C.H.A.S.E. 3: Welcome to the Fetish


2:30 AM, Saturday, February 10th, 2007

Charter Limo

Midtown Manhattan

Shifting his weight carefully, Ricky inched his way between Crystal’s knees. Ani now had Crystal’s gown shoved out of the way and the side opening zipper pealed down enough to give her access to Crystal’s breast. Moaning in pleasure, Crystal pushed her breast against Ani’s lips. At the same time she spread her lower lips open for Ricky’s tongue, fingering her clit with hard, rapid swipes.

A small purple stud pierced the hood of her clit, bobbing in rapid time to the sweep of her fingers.


At this rate she was going to come without him. Ricky dove in hard, licking and sucking the lips of her cunt before he speared his tongue deep inside her. Once, twice, three times he licked the walls of her channel, but he wanted more. Bumping her fingers out of the way, he sucked her clit into his mouth, toying with the small metal barbell’s studded ends, flicking them back and forth with the tip of his tongue.

Her hands fisted in his hair, pushing him against her wet pussy. He rubbed his chin against her slit, wishing he had his hands free to thrust his fingers deep inside her. Leaving her clit for a moment, he tongue-fucked her pussy long and deep again.

Ani moved from Crystal’s side to slip to the floor next to him. He thought for a moment she was going to release his hands, but instead she straddled his legs to slide her arms around his shoulders. Her hands found his nipples where they strained against the fabric, kneading the already hard points through the thin satin.

He cried out, his voice vibrating over Crystal’s hot, wet pussy, his tongue thrusting harder, Anadolu Yakası escort faster, in time to Ani’s pumping fingers. His cock bounced and jerked against the confining, restraining tape, straining hard to free itself from its prison. He could feel his hips thrusting mindlessly in rhythm to his tongue, but it was no use. His cock was taped too securely to escape.

Ani rose up on her knees, shifting so that her left hand crossed over his chest to his right nipple, both supporting him and holding him firmly in place as her right hand slid down his ass. He raised up as much as he could, praying she was reaching for his tortured cock. Instead she circled his virgin anus with the tip of one questing finger.

Her hands withdrew, leaving him alone and off balance, falling face forward into Crystal’s waiting pussy. Then Ani was back, her arm around his chest again. Oh, God. Oh fuck. She pulled his skirt up and cold lube hit his asshole. “Let me in. Let me fuck you,” Ani whispered against his ear. “You know you want me.”

No. He wanted his cock buried deep in her pussy. He wanted… it didn’t matter. He was bound and helpless and completely unable to stop her as her lubricated finger teased him with long, slow circles.

Beneath his thrusting tongue Crystal raised her hips, thrusting back at him with growing momentum. Wanton cries ripped through the night. Despite the privacy screen, the limo driver had to hear them. He’d gotten a brief glimpse of the driver as he opened the car door for them. A huge Viking of a man, radiating raw power and strength. His predator roots were poorly disguised by the immaculate driver’s uniform. The thought Anadolu Yakası escort bayan of this stranger listening to them getting off made Ricky even harder.

Ani’s finger pushed past his sphincter and into his channel in one slow thrust. He screamed, though the sound had no where to go, clenching tightly against the unwanted invasion. Never before had Richard made noise during sex. It simply wasn’t proper. Waves of fear mixed with desire washed over him. He squirmed, whether to get away or to urge her on, he wasn’t sure.

Then her finger found the hard bump of his prostate, sending long, searing waves of agonizing pleasure straight to his bound cock. Ani pinched his nipple, and he twisted, forgetting Crystal’s pussy for the moment as the agonizing need to come shot through him. “Fuck me! Please, fuck me!” he begged. “Please, Mistress!”

Instead Crystal yanked him back to her pussy. “We’re almost home,” she promised. “And I’m almost there. Make me come!”

Come? He’d make her come, all right. He’d make her pay for the pain she caused him. He tugged on the stud piercing her clit, worrying it with his teeth and his tongue before he sucked her clit back onto his mouth once more. Pain, pleasure, the lines blurred until he could no longer tell the difference.

He could feel Ani humping her fist as she ground her thumb into his ass now, sending painful spikes of pleasure rippling through him. Beneath him Crystal writhed and moaned, shuddering on the brink of release. The limo pulled to a halt just as the women came together, their cries shattering him as they collapsed in a pile.

Moments later the car door swung open. escort bayan Apparently unphased, the driver offered Mistress Ani his hand.

Something near panic hit Ricky. His dress was scrunched up around his knees, his makeup had to be a disaster by now, his hair was a wreck, and he was in handcuffs. Well, wrist restraints. Something. And he was supposed to walk across the sidewalk and through the lobby of her condo, past the doorman and residents and people on the street looking like he’d just had his face buried in pussy?


He snapped his head around toward the voice. Mistress Crystal. A firm hand gripped his chin, and a wet wipe descended on his face. “There. That’s better.” From nowhere she produced a compact and dabbed the sponge briefly over his nose and chin. “Charlie, could you help Ricky out, please?”

The amazing Charlie set him on his feet next to the limo in one smooth, swift move. Ani reached down to twitch the wrinkles from their gowns and scoop up his leash. Charlie set his shoes on the sidewalk and steadied him as he slid his feet back into them.

Well. That was a bit better.

And then Crystal appeared, looking perfect, not a hair out of place, her tiny bag tucked neatly under her arm. The thing had to have magical properties, he thought rather abstractly. Wrist restraints, wet wipes, and a compact? In a bag that size?

Charlie reappeared with Ricky’s suitcase, escorting them not only to the door, but all the way to the elevator. He waited while Mistress Crystal pulled her elevator key from her amazing purse. Key. Only the penthouse would require an elevator key. Ricky nearly giggled.

“Come on. Share.”

He blinked like a deranged owl. “I apologize, Mistress. I’m not sure what you mean.”

“Something struck you as funny. Share the thought.”

Ricky allowed himself a smile. “My mother. She’s always complained that I don’t date women from the proper social circles. I was thinking she’d approve of your address.”

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