Bus Ride – Part 2 – A New Home


This is a fictional story of the enslavement of a plump lady by some vulgar men who wish to keep her as their slave and play out their individual fantasies. The story contains scenes of violence, cruelty and rape. Please be warned.

This is a continuation of Bus Ride – Part 1.

I welcome all comments, both positive and negative, on my stories or please feel free to email me on [email protected].

Bus Ride – Part 2 – A New Home

Gaby felt every bump in the track as the van, containing only her in the back lurched along the track towards god knows where! She felt her eyes closing under the blindfold and drifted off into happier times………

She awoke in the cold darkness of pre-dawn, every muscle aching, to find that her she was still in the van which had stopped moving. Moments later the back door opened and she heard a voice.
“Get her out….you know where to put her!” The man said and she felt hands around her tied ankles drag her out of the van. She felt herself being carried then she heard the sound of a door being opened, then another door. She suddenly panicked as both men let go of her at once and she felt herself fall onto a hard floor landing on her back. She let out a muffled moan and felt the rope tying her arms being cut and then the same at her feet. She lay still, frightened and feeling unable to move. The sound of the door closing brought some relief but she was unsure if anyone was still with her. Tentatively she brought her hands around to her face and slowly pulled down the blindfold and looked around the room. Where the fuck am I! She thought to herself and tears welled up in her eyes again.

In the corner was a single bed with a mattress and grubby looking quilt on it. The room was small and had a set of drawers in another corner and a large wooden cupboard stood in front of the only window cutting out most of the light and blocking any view outside of the room. She stood, still naked and bruised and walked over to the bed lying down just to feel some comfort. She froze as she heard the door opening and an older man walked in with some food on a plate and a cup of water.
“Your breakfast!” He said without even acknowledging her and turned to walk back out of the room.
“Where am I?” Gaby asked tentatively not knowing what the reaction to her speaking or the answer might be. “You’re home!” Came the reply from the man as he exited the room and she heard the lock close behind him.
Gaby ate the food ravenously and just thanked god that she was still alive. She didn’t know what was going to happen next or where she was but she knew she had to try to plan her escape and she would need her strength for that. She pulled open the cupboard and looked inside. It was full of clothes, all female Escort and a mixture of dresses, skirts and fancy dress costumes. ‘What is this place?’ Gaby whispered to herself before pulling open the top of the drawers. Lingerie, lots of it and sex toys!

There was a knock at the door. “Get dressed in 5 minutes!” The voice simply said and she heard footsteps going away. She pulled out a white halter neck dress and tried it against herself as if it mattered what she looked like. She delved into the lingerie and pulled some panties out and stepped into them. Then a bra to hold her large breasts and finally she stepped into the dress and pulled it up. It was tight, too tight and seemed to cling to all of her curves. Clearly that was what they wanted. At the bottom of the cupboard she pulled out some heeled leather boots. Her initial thought was to use them as a weapon but she thought better of it, remembering there were at least 4 men to fight off.
She slipped her feet into them and sat on the bed waiting.

And as expected the door opened again and a bearded man stepped inside the room closing the door behind him. He looked at Gaby with disdain. “Stand up!” He ordered and she obeyed. “My name is Tom; you have met my sons, Paul, Ian and Jim!” He paused as his eyes trailed over her body. “You can call me Sir!”
“Please, I don’t know where I am ………………or ………………….!”
A sudden slap from the man’s hand across Gaby’s face not only stopped her in mid sentence but caused tears to well in her eyes as her cheek reddened.
“You only speak when I tell you to speak!” Said the man angrily. “And for that I am going to punish you!” He sat on the bed and pulled open the second drawer. Moments later her had retrieved what he was looking for and fished out a hard wooden paddle.
“Please!” Whimpered Trish, “I will be so good, I won’t speak!”
“Too late bitch, you just did!” He stood to look at her, his eyes taking in her curvy plump form in the dress. “Bend over!”

With tears welling in her eyes Gaby leaned forward and felt the dress being lifted at the back until she felt the cool air on the backs of her thighs and bum.
“Please don’t!” Gaby begged tearfully but felt the paddle slap down hard on her soft bum cheeks and she squealed as her bum cheeks around the panties started to redden.
“What will you offer me to stop?” He asked.
“Gaby thought quickly. “I’ll give you one of my best cock-suckings!” She tried and there was a moment as he considered this. Then Gaby heard the familiar sound of a fly being unzipped.
“Let’s see how good a job you do before I promise anything. You do look like you have a very warm wet mouth!” He leered as he walked around in front of her.

