Subject: Callum’s fun with me – Chapter 2 (gay male, adult/youth) This is a follow on from my previous chapter about my nephew Callum. For obvious reasons this story is completely made up. Usual disclaimer, if you’re too young, you shouldn’t be here. If you’re into stuff like this feel free to email me ook. Many thanks to those who emailed me, love receiving and reading your messages of support. About 8 weeks after the bbq, I got a call from Callum’s dad; his sister had been taken to hospital and he needed to go visit her and look after her kids. Given his urgent need, no one else was available to look after Callum and would I go over and baby sit for a few nights. Of course I said yes, and honestly my initial response was genuinely just to help him out, it had nothing to do with what happened with Callum at the bbq. I won’t lie, that thought entered my mind soon after. I picked Callum up from school on the Friday afternoon and would likely baby sit all weekend. We got back to his place, and I asked Callum what he would usually do in the afternoon. Callum said he usually does his homework straight away to get it over with, take a shower, watch some tv then have dinner. So that’s what he did. I tried really hard to find a way to help him with his shower but was very much at the `I’m an independent boy’ age and said he was fine. He comes down after his shower wearing quite loose boxers and a singlet. My cock almost jumped out of my pants at the sight. I got him and I a drink and joined him on the lounge. We put the tv on and he watched some kids shows, I played on my phone, did some work emails. Callum watched his shows quietly at the other end of the lounge. I got distracted a few times when I looked over and he had his legs up, the boxer leg had slid down revealing his whole thigh. Milky white, perfectly smooth thigh, a hair had never existed on his leg. All I wanted to do was lick his thigh. Callum looked at me and asked if everything was ok, I said yeah fine and went back to my phone. An hour or so passed and Callum said he was hungry. I ordered us a pizza, it arrived and we ate all without incident but definitely with wandering eyes any chance I got. I was a bit disappointed that he wasn’t being more affectionate. Thankfully my disappointment disappeared not long after dinner, once we had ate, Callum asked if I could put on a movie before he went to bed. After putting bahçelievler escort the movie on, he laid down and put his head on my thigh without asking. Obviously I loved it and my cock twitched. A minute or two later, Callum went looking for my hand, I gave it to him and he put it around him, on his chest, holding my hand tight against his chest. I naturally picked up where we left off and I started rubbing his chest, I saw an obvious smile on his face. He ended up letting go of my hand but I didn’t think he wanted me to move my hand so I left it on his chest and kept rubbing. I’m almost certain he cooed a little, like a little moan and fidgeted a bit. He changed position a little, moving slightly more upright, but still mostly facing the TV. This made his chest open up and give me more access. I had mainly rubbed right in the middle, not near his nipples or belly button. By opening up his chest I started to get brave and rub more of his chest, first in slow large circles. Callum had an obvious reaction when I brushed over his nipples and down below his belly button. When I brushed over his nipples he moaned quietly but noticeably; when I moved near his belly button and certainly below it, his waist seemed to instinctively move. I was absolutely loving it, my cock was raging, precum flowing but what I think I enjoyed most was the clear enjoyment on Callum’s face. He clearly didn’t want me to stop so I decided to up the ante a bit, I slid my hand down his chest and slipped my fingers under his shirt, as soon as I touched his skin he quickly let out a breath. I managed to slip my hand under his shirt and rested it on his belly, I simply cannot describe how smooth it was. The smoothness of a boy of 9 years old really is something else. I think Callum was a bit unhappy or frustrated that I wasn’t rubbing his chest anymore, so he lifted his shirt up right to his neck. I took that as an invitation and started doing large circles on his chest again. The smile returned, Callum clearly wanted me to keep touching him. Now that his chest was exposed, I could concentrate more on certain points, his nipples, belly button and the line where his boxers were. Callum reached down at one stage and adjusted himself, as I watched, I was almost certain he was hard. But given his age and almost certain small size it was impossible to tell. I bakırköy escort didn’t even realise how long this had gone on, the movie finished and kinda snapped us both out of it. It was 9pm by this stage and I