Busted: The Conclusion

Big Tits

If it wasn’t bad enough that I spied on two of my players and got head from them, I took it further by going to their apartment with them. I had no idea what to expect, but I was more ready to get whatever they threw my way then.

As they both held my hands, they escorted me into their apartment and then to the bedroom. There were a million things I wanted to say, but I zipped my lip and just let them take the lead.

Mandy pushed me on the bed. “You’re one naughty coach, but we like that,” she mentioned, turning to Gabriela.

They pasted their lips together, and I surely couldn’t resist, but to pull out my johnson and begin rubbing it. They wrapped their arms around each other and made it an extra special show for me to watch.

Although, they cut it short when they parted lips, and Mandy dropped to her knees. Neither of them said a word, and then Gabriela stripped her bestie, starting with her feet, and she worked her way up to everything.

As Mandy was naked, she came over to me and brought her hands to my crotch. “If you tell anyone that we’re girlfriends, we’ll kick your ass, got it?”


She leaned to me and kissed me again before undoing my pants again. As we made out for a moment, she nonchalantly brought them off me. She blindly found my cock, which stood right up, and she began stroking it.

After a moment, our lips were still together, and then I got to feel Gabriela’s tits on my back. She scrubbed my back, but didn’t speak. She just watched, and she eventually grabbed my hands and brought them over to Mandy’s butt.

Then I felt her lift Mandy a tad. “If you fucking cum inside my girlfriend, I’ll personally kill you,” she warned me, before grabbing my pecker.

She aligned it with Mandy’s pussy and let it dive right in there. “Now make her feel good, but not with your seed, Coach Donaldson.”

“Aye aye, Gabriela,” I muttered, leaning back a tad.

From one second to the next, I had Mandy riding me ever so slowly. Gabriela stayed behind me and even supported me a little bit as well. I didn’t move too much and just let Mandy do all the work. I was in paradise again and was nearly paralyzed by them.

So, all I could do was enjoy the thrills and let them take the lead. My cock already felt on fire, so I wasn’t even sure how to deal with them. I took Gabriela’s words under advisement and made sure not to cum inside Mandy, but it took a lot of my focus.

Although, Mandy still wanted to push me; so she kissed me and kept my hands moving on her butt too. So, the deck was stacked against me, but I was still enjoying the gratification quite a bit. All I could do was let them both have their ways with me and watch the fireworks.

“Oh, you’re making the bed quake now, Coach Donaldson, dare I ask: are you enjoying yourself now?” Gabriela added.


“Then give me a kiss,” she ordered me, before kissing me.

So, I got wooed by them both simultaneously, but they wanted to take it further. Gabriela took my hand and brought it to her wet twat, and had me finger her. With her as well, she did the work for me and made my fingers move rather swiftly.

I felt both of them shaking quite a bit, and that surely had me feeling like a bunch of batteries inside me. I vibrated more than when I was watching them fuck before, and I couldn’t have loved it more.

I felt Mandy’s pussy lips scrubbing my cock, and the sensation was so much better than I ever could’ve imagined. She held my shoulders for the time being and helped keep her up because I wasn’t going to be able to do it as they weakened me, and not with one hand either.

After a couple of minutes, Gabriela parted her lips. “Fucking us is so much better than masturbating, isn’t it?”


“Good scumbag,” she branded me, before shoving me down. “Now grab Mandy’s knockers and clutch them.”

I followed that order, and Mandy grabbed those delicate jugs. I surely couldn’t lean up to Mandy, but enjoy those tits like nothing else. I not only clutched those melons, but even got my hands to hurt a bit from grabbing them.

She didn’t seem to mind and even grabbed my arms to implore me to keep going, it seemed. I tried to eyeball her as much as possible, but I was playing with fire still and getting burned a bit in the process.

She moved her slit up and down on my pecker, and she even seemed to gain strength as I pushed her. She got off on the energy I gave her from my vibrating dick. Then Gabebrila leaned down to me and kissed me.

She didn’t speak, but then let her tits come above my face. She didn’t need to suggest anything then, so I grabbed one of those boobs and began licking that nipple too. I immediately felt her jolt a bit, too, so I had them both feeling good.

On the other hand, licking and sucking on Gabriela’s nipples pushed my defenses down, but I wasn’t just going to give up. I wanted to go all night if I could, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to last forever. Until then, I was just gonna go all out indeed.

