Brave New World

With apologies to those who have used the title words before, this story is, needless to say, one of pure fantasy. In no way does it imply the author believes that boys should be treated in the manner they are in this fantasy, but the author does acknowledge that there are those who find such fantasies erotic, indeed perhaps more than just a few. For those who do, and for those who wonder if they do, this story may be regarded as a cathartic exercise, by all means fantasise but do not feel tempted to turn fantasy into reality!

Naturally, given the nature and content of this fantasy, it is not intended for those of an insufficient age to read it, so if you are not yet 18, read about Noddy and Big Ears instead. And if you are 18 or more, then please consider donating a little something to Nifty so they can keep stories for you coming.


Brave New World

Chapter Nineteen



SO697 looked down with pride on the magnificent Fuck Park (now the official name, the women having been granted the name of Fanny Garden for their pastoral pleasure space) that his father had created. Some clusters of rhododendron bushes were still in full bloom though it was now late summer, and those bushes would remain in full bloom even in the depths of winter.

The State was blessed with a climate that varied by only a few degrees from high summer to mid-winter, but it wasn”t the climate that kept those bushes in bloom, it was because they were artificial creations. An imaginative young engineer, SO88, had made the connection between leaves capturing light for photosynthesis, and things that looked like leaves capturing that light for heat. The artificial rhododendrons were in fact solar powered storage heaters, radiating heat on cold days and nights so men and boys could fuck al fresco no matter what the weather.

Many of the Fuck Park”s trees were similar, they looked like trees but their leaves captured light and their trunks radiated heat.

It had added three more years to the Park”s creation, but the non-artificial areas were ready and open for fucking after only two years work.

SO697 was thirty now, twelve years had passed since he became a Judge and sentenced a fourteen year old boy guilty of perversion into the care of SO7 for rehabilitation and unwittingly gave rise to `Torture Time”, the most watched television broadcast ever.

SO7 had, surprisingly, not become tired with that boy and had kept him in his chains and in his bed until he became 16X, the boy happily co-operating in devising new and interesting ways to be tormented and tortured and revelling totally in post-torture fucks.

`Torture Time” had to come to an end when 16X reached seventeen, but one enterprising broadcasting company had instantly signed the now adult ex16X up to star in a new sitcom, and as STr666 he made a fortune for both himself and the broadcasters as a young adult unexpectedly finding himself the head of a family of five young boys, struggling to cope with the parental tasks of teaching them what their mouths, arses, and, as the boys got older, what their cocks were for.

The Fuckable Five, as the soap was called, ran twice a week and always to huge audiences; the boys were frequently naughty and needed to be disciplined regularly, and of course, the boy cast changed over time, new young boys coming in to replace the ones who became adults.

The show had absolutely no artistic merit but it was carefully scripted to emphasise the important part incest played in a boy”s healthy development, a factor that had been heavily emphasised by the Commission of Enquiry set up as a result of SO697″s judgement in the Perversion Trial.

That Commission had made other recommendations as well, two of which were very important.

A survey by Social Services revealed a surprising number of fatherless boys, mostly in Status Four. Those in a higher Status were usually taken care of by uncles or grandparents, but not so in Status Four where extra mouths to feed were an unsustainable financial burden.

Many of those unfortunate Status Four boys were able to survive on handouts from the men who used their mouths and arses, but, naturally, that lifeline dried up when the boys began to grow hairs. The Commission recommended and the State Council agreed that a public showers be erected in all Status Four areas with the same ingredient in the water as that used in establishments so Status Four boys could remain respectably and desirably smooth and thus be able to sustain themselves while they were boys.

The other recommendation required a change in the Law and was hotly debated both in State Council and State Assembly, the eventual decision influenced by a research paper from a Doctor of Nutrition in the University.

Life expectancy in the State came in at around ninety years, with the vast majority of men retaining full use of karabük escort their cocks right up to their last gasps. It had always been accepted that this was due to the diet � lots of fish and seafood � but the research paper indicated that another element of diet was the main factor in men being still able to fuck well into their eighties.

