Subject: Brotherly Games, Chapter 2 Hey there! Please do not forget to make a donation to Nifty for the amazing platform they provide for both readers and writers. If you wish to contact me, you may do so by E-mail: [email protected] Or follow me on Instagram: @Despanien I would also like to thank Max Potter for taking of his time to check my chapters as I am not a native speaker. You can read his stories fty//authors.htmlmaxpotter Brotherly Games. Chapter 2. “So, tell us more about your boyfriend.” My mom asked out of the blue. We were having dinner with my parents and George after a cold rainy day. “Well, he is in our class with George.” I started explaining after a moment of awkward silence. “He is actually very smart, we bonded mostly by doing homework together!” I said as I caught my brother pout. Yeah, George was not a very studious teenager and according to him people like Tim and I were plain boring. “Oh really? That’s great isn’t it Philippe?” My mother invited my father to participate in the discussion even though he seemed uneasy. “Is he doing any sport?” He eventually asked. I chuckled, my father was always so leaned on sport and I knew he was a bit disappointed I wasn’t doing any. “Oh yeah! Actually, he is playing rugby, I’m going to watch his match Saturday afternoon with Jean-Baptiste.” I answered. My parents looked at one another with a satisfactory grin. “That sounds like fun, are we invited?” My father wondered. I caught my brother’s offended expression even though he tried his best to keep his composure. My parents would never come to his swimming races even though George was super talented and won some impressive championships. “Perhaps another time dad. I think I should ask him first or he is going to freak out!” I declined with a chuckle. “He already met me he probably does not really want to meet you in case you are just as crazy.” George declared with a hint of dark humour. My parents frowned but after a few seconds I burst into laughter and they seemed to relax a little bit. “Have you presented your apologies to this young man George?” My father then asked. And there we are, they had to ruin the fun and find some way to blame George for something. “As a matter of fact, Timoth�e is the one who is going to apologise to George.” I declared with a stern face. Mom, Dad and George turned to me with utter confusion. “George was just defending me; my boyfriend was the one to blame. I forgave him but he is still going to apologise to you, George, because the way you have been blamed in the aftermath was not fair.” I added. My parents were lost, and I even thought I saw some guilt on their faces. George was on cloud nine and displayed a satisfactory smile. “Nah, don’t worry about it. Let’s just all move on from that story anyway.” My brother declared with fake magnanimity. Well, that certainly shut my parent’s mouths, and I couldn’t help but feel some sense of pride defending George in front of them. Mom quickly changed topics and we finished eating while doing some small talk. After dinner we watched television together and after 10pm I felt tired, so I walked upstairs to my bedroom. Before I could open my door, I sensed my arm being roughly grabbed and George pulled me to him in the corridor. My body was, once again, pressed against his and my heartbeat was speeding up. “Good job, Baby Henri. Too bad you didn’t finish your explanation and told them why exactly I was mad at your loser boyfriend. I wonder what mommy and daddy might think of their precious baby boy if they saw you with your cum-covered face, smiling at the camera.” He teased me. My twisted mind found the idea rather funny and I chuckled, provoking a brief expression of confusion on George’s face as he probably wanted me to feel threatened. “Good night George.” I eventually told him as he wasn’t letting me go. He leaned and kissed my forehead. “Good night Baby Henri.” He told me as he finally released my arm from his grip. “Oh, one last thing; if the parents go to see any of your loser boyfriend’s matches, I swear to god I’ll kill him. And perhaps them too. I might spare you though” He said before winking and disappearing in his bedroom. Once I had closed my own door behind me, I sighed heavily and thought about how much my life went from normal to absolutely fucked up. Yet I wasn’t sure I wanted my normal life anymore. Maybe I liked the fucked-up relationship with my brother better than the silence treatment he usually gave me. Okay, yes, I was a little crazy after all, maybe more than what I’d like to confess. I took off my clothes and threw myself over the mattress. My hand found the way to my cock and I started stroking my 17cm slowly. I imagined Timoth�e’s enormous dick while I closed my eyes. I fantasised about the moment he would take my virginity and plunge his manhood in me while I locked my eyes on his. How special this moment would be for both of us as my boyfriend would make me his forever. I came all over my chest and some even reached my neck and chin. I meticulously whipped the cum off me and threw the cum-rag by the side of my bed. In no time I was fast asleep, rocked by the rain pouring all over my windows. When I woke up the next morning the weather was still shit. The sun was not up yet, and the rain was still pouring heavily over Toulouse. Mom was going to the Lyceum to meet with the director, probably about George but she did not specify it. At least George and I wouldn’t have to walk under the rain to the bus stop. The trip to the school was rather silent, Mom was probably thinking about the appointment and my brother must have been a