“Oh, yes, get Escort those reddish nipples, Coach Donaldson. I know exactly how they taste; they’re just like watermelons, right?” Mandy asked.

‘I won’t answer that, but her nipples taste like cantaloupe,’ I thought, switching to Gabeila’s other nipple.

I let my hand back onto Mandy’s butt again and tried to control her a bit better because she was taking me down much quicker than I thought. So, I held her butt cheeks as hard as I could but didn’t hold back on Gabebrila’s nipples either.

She kept them at the perfect access point for me, so they were even pushing on my face a bit. That way, it was a little harder to breathe, but it was still worth the pleasure, though. I felt her delicate breasts all over my face and got them even more, when I switched nipples.

So, as they were so close too, I couldn’t even lick them; I could only take them into my mouth and suck the life out of them. As I had huge crushes on both of them, I couldn’t help, but bring out the biggest ‘A’ game I could muster.

I sucked so hard, I felt my cheeks coming into my face, and I got a slight headache, but it was still all worth it, most definitely. Gabriela moved her boobs back and forth a bit, though, so she made me follow them once she knew how much I loved her melons.

Mandy still wasn’t letting up on my schlong and kept scrubbing it with her pussy walls like she was trying to milk me. I felt like cumming a bit more with every passing second, but I needed to stop that.

So, I arched my back up with Mandy. “Holy shit, you’re hot, Mandy,” I moaned, grabbing her butt cheeks harder.

“And what about my girlfriend?”

“You’re sexy too, Gabebrila,” I added, peeking at her.

“Then you won’t mind competing with Mandy here,” she mentioned, getting next to us.

As I saw her nice rack yet again, I felt myself lose it. “Shit, I gotta cum now, Mandy.”

She grinned and calmly grabbed my pecker and leaned up a bit. “Shoot my twat, Coach Donaldson; we won’t tell anyone.”

I did just that for her and blasted out five different shots all over that drenched slit. I rattled with each one and got a little more thrilled too. Even though I knew it was wrong to get involved with two of my players, I still loved it nonetheless.

She kept my johnson in her hand the whole time and failed to let it move at all, except for when I needed to twitch. Even that wasn’t enough for her to even slightly lose her grasp on my wood.

“Oh, thank you, Coach Donaldson, that was pervy, yet sweet at the same time. You could’ve just shot your load inside me, but you controlled yourself.”

“Well, you did paint a nasty picture of the consequences, though.”

“Yes, and there will be some coming your way if you get on your knees with me and suck on Gabebrila’s nipples with me,” she implored me, getting into position. “And feel free to shoot your load wherever you want now,” she made clear, before taking her bestie’s nipple into her mouth.

I followed her lead and did the same.

“Oh, Coach, I had no idea you were this depraved, but shit, we’re all gonna have to keep a secret here,” Gabriela moaned, caressing both of our heads.

Neither of us said a word to that and just pleased her with our mouths. I wanted to keep it at that, but Mandy brought my hand to her best friend’s cherry too. So, I got to finger Gabriela as well. I felt on top of the earth, but still, then Mandy grabbed my pecker.

“Yes, take the luxury of having two barely legal ladies here, and don’t make the mistake of taking either of us for granted. Not right now, or on the team. Don’t think if you try to screw us over; we won’t go to another school and start whipping your team’s ass. Do you think Rebecca Moore will keep your team in shape? She spends a lot of time masturbating with a purple dildo she calls Purple Lover in that locker room. We’ve caught her several times, and we heard she did it in high school too. That’s where she met her boyfriend, Vince Williams. So, she has her hands full, so you better treat us right, got it?”

“Yes, Gabriela.”

“Good, now stick a couple of fingers into my snatch too. I demand it, got it?”

I nodded again and sucked her nipple entirely into my mouth as well as I followed her command. That got her to break eye contact and simmer a bit too. So, with the help of her smoking hot girlfriend, we had her rather taken care of then.

After a minute, she glanced back at us and let her go back and forth between us slowly. I didn’t go all out on her then as I had Mandy’s help, but I wasn’t about to rest on that fact for me to go easy on her.

After another minute, Gabriela gently grabbed my hand and brought it up to her mouth. I watched her take my fingers into her mouth suck off all of her juice. They weren’t going easy on me either because Mandy had to grab my schlong yet again.

She stroked it as Gabriela even took my hands and managed to get them both onto pussies. So, I got to finger them both simultaneously Escort Bayan and surely make my cock hurt for wanting to shoot again so soon.

