Brent and Jim


My messy divorce was finally over! After eight years of marriage, Diane decided that her rich boss had more to offer her than I did but proceeded to take me to the cleaners as well. Her lawyer was a barracuda compared to mine since the new boyfriend could afford to pay for the best. I, on the other hand, always held marginalized jobs as an accounting clerk and had to settle for the cheapest lawyer I could find. The house and my rattletrap of a car was all I kept.

I was surprisingly not as bitter as I thought I would be; I was only in my early thirties and had my health and a reasonably stable job. The house was almost paid for thanks to an inheritance from my father – this was the one reason Diane couldn’t force me to sell the house for a division of property. All in all, I was lonely but not bereft over the situation.

For the last year or so, our sex life had deteriorated to a level of almost zip; it was of course timed to when she got her job working with Mr Big Bucks. As a still functioning male with all the needs associated therewith, I ended up with getting myself off whenever I was horny – which seemed to be all the time. I suppose when you can’t get it regularly in your marriage, you either go elsewhere or masturbate. I was brought up to believe that marriage was forever and you work out the problems or at least stick with it; you don’t cheat on your spouse no matter what. How naïve is that, eh?

Anyway, as I was lying on my bed one night and watching a hard porn movie I had rented, my mind slipped back to the time when my best friend Jim and I had spent some interesting times together. Jim was my senior by a few months and considered himself quite a worldly kind of guy. According to him, he had bedded every good looking girl in junior high and I, in my stupidity, lived out my fantasies vicariously through his tall tales.

As I was recalling one time Jim slept over at my house, the porn movie switched to two guys starting to get it on together. As they undressed each other, exposing their well-defined bodies and ultimately their erect clearly veined cocks, I found that my own cock was hard as I had ever felt it. Mesmerized by the sights and sounds on the screen, I started to slowly stroke by cock as precum oozed down the length of the shaft.

As I did, I remembered the time Jim had offered to ‘show me his if I would show him mine; it was the first time outside of the boys’ locker room at school that I had seen another cock up close. That night in my locked bedroom, we watched each other as we jacked off and that was the end of it. With that memory flooding my mind, I exploded with such a force that cum struck my forehead and then covered my chest and hands.

I cleaned up and as I was drifting off to sleep, I wondered whatever happened to Jim; I knew he still lived in the same town. Ah well, perhaps I will look him up in the güvenilir bahis morning.

The next morning, as I sipped my morning coffee – it was a Friday and my day off – I picked up the phone book from the kitchen counter and looked up Jim’s name. Amazingly, he was still listed at his old address across town. Since I had read a few year’s ago that his parents had both died, I assumed that he inherited the old place from them. At the time, I was too caught up in problems of my own and didn’t even call to offer my condolences. After all, he likely didn’t even remember me. Now I wondered what excuse I could give him; then it came to me!

I recalled that Jim was a cabinetmaker with a good reputation and I needed some repairs to my old sagging cabinets in the kitchen. Why not call his firm and ask for him to come out and give me an estimate? Before I lost my nerve, I called, giving only my first name and address and they told me that the boss, who did all the estimates himself, would be out late that afternoon.

I wasn’t sure why I was so excited or why I rushed around cleaning the house and showering so carefully for the unknown. I wasn’t even sure if I had done the right thing and if Jim would even remember me after some seventeen years! If he didn’t, I would simply take the estimate and tell him I had to think about it; it was likely way out of my league in any case.

At 5:30 sharp, the doorbell rang and I opened the door to this six-foot plus, very handsome man who only slightly reminded me of Jim. Perhaps they had sent someone else after all. Leading the way into the kitchen, it felt like he was staring at my ass clad in my best dress linen slacks. It was disconcerting to say the least and I felt quite uncomfortable. That is, until he spoke at length of his love of working with wood and gave me some ideas for fixing up the whole kitchen.

I could scare believe my ears; his voice had that same soft cadence and timbre that I remembered so well from years ago. He must have sensed something because it kept glancing over at me in a peculiar fashion whenever he thought I wasn’t aware of it. Finally he spoke “Have we met before? I swear you look like someone I knew in junior high”

“Jim Blake, isn’t it: I replied. “Yes, you remember correctly; I am Brent Sampson”

He actually blushed as a memory, long buried, surfaced in his mind. “Didn’t we?”

“Yes, we did. One time, anyway. And I recall that we both had a lot of fun, don’t you?”

“Oh yes!” Jim answered with a chuckle. “I was pretty much the braggart then wasn’t I. You know that was all bravado because I was trying to impress you. I really liked you and even in my youth, knew I was attracted to boys more than girls”

I suggested that perhaps now that the truth was in the open, we retire to the living room and share a bottle of wine while we caught up with our lives over the güvenilir bahis siteleri past years. I learned that Jim has attended trade school to learn his craft and apprenticed with a master cabinetmaker in the nearby city for two years before setting up his own shop. He moved into his parent’s house after their deaths – I apologized and he said it was OK – and had built his workshop behind the house.