knew he had to go to bed. Being the good boy he was, Callum didn’t argue when I said he had to go to bed. I walked him upstairs and I got his bed ready, without saying anything Callum took his boxers and singlet off, leaving his little undies on. I was shocked but loved the view, I asked him if he was putting his pjs on to which he said that’s how he slept, just in his undies. Obviously I wasn’t going to argue, he slid into bed and I put the covers on him. I sat on his bed, lent down and kissed his cheek and said goodnight. He asked me to cuddle him until he fell asleep, so I put my arm around him, he said no, I want you to get in bed and cuddle me. I probably should have said no, but I got into his bed, he lifted the doona and put it over me, not that it covered me much. He snuggled back into me, his ass right against my crotch and I put my arm around him. He held onto my arm for dear life and just sighed. I couldn’t believe how great this felt, my cock got rock hard and leaked precum every time he moved. Again, I had no doubt that he could feel my cock and I was even more convinced he liked it as he was pretty much grinding on my cock. I moved my leg a bit to open up my legs and let my cock be more prominent. That got his attention and he pushed back quite hard on my cock. I pulled my arm out and started rubbing his chest. My favourite place to rub, was right below his belly button near his undies, every now and then I would slip a finger under his undies just a little. This made him push back more. Just as I was feeling more brave, Callum says I should take off my shirt and shorts and join him just wearing undies. Again, I knew I shouldn’t but logic was nowhere to be found now. I complied and took my shirt and shorts off, resuming my position as did Callum. Finding his favourite spot against my cock, we picked back up where we left. Callum said “Uncle, this feels so good, please don’t stop”, so of course I didn’t. Still rubbing his chest and now pushing my cock slightly into his ass, he was now quite obviously moaning. My cock was like steel and was just leaking precum, I could feel how went my undies balgat escort were and thought surely he could feel it. All of a sudden, Callum said stop. It kinda scared me, I thought he was freaking out or something. I took my arm away and moved off him, in one swift move, he took off his undies and threw them on the floor. He turned his head and said “they felt so wet I had to take them off, you should take yours off too”. I was in shock, couldn’t believe a 9 year old would enjoy this so much. I looked down to see a completely hairless cock, hard as a rock but no more than 2″, absolute perfect size for a little boy. He again said, “don’t you want to take yours off”, so I did. I pulled them down, his eyes widened but didn’t say anything, I was kinda hoping he would touch my cock but instead he rolled over back into the position he was in before. I took that as an invite to resume where we were, so I slid back up against him but this time, I took a bit more control, pulled him into me, making sure his ass was in the right place, and even pointed my cock towards his hole. He seemed a bit uncertain but I think his body was betraying him, he wanted it but was still unsure. My cock head was now leaking precum up against his little boy hole, I had a 9 year old boy against my cock with both of us enjoying it. I rubbed his smooth pubic area above his cock and doing so made him push back against my cock. Every time he did, my cock would jolt and leak more precum right on his hole. By now we were getting into a bit of a rhythm, grinding, touching, moaning. I lost complete control and just went with it, his smooth body and ass was driving me wild and almost without any notice my cock erupted with cum. My cock betrayed me, it couldn’t put up with the enjoyment anymore and I blew my thick load right up against his little boy hole. Even though he didn’t know what it was, he certainly didn’t mind it, he didn’t pull away, he just kept grinding on me. My cum now sliding down from his hole, down the top of his thigh. I saw him put his hand between he legs and was now basically masturbating, with everything going on it didn’t take him long to have a dry orgasm. We stayed like that for a minute, I ended up getting up and getting a towel to wipe up my cum. As I did that he asked me what it was, I explained really simply its what happens to men when they are really happy. He said it felt really good, it was warm and thick on his bum. He said he felt really tired, so I covered him with the doona, gave him a kiss on his cheek, to which he smiled, said goodnight and gathered my clothes to head downstairs and reflect on what I just got to enjoy. What I didn’t know at the time, was that more was to come (and cum)…

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