Adolescent sperm was the crucial element it appeared, and the younger that sperm was the more efficient it was. Nutritional effects, the research paper claimed, lessened as boys aged, peaking at fourteen and almost non-existent by late sixteen.

This fitted so neatly with the Founding Fathers designation of the seventeenth birthday as the age of adulthood that it was accepted even without conclusive scientific evidence, the Ministry of Health advising that all men should make sure they had their `Five a Day”.

For men with spunk squirting sons or grandsons this was not a problem; adolescent cock needs a lot of attention and social media constantly reminded boys to `Give Daddy a load”. A regular part of Str666″s television show, the Fuckable Five, was a hilarious morning scene of fraternal squabbling as teenage boys fought to be the first to get their cocks in daddy”s mouth.

More of a problem, though, for the elderly and the young adults, men who had no teenage cock in their beds at night and who were obliged to rely on casual cock and the establishment. Any teenage boy, of course, was `casual cock” when not required by his father or other needy relative, but social snobbery removed Status One boys from the mouths of the general population and Status Four men had never given a toss if a boy had hairs, so going smooth was regarded still by Status Four boys as `acting all posh” and generally regarded as not a Status Four thing, so the available casual spunking cock was really limited to the cocks of boys in Status Three and Status Two.

Also, generally speaking, most boys do not want all their spunk sucked out by men; boys naturally want to play with other boys and they want, and need, to fuck as well as suck and be sucked. Boy play is an essential part of a boy”s development, necessary to encourage appreciation of boy mouth, cock and arse so boys do not go through their teens developing an exclusive desire for only men and be faced with disturbing mental trauma when they became adults and could be no longer used by men.

Fortunately, the new Secretary of State was a convert to the belief both in incest and to the vital necessity of boys getting as much boy cock and arse as they could, the magnificent statues of his own unfortunate sons forming a triumphal arch at the entrance of the Fuck Park.

Far from being disgraced, SO15 had been the subject of a Sate wide wave of sympathy and approbation after The Daily Balls had published a leader article proclaiming the heroism of SO151 and SO152 in putting the welfare of the State above their own lives and wholeheartedly endorsed the recommendation of SO1 and the Founding Families that they be accorded the honour of being Heroes of the State and have statues erected in their honour.

SO15 had won an overwhelming victory in the next elections, standing as a candidate for the new political party, `Queers and Incest Rights”, a party formed by the surprising merger of `Incest First”, `Citizens Rights” and the new `Queers Rule”, with the promise to do all he could to institute any reforms necessary to ensure that all citizens, adult and boy, enjoyed proper and sexually satisfying lives.

That determination led to the second change resulting from the Commission”s recommendations, the one that had been the subject of prolonged debate.

Called by SO15 to give evidence to the Council, SO697 had argued that, whilst inter-Status boy sex was rightly prohibited by Law, adults were permitted to use boys of any Status and the convention that affairs between adults of one Status and boys of another were undesirable, was simply that � a convention and not a law. SO697 agreed that such affairs may be socially undesirable but that there was nothing in the Constitution that prevented a man from employing a lower Status boy as a houseboy.

Social Services were at their wits end as to what to do with the number of fatherless boys their survey had uncovered and SO697 proposed that men should be permitted to take those boys into their care as houseboys, a reform that would eliminate the problem faced by Social Services and provide a number of men with teenage cocks to suck for nutritional adolescent spunk.

Eventually the Council and the Assembly agreed, with the proviso that only men without family teenage cock to suck should be permitted to take a houseboy into their care.

Demand proved greater than supply and more citizens required houseboys than there were boys available, though that problem was eased a little by the State instituting at the suggestion of SO97, a wage cut for all of Status Four, thus ensuring that Status Four families found it increasingly difficult karaman escort to make ends meet and so offered surplus boy offspring to men in need of a houseboy.

SO97 had, of course, been thinking only of Status One adults who were in need of a regular supply of teenage spunk and had given no consideration to anything else, ignoring totally the problems that would inevitably arise in other Statii when a man required a houseboy because his own sons were not yet of spunking age. Put a horny teen in a position where cock-inquisitive pre-teens were present 24/7 and inter-Status juvenile sex was inevitable.