I fought the pain and pleasure the best I could with a grain of salt and continued to lick and suck on Gabriela’s delicious nipple. The authentic taste was fleshy skin off from her tits, but of course, my head made it taste like it had sugar sprinkled all over it.

So, I had to react to that, but of course, I was still competing with a very experienced young woman right next to me as she kept giving me a mean hand job too. So, once again, the deck was stacked against me, but they also made it clear I could shoot whenever and wherever I needed.

I still didn’t just want to do it; I desired to last for as long as possible and make them want it just as much as I did. I was still going up quite a steep hill, but I was still up for a challenge. I had to close my eyes to deal with it better, but again, they were fire and in the process of burning me.

Added with all the head caressing, they were throwing up hurdles like mad, but they did train me a little bit already. So, it wasn’t quite like taking candy from a baby, but not too far away from that. Mandy pushed the head of my cock on Gabriella’s legs too, which caused another sensation.

I jolted a bit, but stayed on my game. Still, they both worked together as a perfect team to woo me both inside and out. I kept both of my hands moving ever so slowly, but nothing too over the top, though.

Just as Gabebila told me, I let my fingers up into her slit as well, which made more juice come plummeting out as well. As neither of them said a word, I could only guess the bed was used to that. Either way, I got extra attention from Gabriela because of that.

“Kiss me, horndog.”

I rose right to her and pasted my lips to hers. I kissed as if she was a lover of mine, but even if she wasn’t, I nearly thought both of them like that. I had no idea if anything would happen after that night, but it felt that way then.

She even caressed my neck and pressured it too. “Don’t worry; we’ve downgraded you to half a scumbag now.”


“What the fuck are waiting for, dude? Get back down to my nipples now.”

“Sorry,” I apologized before going back to it.

She didn’t wait to please my head yet again and eyefuck me too. I fingered them both still nonstop for the time being, and Mandy still failed to stop giving me a mean hand job too. I had no idea again how long I’d last, but I was ready to find out, though.

“So, do you like sucking and licking on a barely legal female nipple, do you? Well, that’s okay, most pervs don’t get their wish, but you have, so you should feel lucky.”

“I do.”

“Good, now give my girlfriend a kiss.”

I quickly leaned to her as well and kissed Mandy. She never let go of my johnson, but actually brought her other hand to it too. So, I had to feel her butt and bring her closer to me as well. By doing that, I got to feel her smooth jugs on my chest too.

I thoroughly enjoyed it for the time being, but then she gently pushed me away. “You’re getting out of pleasing Gabriela; trust me, it doesn’t work, so keep sucking,” she recommended, before going her bestie’s lips.

I watched them make out for a few seconds, but made sure to taste her wonderful nipples yet again. I couldn’t help but keep eyeballing them, though. They made out passionately and indeed made it hot as hell.

‘Yes, use those tongues as you both wrap your arms around each other. Fuck yes, you two are…’

I couldn’t even finish my thought, I just got lost in watching them, and nothing else mattered. I didn’t have Mandy rubbing my schlong, but I didn’t care then. I had access to both of her tits and grabbed them both while I could.

I switched between both of them numerous times as they were content with each other. Needless to say, I couldn’t resist fingering them both. That didn’t get them to stop kissing even for a second.

I was okay with that because I was more than willing to accept and take whatever gratification I could. Whether I looked at those young ladies or not, they both had their eyes closed and lips pressed together as well.

‘Wow, I had no idea, but this weird turn of events couldn’t turn me on more. Yes, kiss each other just like that and show me you don’t even need me. You can fuck and build up chemistry without me.’

After a few minutes, they parted lips. “To hell with Rebecca Moore, right? We’re the real stars of the team, aren’t we?” Gabriela asked.


“Good answer, now keep sucking and fingering,” Mandy ordered me before kissing her BFF again.

I made sure to do just that but kept my eyes on them too. I had no idea if they even had roofs themselves, but I’d find out, though. They seemed more than strong, but like ironclad, so it was pleasurable, but nothing and no one could get over their thrill hump.

I wasn’t about to let that discourage me, so I kept going and went all out again. Bayan Escort I felt myself even coming to my limits, but I had to push myself more than ever with this opportunity. Nevertheless, I was more than happy to do so.