Gaby blushed hotly, as she opened her ‘warm wet mouth’ Escort Bayan and allowed the man to slide his cock head in past her lips and deep into her throat. Gaby started to gag involuntarily and almost as quickly the man pulled his erection out of her pretty mouth and moved behind her again.
“One!” SMACK!!!
“Two!” WHACK!!!
“Three! SMACK!!! Came the paddle down on her bum and she felt her tears started to flow again. She stumbled forward and fell onto her knees in front of the bed.
“Even better!” Said the man as he continued to smack her hard with the wooden paddle.

Gaby suddenly realized, as the burn began to sink into her bottom cheeks, that a visit to the loo might have been a good idea first. Another few hard swats might well turn on her pussy to allow a pee to escape and that was the last thing she wanted to do. Shutting her big eyes tightly, she began concentrating on holding her pee inside her, just as the fourth and fifth paddle spanks landed across her firm, round, sore behind.

“Six!” SMACK!!!

“Oh no!” Gaby exclaimed, as the burning sting in her seat distracted her from her useless attempts to not wet herself. Now crying openly, she put one hand on her now soaking pussy knowing the thin panties wouldn’t soak up much of her pee. The humiliatingly she let out a gasp of fear as wet splashes erupted from her punished lower half and started to run down her legs onto the floor.
“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it!” Gaby cried, while the man, with a disgusted look on his old face dropped the paddle. Grabbing her by the ear he pulled her up and pushing the door open led her into the bathroom, for an even more humiliating punishment.
“Strip off!” He said and stood watching her, the paddle still in his hand.
Seconds later a completely humiliated Gaby stood before him, stripped down to her naked plumpness with the tell-tale signs of her ‘accident’ still glistening on her bare thighs. She blinked back the tears brought on by her shame and by the severe paddling that was still causing her firm round bottom to positively radiate heat and discomfort.

“I can see you’re not a quick learner!” He said maliciously. “Now bend over the sink!” Naked and frightened Gaby complied and suddenly felt the paddle slapping hard down on her now bare bum cheeks again. Twenty smacks brought about an astonishing change of attitude for Gaby.
“Now piss!” He said menacingly and she turned to the toilet pan sitting down and finally trying to release her urine into the pan below but now it wouldn’t come out!

“We are just going to wait here, until you show me where good girls do their business. I know you just went, and you are going to mop it up when we are finished, but not until you convince me that you understand Bayan Escort a simple thing like peeing on the toilet, not my hardwood floor!” The man snarled into her face as she sat still trembling with fear.
“All finished?” He asked, as Gaby really had been able to produce only a short little stream of pee. She nodded agreement silently and mistakenly began to stand up.
“Get back on the seat!” The man barked at her pushing her back down. “You like a stiff dick in your mouth so much, according to my Son’s you can give me what you promised. That’s before you get your arse fucked.”
Gaby almost gratefully took the man’s cock into her mouth, and gulped hard on it, while another kind of moisture was produced in the vicinity of her lap as the pee splashed into the pan. With tears of gratitude, and a level of horniness that was all too familiar to her from the night before, Gaby set to work, giving the man the best blow-job of his life. But she knew it would not spare her from what he had said but at least she was still alive and unhurt, other than her bum cheeks.

As Gaby was marched into the back yard of the small house, she was not aware that she and the man were being observed. One of the men from the night before in the bus was there along with his slag of a girlfriend Mary! They had been watching his Dad discipline humiliate the new lady. Blonde Mary, looking out the window of the living room was both surprised and amused by the spectacle of the plump woman being marched into the back yard. Her boyfriend came to join her. “Is this the new one?” She cooed up at her man and he just glanced down at her in distaste. “Yeah she is and she’s a far better fuck than you so unless you want the same treatment just shut the fuck up!” Came his well chosen words. Mary was quiet.

Glancing across to the house Tom was quite aware of their audience and decided to put on a good show for his oldest son and his slut. He was not in the habit of using his belt on anyone’s arse but, as it was the only implement at hand and her firm round bum was already so red and tender, he decided that a quick strapping would help bring home the hard lesson the new ‘Girl’ had just learned in the bathroom.

Tom had thought that Gaby had used up her tears for the day but this additional punishment resulted in still more with quiet sobbing from Tom’s newest slave-girl. And as they watched Mary sucked.

Suddenly Tom stopped and looked at Gaby red bum cheeks. “Time for daddy to have his hole now!” He purred and she heard his zip again as he forced his manhood deep into her arse once again. It didn’t take long for him to cum before he led her back into the room and went to exit but turned. “You know you’re mine now and you do as I say!” He grinned. “You won’t get hurt as long as you please us!” He looked at her with disgust. “Do you understand?”

“Yes…………….Sir!” Gaby replied and the door was shut locking her in the small room once again.

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