Subject: Boy From The Shed – Chapter 79 Thank you for taking time to look at my story “Boy From The Shed” This is my first story with sexual content, it is all loving and gentle. If intergenerational themes are not for you, then you may not like this story. This is a work of fiction. If you do like it I would love to hear from you, you can email me at: sparky.story@protonmail or comment on the website https://theboyfromtheshed.wordpress/ Please help support , they provide us with a wonderful resource and they rely on donations to keep the site running fty/donate.html Please check out the website for the story, it has all the chapters on it in a more content rich environment, it also has character lists and images of things and places we see in the story to give more context. New chapters will also be released earlier on the website before they are posted anywhere else. The aim is to give readers a more dynamic experience, also content involving non-gay relationships from the story will be available on the website. You can also take part in votes on the website that affect the story!! Character list on website has been updated and expanded!! My website also has links to other stories like this one, https://theboyfromtheshed.wordpress/ Please give it a look! There is much more story to come!! Sparky Boy From The Shed – Chapter 79 By Sparky In the morning Jack was awake early as normal, even on Sunday there could be no lie in, the animals still needed feeding as was their routine. Like yesterday Tanner and Max woke up too as he tried to sneak out of bed. Jack again told them they could stay in bed but the boys were having none of it, “We want to come grandad… hey why don’t you just wear a t-shirt too” Tanner said grinning, “Yeah grandad!… wear a t-shirt like us!!” Max said excitedly, Jack thought about it for a moment, he really didn’t want to disappoint the boys and it was much warmer in the mornings now they were well into spring, “Ok boys… t-shirts it is!” Jack said smiling at them, Tanner and Max quickly hugged Jack as he sat on the side of the bed, he enjoyed the warmth of their bodies and their love. After a quick trip to the toilet where they all pee’d together, Jack sorted out t-shirts for them finding a long t-shirt for himself that just about covered his dick and balls. They had a coffee and hot chocolate in the kitchen before heading out to feed the few animals and collect the eggs. The boys were in a silly mood and ran around giggling and having fun helping Jack with the chores. Every time Max bent over to pick up eggs from the nesting boxes, Tanner would grab his hips and pretend to hump him. Jack chuckled every time he saw it as the boys giggled and laughed. With the three of them working together the chores were done quickly, they took the eggs into the kitchen and made fresh hot drinks, “You wanna come with me while I drive around the perimeter of the farm checking the fences?” Jack asked the boys, “Yes grandad!” Max answered happily while Tanner agreed too. “Well lets put the drinks in insulated cups and take them with us” Jack said smiling. Jack also got them some snacks to eat as they drove around the farm, Tanner grabbed a rucksack from his room to put the snacks in and soon they were heading back outside still wearing only t-shirts. Jack led them to his old Land Rover and after covering the bench seat in the front with a towel he had brought with them they all jumped in and sat down. Jack knew the old bench seat would be cold and dirty, so he knew a towel would make it much more comfortable for them. He fired up the old Land Rovers diesel engine and soon they were driving down the drive to start the fence check at the front gate. At the gate they turned right and drove into the woods, they weaved their way through the trees following tracks made by the Land Rover on previous fence checks. For some of the way they drove parallel to the main road till the road turned away and they drove bordering land that belonged to another farm. It was a slow drive as they weaved their way through the woods, but the boys loved it. The old Land Rover chugged away carrying them with ease over the rough terrain, occasionally they would disturb deer and see them running away. After half an hour of driving the woods opened up and they entered the northern fields, they drove along the fence line a bit quicker now that they didn’t have to avoid trees. After a minute or so in the field Jack stopped the Land Rover, “You two wanna steer while I do the peddles?” Jack asked the boys, Tanner and Max were being so good