little nervous about a possible sanction. We parked in the street and the three of us ran to the school. Once we were sheltered inside, I immediately noticed that Timoth�e was there. Our eyes met and he walked joyfully to me. “Hey baby!” He said when he was close enough. He had probably no idea that the woman standing next to me was my mother, but she immediately made the link and a wide smile spread on her face. “Oh hello!” Mom greeted him warmly while extending her hand. Timoth�e was taken aback and I could read the obvious confusion on his face. “I’m George and Henri’s mother! And I assume you to be Timoth�e?” She continued. I could tell that my brother was mad, he turned and walked away from us. “Hello, Madame De Montpensier.” Timoth�e eventually answered after he came back to his senses. “Nice to meet you!” “Pleasure is mine, my husband and I were anxious to finally meet you!” She declared. She was definitely over the top, I thought. It hadn’t been a week since I dated Tim and she felt the need to talk about it like he was my fianc�. “Well I should get going!” She declared after an awkward silence between Tim, Mom and me. She walked away and Tim and I were finally alone. I giggled after a moment of silence, noticing the visible embarrassment on my boyfriend’s face, unsure if he did something wrong or not. He smiled and we walked together to the classroom. I sat and Timoth�e was about to sit by my side when George forestalled him and took his place. Tim was dumbfounded and seemed irritated to say the least, he shot a glance at me, but I didn’t say anything. “Yes, Timy?” My brother asked provocatively, playing dumb. “Pff!” My boyfriend simply answered before finding another spot to sit. I pretended I was irritated, but I remembered the first day at the Lyceum, when George picked the furthest spot possible to sit. Now he was sitting next to me and I was savouring my victory. I knew he was only doing so only to piss Timoth�e off, but I didn’t care. “Asshole!” I whispered to him with a smile. He smiled back at me mischievously and I relished on the complicity. George was right, I loved that game of him faking brotherly love. He starved me of his affection my whole life and now I was ready to accept anything from him. The rest of the class was uneventful, and we were ready to go to the next one when our teacher halted both George and me. “Can I speak to you both before you head to your next class?” She told us. We waited for everyone to leave the classroom by her desk and she closed the door. “So, George, you failed last year, and your grades are still rather low.” She began. I was not sure why I was supposed to be there as it was none of my business. “Yes, I know. Sorry, I will work harder.” George apologised, deeply embarrassed to be put in such a position in front of me. “And you, Henri, you are probably the best student in the class.” She then said. “Well that’s no competition now, is it?” I shot back, irritated that she fuelled the already unhealthy brotherly rivalry. She was obviously surprised at my impudence, but she regained her composure. “No, it’s not a competition. However, for you George the Lyceum does have tutoring programs with either senior students or very studious one of your grade. Since you two are brothers I wondered if you wanted to be tutored by Henri?” She proposed. I was taken aback and so was George. “Henri you would get some bonus points from it, and you George, well you would probably have the opportunity to do better!” She further explained after a moment of silence. My brother shot a glance at me, expecting me to say something. “If that’s what you want, I’m in.” I told my brother. I could tell he was hesitant. Failing the first trimester would probably mean bad news for him, the risk of getting our parents mad and being grounded, even losing the opportunity to be part of the swimming team. But accepting my help was something particularly humiliating in his opinion. “This is an official school program, so I need both of you to agree so we can sign the papers. You have two hours of mandatory work per week at the school library, and since you two live together I encourage further study at home.” The teacher explained. “George, refusing a tutoring program in your situation is not recommended and would certainly not play in your favour for the next classroom council.” “Fine!” He reluctantly agreed. “I will get the papers to the headmaster by tomorrow, you two will sign them before your lunch break.” She announced. “Thank you, professor!” I said before following my brother that was storming out of the class. “George!” I called while catching up to him in the now empty corridors. I followed him and we eventually arrived at our next class, twenty minutes late. “Well! Where have you two been!” Our teacher asked, annoyed. “Mrs Simeon wanted to talk to us.” I simply explained with a faint smile. The teacher shook his head disapprovingly but gestured to take our seats. Tim glared at my brother and me suspiciously as we passed by him. I was distracted during the rest of the morning and I welcomed the lunch break as an opportunity to take my mind off this whole situation with George. “What did Mrs Simeon want to talk to you about?” Timoth�e eventually asked as we were eating lunch with Jean-Baptiste and his girlfriend. “She just wanted me to tutor my brother to improve his grade” I truthfully said, hoping that would not provoke any further questions. “And you’re going to do it?” Jean-Baptiste asked, barely hiding his true feeling about it. “Sure, this will get me bonus points as well” I answered. istanbul travesti “I’m