Then, I still got to rub my pecker on both of their legs, so I had precum spread all over them. They still seemed to love it and made eye contact with me with one eye from time to time. They failed to stop kissing and just enjoyed each other as they did me.

Needless to say, I had to attack Mandy’s rocking knockers as well, so I evened out the thrills a bit. Nevertheless, it still didn’t truly matter because I was a mere pawn in their sexual adventure. They didn’t need me, but still used me.

I got all of my jollies in the process, but it was crystal clear to me anyway. It just didn’t seem to matter to them, though, because after a few more minutes, they pulled me up with them. Neither of them spoke, but they both kissed me and grabbed onto my pecker again.

I helped myself to feeling their butts too, so we all got pleased with our hands. I felt my load building up a bit, but yet, I wasn’t about to let my seed out so easily. Although, they were still building up some real intimacy as well.

I got to feel their boobs coming onto my chest too, which intensified the thrills even more. As if that wasn’t enough, they both encased their free arms around me as well. So, I got to feel them entirely, it seemed.

I couldn’t have felt more intimacy if I tried, but yet, they wanted to keep going. So, they kept kissing me for over ten minutes. After that, Gabebrilla pushed Mandy down. She dove right into her pussy, and went to town on her.

“Oh, yes, give our douche coach a good show, bestie. Eat out that pussy and make him cum again. Shit, shoot all over my twat, Coach Donaldson. Then Gabriela will clean it all up.”

“Yes, Mandy.”

“No, fuck that,” Gabriela whined, bringing her head up a bit. “You’ve had more than enough time with me between your legs; now it’s time he pulls his weight,” she let out, before pushing me between her legs. “Now get that cherry, Coach Donaldson, and eat out my girlfriend until she needs to scream.”

“No, you two can take turns, okay?”

“So, you’re not the perfect couple; you do have conflicts.”

“Yes, now eat her out, motherfucker,” Gabriela warned me, before pushing me back to Mandy’s muff.

I was unprepared, but I was still turned on beyond my wildest dreams, so I felt I could still pull it off for one of the sexy young things. I placed my hands on Mandy’s thighs and licked her lips all I could. I had eaten out ladies before, but not under such circumstances.

So, I went with my gut in using the methods I thought worked best. I licked her nice and slow, but somewhat hard as well. I had her jiggling around yet again. I got my own personal source of her juice too, which was great as well.

“Oh, yes, Coach Donaldson, let that tongue all over those lips and look up at me. Don’t think you can eat me out with giving me some eye contact, trust me, that will not be tolerated. I do appreciate some effort from you, though. It’s always hot when a guy eats out a woman. You don’t have a cherry, so it’s hard to know how to please the woman, but who shits on a guy that eats out a woman?”

“No one, now watch me, dude,” Gabriela said.

I backed away and let them show me some more hot lesbian action. “Wow, I guess I’m out of my league, but you still know how to put on a show.”

“Don’t worry, we won’t criticize you, Coach; now shut up and watch,” Mandy moaned, fondling Gabriela’s head. “See what pussy licking is all about, and maybe we’ll invite you over again.”

“Yes, Mandy.”

“Give me a kiss, though.”

I leaned up to her and kissed her. I intended it on being brief, but she put her hands on my head and kept me there for a moment. I felt her vibrate from Gabriela eating her out, so it was extra sexy kissing that way.

I kept my eyes closed the way time, and I was sure she did the same. Even if she didn’t, she kept her hands on my neck and pressed her lips onto mine a lot harder. So, I knew I sucked her into me, so to speak.

‘Neither of them can see me as just so pervert now.’

After a couple more minutes, she gently pushed my lips off hers again. “You better stop eye-fucking us now.”

“I’ll do my best.”

“Get down there and study.”

I moved back towards Gabriela to see her fucking the shit out of Mandy. I found myself stunned, so I had to widen my eyes. The sight before me was so hot; I didn’t need to touch my rod; they had it going nuts all with the sight.

I watch Gabriela move her face back and forth and indeed have her bestie shove her head down onto her cherry some more. So, I witnessed Gabriela’s face get drenched and felt the entire bed tremble a bit too.

“You see, Coach Donaldson, that’s hot you eat a muff, just like that. She has my legs clamped down, but not too much, and moving that tongue around swiftly all over those lips too. You gotta do it all with confidence, though, and then the world is yours.”

“I understand, but still, seeing two young ladies go at each other is one smoking hot scene, though. How could I not get mesmerized by such hot girl-on-girl action?”

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