He had never married (he reminded me of his earlier high school lack of interest in girls) and he lent a sympathetic ear to my woes. By this time, we had polished off the first bottle of wine an were well into the second when Jim quietly asked, “Do you ever remember the time we watched each other – ah – get off in your bedroom?” He was clearly very self-conscious evening raising the topic.

“Actually, yes! Just last night I was watching this porn I rented and as two guys were doing each other, I flashed back to us and had a fantastic climax; one better than I can ever remember! Does this make me queer or something?”

“Actually no; one can be bi-sexual and still enjoy the pleasures of sex with both men and women. And, by the way, I have never forgotten that night. I would love to be with you that way again. Are you interested?”

My response was to move towards him and I started to unbutton his plaid flannel shirt; he ripped the shirt open scattering buttons everywhere and we quickly doffed our clothing into heaps on the floor. We each took a seat at the end of the sofa and I feasted my eyes on my first real cock in 17 years; Jim’s was cut, about 8″long and perhaps 2″ around with a glistening drop of precum beaded as its tip. I could see the purple veins pulsing along the sides as the whole shaft stood unaided straight up from his curly mat of pubic hair.

My own 7 ½”‘s were similarly excited and as we gazed at each other’s rampant cocks, we each slowly began to stroke our full lengths. I raised my eyes and saw Jim’s deep green eyes staring straight into mine and I was lost. I stopped my strokes and crawled to his end of the long sofa until I was lying between his muscular hairy thighs with my nose almost touching his firm balls. The manly smell was overwhelming and intoxicating; I had to feel this man’s most private parts.

First, I felt his strong arms drawing my body upwards until our faces were very close to one another and with excruciating slowness, our lips brushed lightly against the other’s. It was light a bolt of lightening had hit me – I needed and wanted more. Jim’s tongue sought to enter my mouth and I gave in gladly as my meshed with his. Our bodies were by now fully entwined and I could feel the warm flow of our mixed precum as our rigid cocks rubbed against each other.

I don’t know how we managed to get to my bedroom but we were sprawled out beside each other with our legs all wrapped together, our lips sealed and iddaa siteleri mutual moans as we ground our cocks together. I had never experienced such an overwhelming sense of belonging in my life; this was who I was supposed to be and whom I should be with. It was an epiphany of the first order!

As our kisses deepened, we simultaneously reached for the hard shafts that separated us and felt the warm combination of silk and hardness that is a man’s erect cock. As I moved my hands firmly along his shaft, my palm picked up the lubrication of his precum and I coated the rigid cock in my loving hands and stroked it faster. Jim responded in kind and I felt the jolt of another’s hands jacking me off for the first time in so many years. It was oh so much better now with something so substantial to grasp and stroke; but I wanted much, much more.

I released his cock just long enough to turn and retake it in my hand at the base and run my tongue greedily through his pee hole to lap up the constant stream of tasty precum. I had tasted my own but this was so much tastier and sweeter. As I parted my lips to engulf the pulsating crown of his cock, I felt my own glans encased in Jim’s warm mouth. I started to bob my head on Jim’s shaft, taking a little more into my mouth with each suck until my nose was resting against his pubic mound and I could feel the tickle of the bushy hair. The end of his cock was just touching the back of my throat and I had to pull away long enough to breath and release the gag reflex before going in for the kill – so to speak

As I started to moan and hum around his mouth filling cock, he stated to do the same and we both arched our backs as we pushed our cocks deeper into each other’s throats. As I used my throat muscles to swallow, I was milking Jim’s cum from the boiling in his balls. With one last thrust into my throat, he cried out around my cock, which was stuffing his mouth and fired burst after burst of thick musky cum down my throat. I was almost overcome by the sensation and the taste as it flowed over my tongue and down my throat and proceeded to cum over and over as he swallowed every drop.

We continued to suck loving on each other until we softened and we had licked each other clean. We then slid together, kissing and sharing our tastes with one another. We stayed for the night and the rest of the next three days making love in as many ways and places as possible.

We spoke for hours as well; we discussed what future we saw together and what we wanted to do. On out third day, as we lay in bed after making love yet again (every time seemed more intense than the last), he asked me if I ever tired anal sex. I replied that I wasn’t ready for that yet but maybe someday. As we cuddled together and murmured, I said the words that were fighting to come out, “I think I love you, Jim”

He turned to with tears in his eyes as he said, “I love you too!”

This was almost six years ago and we have since sold my house and I moved in with Jim. I left my job and now run the business side of Jim’s fast growing cabinet making business and we could never be happier.

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