not sure you brother deserves it after he did to you!” Timoth�e exclaimed. I was seething inside, I had enough. Without even finishing my lunch I stood up and walked out of the cafeteria furiously without saying anything to either my best friend or my boyfriend. Impulsively, I got out of the school and started walking by the Garonne river. The rain had stopped, and I took some time to think about everything that was happening in my life. I didn’t want to deteriorate my relationship with my parents, my best friend or even Timoth�e, but I couldn’t stand the way they picked up on my brother. They were the reason he hated me so much, that made me so mad. If only they could see him the way I did. When I reached home, it was empty. My parents were probably working, so I went directly to my bedroom and started my computer. I searched for online advice on how to tutor someone, as I wanted to do it right, and ended up spending the whole afternoon preparing the tutoring I would give George. When it was around 6pm, I started cooking. I wanted to do something really good out of guilt and also to keep myself busy. By 7pm, it was in the oven and I was still alone in the house. I started cleaning the kitchen while the dinner was cooking. Someone rang at the door and I walked to the hall to check on it. “Oh, hey there! Aren’t you supposed to have rugby practice tonight?” I asked, a little confused at seeing Tim. “Yes, we were, but the field turned into a swimming pool because of the rain so we will train tomorrow instead! We have to get ready for Saturday’s match!” Tim answered. I invited him to come in and he leaned to kiss me. What was supposed to be a quick peck on the lips turned into a passionate make out session. “I am sorry about what I said earlier baby.” He whispered with a sad expression. “I really did not mean to upset you.” He apologised. I dropped wet kisses all over his neck and he rolled his eyes in pleasure. Playfully, I bit his earlobes and he moaned, his hands caressed my lower back and even adventured to my firm ass. I backed off a little and locked my eyes in his. “You are so handsome.” I simply declared, mesmerised by how much he turned me on. “Does it mean I am forgiven?” He playfully asked as he roughly squeezed my butt cheeks. “Depends, I like the way you try to apologise, I think I want you to keep going!” I teased with a smirk. He smiled back at me and pressed his lips against mine. He gently pressed me against the entrance hall’s wall and his body pinned mine against the hard stone. I winced a little as my ribs hurt but I certainly did not want him to stop. I could feel his hardening bulge against my stomach. He was driving me crazy with lust. His scent, his muscled body, his enormous dick, I loved it all. With my right hand, I started rubbing his crotch and he grunted animalistically. “Shouldn’t we go to your bedroom baby?” My boyfriend suggested with a low hoarse voice. “Yeah, that’s a brilliant idea Timy!” A voice declared next to us. I jumped with surprise and quickly turned my head to realise my brother was standing in the hall, watching us with a fake smile that poorly dissimulated his anger. “I am terribly sorry to interrupt. The door was ajar and, you know, this happens to be my house too.” “I’ll see you tomorrow baby.” I eventually told Timoth�e as he looked back at me incredulous to be sent away like that. I watched him with pleading eyes, doing my best to avoid another fight. He gave in and sighed before walking out of the house. “Yeah, see you tomorrow baby!” My brother provocatively said before slamming the door behind him. “You could try to make an effort with him.” I lamented weakly after a few seconds of awkward silence during which George and I stared at one another. George threateningly walked to me until his body pinned mine at the exact same spot Tim’s body did a few minutes earlier. I have no idea why, but I closed my eyes and gulped. He was intimidating me; I sensed his deep anger even without having to look at him. I felt his warm breath on my face. The palm of his right hand caressed my left cheek as his fingertips rubbed my temple. “If only you knew how much energy it took me not to crush his pathetic skull against that wall when I saw him standing here, then you wouldn’t underestimate how much effort I am already doing.” George explained with a low but incredibly serious tone. “Now go wash your face, I can smell his scent on you.” He commanded me. Without thinking, I obeyed and walked to the bathroom to rinse my hands and face. As I watched my own reflection on the mirror, I wondered what the fuck was happening to me. I also noticed that my cock was still rock hard and never softened since George caught us. Could I be that much of a pervert? My parents came back home shortly after and I announced to them that I cooked dinner. They were thrilled and we all sat around the table as I brought them the main dish. I caught George’s boyish expression as he realised that I prepared his favourite meal and I felt so proud I smiled like an idiot while sitting. “Thank you, son! That looks delicious.” Dad complimented me before serving us generous portions. “Bon app�tit!” Mom told us as we all began to eat. “How was your day boys?” Dad asked joyfully. “It was fine, thanks, what about yours?” I answered as George was visibly too busy devouring his meal to even notice someone asked him a question. “Actually, George, I had met with your headmaster this morning.” Mom declared. I closed my eyes and sighed. If they ruined the dinner I had prepared especially for George, I swear to god I might just smite them. George looked