he wanted to do something nice for them, there was no way they could drive the Land Rover on their own, the peddles were too far away and too hard for the boys to use safely. Max went first and climbed into Jack’s lap, he got comfortable and Jack started the vehicle moving, Jack had made sure when they first got into the Land Rover to put the heating on, by now it was getting warm in the small enclosed cab. Tanner while grinning took off his t-shirt leaving him naked in the vehicle, Jack looked at him and smiled, “Stop the car a sec grandad” Tanner said grinning as scooted over to Max, Jack stopped the car and Tanner lifted Max’s t-shirt off as his little boyfriend lifted his arms up. Then Max smiled at Jack, “You too grandad!” he grinned as he reached for Jack’s t-shirt. Tanner lifted it off Jack leaving everyone in the Land Rover naked, by now they were all very much erect and Jack had to pull his erection up and behind Max as it had been painfully trapped under him. Jack started to drive again, Max was still steering, Max pulled Jack’s hand down to his little boner and Jack gently played with his little grandsons boner as they continued to drive the boundary of the farm. After another ten minutes they were driving along side the river heading back towards the farm buildings, Jack stopped and Tanner got into his lap, they started driving again while Tanner steered this time and Jack played with Tanner’s dick. Soon they saw the farm buildings come into view they continued past them and through another gate and back into woods again. They slowed down but Tanner was doing fine steering with a little help from Jack. “Ok grandad stop here” Tanner said grinning as they found themselves surrounded by trees, Jack stopped and Tanner climbed off his lap, Tanner turned round kneeling on the middle seat and kissed Jack on the lips. Jack turned his body to face Tanner and hugged his grandson as they kissed, Max scooted up behind Tanner and hugged him from behind, making sure to press his little boy-boner into Tanner’s butt. Jack was very turned on by it all, but more than that he felt the love the boys showed him, they didn’t care about his age or what he looked like, they just loved him unconditionally and showed it like they did to their dads or their brothers. The boys loved to be intimate as did Jack, doing stuff in different places just added to the fun and excitement of it. Tanner stopped kissing Jack and grabbed his rucksack off the floor, he pulled out a tube of Timmy’s cream and handed it to Max grinning, “You hump me while I suck grandad ok” Tanner said before kissing Max, Jack watched as the two boys on their knees on the seats next to him began a passionate kiss, it was a wonderful sight filled with love and happiness. After they broke the kiss Tanner turned to Jack and got down on his hands and knees, he grinned up at Jack before bending right down and sucking in Jack’s dick. Jack gasped and moaned as Tanner’s little tongue rasped against his now exposed bell end, Tanner manipulated his grandads foreskin as he lovingly sucked away,. Max lubed up Tanner’s boy-hole and his own little boy-boner before standing on his knees behind Tanner and slowly working his willy into his boyfriends boy-hole. Max started rabbit humping Tanner as all three passengers moaned and gasped, the excitement of doing it outside in the car adding to the sensations they all felt. Jack reached his left hand out and underneath elazığ escort Tanner and wanked his little boner as Tanner sucked his dick. With the added excitement it didn’t take long for all three to reach their orgasms, they had all been erect for nearly an hour and were soon peaking. Max gasped first as his boy-gasm washed over him, Tanner came next Jack feeling his boner flexing in his fingers as Tanner basked in his tingles, Jack with Tanner still sucking his dick came last and after warning Tanner he came in Tanner’s mouth and his grandson swallowed as much as he could. After they rested for a moment Tanner grabbed the baby wipes he had also put in his rucksack and they all cleaned themselves up. Tanner and Max pulled Jack into the passenger seat away from the steering wheel so they could climb into his lap and cuddled. With the engine still running and the heater keeping them warm, they cuddled together for quite a while enjoying the closeness they all felt. As much as they would have liked to cuddle longer, they needed to keep driving. It had already been one and a half hours since they started checking the fences and the others would be up by now. The last part