It had fallen to SO697, the acknowledged expert on Boy Law, to provide a solution.

It was not, he pointed out, illegal for any boy, no matter what his age, to make use of an establishment boy if he could afford to pay for one because establishment boys did not have a Status. Status, as everyone knew, was defined by the colour of the tunic people wore, and as establishment boys did not have a Status they did not have tunics to wear. If houseboys, like establishment boys, were kept always naked, they too would be without a Status and the possibility of illegal inter-Status juvenile sex would not arise.

The new Head of Morality, one SO548, concurred and SO15, Secretary of State, approved the suggestion without demur.

SO15 himself, though he had no family to provide him with cock of the necessary age, did not acquire any houseboys, but he did make a slight adjustment with regard to the age of the boys he so liked to be fucked by.

Assured by nutritionists that, although there was as yet no conclusive evidence, a boy”s early spunkings were almost certainly the most efficacious, and that spunk could be taken just as effectively in the arse as in the mouth, he went for very early teens in preference to the not-quite-teens he had chased before, and, no doubt, that change was at least in part influenced by the slightly larger than average cock that the delightful SO112 had once fucked him with.

Actually, SO15 had no need of a houseboy, his reputation as being a man who loved having young boy cock in his arse had spread far and wide and boys of the appropriate age queued up to get their first cock taste of man arse, and as slender, young, just teen cocks don”t wear out adult arse anywhere near as much as older, bigger teen cocks do, SO15 was able to get his regular five a day with no problems at all.


SO697 sighed contentedly as his ample foreskin was eagerly cherished by the soft lips of SO6972, his four year old second son who was learning the essential connection between boy mouth and cock, and was already very adept at it for such a young boy.

This was in part due to the innovations in baby feeding that State specialists in child care had developed. Breast feeding had always, for obvious reasons, been confined to baby girls, baby boys being bottle fed till they were weaned. Now the bottles from which baby boys were fed resembled cocks, complete with balls that infant boys soon learned needed to be gently squeezed for them to be able to suck out their milk, and all baby food, from milk to the sloppy goo they were fed later, was flavoured with the taste of spunk so all boys now grew up with a craving for that taste and were thus able and willing to suck their fathers to completion at a much earlier age than before.

Of course, this tended to accelerate the sexual development of boys, and SO6971, now seven, was revelling in having his nicely red arse eaten out by STw232.

SO697 and STw232 had continued their youthful friendship into adulthood, though of course with no hints or suggestions of illegality.

Like SO697, STw232 was married and lived with SO697 in his fancy mansion, their wives, naturally having a separate wing to themselves and their daughters.

SO697 had done the dreadful deed successfully six times, having devised with his wife a method of managing to copulate without undue nausea.

Both obviously used the copulation pills and blindfolds, but added to their effect by including a young girl for his wife to lick out while she was being fucked, and a teen boy to shag SO697 while he was doing the disgusting deed.

This method had enabled them to produce three boys and three girls, sufficient to provide for several future years of satisfactory and enjoyable incest.

STw232 was slightly less fortunate, managing to so far only achieve one boy and two girls, though as SO697 and STw232 had agreed from the start to share any male offspring, STw232 was assured of always having boy at home to use.

Both were spankers, so naturally the eldest boy, SO6971, was spanked as soon as he was old enough and, at seven, had learned that being eaten out after a spanking was utterly wonderful, and both his father and STw232 gave him that special treat at least once a week.

The two youngest boys, SO6973 and STw232 (who hopefully would become STw2321 in time) were still in the care of the kars escort houseboy whose duties included feeding them.

SO6973, at only one year old, was still cock-bottle fed, though Stw232(1) at two, had moved onto to goo, the houseboy dipping his hard cock into the jar and letting the two year old lick and suck his food from there, the combination of real live cock and spunk flavoured baby food ensuring that the boy would grow up properly addicted to both cock and spunk.

