Brian met me at work for a quickie.


Brian met me at work for a quickie.I get a text message yesterday: “Passing thru – do you have time for a quickie. . .or more?”. That about did it for my focusing ability and I left for lunch a little early. I met him at my house and had about 30 mins before needing to get back to work. Standing in front of me, in my living room, was the man and his cock that I fantasize about several times a week. Both of us naked in less than a minute, his cock, an inch from my mouth, seemed extra large & hard today. How long had it been? About a year since we had physical contact – hot emails and phone sex not counting of course. A year. . .a year since I had the pleasure of this man’s cock fucking me into submission. I was so fucking horny the moment I read his text – 20 different scenarios played while I drove to meet him.My lips opened and that heavy cock of his slid across my tongue, His hands guiding my head, his hips rocking back and forth. . .his cock hitting the back of my throat, making me drool as always. His smell is very masculine, his balls large and heavy in my hand as he fucked my face. I came hard in less than 5 minutes just from sucking his cock. I looked up at him while he fucked my face. Eyes watering, Escort Bayan drool steaming from my mouth, wanting him to fuck my face and my ass at the same time. Brain pulled his cock out of my mouth and rubbed at across my clean shaven face. I liked the weight of it when he slapped me with his granite-like cock. He rubbed it across my lips again and pushed forward. “Suck that fucking cock. . .deeper, open your mouth and take it deeper. . .yeah, that’s it. . .use your tongue more and play with my balls”. Fuck, hearing him talk to me like that had me ready to cum again. The first stream of cum hit the back of my throat so hard it shocked me and I had no other option but to swallow (a first) as he continued to shove his cock in and out of my mouth. Then the 2nd, 3rd. . .I lost count how many times he shot in my mouth but just when I started to gag, he told me, “Swallow my cum. . .swallow it all if you want me to fuck you”. I swallowed, sucked, stroked his cock, and milked his balls until he pulled from my mouth. His cum was salty, starchy and sweet – and it didn’t turn my stomach like I had imagined it would. With deliberate force, he grabbed me and bent me over the back of my sofa. My Bayan escort spit was thick from sucking him and his cum in my mouth made it that much more slick. I lubed my ass and spit on my hand to lube his still fucking raging hard cock. I thought he was going to go straight to my ass and stretch me, hurt me a little with his b**st cock but instead, I felt his tongue fucking my tight ass. It was unbelievable. . .goosebumps over my entire body while he ate my ass. Then his hands – those strong hands were on my hips and his fucking rock hard cock pushing against my asshole once again.The first few strokes were not necessarily gentle but they were not prison-****. . .just strong, deep, forceful thrusts. . .burying his thick cock deep inside of me until I stretched just enough for him to really fuck me. He grabbed my head and pushed it into the sofa. His other hand held my hips in place while he fucked me with strong, deep, intense, forceful thrusts – the sofa was moving, I was moaning like a woman, and my ass fucking hurt. . .but it hurt good. “Take that cock. . .reach around and spread your ass. . .yeah. . .spread it wider. . .look at my cock stretching that tiny little ass of yours wide Escort fucking open. . .feels good? Missed me fucking you like this? Tell me. . .tell me you liked swallowing my cum. . .tell me you’re going to swallow it again whenever I want you to” And I did, I moaned how much I missed him fucking me, how much I missed his stretching my ass and burying his cum deep inside of me. . .and yes, I told him I’d suck his cock and swallow his thick, sweet cum whenever he wanted me to. Both hands on my hips, my hands spreading my ass wide for him to watch his cock abuse me, face sweaty, red from being fucked into submission and me moaning for him to fuck me, fuck me hard, harder, stretch that ass wide fucking open with that sexy, b**st cock of yours. Yes, fuck yes, fuck me like that. .. don’t stop. . .fuck. . .c’mon, give it to me. . .fuck me deep. . .yes, yes. . .fuck. . .fucking cum in my ass. . .fill it with your hot cum. . .give it to me. . .please, fuck me, fuck me. . .yes, fucking cum in me deep, fill me. . .and there it was, Brian let out a Tarzan-like yell and buried his massive cock to the hilt. His cum shot inside of me. . his cock throbbed over and over and over again, spewing his cum, drenching my ass and making me cum again – twice without even being touched.Yes, I was late getting back from lunch. Yes, my ass hurt but I wanted more. . .of which I got after work because his ‘passing thru’ turned into a one-night layover.Sore but happy. . .

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