of the journey was much smaller as most of the land was to the north, half an hour later they were pulling up outside the house, all three very happy and cuddly. Since it was much warmer out now they stayed naked and put their t-shirts in the rucksack before getting out the car. They walked hand in hand back into the house. Even though they had been out driving for two hours it was still only 9:30 am and they found that most people were still in bed, Leo and Mike were up and making breakfast, they told Jack, Tanner and Max to go relax in the lounge and leave breakfast to them. So grandad sat on the sofa with Tanner and Max cuddled on his lap as they watched cartoons together. Jack cuddled and kissed Tanner and Max as they watched TV, the love he felt for them was overwhelming but he wouldn’t change it for the world. Meanwhile Gabby had taken a walk around the farm to clear his head that had been heavy as of late, he knew more than ever he needed to talk to Zach. As he approached the room they had been staying in he heard the sound of Zach’s voice, but also the voices of Tilly and Timmy. Gabby stood in the doorway and saw Zach on the bed reading a book to the two naked little kids, he listened with a smile on his face until Timmy spotted him. “Hi Gabby!” Timmy said brightly, “Hi” Tilly said sweetly, “Hey guys… if you wouldn’t mind could you give us a minute?” Gabby asked, “Sure!” Timmy replied, “Come on Tilly… let’s go play” he quickly added, “Ok… I want to go see the animals soon” Tilly said, “Thanks for the story Zachy” the two little kids said in unison as they got up from the bed, “He’s really nice” Timmy said after taking Gabby’s hand and looking up at him with a big smile before leaving the room with Tilly, “They’re sweet” Zach said, “You’re so good with kids… I guess the kids at the centre must be missing you” Gabby said, “So what do you want to talk to me about Gabby?” Zach asked, “Er” Gabby said nervously, “Are you..nervous?” Zach asked shocked, “Kinda” Gabby replied as he rubbed his arm and looked away, “Wow..I’ve never seen you nervous in all the time I’ve known you” Zach said, “Step into my office” he added as he patted the seat next to him on the bed, As Gabby sat next to Zach his mind raced with a thousand thoughts, his heart beat faster than he ever thought possible, and for the first time in his life he was truly scared. He became lost in his thoughts and emotions, he found himself unable to speak but soon Zach placed his hand on top of Gabby’s. “Do you remember the first time we ever had sex?” Zach asked, “I remember it like it was yesterday… nine years old and I was so nervous… then the moment you kissed me it was like a flame… it melted all my fears away in an instant… that day I became yours… it was almost like that flame branded your name on my heart” he added emotionally, “Why are you bringing this up all of a sudden?” Gabby asked quietly, “I think it’s clear that we both have had things on our mind Gabby” Zach replied, “Have you come to tell me you want something more with Brandy? He’s cute and charming… I see how happy you are with him” he added, “That’s not it at all… he’s just a friend” Gabby replied, “Sometimes I feel like such a fool you know… chasing after the boy everyone wants…. I don’t have the looks or the charisma… I am a plain ordinary nerd chasing after an angel” Zach said, “I hate it when you talk like that” Gabby said, “Why?” Zach asked, “Because” Gabby replied, “Because why?” Zach persisted, “Because you don’t know how much you mean to me… that’s why” Gabby said, “How can I when you won’t tell me?” Zach asked as his lip began to quiver, “I’m telling you now” Gabby said as he placed his hand on Zach’s face and the two teens stared emotionally into each other’s eyes, “I love you Zach” he added and kissed Zach passionately, “I’ve loved you from that first kiss… as much as you say you become mine… I became yours… but I have just been so scared to admit it” Gabby said after he broke from the kiss, “But I can’t keep on being scared” he added, “So what are you saying?” Zach asked, “I’m saying it’s time we start exploring what we have more seriously when we get home” Gabby replied, “Like boyfriends?” Zach asked, “Do we have to use labels right now? Or can we just say you caught your angel?” Gabby asked, “I like the term boyfriend myself” Zach replied with a grin which made Gabby sigh, “Then” Gabby said as he took Zach’s hand, “We are boyfriends” he added and Zach pulled him in close, the pair kissed even more passionately, “I thought you’d never ask” Zach said as he broke from