at my mother anxiously and stopped chewing his mouthful. “You won’t get expelled, or even sanctioned for what happened… uh… well you know what I’m talking about” My mom stuttered painfully. George seemed relieved, and so was I, even though I kept my composure. “However, he told me they wanted you to start a tutoring program as soon as possible for your grades.” She added with a lecturing tone. “Henri is going to tutor me. We settled that with our classroom’s directress today.” George said casually. This was nothing like him, openly admitting to our parents that I was going to help him with something and make me look like the `good guy’. “In exchange he asked me to train him to be part of the swimming team.” He added with a smirk. Well, that was new. Even under torture I’m not quite sure I would have agreed to anything like this, I hated sport with passion. I glared at my brother with disbelief and annoyance. “Henri?” Dad exclaimed, incapable of hiding his joy. “I had no idea you wanted to be a swimmer!” He declared with a triumphant smile. Yeah, me neither dad, I thought. I simply smiled politely, cursing my brother in my head for trapping me like this. George took all the attention away from him and conveniently moved it to me. “That’s great!” Mom concurred. George was displaying his evilest smile to me. Well, I was fucked. “Yes, but not until my ribs are fully healed of course!” I eventually declared, hoping to at least grant myself a few weeks before George tried to drown me. “How long would that be?” Dad inquired. “Four weeks, at least.” I announced. My parents nodded and George rolled his eyes, disappointed that his evil plan would have to wait for at least a month. At last everyone was in a good mood and we finished dinner like a real family. I was so happy I forgot all my problems temporarily, George seemed happy too. After dinner we watched a movie together. At some point during the movie George announced that he was going to sleep, and ten minutes later I followed him. I went straight to his bedroom and knocked quickly before entering. I closed the door behind me and turned to face him. He was lying on his bed, wearing only his navy-blue brief underwear. I stared at him for several seconds, mesmerised by his defined body. I rarely, if ever, saw his full body. Gosh, he was gorgeous. I knew he was athletic of course, but I suppose I never truly realised he was such a Greek God. “What is it, Baby Henri?” He asked, getting me back to earth. He used that nickname to demean me, but the truth is I liked it. I made sure I didn’t let him know because I’m sure he would have stopped otherwise. “George, I don’t want to be a swimmer. Do you know how much I suck at sports?” I lamented while sitting on the edge of his bed. “Ow, how cute, you think I want to actually make a swimmer out of you. I can’t wait to see you being terrible at it, that’s the whole point. Oh, I will love being the one to smile condescendingly at you as you lose race after race.” He explained with a mischievous smile. Ok, so now that made much more sense to me. George wanted to humiliate me in front of my parents and finally have the satisfaction to be much better than me at something. “What if I actually end up being good at it?” I provocatively asked with a chuckle. Once again, George was taken aback by the fact that I was not mad at him even though he tried his best to infuriate me. The truth was that I really did not want to be part of the swimming team, I hated sport. I could bear losing the competitions but training twice a week was out of the question. I hoped that provoking him would somehow convince him to drop the idea altogether. “Don’t worry, if you’re any good at it, which I seriously doubt, I will just stop training you and you’ll sit on the bench by the pool waiting for the practice to finish.” He answered casually. I rolled my eyes and sighed. “And if you win any race, we will play a game that I baptised `Let’s see if Baby Henri can hold his breath under the water for a whole hour’.” He added before chuckling to his own joke. I bent my head down and stared at my feet defeatedly. “Now get out!” George eventually commanded exasperated. I obeyed and walked out of the bedroom. When I got out of George’s room I bumped into my father. He looked at me quizzically and he frowned. “Is everything alright?” He asked, scrutinizing me. “Yeah! I just kissed George goodnight!” I lied quickly. Dad raised his eyebrow in surprise. Yeah, kissing George goodnight didn’t sound convincing, but you know, I just answered on the spot. “Do I get a goodnight kiss too then?” He asked with a laugher. I smiled back at him and leaned to kiss him on the cheek. He wrapped his arms around my back and hugged me. “I love you son, have a good night!” He told me. Suddenly, nothing felt as important anymore, I just felt very good. I went back to my room and relished on the warmness of my dad’s hug and tender words. A few minutes later I was already soundly sleeping. Most of the time, being French was great. It meant I could wander in the old paved alleys and buy the best pastry in the world for a quick breakfast, enjoy a sweet worriless life under the sunny sky of southwestern France without having to be nervous about my future. Today, however, being French meant the buses were on strike. George and I were standing at the bus stop when we found out there was no bus to wait for anyway. My teenage mind, far away from socio-economic issues, simply cursed the bus drivers. kadıköy travesti George seemed unphased, being late for school was not really something he would have cared about anyway. Our