SO697 and STw232 kept only the one houseboy, neither adult needing to rely on houseboy spunk for their full five-a-day”s. Both had young apprentices who naturally fed them regularly and filled their arses for them as well.

Getting boy fucked had become quite popular following SO15″s rise to fame, though most men preferred cock of fourteen or fifteen as those were larger than the just teen ones that SO15 was so fond of and so more satisfying for men who remembered again how good it was to be properly filled with cock and relived that part of their boyhood days with renewed relish.

SO697 and Stw232″s houseboy, as one would expect, had duties that included spanking. SO697 had a playroom in his mansion, complete with chains and a fuck bench and a wide range of spanking equipment � assorted canes, crops and leathers carefully designed to deliver a wide range of pain.

Naturally, both SO697 and STw232 enjoyed getting pleasing screams from their houseboy, but his duties included doing the spanking as well as taking it. SO697 had developed a marked preference for the leather, possibly influenced in that by the part that leathering an establishment boy had played in his rise from Status Four to Status One, and used that leather on his houseboy”s arse as well as having that houseboy use it on him, mostly on his thighs as being belted there was still able to bring him to magnificent orgasms.

STw232 preferred crops, liking the sharper and more localised pain they gave and thoroughly enjoying the fucks he got when his arse was marked up and burning red, the houseboy using his four inch cock with real energy after he”d administered an enthusiastic punishment.


“It”s not fair!” SO6971 stamped his foot in pre-teen tantrum, “I”m seven! I shouldn”t still be a virgin!”

SO697 had some sympathy for his eldest son”s complaint � he”d had to wait till he was fourteen before he lost his own virginity and so missed out on several years of boy fun � but SO6971 was still too small to be able to take either his or STw232″s adult cocks.

“Even 6972 gets cock in him, so why can”t I?” SO6971 stormed.

Indeed, four year old SO6972 did get cock shoved up him, but only his older brother”s pinky finger sized one and a seven year old cock of that size did a four year old hole no harm at all.

“You could get 2 to put his in you,” SO697 suggested, attempting to placate his tantruming son.

“Yours and 232″s fingers are bigger than that!” SO6971 snorted in derision, “And anyway, I want cock, not fingers!”

“He”s got a point, you know,” STw232 said, “There”s a world of difference between a cock and a finger.”

“See!” SO6971 trebled triumphantly, “232 agrees with me. I ought to be properly fucked, not just eaten and fingered!”

“But you”re still far too tight,” SO697 attempted reason, “You can”t even take two fingers yet, so how on earth do you think you”ll be able to manage cock?”

“There is a possible solution,” STw232 said thoughtfully, eyeing up the houseboy”s slender four inches, “He”s only a little thicker than my middle finger and a good inch longer. 6971 could probably take him if we used plenty of lube.”

“Possibly,” SO697 half agreed. The houseboy did know how to fuck, both adults could testify to that, but having him do the deed would mean that SO6971 wouldn”t have his cherry incestuously popped, and that might lead to the boy having later regrets and even a disturbed mind.

“If I spank him first,” STw232 suggested, “Then you eat him and finger him a bit open and then give him your cock to suck while he”s being fucked by the houseboy, it will still be proper, caring incest, won”t it?”

“YES!” SO6971 bellowed, “Then when HB has got me used to cock and my hole used to opening for it, you can fuck me properly Dad! Please, Dad, I really need cock real bad!”

So it was; SO6971 not only had his cherry popped at seven, but had it popped in a spit-roast as well, a game he thoroughly enjoyed and played with his father and STw232 many times after, the adults alternating as to which entry point they used for their cocks.

SO697 did, though, take his eldest son into the Fuck Park for his first Daddy only fuck, pausing as they reached the triumphal entrance arch of the statues of the Heroes of The State, the long departed SO151 and SO152.

That was a truly magnificent creation � the classically idealised forms of the two boys, sculpted to look like young teens, standing on their plinths, each with an arm outstretched towards the other, finger tips not quite meeting, both proudly erect, the plaques on their plinths reading simply, “FOR THE STATE.”

To those who sustained their interest throughout this tale, my heartfelt thanks.

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