their kiss and pulled Gabby in close, By 10am breakfast was ready and Tanner and Max got everybody up, Jack went to get dressed before breakfast as were the other adults, the boys however all remained naked as they preferred. Little Tilly was enjoying her time at the farm and was soon asking to go and see the animals again. After breakfast Carl and Lizzy took her out to see them, their naked daughter running off ahead of them, the boys had decided to ride the buggies this morning and had taken themselves off to do that, Gabby, Zach and Brandy headed of for a walk to spend some time together, they were all well aware that this was Gabby, Zach and Tucker’s last day, in the morning they would be returning to the states. Gabby was feeling much less anxious about it having spent and extra week with his UK family, they talked about when Gabby would be coming back to visit again, they also talked about the summer holiday to Spain, Gabby asked if Leo and Mike liked Spain and Brandy told him they went there every year. Gabby had been to Spain, although he knew it was a popular holiday destination for Brits more than Americans, he could in fact speak Spanish as he had learned it from Mexican friends back home. The teens continued to walk and explore as they talked, on foot they were going to places they had never been while riding the bikes or in the buggies. Tucker with help from Leo had booked a spa session for himself and the mums, he surprised them with it the night before and they would be leaving the farm just before lunchtime, Tucker was very excited as they left for the spa in Karen’s car leaving Leo with baby Luke. At lunchtime everyone came back to the main house and ate a light lunch together, they ate and talked as Carl and Lizzy asked the American boys about their home. After lunch Carl, Lizzy, Tilly, Steven and Josh went home after the kids got dressed. They had stuff they needed to do before Monday arrived. During the afternoon the teens supervised the swimming pool while Jack, Leo, Mike and Bradley talked about the farm and things they wanted to do. With the first activity camp less than two weeks away they had to discuss what activities they were going to do, the elvankent escort buggies gave them an easy first activity for there list, swimming in the pool an equally easy second. Jack thought with all the stuff they had laying around on the farm they could build an assault course with ease. So that was added and Jack said he would start on it in the morning. Even though they had the river, until they had life jackets and canoes they decided against using it. Mike suggested letting the boys build their own little sleeping rooms in the hay bales, with help from the adults. They thought about stacking the bales maybe 4 high leaving them open fronted and put timber and more bales over the top. That would keep them cosy and warm, it would also create an activity for the boys to do and then use them at night. With the grassy field next to the buildings they could easily play football or other sports. After a while they had a whole list of easy to organise activities and were happy with what they had planned. They also talked about the minibus they were getting Monday, Jack suggested putting a tow-bar on it so they could take a trailer to put luggage in if they went camping somewhere off the farm. The farm already had a trailer they could use for this, the dads liked the idea and talked about taking the club on a trip to mount Snowden or somewhere like that in summer. While Jack and the dads where having their meeting, Tucker and the mums were being pampered at the spa, they were all having a wonderfully relaxing time till it came time for Tucker to get his massage, the masseuse a young guy had already worked on Susan and Karen, while they were in the sauna he had Tina and Tucker to do. He started with Tucker who thought the 20 yr old was cute. No sooner had the guy started on Tucker’s back, the boy had to lift his hips up to adjust his boner. Tina chuckled loudly making the guy called Tony grin and chuckle too. Tucker would have grinned but he was just too relaxed and horny. When Tony had finished Tucker’s back he helped the boy roll over so he could do his front, the small towel covering Tucker penis and butt did nothing to hide his boner, from Tucker’s position on the table he could see Tony was boned up too. He lifted his butt and grabbed his towel and pulled it off, “It’s uncomfortable” he said now grinning at Tony Tina too could see Tony was boned up, she got up from her chair and walked over to