Carrots at the Carnival


Carrots. Carrots!Remembering I needed carrots, I leave the cashier’s register, dash back to the produce section and quickly find the sign boasting ‘Today’s Special’ – freshly picked carrots. Reaching over them for a bag of smaller, bite-size carrots, my hand passes over the large carrots with green stems. My fingers barely graze the slightly dirty orange skin and large ridged, conical-shaped carrots when suddenly, my mind casts back into a kaleidoscope of images, smells, and sounds, and I hear echoes of a voice, and my body responds, unbidden, to a command:“Beg.”An overwhelming deep sensation of heat and wetness erupts between my thighs, and I suddenly find it hard to breathe. My legs fail me; I slump to the floor, still holding the crumpled shopping list in my hand. My eyes close, my head falls back as I lie shuddering, and from my throat, hear an unmistakable moan of pleasure.Then nothing, blackness.Slowly, I become aware of the smell of floor cleaner, music, murmured voices, and dampness under my skirt. Strong, gentle hands lift my head to rest it on something softer than the cold floor. Looking up, I seem to recognize the voice and eyes above the face mask, but cannot remember from where…the coffee shop, at work, the gym, the bank – where have I seen those eyes?“Hi, there! Welcome back to us. How do you feel? Would you like to sit up?”So many questions coming from his facial half-mask. A friendly tone and cadence resonate in his voice. I have my own questions, lots of them, the first being: what the fuck just happened and why am I on the floor? I still can’t place his eyes or voice, but both are oddly soothing.“Uh, yeah, güvenilir bahis I’m fine, really.” I try to push myself up, and his strong hands support my efforts until I am sitting with my back leaning against a wooden crate holding fresh corn. Large, blue-green pools for eyes, searching my face…so tantalizingly familiar, mesmerizing, and…puzzled, as if he too, were trying to remember.Where do I know you from? I wonder. I’ve seen those eyes recently, within the last six months. I know I have.Flashes of images, of feeling comfortable, yet nervous arousal course through me. Oh, this is going to haunt me until I figure it out…wait, what did he just say? Oh, crap! He was talking to me! Panic mode, panic mode activated! I try to focus on the last thing I heard…“…so I suggest that you go to your regular doctor, just to be sure. When was the last time you ate something or drank some water?”He sounds so professional, calm and in control, so sure of himself as he kneels at my side, taking my pulse. Clearing my throat and finding my voice, I stutter,“Oh, oh, um, me? I, ah, I had a breakfast bar right after my morning walk with some tea.”“Good girl,” he says, patting my hand.A shock of recognition runs through me, and I suddenly realize I am getting even more aroused. I am pushing myself against the hard, flat surface of the floor beneath me as my breasts begin to ache, nipples pebbling, straining against the sheer fabric of my top. My eyes flick back and forth, looking at his eyes, then glancing down at his crotch, expecting – no, hoping – to see signs of an erection and I am disappointed as his baggy scrubs reveal nothing.He releases güvenilir bahis siteleri my wrist and gestures to the other people standing around us to step back, that I will be okay, it was likely just a fainting spell brought on by not eating enough breakfast.But I know it is more than that because I suddenly remember it all. The panorama of images and feelings flashing through my mind is overwhelming: the fairgrounds, blaring carnival music, sawdust floors, flashing marquee lights and the ever-present smell of popcorn. I close my eyes and try a breathing technique to calm my rising excitement.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Last summer, at the State Fair  the fabric pushed wide, exposing me to his gaze. He slid his hand up my inner thigh, slowly trailing his fingertips. My lower body was aching, and I felt myself squirming, moving, pushing my hips up to meet his hand through my panties…his fingers searching, seeking, urged on as his fingers encounter the satin and lace of the only thing now separating him from my wet, intimate place.Running his fingers over the satin, he slipped his fingers under the lace and traced the soft valley between my thigh and hip. My body offered him a full-body quiver, an unspoken plea for more. The feeling was so exquisitely good; my shoulders lifted off the hay bales, my eyes connected with his beautiful blue-green gaze. He raised both my legs to his right shoulder, hooking his fingers in the satin sides of my panties, slowly, gently slid them up and off my legs, pausing ever so briefly to bury his nose in the pussy juice-soaked crotch. Again, another chuckle, followed by a soft murmur of iddaa siteleri approval.“Good girl.”I reached down and guided his throbbing cock free from his shorts, sliding my hand over its mushroom head, then firmly stroking from tip to base, spreading the pre-cum up and down his swelling shaft. Using my other hand, I cradled his sac and gently squeezed, eliciting a groan so loud it reverberated throughout the rafters, unsettling the roosting birds setting there. A few feathers gently drifted down as if angels were blessing us.I giggled…He shifted his hips, pulling back and away from my grasp, freeing my hands from his loins, then, stroking his own shaft harder and faster, he placed its tip firmly between my slippery cunt lips, brushing my swollen clit. Abruptly, my giggling stopped as the touch sent shivers throughout my body, flooding my cunt with juices so that now my moans echoed in the rafters. He looked deeply into my eyes, leaned down to my ear and whispered,“Beg.”Without hesitation, I stared back, moaned, and uttered, “Please, I’m begging you, please fuck me! I want your cock in me now, please!”“I will…but only if you promise to do whatever I tell you. Will you?”“Yes! Yes, I will!”“Say it.”“I promise to do whatever you tell me. Anything, just fuck me!”He chuckled, a sound that still reverberates in my head. “Oh, yes, I will…but not yet.”I groan, “Oh, please…” I whimper.He shook his head, a roguish smile on his lips. He moved back, and tucked his cock back in his shorts, then looked over at a large crate of carrots. He got up, picked through them, and selected the fattest one he could find. He held it out to inspect it, then looked at me, saying, “I’m going to step outside for a minute. While I’m gone, I want you to put your fingers in your cunt and play with yourself. But you do not have my permission to touch your clit, and you are not to cum. Understand?”

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