parents were already off to work when we left the house earlier this morning, it meant that we were on our own. “I guess we will have to walk!” I eventually lamented, resigned about the 20ish minutes walking distance to Ozenne Lyceum. (I know, first world problems) “No fucking way!” George shot back annoyed. I rolled my eyes and gave him a look. “Let’s see if we can find a City-Bike first!” He then suggested, understanding I was not going to ditch class. “Ok.” I simply mumbled, I hated cycling, but that was probably our fastest option anyway. We walked to the closest Vel�Toulouse Station to find out that there was only one available bike left. “Let’s take this one!” George exclaimed. I glared at him, wondering if he could count up to two or if he just wanted to leave me right there and take the bike for himself. “Come on, you’ll just sit on the front iron-basket.” He specified. “Are you for real!? You’re going to get us killed!” I refused categorically. “Come on we’ll be late!” He insisted with a smirk. “Why aren’t you the one sitting on the front basket then?” I retorqued, knowing this was a trap. “Because you hate cycling!” He argued while sighing. “That’s not true.” I lied faint-heartedly. “Come on. I still remember how much you cried when you were eight years old and Dad taught you how to ride a bike.” He laughed. “That was hilarious.” He added, obviously replaying the scene that I only vaguely remembered. “That was a long time ago.” I mumbled, vexed. “I mean, you haven’t changed a bit Baby Henri. I could hardly tell the difference!” He teased while grabbing the bike. “You wish!” I shot back as I was trying to find the best angle to sit on the front basket. He locked his eyes in mine and smiled. “Yes, maybe you’re right.” He confessed. I looked back at him with confusion, unsure I understood what he meant. “Come on! Let’s go, we don’t have all day!” He rushed me to sit on the bike. The position was very uncomfortable, and the iron basket was squaring my butt-cheeks. “You’ll have to find another position cause I can’t see shit like that!” George complained. “Lean on me so I can see the road!” He instructed. I leaned and my back was now pressed against his chest. Our two faces were millimetres from one another as his left cheek was almost rubbing against my right one. I could very well smell his cologne as if it were mine. His hands were on mine as I was clenching on the handlebar except his fingers were resting on the brakes. In that intimate position, I once again felt weak and confused. “That’s much better!” My brother casually declared. As if this was no big deal. Well, it was a big deal for me anyway. George must have interpreted my sudden confusion for nervousness because he tried his best to be gentle and avoid abrupt movements. “Relax Baby Henri. You can trust me; I won’t get us killed.” He told me. I turned my eyes from the road and looked at him dead in the eyes. “I trust you.” I declared with a faint smile. “Yeah?” He asked provocatively with a grin. I nodded submissively and he looked exhilarated by my utter yielding. I wanted to believe I was clutching at the handlebar so hard because I was nervous, because I hated cycling, because I was stressed about being late. But inwardly I knew that George was the reason. I couldn’t describe the way I felt around him, both incredibly safe and at the same time I sensed the perilousness of something else. Something wrong, something that is not meant to happen between brothers. Somehow, despite George’s numerous attempts to get me killed on the trip, we arrived at the school safe and sound. We were only five minutes late when we reached the classroom and I immediately noticed that we were not the only one that the bus strike inconvenienced. Timoth�e had left my usual spot empty next to him so I sat by his side. “Hey baby! I hope I didn’t cause too much trouble between you and your brother yesterday.” Timoth�e whispered with a cocky smile. “Don’t worry, he has seen worse than that. Thanks to your best friend Vianney.” I reminded him. We glanced at one another for a few seconds before giggling frantically. “Quiet!” The teacher scolded with a stern face. We exchanged complicit looks with Timoth�e and refocused on our lesson. “I beg your pardon?” Jean Baptiste exclaimed in disbelief as we were eating lunch. “You are going to train to be part of the swimming team?” He repeated incredulously. “Yeah!” I confirmed in a chuckle. “I wanted to give it a try, and George volunteered to train me!” I lied. “That’s… strange?” Jean-Baptiste answered. “I don’t know, that doesn’t sound like your brother at all.” “He’s changed. Ever since the fight he’s been genuinely nice to me! We are getting closer now!” I declared with a smile. I knew George meant our little act of brotherly love to be for our parents, but I figured out there was no reason I couldn’t use it in my own interest as well. After all, I had some people to get off my back too. “Are you sure it’s not a trap to drown you at least?” J-B joked with a smirk. Well, no, to be fair I wasn’t entirely sure the whole point of George’s operation wasn’t to drown me. “What are you doing for Halloween?” I changed the topic quickly. “Duh… We are going to Vianney’s big party, what are you talking about?” He answered me like I was an absolute idiot. “I don’t know if I’m going, especially after what he did to me!” I shot back, slightly irritated by the condescending answer. “What?” Jean-Baptiste asked me with a baffled expression. “Is there something I don’t know?” He wondered. And then it struck me; I never actually told my best-friend that part of the