them, “I’m gonna join the others for a bit while Tony finishes you off” Tina said giggling, Tony looked at Tina and saw she was ok with what was happening, “Don’t forget this…” she said waggling Tucker’s boner, “It will take some work to get this muscle to relax” she laughed letting Tucker’s penis go and leaving the room. Tony was the only one working as the small spa only had Tucker and the mums booked in. Tony started to massage Tucker again teasing the boy by avoiding his throbbing boner, he could see the need in Tucker’s face for release. As he stood beside Tucker’s chest the boy reached out and pulled the front of Tony’s tracksuit bottoms and boxers down releasing Tony’s boner. He took hold of it with his hand and gently stroked it as Tony massaged his tummy and chest. Tony let Tucker have his fun, Tucker might be a lot younger than the guys Tony normally has sex with, but there was no denying that Tucker was cute and knew what he was doing, it was also clear that the women knew what Tucker was like after Tina left them to it. Tucker soon found Tony was stroking his little boner and he loved it, he moaned as Tony’s oil slicked hands rubbed and fondled his rock hard boy-boner. Soon Tucker could take no more and he shot his little load into Tony’s hand. Tony smiled at the boy as he took his hand to his mouth and licked the boy-cum off it. As Tucker bathed in his post orgasmic bliss, Tony finished of massaging him. When he was done he sat Tucker in a recliner chair to relax and recover and went to get Tina. Tony worked on Tina after she chuckled at seeing Tucker in a blissful state. “He’s such a nice boy… and has good taste in men” Tina teased Tony swatting his butt playfully. “Thank you” Tony grinned, seeing that Tina was fine with him, “It’s nice to see him happy” Tina said as she looked over at a still blissful Tucker, “Well he seemed to enjoy his massage” chuckled Tony, “I bet he did… so I assume your gay?” Tina asked smiling, “Yeah… how did you know?” Tony asked, “All the nice guys are gay” Tina chuckled thinking about Leo and Mike. Tony blushed as he applied oil to Tina’s back, he rubbed it in a bit and tugged her towel a little lower, “Since your gay and all… just pull the towel off” Tina chuckled, So Tony removed the towel leaving Tina naked and spent some time massaging her, when she was done Tucker was back to normal and trying to get Tony’s pants down making Tina laugh. When she got up she watched Tony trying to fend off Tucker as she stretched out her relaxed muscles. “Hey Tony.. wanna join us in the sauna” Tina asked, “Well we’re not really supposed to do that” Tony said sadly, “Well your not suppose to wank off customers either… so why not” Tina said smiling as Tucker was still trying to strip Tony, “Will the others mind?” Tony asked, “No they wont… we all now what Tucker is like and love him… so come on… join us” Tina said grinning at the young man. “Well… ok then” Tony said starting to smile and let go of his pants letting Tucker pull them down. Tony striped off and wrapped a towel around his waist. As they walked to to sauna in the next room Tucker kept trying to pull the towel off, he wanted Tony naked like he was. “You are pretty persistent” Tony said ruffling Tucker’s hair, “Well that’s coz yous a cutie” Tucker said grinning. “Well you’re rather cute too” Tony said as they entered the sauna, Susan and Karen looked surprised to see Tony but smiled anyway, “I invited him to join seen as Tucker has taken a liking to him” Tina told them smiling, “Yeah we can see that” Karen said looking at Tucker’s boner, “Yeah after a hard massage he is a little worked up” Tina joked, The mums giggled while Tony and Tina sat down in the sauna, Tucker pulled off Tony’s towel and sat in Tony’s lap facing him, boner to boner. He smiled at Tony as he gently ground his groin into Tony’s. “He is very horny today” Susan commented laughing, “Is he always like this?” Tony asked chuckling, “Yeah pretty much… when he is around cute guys” Karen said grinning, “Don’t bother Karen… he’s gay” Tina said laughing, “Damn… why are all the nice ones gay?” Karen asked, “That’s what I said” Tina laughed, “Aww stop it… your embarrassing the poor boy” Susan said smiling at Tony Tony just shook his head and smiled at the mums, he was used to being flirted with, it happened a lot at work, but never had he been flirted with while a 12 year old boy was grinding their boners together. Still he was enjoying it so he kept smiling and hugged Tucker who stopped grinding to have a cuddle with Tony. The heat of the sauna was very relaxing