how to use it.” “Why for free?” Vic was confused. “My boy, your smile was enough payment, seeing you transformed like this, just an added bonus.” The barber turned back to the counter, “Tell Tony that Santa said hi. O, I will suggest you get a hat of some sort, your scalp is not used to sun.” Vic thanked the man who called himself Santa and went back to the street. He looked around and saw on the one building a clock, just above the roof. It was almost 11, so he darted over the street, back into the sports shop. “Good morning there.” The same saleslady greeted him, “Have we met before? You look kind of familiar.” “Morning, ma’am.” Vic decided he wanted to see how long it will take her to recognize him, “Just want to get a few things.” “Just call if you need anything.” The lady said, but it was to the back of Vic. Vic walked straight to the camping light section, he looked a bit and found what he was looking for, a LED lamp that used both batteries and solar power. He looked at the price and took it. He saw the small radios next to the lamps. There was one that had a winding handle on the side, he had seen them before, Mike has one, you wind it up for a few seconds and the radio will play without electricity or batteries. He looked at the price and took it. He remembered the barber’s warning as he walked past the hats and caps. He looked at the caps for a few seconds and decided on a dirty pink one with the word Boy embroidered on it with a light blue. He grabbed a bottle of shower gel on his way to the counter where the saleslady was waiting on him. “I know who you are now.” She said looking at Vic, “You that boy that was with old man Tony earlier, am I right?” “Yes, that’s me.” Vic said but felt he needed to explain, “Some kid called me a girl.” “Well, handsome, it is a very nice change.” She rang the items up, “That will be 765 please.” Vic looked in his wallet, he had only 600 in cash, but his mom gave him a credit card for emergencies, well this is an emergency, to be in a place where there is nothing else to than reading and oil lamps at night – what she going to do, drive here to fetch him? Well it’s a win-win thing here. He gave her the card. She looked at him and decided to charge it to the card. “If I did not know you were with Tony, I would not have accepted this card,” She looked at him, “Just remember, this is not emergency stuff and you will get it soon you get home.” “I know, but how did you know it was in case of emergencies?” Vic asked. “I have an older son as well and he has an emergency card as well, he misused it once, never again.” She said while handing him the brown paper bag filled with his ’emergency’ supplies. Vic thanked her and ran towards the pharmacy, it’s just past 11 and Tony might be angry at him for being late. He crossed the street, almost being ran over for not looking, the angry driver gave him a mouthful before driving off again. He looked right and left again before crossing the rest of the road. He came to a standstill in front of the pharmacy. No sign of Tony. He waited. He waited till 11:20, but still no sign of the old man, Vic wished he had his phone with him, but he forgotten it at Tony’s place with the rush this morning. He turned around and walked into the pharmacy, remembering that Tony said he will pick up his medicine when they return. He asked the old man at the counter if he has seen Tony, he was told Tony was here and left already. He could feel the bags getting heavier when he went back outside. Did Tony forget him here? He is old and old people forget things. He felt all alone in a town he does not know, wanting to cry. To be continued. Please email me with comments, good or bad, or just to say ail Thank you V for who I wrote the story, a great friend indeed.

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