story. “Oh my god! I totally forgot to tell you!” I exclaimed in front of my best friend’s growing confusion. “What? What happened?” He asked impatiently. “Well, I told you about the fact that Timoth�e recorded me giving him a blowjob.” I started shyly. He nodded expectantly, encouraging me to go straight to the point. “Timoth�e sent the video to Vianney. And Vianney showed it to George.” I promptly declared. Jean-Baptiste’s mouth dropped open in utter shock and I giggled witnessing his astonishment. “That’s why George was mad at Timoth�e actually, because he thought that was a shitty thing to do.” I added. “Well! In a million year I never thought I would agree with your brother but here we are!” J-B eventually snapped. “What the fuck! Why would he even do such a thing! Oh boy, I liked him until now.” “Relax, I moved on, he apologised.” I tried to reassure him. He looked back at me like I was crazy. “Henri, that’s a red flag there! You have been dating for a week and he already exposed your sextapes without your consent, to you own brother god dammit! He outed you to a family member in the most twisted way possible!” Jean-Baptiste enumerated, infuriated with my nonchalance. “Vianney did it, not Timoth�e!” I pointed out. “Which is why I’m not sure I want to go to his party.” “Good lord, Henri you are far too kind and forgiving for your own good!” He eventually exclaimed with disbelief. I chuckled and he gave me a death stare. My best friend and my brother fighting on the same side is something I never thought I’d witness. Jean-Baptiste knew me better than I knew myself. He dropped the matter. I could be a very submissive person, but gosh I could be stubborn too. The afternoon was shorter than expected. Because of the strike, one of my professors could not make it to the school and therefore George and I were on our ways by 3pm after signing the tutoring papers. It was finally autumn vacation which meant ten days without school! When I reached home Timoth�e called me on the phone and I ran to my bedroom to pick up, after all I didn’t want to annoy George considering how little he thought of my boyfriend. “Allo?” I answered. “Hey baby! Do you miss me?” He playfully asked at the other end of the phone. “Oh yeah, terribly!” I lamented. “It has been 20 hellish minutes since I left you at school! How can I even live without you for so long!” I sarcastically said before bursting into laughter. “Well, worry no more because your man has a solution for everything!” He announced joyfully. I cringed a little hearing him calling himself “My man” but I’m not sure why. “I have the house for myself until late in the evening, my parents will be at my sister’s handball match tonight!” He declared. “And how am I supposed to reach your house without buses?” I asked with a chuckle. Going and coming back from school had been difficult enough. Timoth�e lived in Saint Cyprien, a neighbourhood built on the other side of the Garonne river. “I will pick you up in half an hour if that’s okay for you?” He proposed. I still failed to understand what he meant. Timoth�e was 15, driving a car was not permitted until 18 in France. “I hope you won’t get too scared on my little scooter!” He then added. Wait, what? Timoth�e had a scooter now? I’m quite sure I knew he rode the subway to go to school. Also, you would have to be deluded to think I wouldn’t freak out on a scooter considering how scared I was riding bikes! “I don’t know if my parents would allow it Tim!” I tried to escape. “My brother might rat on me!” I lied. George would never do that, even when we were pretty much not talking, even when he was mad at me. He was simply not that kind of person. “Ok, let me come to your place and we’ll see how it goes ok?” He wheedled. I wanted to decline, but I didn’t want to sound like I was avoiding him, especially after yesterday’s incident. “Sure! See you in a moment then!” I simply answered, a bit nervously perhaps. He hung up and then I wondered if I should warn my brother. In normal circumstances I wouldn’t, our house was fairly big so having guests was not an issue at all. But I knew he hated Timoth�e with passion. Anxiously, I went back downstairs, and George was playing videogames on the television. He must have noticed my nervousness because he gave me a sidelong glance. He was focused on his game though and I waited for him to finish his round. At some point however he just paused the game and sighed. “What?” He asked, exasperated. “Well, uh… I just wanted to let you know that Timoth�e is on his way and we are going to hang around here a little bit.” I shyly announced while blushing slightly. At that point, I just waited for George’s wrath to unfold on me. Surprisingly though, he simply nodded. “Okay Baby Henri.” He eventually answered. I was a little confused by his chill reaction but relieved too. I was about to go back upstairs but he grabbed my arm roughly and pulled me to him. I tripped and fell on his lap. “If you bring the loser to your bedroom, I swear to god I’m going to obliviate your door with my fists, beat him to a pulp and drag his sorry ass out of this house buck naked.” George threatened with a tone that made me shiver with fear. He caressed my hair with the palm of his left hand while his right hand was resting on my stomach. “But you are going to behave, you are going to obey me, aren’t you Baby Henri?” He murmured softly. bakırköy travesti I nodded submissively, my heart was beating furiously, my face was flushed, and my hands were moist. “I want you to say it, are you going to obey me?” George insisted. “Yes.” I mumbled weakly. Fuck, I should shout