and they all talked quietly as they enjoyed soaking up the heat. A short while later and Tucker got off Tony’s lap and started to suck on his erect penis, the mums just smiled as Tony looked at them, so he closed his eyes and enjoyed the blow-job. After a few minutes Tucker got up grinning and ran out the sauna, his boy-boner leading the way. In less than a minute he returned to the puzzled adults with a bottle of baby oil. Tina laughed when she saw it knowing what Tucker wanted. “Can you lay down along the bench” Tucker asked Tony, Tony laid down thinking he was going to get a massage, he changed his mind though when Tucker lubed him up with the oil and then lubed his little butt. Tucker straddled Tony and lowered himself down guiding Tony’s dick to his boy-hole. “You sure Tucker… I don’t want to hurt you” Tony said worried, “It’s fine… I can take you” Tucker replied smiling lustfully, Tucker lowered himself on to Tony as the mums watched eryaman escort with interest. Before long Tucker was riding Tony like a cowboy and loving it. Tony was in heaven as this cute boy had his way with him. The mums continued to watch and chat quietly, enjoying the show. Before long Tucker was cumming and that set Tony off, they both shot their loads and and Tucker collapsed onto Tony and was immediately hugged tight. The heat of the sauna having taken it’s toll on Tucker made the boy fall asleep in seconds as he cuddled up. The mums thought it was all very cute, although they all wished it was them getting the young Tony’s dick. After a few more minutes Susan and Karen needed to get out, they had been in there off and on four an hour, Tina got up to as it was starting to get late, “Bring him with you and shower him” Tina said to Tony stroking his face softly. Tony carried a sleepy Tucker to a shower and gently washed, Tucker woke up more but was still worn out, he did enjoy being washed though. After the shower Tony helped Tucker get dressed, he was surprised when they first arrived to see Tucker in a sweet yellow dress, but now he helped slip it on the boy without a second thought. “You gonna come again?” Tony asked Tucker, “I gots to fly back home tomorrow… but next time I come over sure!” Tucker said smiling, “Good… I look forward to it… it was a real pleasure to meet you Tucker” Tony said lovingly as he kissed Tucker’s head, “It was real nice to meet you too” Tucker said smiling happily. As Tony walked the to the door once everyone was dressed, he was hugged by all the mums, “Thanks for being nice to him” Tina whispered as she hugged Tony, “Anytime… he’s really sweet” Tony whispered back. Tucker was the last one to hug, Tony picked him up as they hugged, Tucker was very happy and smiled happily. Tony gave him a kiss on the cheek and Tucker gave Tony a kiss on the lips. Tony set the boy back down and smiled at him, “I’ll see you next time” Tony said ruffling Tucker’s hair, “Cool… bye sweetie” Tucker said with a wink as they walked out the door. As they walked to the car Karen held Tucker’s hand, “You had a good time then” she said to him, “Yeah… Tony was nice…” Tucker said smiling, “He was nice… there are lots of nice people out there… you just got to find them” Karen said trying to make a point, “I know… it’s just hard is all” Tucker said, “I know it is honey… but look at how much fun you had today… and with Leo and Mike… a little bit of love is way better than a little bit of sex don’t you think?” Karen said as they arrived at the car. “Guess so… I did like him treating me nice and all” Tucker said smiling. “We know… we saw!” Tina chuckled, On they way back to the farm Tucker thought about things a bit, he concluded that maybe he should try letting people in a bit more, he had not meant to with Tony, but the way Tony relaxed him with the massage lowered his defences a bit, also having Tina there helped too. He looked forward to coming back to the UK and seeing Tony again. During the afternoon Max had been picked up by Martin and Janice, they also picked up Tanner and took the boys out for food, Janice wanted them to know she was ok with them being boyfriends. They had a lovely time and ended up back at Martin’s house later, the boys let Janice see them kissing and cuddling and finally felt safe to express their love in front of her. It was decided during the afternoon that Tanner would stay the night at Martin’s house with Max now that Janice knew and approved of their relationship. At the main house the boys were all over their American friends, this was their last night till they visited again, most of the evening was