at him to fuck off, I should resist, say that I don’t need his permission for anything. If he were anyone else I would. As a matter of fact, if I wanted to, I would, but the truth was I didn’t. “You know you have to obey me, always.” He stated, pushing his luck with me. “Yes.” I admitted. I gulped painfully and eventually I dared looking at George after avoiding eye contact this whole time. When our eyes met, he displayed a satisfactory smile. He knew he won; he knew I was not able to refuse him anything. He was my hero, my big brother, I had sought for his approval and his love all my life through and I was desperate to get it, no matter the cost. His eyes scrutinised the depth of my soul and he leaned his face before kissing my temple. His warm breath on my skin gave me goosebumps and I closed my eyes for the feeling was too much to cope with. “Perhaps you’re not that stupid after all.” He sneered before pushing me away. “Get ready for your boyfriend.” He said before resuming his videogame. I almost ran back upstairs. I rushed to the bathroom and once the door was closed behind me, I sighed heavily. What the fuck was happening to me? I felt like crying. I cursed myself, I sought to understand what the fuck was wrong with me. I just couldn’t process everything; my brain was overwhelmed, and I couldn’t think clearly. I caught up my breath and jumped in the shower, Timoth�e would be shortly here so I had to make it quick. “Hey baby!” Timoth�e greeted me. He was wearing his Rugby outfit. “Hey there!” I greeted him back. “When does your training begin? I forgot you rescheduled it today actually!” I added with a faint smile. “6pm!” He announced after giving me a peck on the lips. “So, we don’t have that much time actually!” Timoth�e pointed out. He took me in his arms and breathed my scent in loudly. That was such a hot thing to do, I swear this guy was really turning me on like no one! Well, maybe not “no one”, but give my brain a break! “Do you mind if we chill in your bedroom?” He whispered in my ear as I rested my head on his muscled torso. “Maybe later, ok?” I lied. “George is going out soon, and I wanted to wait for him to leave.” I lied again. George was going nowhere as far as I knew, and I doubted he would have left me alone in the house with Tim after the little speech he gave me. “Sure.” Timoth�e sighed with disgruntlement. I frowned and locked my eyes in his. “You’re not dating me just to get off, now are you?” I snapped, disappointed by his attitude. Tim’s face flushed and his eyes grew wide like a deer caught in headlights. “No, No! Baby, I’m sorry that’s not what I meant. Gosh I’m sorry!” He profusely apologised before kissing me all over the face. I felt like a hypocrite, if it weren’t for my brother, I would have taken him straight to my bedroom and I knew it. And there I was, playing the prudish boyfriend on someone else’s command. I took Tim in the living room and we sat on the couch. I turned the television on, and we picked a movie. I snuggled against his body and he caressed my forearm nonchalantly. I felt so good, and I knew I was about to fall asleep just like that. Tim kissed my hair from time to time. My face was resting on his pec. I heard his heartbeat and sensed his pulse. This was so relaxing. Slowly, I drifted and eventually closed my eyes before falling asleep. “Baby?” Timoth�e murmured in my ear. I grunted softly and opened my eyes. I have no idea how long I had been sleeping. “I need to go Baby; I am going to be late for practice otherwise.” Timoth�e explained tenderly while caressing my hair. I smiled at him and nodded. Painfully I straightened up and I immediately saw his deformed bulge obscenely stretching his jeans. “Oh, Tim I’m sorry. I was tired and I fell asleep. I didn’t mean to…” I started explaining, realising he had come to visit me, but I actually slept the whole time he was here. “Hey! Hey, baby, don’t apologise.” He interrupted me. He pulled me for a kiss and dropped several pecks on my lips. “It was great! You sleeping on my lap was so sweet really! I just got a little excited that’s it.” He chuckled. I smiled and gave me a final kiss before getting up. I walked him to the door and before he could open the door, I pressed my lips against his. He wrapped his arms around my back, and I was on tip toes to be able to reach his height. He was so strong, he smelled so nice, and I don’t mean his cologne. “I love you.” I declared without even thinking about it. I was shocked to say the least and I opened my eyes to gauge his reaction. He was on cloud nine and his arms wrapped my body with so much strength I had the impression he would crush my bones. “I love you too Henri! I love you so much!” He answered tenderly. We started fully making out and I could feel his rock-hard cock pressed against my stomach when suddenly the main door opened right in front of us. Timoth�e quickly broke the embrace. My hair was tousled, my face flushed, the surrounding of my mouth wet with my boyfriend’s saliva and Tim was displaying an enormous erection. That is the sight my father caught when he opened the door. I could tell he was shocked, actually he was dazed. Dad’s eyes rapidly scrutinized us both. I don’t record ever seeing him being so embarrassed, he blushed, and his face was bright red. “Hey Dad!” I eventually said, gathering my courage. “Uh… Hi Son, I… uh… I didn’t know you were home.” He answered, trying to explain his surprise clumsily. “Hi uh…?” He then said turning to Timoth�e and offering him his hand to be shaken. “I’m Timoth�e, Sir.” My boyfriend answered. He was paler than snow and I had the impression he was about to faint. “Oh! Yeah… Of course, the Rugby player!” Dad said, pretty much stating the obvious since Tim was wearing his full rugby outfit. “Well good luck for tomorrow’s match, I would have loved to see that!” He added as I sensed he was getting over his first sight embarrassment. Tim smiled back at him and grabbed his helmet. “Oh, that scooter in front is yours?” Dad then asked. “Yes, I should get going since I have training tonight.” My boyfriend explained, still very much unsettled. “Good luck Tim, I see you tomorrow!” I told him with a faint smile. “Bye Henri. Nice to meet you Sir.” He softly said before storming out of the house. Dad closed the door behind him and ruffled my hair. “He seems like a nice boy!” He eventually concluded, smiling at me before kissing my forehead. “But please promise me you will never ride that scooter, or anyone’s for that matter!” He added with a stern look. “Yes, Dad.” I answered chuckling. He gave me a look and insistently stared at me. “I swear!” I then added. “Good boy!” He told me. I rolled my eyes and he laughed. “Now go tell your brother to get ready for his swimming practice because we are having dinner before he goes.” I nodded and hurriedly went upstairs to George’s bedroom. I knocked and waited for my brother to allow me to walk in. He was wearing his sweatpants and was otherwise shirtless. “What’s up Baby Henri.” He asked casually. “Dad wants you to get ready for swimming practice because we are going to have dinner soon.” I explained. He seemed unphased and nodded. “Is that all?” He inquired with a fake haughty tone. “Yes, Sir!” I played along with an amused smile. “Good!” He concluded while gesturing for me to leave. “Oh, before you go.” He added throwing me a pair of boxer briefs that were lying on the floor. “Can you put that in the laundry basket?” He instructed. I caught them in the air with a disapproving look. But then my expression changed when I realised the underwear was covered in a wet and sticky white substance. “Is that…? Eeeew! George!” I loudly complained. My brother was displaying an evil smile. “Oh my god, you’re gross! Put them in the basket yourself!” I snapped before attempting to throw them back at him. My brother caught my arm before I could and locked his eyes in mine. “Not that fast Baby Henri.” My brother said with a cocky expression. “Let’s make a deal.” He then suggested. “I want to give you a choice.” George told me while he opened his bedroom door and pushed me out before following me. “You can either take my briefs directly in the laundry room, or you can take them to your bedroom. I am going to stand here, in the corridor, as you make your choice.” He proposed, never dropping his smile. I was about to answer, to tell him to fuck off but he interrupted me even before I spoke. “Now listen, whatever option you chose, I will never speak of it again. Never. I am not going to tease you, to laugh at you, to judge you in any way. You have my word.” George said. I was confused, I knew I shouldn’t even hesitate, and I somehow wanted to run to the laundry room, but I froze. I had no idea why, I wasn’t even contemplating the options, I wasn’t thinking. My hesitation was deeper, it was animalistic. George was still staring at me, but his smile grew wider with each passing second. He came closer and his mouth was millimetres from my ear. “I know what you like, Baby Henri, I have seen that video. You seemed to quite like it when he busted that load all over your angelic face, it was obvious you were into it. There is no shame, I’m not trapping you, It’s more like… a gift?” He whispered softly. “So, what will you choose?” I was on autopilot. My brain was off, only instincts. I watched my brother’s eyes and tried to determine if he was serious, and he was. Hesitantly, I started walking. I stopped in front of the laundry room, my respiration was heavy, my heart was beating fast. Then, I started walking away from the laundry room’s door and went to my bedroom. I opened my door; my fists clinging on the cum-covered briefs and immediately closed the door behind me. I leaned on my bedroom door and sighed. I was about to cry, I felt tears building up. I brought the underwear to my nose and started sobbing. I was not sad per se, I was mostly lost, confused, disoriented. The briefs smelled familiar, I could definitely tell my brother’s scent, but it was still somehow different. This particular scent I had never smelled on him. My head was dizzy, and my temple was beating furiously. As tears were flooding my eyes, I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out to taste it. It was still somehow warm. I knew how taboo this all was, I felt ashamed beyond measure, but I kept doing it. I kept lapping my brother’s cum from his dirty underwear. I hadn’t come to his room to steal them; he gave them to me. At this very instant, as I was swallowing his load, he knew what I was doing, he witnessed me as I passed by the laundry room’s door and walked to my bedroom instead. It was like I could feel his eyes watching me right now. I reached for my cock and took it out of my jeans. With my right hand I was pressing George’s grey cum-covered briefs against my nose and mouth and with my left hand I was furiously beating off. I came in no time and jizzed like a racehorse all over the hardwood floor. My vision was blurry, and I slid down the door until I sat on the floor. I tossed the briefs aside and cried like a baby, cursing myself for being such a pervert. I would never be able to look at George in the eye again, I thought.

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