spent cuddled on the sofas watching movies and talking, as the evening wore on the boys started to get sleepy and were put to bed, they had spent the afternoon in the pool and had shared their intimate love there. Gabby, Zach and Brandy shared Brandy’s bed alone as the younger boys were all asleep, Tucker went to bed with Leo and Mike, he was treated to a little more pampering before they fell asleep. Bradley and Tyler cuddled up in bed at their home and fell asleep in each others arms. In the morning Jack was up early as normal and was soon joined by Mike, they had a coffee together before Jack headed out to do chores on his own since his usual helpers were at Martin’s house. Once Tina came to the main house her and Mike headed off to work, Leo got up and soon had all the boys awake too, they all had quick showers before getting into their school uniforms, the American boys were inundated with hugs and kisses as everyone got ready to head off to school. Gabby was much calmer today than he had been a week ago, this time it was Tucker who wanted to stay longer and Gabby had to comfort him as he was feeling sad about leaving. Gabby reminded him that Henry was waiting at home for Tucker to return and would be making sure that Tucker felt very loved when he got back home. While the boys ate breakfast Gabby and Brandy went for a walk alone, “You know meeting you in person has been wonderful Brandy” Gabby said as they walked, “Well meeting you in person has been good for me too” Brandy chuckled as he put his arm around Gabby’s shoulders, “And meeting your family has been great too” Gabby said, “Well meeting Tucker has been… an experience” laughed Brandy making Gabby chuckle, “He is an experience for sure… but we don’t often see him this relaxed around people… he is normally a lot more guarded and well… rude” Gabby said smiling, “Well I think he just liked what he found here… hopefully one day he will be able to trust people more” Brandy said, “I hope so too… he is so sweet when he feels safe and happy” Gabby said lovingly, “So you gonna be ok this time?” Brandy said chuckling, “Yeah… after 10 days I am ready to go home… you lot have worn me out” laughed Gabby, “Yeah… moving wore us all out” Brandy agreed, “Not just the moving… your brothers are very horny” Gabby laughed, “Yes they are… and now your running away I have to look after them on my own!” Brandy said laughing, “Well just be strong and we’ll be back in May” Gabby said smiling, “I’ll try!… well we better head back” Brandy said smiling too, They talked more on the way back to the house, both were feeling much better this time than when Gabby was supposed to leave a week ago. Back at the house Gabby was fussed over by the boys, the dads, the mums and Jack. A short while later Bradley was getting the boys into the cars after they had said their final good byes to their American brothers, all of them knowing they would be back in 6 weeks or so. Martin and Bradley took the boys to school, leaving Leo to talk and spend time with Gabby, Zach and Tucker before the car came to pick them up. On the sofas Gabby and Zach sat either side of Leo while Tucker was in Leo’s lap, “So you gonna come back and see us again?” Leo asked Tucker as he cuddled him, “Yeah…” Tucker said quietly, “I’ll miss you… you know” Leo said as he stroked Tucker’s long hair, “I’ll miss you too” Tucker said softly, “And never forget Tucker… I love you very much” Leo said lovingly, After a pause Tucker looked up at Leo’s face, “I… I love you too” Tucker said before burying his head back into Leo’s chest. Gabby and Zach looked at each other shocked and smiled, hearing Tucker say those words is very rare and it showed how much he liked Leo for him to say them. Leo cuddled the boy tight and they stayed like that till the car arrived at the front gate and rang the gate buzzer. Jack let the car in and went out to meet it while Gabby, Zach and Tucker grabbed their bags and went outside with them. After a final round of hugs with Leo, Jack, Susan and Karen, the American boys got into the car and drove away. “Think they will be back in a few minutes?” Susan said smiling, “No… not this time… we’ll have to wait till May to see them again” Leo sad sadly, “Well lot’s to do before then!” Jack said smiling, “Yep… we better get moving… they will be back soon enough” Karen said, “Yeah they will… our wonderful American boys” Leo said smiling. Chapter 80 soon! Read it first or check out my other stories ess/ Thanks for reading and I hope you liked it. Sparky

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